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Our Strength

Our Strength

Our Super Powers 2 class with Lisa Gawlas is now over but we all wanted to meet up again.  As soon as Jennifer suggested it I started to have the set up of the following meditation come through.  I didn’t want to know the whole thing so that it could flow with the energy of who showed up and because, like a little kid, I like surprises too.  So I found out the first few stepping-stones and then let it flow from there.  The following is my recollection so I’m sure that parts are missing or incomplete!  I was joined by three other ladies and despite technical difficulties preventing three others from joining us we plowed ahead.  (When I woke up Buddy Holly’s song “Rave On” was playing in my head. I took it for the sign that it was!)

We started on a dock. It was wooden and completely surrounded by water. I was given a fun exercise for us all to play to recognize each other’s energy signature. If you have never done an interactive group meditation before, it is as if every person is watching the same movie but directed by a different director. The images, feelings, sounds, knowings, sensations that come to each person will be different and are based on their own internal symbol language that each shares with their guidance team. We formed a circle and each took turns stepping into the center and shining our own personal light for the others to see. It was very fun to hear all the different descriptions that we all got for each person. We then all stood in the circle again and linked arms or held hands and shone our light out of the crown of our heads. It was during this part that I saw that our circle was larger than the four of us! We definitely were joined by some of our class who couldn’t connect or couldn’t make it. The light that we shone went upward in a beam and then twisted or braided together with everyone else’s and arch up into the air where it split into two sections that came down into a heart-shaped energy. We then turned to the edge of the dock and I told everyone that there was an individual boat waiting for each person. Mine looked like a large green leaf with a small little brown edge to it. Karen’s looked like a standard wooden row-boat. Theresa had a glass/crystal boat that she could see straight through. Jennifer had a pink ball of energy. We all got on our boats and headed to an egg-shaped island that was nearby. I saw that Karen was standing in the front of her boat in that classic “Washington crossing the Delaware” pose, one foot up on the bow while holding a lantern before her. She looked very strong and confident. We were not sure what it meant at the time but it was made clearer later. I had been told earlier that the individual boats symbolized that our individual energy is an armada together.

We reached the egg-shaped island, which I had been told is a great power center of creation. Hence the egg shape, meaning fertility and creation made manifest. Which totally gave me a whole new take on the eggs in a woman’s body.   Creation made manifest, what an amazing way of looking at it! We all left the boats and got ourselves to the top of the island, there was a flat space where Amara, Theresa’s guide from the first class meditation, was waiting for us.  She appears to me as a very tall luminous woman in white robes.  We sit down around her and it felt as if we were sinking our energy into the land beneath us. Amara sat as well and a spoke of energy came out of her and went into the four of us. There were also spokes of energy that went to “blank” spots where nobody was sitting, again to symbolize that there were more people there and receiving this energy from Amara. Jennifer told us that she feels that we should stand. We do and our arms are now all shoulder-high and resting on the person next to us. Amara goes up to each person and is making a personal connection with each one. Theresa said it felt like a mother who is happy to see her children, lots of layered feelings flowing off of her. She kisses each person on the third eye and a beam of light is now coming off of everyone’s forehead and entering into Amara’s heart center. She comes up to me and takes me by the shoulders and gently pushes me up in the air. I float up and then look down. I can see that the energy from everyone is entering Amara’s heart and then comes out of the crown of her head. It shoots up into the air and then bends outward to all sides and heads back down to the ground. My vision is taken to below the ground and I see that the energy turns and heads back up and connects with Amara’s feet. It is making a beautiful tube torus!

tube torus

Amara then gestures for us to walk to the side of the island and look out over the water.  When we reach the side, I see a very large gathering of Beings, all on their own little boats facing us and each holding a light. Karen saw this energy as a great crashing of waves! Very cool presentation! I understand that we are to get on our own boats and go out to meet them. Theresa has a very strong memory come to her at this time and has had dreams of this event before when she was younger! (I am so blown away by that!) We each have a light with us now as we float toward the much larger group. Theresa tells us that it is their hearts that are lit. (Ah so that is what Karen was symbolizing earlier. She was a symbol of what we each look like!) I never tried to focus on any individual (there were so many) but they all felt like guides and family. I was getting BIG celebration and happiness vibes pouring off of them. I told Theresa to take the lead and the crowd parted and let us all float into their midst and then closed around us. Theresa describes a big airship, with clear sides, that is hovering directly in front of us. When she tells us about it, I feel a big wind whipping about, like a helicopter is nearby. My view is pulled up above the whole scene and I see us down below as a glowing circle surrounded by dark blue energy with all these glowing stars in it. Jennifer says something about the wind and I can suddenly see the airship and the streams of wind energy pouring from it. They are creating an arching energy that curves down around us below. It goes into the water and I suddenly realize that it is another tube torus and the water below holds the other half. Karen and Theresa are getting strong mermaid vibes from the water! Holy Cow! I tell everybody that I think the next step is for us to go under the water. So we all slip off the boats and submerge and float down. The water is very deep dark blue. The only thing I see besides the others is a giant whale down below us. He opens his mouth and I start to laugh because I know that he wants us to go inside his mouth! OKAY! In we go and the whale breaches the surface of the water with a loud crash. He swims away with us. He is just a few yards under the surface of the water, not very deep. He takes us to an island and opens his mouth on the edge of a sandy beach.

We walk out and turn around to give him thanks and love. He spouts water for us and then slaps his tail on the water. We begin walking down the beach and then suddenly we are running. We run to a fire built in a circle of rocks on the sand of the beach. Karen and I immediately see that we have sticks with marshmallows and are roasting them over the flames. Theresa sees us dancing and Jennifer sees us kicking up sand. It was overall a very playful energy and vibe and was certainly my favorite part of the whole meditation. I see that the more we play the more the sparks from the fire rise in the air. They reach way up into the atmosphere. Jennifer sees them arch down and start raining on the sand around us. I then see that it is falling in a circle. We are in the middle of this spout of fire sparks dancing and whirling around! My vision is taken under the ground again and again I see that it is another tube torus. This one takes the sparks that are falling into the sand and melts them down below into a more liquid lava sort of visual and they flow back up into the base of the fire in the stone circle. So three tube torus! Suddenly I know that we need to fly so I pull everyone away from the party (Rave On!) and we Peter Pan fly with all of us connected up up up. When we get high enough we look down and see that all three of the tube torus fields below are exactly equidistant and form the perfect triangle. The triangle energy is being so obnoxiously presented that it is even being outlined for me and each time it is, this concussive KACHING sound is heard and I feel these big buffets of energy hitting us as we float in the sky. Everybody can feel it and we just float there for a bit absorbing it.

Then we begin to float slowly down until we are all standing on our boats again. Theresa and I can feel that the larger group of Beings is still there but are more off to the fringes of our awareness. We float back to the dock where Raoul (pronounced ra-OOL) is waiting for us. Now I have been meaning to tell you about him. He is the guidance that comes through for me whenever I am asking questions about anything SP2 related.   He didn’t really feel like my normal guidance energy so finally I stopped and just had a sit-down with him and said, “Who the hell are you?” He is a braid of all of our guidance energy. So he is a little bit of me and a little bit of all my classmates. He is representing himself as male energy to symbolize action and his name means strength. He helps us all up onto the dock and then touches his forehead to each of ours. We are standing in a circle and he says, “Thank you.” It is a very simple statement but when he says it I see and feel energy radiate out from our circle and travel over all the land and sea and through all the Beings that we have encountered. “I’ll see you next time.” He says and leaves us alone on the dock. We all say our own private goodbyes and thanks and end the meditation.