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The Evolution of Perception, Portals 201

The Evolution of Perception, Portals 201

Hi Everybody!  I have had lots of shifts in perspective of the last few months.  I’m gonna guess that you have had some too!  Here is one that I would like to share with you.  I wrote Portals 101 ages ago…or so it feels.  And now its time for an update.  Ideas and understanding were bonking around in my brain for a few days before I sat down and had this conversation.  Please read Portals 101 for the fundamentals. Oh and Niya is a part of myself that was teaching me in 101, so I brought her back for 201. Enjoy!

Niya:  “Tell me what you understand as of now?”

Esther:  “Alright.  First, I am the portal.  I don’t go anywhere.  The portal is me.  Second, I am constantly using it to create my physical world.”

N:  “Very good.  Yes, the evolution of perception from it existing outside of your person to existing within.  What has adjusted besides perception?”

E:  “Well, the very definition of portal, or perhaps the understanding of the word.”

N:  “Yes, a gateway between two points is very 3D and oversimplified to the extreme.  As you point out, you are constantly using your energy field to create reality.  You are standing in your energy field, which is controlled by you, and creating your experience simultaneously.  Your world, your physical experience is the creator energy manifesting through the portal that you are.  You do not go anywhere.  It comes to you.  Now when you travel in your mind, how is that different from when you travel in the physical?”

E:  “I don’t go anywhere, I bring it to me.”

N:  “Correct.  To travel energetically is to step out of space and time.  It is very difficult to explain this to the mind.  You are no longer in a linear experience.  The same applies to any extra-sensory abilities.  The ability to use these talents places you in a non-linear experience.  You can no longer explain things in a A connects to B which connects to C fashion.  Instead words do not exist yet, to describe being out of time and space, in a sufficient manner.  This is how the energy field around you works, this is how the portal that is you exists.  It is out of time and space.  It exists in the energy of the ALL.  The potential for everything is available there.  And yet it is just there, surrounding the physical you, just beyond your perception and yet within your reach.”

E:  “This is what Abraham (Esther Hicks) calls the vortex, right?”

N:  “Yes.  The personal energy field, your vortex, is a constantly manifesting portal.  This is why you all have been working so hard for years to “clear your field”.  You have reprogrammed yourselves.  You have changed the energetic structure to reflect consciously what is in your heart and mind.  When you begin to truly understand this and to go back to the fundamentals–Love gives direction and focus, the Unknown is the amazing never-ending storehouse of energy to pull from and Light is the physical construct that makes the travel to you possible–then you really see that as the creator of your existence in the physical, the very essence of having a smooth quickly flowing portal, is Love.  Self love, brotherly love, planetary love , universal love, all these–from micro to macro–increase the smooth flowing energy, that is YOU, to move quicker and easier.  Things, ideas, understandings manifest quicker and in more dramatic ways.  Why?  Because you have asked for change.  And when change happens with Love at the helm, the effects are ALWAY stronger and clearer and reverberate farther.  You are not holding You back anymore.

The ability to alter the energy this is You is what you all have been working on.  The ability to understand what you have altered is next.  Think, if you will, of a diamond, hard and rough.  It’s molecular structure is set and yet it’s very shape can be changed and enhanced.  The human is not set.  The molecular structure can be changed, by you.  The energy can be changed, by you.  The thought patterns and behaviors can be changed, by you.  So imagine that diamond again.  It’s brilliance and beauty after it has been cut and polished has nothing on you.  Your magnificence in exploring and using that heart centered portal, that is the core foundation of your physical life and existence, is now at the forefront of humanities call for action.  There has never been a more exciting time in the use and understanding of what the human being is capable of.  To walk in the 3D world with a fully functioning higher dimensional energy field/portal is how you graduate, how you have graduated.  This is why action is required now.  This is why, for most of you, the personal time is over.  Your energy field is needed out and about, pulling to you love based ideas, solutions, understandings and most importantly change.”

Simultaneous Experiences



Do you ever have those days where you feel a bit crazed? A couple of days ago this happened to me. I felt incredibly busy and yet there wasn’t much to do. I got a lot done and yet somehow mysteriously, nothing. I was full of energy and ready to take a nap. I was nauseous and starving at the same time. And no I’m not pregnant, I’m quite positive because I started my period that day. I was totally surprised by its appearance and thought I was way early until I checked the calendar and I was literally perfectly on time. The next day, the same sort of things happened to my friend Melissa who is in the Power Trio with me. All day long she encountered multiple things that should have totally blown her schedule out of the water but instead everywhere she went she was on time and got everything she needed done. And then yesterday she texted Jennifer and I that she felt pissy and Hallmark sappy at the same time. Our days have started becoming what I call in my head, Yin and Yang days, clear opposite and obvious emotions, sensations and happenings going on at the same time. Jennifer, hit the nail on the head yesterday with this comment, “… this awareness could have much to do with just learning the multiplicity of simultaneous timelines…” So into meditations I went when I finally had time today.

