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Quantum Creation, part 9

Quantum Creation, part 9

I have had another shift in my understanding or perhaps association with the Now.  I spoke in part 8 about the closer you are to being in the experience of the Now, the closer you get to instant manifestation.  This ties in to my understanding of what Today means and it has been percolating for about a week.

I didn’t understand at first why I was being directed to claim my Today every morning, noon and night for the past week.  Isn’t Today a step away from the energy of Now?  Isn’t it a broad term for a slice of Time?  Apparently not!  Today is the Living of the Now as a physical interaction.  It starts out with that simple understanding that we have all heard “Tomorrow never comes.”  So true!  Even when the clock rolls over to tomorrow, it automatically becomes Today.

So how does that change your view of yourself, your creations, and your life?  It took me a few days but then lightning struck today and I could see what occurs.  Do you remember how I said that everything is available in the Now?  Well, Today is where it all plays out.  Today is where your physical life mirrors the Now.  It is the condensation of your Now choices into a physical life that you move through, interact with and literally live in.  When you realize that Today is not only The Day, but is The Day EVERYDAY, then you automatically erase not only the past but the future as well.  And I mean literally erase your concept of them.  When you are remembering something from the past, you are literally placing it into your Today or trying to take yourself out of Today, which is impossible.  When you are planning something for the future, you are literally placing it onto the Today that you choose to experience it.  You are literally taking it out of your Today and placing it into the future, which never will exist.

Let me have you feel into that planning energy.  Imagine your calendar in front of you and you are noting something down for two weeks from now.  There is a stretch to that energy, and in some cases a feeling of energetic disconnect.  This is because you can only experience that energy Today.  You are artificially placing that energy into a Today of your choosing.  I am not saying that we all have to stop planning.  What I hope to get across is that you recognize the artificiality of removing that energy from your immediate physical experience.  That is NOT where the energy lies.  There is no possible way for it to exist, except in your Now.

Imagine something of joy that you are looking forward to doing.  There is anticipation to it, but that anticipation is the joy of the experience stretched out of your Today.  It has the underlying feeling of having a bit of stress or tension to it because of that artificial shift into the future, which doesn’t exist.  Now remember an experience in your past that you hope you never have to experience again.  This time there is a dread or sorrow that arises as you think about it.  This is the emotional reaction to placing yourself in either a yesterday, which doesn’t exist any longer, or bringing that yesterday experience into Today, which doesn’t resonate.

When you start living in Today, the rest of time feels completely smudged off your brain. You also will need lots of reminder notes!  We have planned so many things to facilitate our interaction with this world and WE are the ones who have invented past, present and future.  It was all about creating as many experiences as possible.  But if all those experiences want to be recognized as happening Today, where will that take us as a society, as a species and as individuals?  When everything is available Now and is ready to be expressed in our physical life Today, how can that NOT be instant manifestation?  It is very literally our Here and Now!

Quantum Creation, part 8

Quantum Creation, part 8

Hello friends, in part 7 of this series, I did my best to find the words to describe the Now.  I explained how I have come to understand the Quantum paradox of the Now.  The next step is to understand that the Quantum in general is always in the Now.  How is this explained?  To start off with the Quantum only exists as a creational force for the physical state of Being.  The Quantum is the paradox, consisting of the Everything and the Nothing, which was created to create a paradoxical physical world of both separation and unity.  That physical world only exists and is interactive in the paradox of the Now.

The closer you get to your awareness of the Now, the closer you get to instant manifestation.  It doesn’t take much to feel your way into the Quantum of the Now.  Are you sitting in a chair?  Are you breathing?  Do you see a tree outside the window?  Are you in love with life?  Just feel into yourself and the Knowing that you Created it all and that you are in the Creation.  Become aware of yourself and your abilities.  And since you are aware, lets look at how You and your Abilities affect Everything Else.

Remember those Vectors that we talked about in part 6?  The Vectors connect separated physical expressions to provide stability and cohesive understanding in a created world of separation.  Vectors are conscious and unconscious energetic magnetic alignments that are built or created between all things.   The Vectors are aligned with your ability to manifest.  Manifestation is the release of a conscious creation into the physical of the Now.  Vectors are aligned with this because the very nature of providing stability and support in a world of separation has created the framework for a biased energetic approach to responding magnetic attraction.  This means that when you become a frequency, you attract that frequency in all things, simply because you are the Creator and you are living in your Creation.  So what do the Vectors have to do with the Now?

The Vectors are the relay system that creates growth, opportunities and system rewrites for large energetic partnerships instantaneously.  Vectors are not just between groups of people or any of the other human to non-human examples that I gave you in part 6. There are also Vectors that connect us to things like the Economy, Art, Technology, Agriculture, Health, Education, Life Expectancy, and all other aspects of human community life.

Another aspect of a Vector is that it is set up and functions as a translator.  This means that the release of one individual from a thought pattern or system creates the ability, through all their connected vectors (of which there are MANY), to make that choice available to all other individual participants in those vectors.  And because of the Vectors function as a translator, non-human participants like the economy or soil or art or gravity are given instant options of what that means for their expression of self.

For example, the more that your knowledge of self grows, the more the Vector of Self Awareness resonates like a pebble hitting the surface of a pond, with your new knowledge.  The more other individual participants in that same Vector choose to explore that knowledge of self, the more that all the other Vectors attached to all the active participants begin to resonate as well with their own translation of that knowledge.  Your one change in yourself affects Everything;  no energy system stands alone.  This is all happening without conscious awareness or understanding by humanity or any of the human systems involved.  It is a built in transfer of magnetic energy.

