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Simultaneous Experiences



Do you ever have those days where you feel a bit crazed? A couple of days ago this happened to me. I felt incredibly busy and yet there wasn’t much to do. I got a lot done and yet somehow mysteriously, nothing. I was full of energy and ready to take a nap. I was nauseous and starving at the same time. And no I’m not pregnant, I’m quite positive because I started my period that day. I was totally surprised by its appearance and thought I was way early until I checked the calendar and I was literally perfectly on time. The next day, the same sort of things happened to my friend Melissa who is in the Power Trio with me. All day long she encountered multiple things that should have totally blown her schedule out of the water but instead everywhere she went she was on time and got everything she needed done. And then yesterday she texted Jennifer and I that she felt pissy and Hallmark sappy at the same time. Our days have started becoming what I call in my head, Yin and Yang days, clear opposite and obvious emotions, sensations and happenings going on at the same time. Jennifer, hit the nail on the head yesterday with this comment, “… this awareness could have much to do with just learning the multiplicity of simultaneous timelines…” So into meditations I went when I finally had time today.

Esther: “Is that what is happening? Is it an overlap experience or something else?”

Myself: “The overlapping experience or the ability to perceive that multiple realities can and are happening at once, is the next exploration that The Three have embarked on. This perception is a tiny token of what is really happening. You could not be aware of it all and be sane at this point in your evolution.”

E: “So what would you like us to learn about this?”

M: “The beginning of multidimensional travel is being aware of overlapping frequencies. To acknowledge and be aware of simultaneous experiences will bring more of them for you to experience. Keeping your balance and staying in the awareness will help you find your way through this expanding journey.”

E: “So we are feeling multiple experiences of ourselves in our current incarnations?”

M: “Yes, the perception currently has you experiencing things that are very close in vibrational frequency to your Now You. Like pages in a book, you are merely on both sides of one page at the moment. This is to acclimate you and is most easily noticed through the emotional sensors.”

E: “Yes, I noticed that! How do those that we live with and interact with perceive this?”

M: “They are unaware of a shift on the obvious face value of the situation. But on a Soul level, they are very much aware and it affects them too. This may cause stress for some and have no emotional effect for others.”

E: “Any advice for us?”

M: “Stay balanced as much as possible. This is causing a rewiring of the way that your brain perceives reality and can make it hard to focus on one specific feeling over the other. Know this is appropriate and do what you can to flow with the situation. This is not hard. It can be done. The challenge is in the unsettled and disorienting feeling this brings. Do not mistake this for being off-balance or think you need to ground. You are grounded or this would not be even possible. Your energy is braided with Mother Earth’s and is now being exposed to a tiny bit of what she experiences with just You! Now multiply that by the countless frequencies and life forms on this planet and you can sorta almost glimpse a tiny fraction of what the phrase, “All That Is” means. (Big Smile) Enjoy this exploration and expansion and find your way back to All of You.”

E: “Thank you!”

M: “Your welcome. Know that this is happening on a broad scale and will cause stress and confusion to many. Most will assume that they have suddenly lost the ability to focus or stay centered. This is not true. I ask them to pay attention! Notice that there is more going on than usual. This is being opened to you because you can focus and because you do know where your center is. This simultaneous experience of energies is not to cause you stress or discomfort but to get you to be more aware of processing multiple energetic signatures through that amazing body and brain of yours. Will the journey ever end? No. (Laughs) You will be expanding all the time but YOU can find the moments that you need to slow it ALL down and just breathe and BE. Rest is not taken away from you but it is your responsibility to seek it out and claim it. Love yourself as we love you. You are loved.”

Birthing Potential

Birthing Potential

I have been wanting to post this for a few days.  Here is the second adventure of the Power Trio!

Let us begin by me reminding everyone that while this is written from my point of view, I have included as much of Jennifer’s memories as I could remember but it is in no way complete. One of the things I love best about group meditations is that each person has the information come to them in their own symbolic language and it is so fascination to me see the differences and similarities.

When I got up a few days ago, I could feel my energy shift, and I thought that something was brewing for our little group. Indeed later that morning, Melissa sent a message that something was up and could we all meet that afternoon. Well, the agreed upon time rolled around and Melissa didn’t show up. She has been crazy busy with helping a new start-up get on its feet so Jennifer and I hung out at our respective homes and gave her a half hour. During this time I settled in and centered myself and did the energy braiding exercise that we had been given. This made me VERY dizzy and pulled me in to meditation quite deep. I saw my hand reach out and take a doorknob and open a door, out poured black liquid all around my feet. Black to me has never been a scary color; in my symbology (is that a word?) it means unlimited potential. So this black liquid is pouring out and covering the ground. It is making streams and puddles and before I know it I am dancing along splashing in it. And then I realize that it isn’t me that I see dancing, it is Jennifer. She looks over her shoulder at me and beckons me with her finger. So I pop out of meditation and call her. She had been in meditation as well and was surrounded and engulfed by golden flowing light. She has rivers of gold and I have got rivers of black. That is a lot of energy flowing somewhere! I try calling Melissa just in case but it goes to voicemail. We decide to continue on, just the two of us and see where all this is flowing to.