Esther: “Is that what is happening? Is it an overlap experience or something else?”

Myself: “The overlapping experience or the ability to perceive that multiple realities can and are happening at once, is the next exploration that The Three have embarked on. This perception is a tiny token of what is really happening. You could not be aware of it all and be sane at this point in your evolution.”

E: “So what would you like us to learn about this?”

M: “The beginning of multidimensional travel is being aware of overlapping frequencies. To acknowledge and be aware of simultaneous experiences will bring more of them for you to experience. Keeping your balance and staying in the awareness will help you find your way through this expanding journey.”

E: “So we are feeling multiple experiences of ourselves in our current incarnations?”

M: “Yes, the perception currently has you experiencing things that are very close in vibrational frequency to your Now You. Like pages in a book, you are merely on both sides of one page at the moment. This is to acclimate you and is most easily noticed through the emotional sensors.”

E: “Yes, I noticed that! How do those that we live with and interact with perceive this?”

M: “They are unaware of a shift on the obvious face value of the situation. But on a Soul level, they are very much aware and it affects them too. This may cause stress for some and have no emotional effect for others.”

E: “Any advice for us?”

M: “Stay balanced as much as possible. This is causing a rewiring of the way that your brain perceives reality and can make it hard to focus on one specific feeling over the other. Know this is appropriate and do what you can to flow with the situation. This is not hard. It can be done. The challenge is in the unsettled and disorienting feeling this brings. Do not mistake this for being off-balance or think you need to ground. You are grounded or this would not be even possible. Your energy is braided with Mother Earth’s and is now being exposed to a tiny bit of what she experiences with just You! Now multiply that by the countless frequencies and life forms on this planet and you can sorta almost glimpse a tiny fraction of what the phrase, “All That Is” means. (Big Smile) Enjoy this exploration and expansion and find your way back to All of You.”

E: “Thank you!”

M: “Your welcome. Know that this is happening on a broad scale and will cause stress and confusion to many. Most will assume that they have suddenly lost the ability to focus or stay centered. This is not true. I ask them to pay attention! Notice that there is more going on than usual. This is being opened to you because you can focus and because you do know where your center is. This simultaneous experience of energies is not to cause you stress or discomfort but to get you to be more aware of processing multiple energetic signatures through that amazing body and brain of yours. Will the journey ever end? No. (Laughs) You will be expanding all the time but YOU can find the moments that you need to slow it ALL down and just breathe and BE. Rest is not taken away from you but it is your responsibility to seek it out and claim it. Love yourself as we love you. You are loved.”

WWJD (what would John do, part 2)

