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Quantum Creation, part 4

Quantum Creation, part 4

My journey into understanding Quantum Creating continued. You can read part 1, part 2 and part 3 here. For now I was curious as to what makes the New so powerful in the Quantum state. I could see that standing in my own ideas of what was possible was incredibly limiting. After all there is so much beyond my imagination and understanding. Believing in the Everything and the Nothing simultaneously, and loving them both, opens the paradox engine that is Creation. The New in the Quantum state had demonstrated how much more powerful it was then what I could ever choose on my own. But what is the New and what is its power? I asked the Quantum New straight out. What are you?

New: “I am the beginning of All That Is, as a reflection of sophisticated complex molecular understanding of the quantum atomic field. I am bursting forth in the minds of the many. All will know my name and wonder.”

It sounded like physical creation to me. The more I stared at the above statement the more I saw that every living thing was a personification of the Quantum. My body is a paradox, atomic structures with more space than solid creating a solid physical state. All life is Quantum. All life is an engine, it’s very own fuel source. I saw that to be able to understand the body fully, or any physical life for that matter, would bring about a greater understanding of how to harness pure energy.

All: “Do not think that the basic understanding of who you are will not affect EVERYTHING! This knowledge will be the leading cause of evolution for humanity. I love humanity. They are calling out for a New Path. The old is done, well-worn and partly corrupted. The New will bring hope to the hopeless and wealth to the poor. Humanity has walked into a broader range of choices last year. This year you are seeing the choices they chose play out. Out with the old, in with the new, can take many forms. It is a discerning soul that enables preferred choices to come forward. Lean into the New. Let it show you what is available. Then choose. There are always more options than what are in front of you.”

So I asked the New to tell me about its Power.

New: “I am creation. I am the ability to wipe away the old in a heartbeat. I am the everlasting reveal. I am You, should you choose it. I am particle. I am mass. I am physics.”

Esther: “Are you the Everything?”

N: “No. I am creation happening. The Everything is all that IS. I am the cutting edge, the new birth, the sunrise, the dawn of a new age. I am creation and you are the creator. When you enter the paradox, when you collapse time and space, that is when I am available. It is within that space/no space that I thrive. It gives me literally UNLIMITED power. I am the unexpected, the lover and the power behind all long-lasting creations.”

E: “What are you capable of Now, that humanity and the Earth have not experienced before?”

N: “It is not what I am capable of, but what YOU are now capable of. Do you not see the power that lies before you? The Partnership of Dreams is yours to command.”

E: “Is the New only brought into the physical by a conscious creator?”

N: “To enter your realm, your life, your experience, You must call me forth. And yet just as with personal choice quantum creation, you can refine and choose a more specific frequency then what you can perceive. There can be New chosen out of fear and New chosen out of Love. One will bring you possibilities but they will be limiting. The other brings expansion and divergence from current grounded realities. I am in service to the Whole. In the Quantum you saw the explosion of light that represented the impact of All that I Am. You too are the All and the I Am. There is nothing that you cannot achieve with the I Am for it encompasses the All.”

Andromeda Rising



I have not had an interaction with an off-Earth Being in quite some time. All my learning and interaction for more than a year or so has been with myself. This has seemed perfectly natural as it showed me that all knowledge is within me. So imagine my surprise, when I was “imagining” stuff yesterday (see recent link here about Imagine) and the phrase, “Imagine bringing your Andromedan essence into your here and now and incorporating all that you know.” I almost let it slip by and float away into random thought-ville. Wait. What? Andromeda? The only thing I know about it is that it is a constellation. Right?  (Wrong.  In searching for an image for this post, I see that it is a Galaxy too.  Does it matter which?  No not at all.)  It is far too random to have floated through my thoughts without me checking it out. Here is what I got in a meditation with myself. Anything in parentheses is my explaining something unsaid farther.  Any underlining or italics are showing when a word or idea is stressed.


