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Quantum Creation, part 8

Quantum Creation, part 8

Hello friends, in part 7 of this series, I did my best to find the words to describe the Now.  I explained how I have come to understand the Quantum paradox of the Now.  The next step is to understand that the Quantum in general is always in the Now.  How is this explained?  To start off with the Quantum only exists as a creational force for the physical state of Being.  The Quantum is the paradox, consisting of the Everything and the Nothing, which was created to create a paradoxical physical world of both separation and unity.  That physical world only exists and is interactive in the paradox of the Now.

The closer you get to your awareness of the Now, the closer you get to instant manifestation.  It doesn’t take much to feel your way into the Quantum of the Now.  Are you sitting in a chair?  Are you breathing?  Do you see a tree outside the window?  Are you in love with life?  Just feel into yourself and the Knowing that you Created it all and that you are in the Creation.  Become aware of yourself and your abilities.  And since you are aware, lets look at how You and your Abilities affect Everything Else.

Remember those Vectors that we talked about in part 6?  The Vectors connect separated physical expressions to provide stability and cohesive understanding in a created world of separation.  Vectors are conscious and unconscious energetic magnetic alignments that are built or created between all things.   The Vectors are aligned with your ability to manifest.  Manifestation is the release of a conscious creation into the physical of the Now.  Vectors are aligned with this because the very nature of providing stability and support in a world of separation has created the framework for a biased energetic approach to responding magnetic attraction.  This means that when you become a frequency, you attract that frequency in all things, simply because you are the Creator and you are living in your Creation.  So what do the Vectors have to do with the Now?

The Vectors are the relay system that creates growth, opportunities and system rewrites for large energetic partnerships instantaneously.  Vectors are not just between groups of people or any of the other human to non-human examples that I gave you in part 6. There are also Vectors that connect us to things like the Economy, Art, Technology, Agriculture, Health, Education, Life Expectancy, and all other aspects of human community life.

Another aspect of a Vector is that it is set up and functions as a translator.  This means that the release of one individual from a thought pattern or system creates the ability, through all their connected vectors (of which there are MANY), to make that choice available to all other individual participants in those vectors.  And because of the Vectors function as a translator, non-human participants like the economy or soil or art or gravity are given instant options of what that means for their expression of self.

For example, the more that your knowledge of self grows, the more the Vector of Self Awareness resonates like a pebble hitting the surface of a pond, with your new knowledge.  The more other individual participants in that same Vector choose to explore that knowledge of self, the more that all the other Vectors attached to all the active participants begin to resonate as well with their own translation of that knowledge.  Your one change in yourself affects Everything;  no energy system stands alone.  This is all happening without conscious awareness or understanding by humanity or any of the human systems involved.  It is a built in transfer of magnetic energy.

However, when you are aware of your Now and understand your Abilities in the Now, when you shift an understanding of self, you are like a Boulder hitting the surface of that pond.  The impact on the Vector is instant, cumulative and seismic.  It is no longer that you are creating a new option for the participants of the Vector in question, but you create a fundamental shift in the foundation of immediate creation for all participants, whether they are aware of it or not.  It is a new way of doing business and it is instituted immediately.  This is why the Now is so powerful.

Quantum Creation, part 6

Quantum Creation, part 6

I have an update on what I know to be true about Quantum Creation. When I last posted part 5, I was speaking to you of the Nexus, a magnetic personal creation field that is our own personal and individual expression of the One Particle. The One Particle being the single sub-atomic particle that makes up everything in existence because it has infinite speed. Literally it is creating everything at the same moment. You can catch up on parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 if you haven’t read the background to this post.

I am taking another amazing class with Soleira Green. A few days ago, during a group meditation, I was working with the Nexus of new landmass. I was prompted, if I desired, to take the history of that new landmass and change the magnetics of all other Earth lands to reflect the NO history of the new landmass. Essentially I was given the opportunity to change the magnetics of historical memory that the land can carry. I decided to do it and took the magnetics of NO history all over the globe. As I watched the Nexus’ change there formed a matrix of connecting energy between them. This was the first time that I had seen this, but I had never worked with more than one Nexus before.