Dear Fellow Consciousness Expanders,
As promised, here is part 2 from the Being formerly known as John Lennon.  You can read part 1 here if you missed it.  Part 2 is about UFO’s and aliens; but more precisely about the very nature of reality and the mind.  And yes, for those who know me, I am fully aware of the irony that I am posting these statements out into the blog-o-sphere.  My biggest teachers this year have been what I would call ET’s.  While this was a surprising developement for me at first, I chose and will choose to continue to explore that path.  So how do I reconcile those experiences with J.L.’s statement below?  Well, first I feel strongly that the below message is from John.  I literally hear him inside me when I read the words.  Secondly, I also know that my ET experiences were/are real, the knowledge I have gained through those interactions has been truly expansive for both my mind and heart.  Third, I’m ok with NOT knowing everything!  As a matter of fact, the more I learn the more I understand that I know diddly squat about pretty much everything.  Every time I learn something new, everything that I thought I knew gets erased, rearranged or expanded.  Do I believe that the universe is teeming with life?  Yes.  Do I believe that we create our own reality?  Yes.  Do those ideas clash?  Yes, when you think about it.  LOL!  I am totally ok with that.  The nature of reality boils down to we are all one,  not just us humans here on earth, but EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE.  On the other hand, we have all chosen to come to this planetary/universal reality to learn.  And therefore we are experiencing multiple realities at once.  Consciously, most of the time, we are here in this Universe where separation is used as a tool for learning how to become one again. We have created a reality that is teeming with life and yet if all life is one then nothing really exists but the one. Shwoooo! I’m getting deep. Suffice to say, I currently believe in two contradictory realities!  The trick, I suppose, is not getting too hung up on either. (Easier said than done!) We are here now to BE human, not to be perfection.  Oh, the freedom I get from embracing my imperfection (and therefore humanity)!   So speaking of freedom,  in closing I will quote Don Miguel Ruiz who wrote The Four Agreements which is a Practical Guide to Personal Freedom.  This is from chapter 3 titled The Second Agreement : Don’t Take Anything Personally.  “Nothing other people do is because of you.  It is because of themselves.  All people live in their own dream, in their own mind; they are in a completely different world than the one we live in.  When we take something personally, we make the assumption that they know what is in our world, and we try to impose our world on their world.”
A few people have had questions about John’s UFO/aliens statement in Part 1.
He was happy to elaborate for clarity.  
Initially, John showed up after I requested his presence in meditation. Then, the downloads continued through 3 restless nights preceding the full moon lunar eclipse.  In spite of my often unbearable density and spiritual isolation, his unexpected and very accommodating energy allowed me to feel light as a feather.  From now on this is how I’ll always think of him: Light as a Feather.
Yes, like many people I “saw’ a flying ship once upon a time, but it was terrestrial rather than from another world or dimension.  Whatever phenomena people witness—whether bizarre or sublime—it’s still a part of the Illusion– anchored by the collective consciousness. 
Your mind is perceiving images projected onto the scrim of life by two different sources:  
1)  From the programs that have been inserted into the matrix of your reality (from birth on)  And
2)  your own lush, vivid, fertile imagination.   The latter is internal, the former is external, see?  
What is the purpose of these experiences?  It’s going to be different for everybody, unique to each individual. You created the experience to learn something.  Think of them as characters in a play.  Roles in an elaborate cast.  Who shows up to help round out your Karmic stage play?  For some of you it’s “Beatles”! (laughs).  For others, aliens or fairies or demons or Jesus or football stars!  Is it a comedy? A drama? A mystery? A tragedy? Ever changing, right?
Some people go their whole lives and never see a spacecraft or meet an extraterrestrial—whether physically or metaphysically—because their Higher Self did not create that experience.  I had a burning desire to see a UFO in my lifetime…and so it was.  Had I been as passionate about meeting beings from another world, then who knows? 
I dabbled in Ouija boards and séances briefly, but just to validate my belief in an afterlife, in a realm beyond the Dreamworld of the 3rd dimension.  It’s natural to want to contact your loved ones in the astral realms or spirit world.  My higher self then prompted me to get back fully into my body and “be here now”, grounded in earth energy.  I never quite fully mastered that, but no matter. 
But back to the notion of seeing and believing what we wish to see…
If an Artist stands before a blank canvas not yet having commenced painting, his or her creation already exists as the past/present/future is all one.  Then there’s the thing she puts on the canvas– it’s tangible, it’s real, and it’s exclusively her creation… or is it?  We have The Observer who adopts the thing as their own and it’s filtered through their own set of senses.  If one person sees a sunset, and the other person sees a pink elephant…so be it!  No right, no wrong.  If the artist then takes the canvas down and burns it, the artistic vision and that which was seen by the observer still exists.  The vibration of that piece of art is indelibly etched on the scrim of life (and more importantly in the mind of the observer) and recorded in the Akashic field. 
Guess who knows this and has always mirrored these truths?  An exceptionally gifted and beautiful woman and Artist named Yoko Ono.  She taught me these subtle aspects of perception including the permanence of impermanence.  And once your eyes are opened, you never look at anything the same again.  It fosters a playfulness that is a huge part of her legacy… of Our Legacy, if I might say. 
What else can I say about “aliens”?  It’s nothing to get hung up on, that’s for sure.  Unless you want to get hung up on it.  Remember you project these mind tricks, you play the mind games with yourself by choice. It’s like kids making up imaginary friends.  God knows I had my share.  Entire worlds and kingdoms and magical realms and absurd wonderlands I created from a very, very young age. Those alternate realities were highly personal and were precious to me, sacred even.  All children should be given the space and respect to do this if it suits their fancy.
I’m not placing judgments on your concept of aliens and UFOs, but rather merely offering the humble suggestion that you observe with playful scrutiny, taking nothing at face value.   Your inner world and version of the unfolding Hollywood Movie is as special and valid to you as my imaginary friends were to me as a kid!
In my previous discussion of religion and addiction? — I would add “aliens and UFOs” to that list of obsessions and fixations which lead folks in all sorts of nutty detours through the labyrinth of life. 
But certainly if you’re learning, growing, evolving and mining the Truth in the midst of the madness… if you’re doing the work… and not letting your energy be usurped or sabotaged by someone else’s trip or agenda? then you’ll make it out of Wonderland a stronger, wiser soul. 
When Alice fell down the rabbit hole she could have gone stark raving mad but it was all her dream!  Each and every encounter had a purpose in spite of appearing to be lunacy.  She learned to navigate the matrix by her own volition.  She learned to take the reins of her own destiny and craft the story to suite her needs.  Her primary “need” (though she wasn’t conscious of it) was to learn personal empowerment.”  She had to become the master of her destiny, rather than a passive observer or hapless victim. 
You will know that you’re nearing a quantum breakthrough in your world when gender inequality is finally resolved.  Imagine the Yin and Yang symbol – it represents overall balance.  I know you’ve heard this a million times, but: “seek balance” in all things.  
As the human spirit blossoms, I witness your exhilaration, and in turn you witness this for each other. 
In deep abiding peace,