I tell Jennifer to lead me since I saw her beckoning me to follow her in the meditation before the phone call. From her point of view, she pulled me into the flowing golden light. To me it looked like she led me down to a small stream of water and we got in holding hands and floated along on our backs. I see a bird land on my head.  I pull the view back from my body to get a look at it and see that it is a raven. It hops over onto Jennifer’s belly and takes something with its beak and places it in her left hand. Jennifer is feeling herself pulling in different timelines at this point. To me that looks like she has her hand, that the raven placed something into, clenched in a fist. I can feel the energy of her pulling on something but can’t see anything. The light around me changes and I realize that we have gone underground. The water is still flowing us along on our backs. Jennifer notices that she has started spinning and to me it feels as though the water is sweeping us side to side. We reach a waterfall which we both experience, Jennifer feels it more like falling rain while for me the water is falling away from me instead of down onto me. But either way, we slowly descend the falls and Jennifer takes the lead again as she feels pulled in a specific direction. We go completely under water to Jennifer while for me during that stretch the lighting all around me changed to be all greens with black and white streaks thrown in. We surface in a cave which we both can see. It is here that I feel that we need Melissa. I call her energy in and it immediately appeared as a large white energetic web that lays upon the surface of the water and the bit of muddy bank that we are standing on. The web was all horizontal except for one white strand that went straight up between Jennifer and myself. Jennifer starts climbing it immediately while I hover along the strand as I follow it up through the rock. I ask Jennifer if she has reached the ground yet and she tells me that she is in a Jungle canopy. I laugh because I had forgotten that when I asked Myself earlier where we were going this time, I heard “Jungle”. I wasn’t up in the tree canopy but I was standing on a ridge looking out of the jungle down into a valley below. The valley held a village with a Central American style step pyramid. (AGAIN with the pyramids!) I get distracted by the pyramid and pop down to have a closer look. But that was a no go. I couldn’t focus on it. I was getting very overlapping images. Jennifer tells me that she had followed Melissa’s white strand down into the earth. So I call to Melissa’s energy to get me back on track. “Take me to what you need me to see.” Immediately I am pulled down into the earth as well. We go shooting along a tunnel until I can feel that we are now traveling up. We emerge from a cave on the ridge on the opposite side of the valley. We come out of the mouth of the cave and stand and watch as the white strand shoots across the valley and connects with where we surfaced in the jungle. We weren’t sure what to do next and I knew that Melissa would know. So I asked her to show us. A white net of energy appeared and wrapped itself around the whole valley, village and pyramid included. The original white strand that Jennifer and I had followed now looked like the bow on a wrapped gift. Jennifer’s hands had been tingling for a bit so I told her to pick it up. She told me that when she did that she decided to place it in her heart and that now she was getting the message that we needed to return. So I travelled with her back to the jungle/cave area. The whole time I felt like I was escorting a heavily pregnant woman. She felt so FULL. When we got back to the other side of the valley I asked Jennifer what she was doing. To me it looked like she was digging in the mud. She said. “I’m giving birth. I’m birthing potential.”

I knelt down in the mud and then, all of a sudden, there was this glowing beach ball-sized orb of light lying in between Jennifer and myself.  I reach down and pick it up and it totally had baby energy about it…even an energetic baby blanket around it. Its colors were mostly white and pink and other pastels. (New energy!) I handed the light baby to “Mama Jen” who felt that she was “a water baby”. So she carefully laid her in the water and as soon as she did the baby grew quickly to become a beautiful luminescent young woman. She stood up against the wall of the cave; her lower body still submerged in the water, and pressed both her hands back against the rock wall of the cave. A golden web came out of her fingers and spread into and along the rock walls. Then she started growing up toward the ceiling of the cave and for the first time I noticed that there was a hole in the ceiling and I knew than that we were in a cenote, so definitely Central America! She reaches the opening with her now giant head and stops and looks down at Jennifer. I can see that she is talking to Jen but I can’t hear the conversation. I ask and Jennifer tells me that she is asking for Jen to release her. I didn’t ask Jennifer what she did to do that but I saw her still kneeling on the mud of the bank and she reached forward with her left hand (the hand that held the timelines that she had pulled in earlier) and opened her hand and swished it gracefully through the water. The young woman immediately turned into a bird (Jen saw white and I saw black) and flew through the opening and away up into the sky. Jennifer now felt the energy of the three of us (Melissa, Jennifer and Esther) begin to spin again. I saw it as a long white cord that twisted together and went way up into the air, through the hole in the cenote, over the valley and turned and flew out over the landscape until it had circled the Earth and connected back to where we originated from again. Jennifer said we were complete at that point, so I kissed the cord where it connected together and went back to my bedroom in Kansas.

I later heard from Melissa.  She had felt the energetic connection to us fire up early.  She went outside and sat a while and “dialed” into us.  At the designated time she felt that she was called to a meeting with coworkers.  She said that she had that feeling where she needed to be in three places at once, which she achieved in my book.  I believe that she opened up all the flowing energy that washed over Jennifer and I.  What we are birthing still remains a mystery but for once birthing is fun.