When I had time, I asked the All about it the next day. The All called this energy field a Vector. A Vector is a pre-ordained configuration of energy that enables the transfer of energy between similar magnetic points. There are many different Vector arrangements but the thing they all have in common is a shared energy transfer. Think of it as a party line that gives instant/same time distribution of current energies. For example, humanity has an overall Vector that connects us all, so does land as I was shown, and so has water everywhere. These are very large Vector examples and there are very small ones as well. The group of people in my current class has their own Vector, as does any group that chooses to work or play together. There are also Vectors that overlap between many different states of being. An example given to me to illustrate this is the Vector between humanity and the birth of the New. Humanity is simultaneously reaching for the New and cautiously distancing themselves from it at the same time. This is because a caution has been built into this Vector to give humanity time to address the concerns of Love, because there was a time when they did not do so. The following is an excerpt for my journal of my conversation with the All to discover more about the Vector.

All: “A Vector creates a magnetic field that is on one hand always stable and on the other infinitely variable. It is always in a state of flux. This field cannot be broken but it can be modified to reflect a fundamental change. Your work through the collective brought a fundamental change to the lands of this planet. The Vector already existed between the Nexus but the notion of having No History was a radical injection into the base expression of that Vector.”

Esther: “So when a group comes together they can consciously create a Vector between them if they decide to work together?”

A.: “Yes, the desire to be the sum of your parts is the formation of the Vector.”

E: “Why is a solar flare biased in its attraction to Vectors?” (This had been mentioned earlier to me.)

A: “It is an easy way to influence a contiguous array of individual points within a context of community. The Vector fields bring a strategy for inclusion, providing support during a time of great change.”

E: “So we have a single sub-atomic God Particle that creates everything simultaneously. Each individual Nexus that creates the magnetic field for each being or creation has a magnetic attraction to several different magnetic fields that are called Vectors. Each Vector provides instant communication for every Nexus in its array, providing support and community to the group.”

A: “Yes. The advantage of this set up is two-fold. First the resonance with the Vector creates a stronger magnetic field than any individual Nexus could achieve. Second the distribution of energy that is attracted to that magnetic field is shared equally among all the Nexus individuals. Not spread out sharing like sharing the load, but an ability to capture the FULL magnetic attraction of the group and express that individually.”

E: “So how is the Vector quantum?”

A: “The Vector is a Quantum attribute. It is the beyond space and time link up that enables communication instantly.”

E: “Like the current DNA and particle experiments?” (A number have been published by the scientific community)

A: “Yes, exactly. If all created life is One Particle than communication is instantaneous. What the Vector does is create a field of energy between all conscious members of a group or life experience. That One Particle, because it is the same, moving at infinite speeds, creating everything at once, has instant ability to transfer knowledge. However since the 3D paradigm is based on separation and individual experience and thought waves, the Vector came into play as a support system for the individual. A Vector replaces the God Knowing of All that Is with the magnetic resonance of specific Vector fields. The Nexus of all of creation are individually linked magnetically with many different energy fields of collaboration. Many of these are unconscious. But to consciously use them is to your advantage. The release of energy through a Vector field is an enhanced way of transferring information. An individual can also create a Vector by aligning purposefully with others. This gives the group as a whole a transformational ability for both what they choose to work on together and for each individual as a whole. In this case, the Vector is no longer simply sharing magnetic information but is used as a mirror, reflecting back the greatness of the Whole instead of the magnetic signature of the individual Nexus. This is why it has been imperative for people to meet up and gather together. The Internet has been instrumental in facilitating this for many many people around the globe. The magnifying aspects of the Vector are truly what brings about the Quantum Leaps of not only the few but of the many.”