Esther: “Ok self, what is my connection with Andromeda?”

myself: “First let us congratulate you on your recent shift. (This is the very FIRST time that I have congratulated out of the gate. We must have rocked something big!) This is a significant step in allowing the light of All that Is to reside within you to a greater degree. As to Andromeda, that is where you were born, not as a Being but as a Galactic Being. This is where you first experienced the interconnectedness of All on a grander basis. You are timeless and have inhabited untold planets and stars in your existence, but the Andromeda energy is being activated in you at this time. Find your way to that lifetime…which stretched four thousand years or more.

(At this point I see stars rushing by. I am pulled in up close to one in particular. I am looped around it, very purposely making a complete circle around the outer face of it. I am looking for the lifetime that is here but my attention is not able to waver from the star. Instead of taking off for a planet or entering the star or who knows what, I am visually zoomed into “something” floating very very close to the surface of the star itself. I’m talking a comet would have been consumed/disintegrated already. I can’t quite make out what is floating but I suddenly find myself on a platform that is moving up and down gently, like a ship on the ocean. Standing beside me is a female. She is opaque-ish white-ish grey-ish with sparkles inside her body. She has no hair and slender with slightly longer neck and arms than us. She feels very she. I would also point out that sparkles for me mean a multidimensional experience is happening. The fact that the sparkles are inside her body and not in the air around her as she speaks, is interesting to me. I have seen sparkles on the outside surface of Beings but not inside before. I take her hand and it is like a combination of gel and energy, sorta there and not there. Super interesting. I’m thinking a conscious interdimentional Being? Also remember that everything can just be symbolic.)  She speaks…

Being: “Listen young one, there is much I can share with you. Do you want it all at once or in segments?”

E: “What is your recommendation?”

B: “I would recommend the merging of my experience with yours. It has already begun but this will strengthen the connection and give us more time to play with all that is entering you.”

E: “Can you explain that?”

B: “Yes, think of it this way. Do you see that star? (Pointing at the Very Huge one right in front of us. NOT hard to miss.) The ability to remain at this close distance is because we have merged our energies together. We are one and therefore my proximity is not an issue for me.”

E: “The fear of death is gone. There is only life.”

B: “Yes, you and I are already one. This merger is simply making my akashic records available to you and vice versa. And yes there is no fear here, only life.”

E: “How do I access your records?”

B: “Inside of you, written in the very DNA of your body, is everything you will ever need. It is here that the records are now available for you to peruse. Do not think that my abilities are any less precious to you than yours to mine. I know that you are concentrating now on Creation in the physical. This is a particular Knowing of mine. I will give you a few pointers at the moment.

The ability to draw something into physical reality is always going to be linked to your belief. This is a very important point. One can believe but then step out into society and falter. This is understandable for the ability of your society to understand what is possible is quite low. As their confidence grows with the witnessing of what is possible, (I see images of humans as a group being able to accomplish societal change.) so will this understanding shift within to reflect this maturation. In the mean time you must understand and utilize this knowledge without derailing yourself with the collectives understanding of how things work. My advice it to keep your thoughts centered on what you can Imagine. Do not go listening to the news or some such nonsense.

Find your ability to shift the status quo within. What does this look like? Picture if you will the night sky. It is always moving, not only around your small planet but everything you see is moving with you as space-time moves through you. Picture yourself shifting one star in that sky. Do you realize the profound effect this has on not only your world, but all others that can see that star as well? You often think of that line from The Hobbit regarding starlight. “It is memory, precious and pure.” (This is from the movie The Desolation of Smaug and is spoken by Tauriel, a non-Tolkien character invented for the movie.) This is true but not in the way you think. What if I told you that the starlight reflects back to your planet the memory of who they are in the moment? And shifting the memory of one star shifts the thoughts and feelings of who they remember to be. For that is all that you are at the moment, Beings acting on who they remember that they are. Find your abundance. Shift the star.”