However, when you are aware of your Now and understand your Abilities in the Now, when you shift an understanding of self, you are like a Boulder hitting the surface of that pond.  The impact on the Vector is instant, cumulative and seismic.  It is no longer that you are creating a new option for the participants of the Vector in question, but you create a fundamental shift in the foundation of immediate creation for all participants, whether they are aware of it or not.  It is a new way of doing business and it is instituted immediately.  This is why the Now is so powerful.

Convergence Points (and how to use them)

Convergence Points (and how to use them)

Today we move into another feature of our personal energy fields.  As you know, if you have read the previous posts on the personal energy field, I have been seeing universal energies present themselves daily in my field.  This post will be about personal energies and personal creation. Now as you are most likely aware, we all have access to infinite possibilities to create our own experiences.  This concept is being presented to me visually as a 360 degree never-ending array of silver points.  They are slightly rectangular to me which is a representation of the square sine wave.  This is only important to my interpretation because (see here) the square sine wave is an infinite number of sine waves, otherwise known to me as The ALL. So why a rectangle instead of a square?  Square sine waves are symmetrical in their duration of their cycle.  Rectangular wave forms are similar but are not symmetrical, the pause and the pulse are different from each other.  Here is what I got about the difference.

“The rectangle is a vision of the complexity within the interaction.  If the ALL is a square and you make contact with a very specific wave within that square, than there is a change in the oscillation of that moment.  The pause or the pulse is affected.”

The points uniformly have all been silver, except one.  Silver, for me, is the color of fusion of soul and physical incarnate, the two working as one.  Other people have seen these points differently, each bringing the representation to their person in a way that is appropriate and understandable (perhaps with a little research in some cases…usually in my case at the very least) for each individual.  The points want me to call them Convergence Points.  Just to stress, they do not really exist in the physical.  They are simply a representation of energy transfer, connection and development.

And that is what I have been learning about.  How to connect and develop these energies that are available to me, to us all.  By themselves they are benign happy little energy points waiting for someone somewhere to access them.  We are always surrounded by the ability to create anything.  The convergence points do not EVER end.  No matter where I look in the universe, there they are.  These points bring into focus an allegory of the possibilities available to you.   I hope it brings AWE to your heart.  It certainly does to mine.

Now, oddly enough, the energy of the Soil of the Earth, yes good old dirt, came forward to teach me about these points.  I was confused for only a second until I realized that the Soil is where all life springs.  If you want to know about how to take something from energetic to physical, the Soil would be an excellent teacher.  The following is all straight from The Soil.

“The understanding of these convergence points is a basic building block of not only the New Earth but also the ability to operate your field efficiently and purposefully.  To start, there are many factors that are conjoined to release life in the physical.  The first concept to understand is that ALL life is dependant on LOVE.  Whatever form it takes, it would not BE here if it did not love.  Second the allegation that life is circular (think life cycles) is not exactly true.  Yes, one life is used by another for continuation but really the web of life is based on the ability to understand each piece of a puzzle.  Yes the individual cycles look circular but in reality it is a wave action. (Here I saw a spiral or sine wave in 3D.)


A circle does not show the reality of the effect of time on the cycle at hand.  There is no closed loop.  There is no repeat, there is conversion and conversion.  The human has their own role to play in this and perhaps their biggest fallacy is not recognizing the need for conversion.  And yet they are continually doing so.  What you need to remember is that the fallacy of circular growth is not made to dumb down the learner but to simplify understandings.  But we are moving beyond the simple and into the vague.”

Esther:  “Ha!! That doesn’t help!”

Soil:  “Yes, it does.  Listen, when you change the oil in your car, you don’t know exactly what it does or where it goes.  You do know that driving without it is very stressful for the engine and could literally destroy the working mechanics.  So you know vaguely about the relationship between oil and the engine.  Same with love and wave action, you are moving into some very basic understandings that will expand.  This is why we give you the list below.  These are all basic understandings that will all be expanded on through the evolution of thought and understandings.  They are all vital to understanding creation.

  1.  Know in your heart that ALL is available to you Now.
  2.  There is only Now.  (There is no energy that exists in the past or the future.)
  3. Creation requires Love.
  4. Bending time is always happening.
  5. Life begins with the thought.
  6. Emotion is not only your friend and ally but also your ENGINE of growth.
  7. The knowledge to create is not based on facts and figures but on the understanding of wave forms and their habits.
  8. Do NOT go into fear.  When you create from the heart, the only options available are loved based. (You don’t need to protect yourself.  You don’t need to protect others.  These are fear based assumptions that you are going to create pain.)

Now we will walk you through working with a convergence point.  This is meant to demonstrate that your creative abilities are both physical, mental and emotional.  You must engage the body, mind and spirit to be in full creator capacity.

First, find your center, your base of operations.  This is where you will begin.  Feel the strength of your being.  Understand that your self, your true self dwells within.

Next, engage the engine.  The engine is your emotion.  Feel it rise up.  Feel it expand, filling you.

Now, find the thread that is connected to that which you wish to conceive, that desire that you wish to make physical.  This thread will readily present itself to you when you call out for it.

Begin to unravel the thread until it is loose and free.  Use whatever means you wish to accomplish this.  It can be as simple or as complex a process as you wish.

Concentrate on your field of convergence points, however they may present themselves to you.  Ask for the one that represents your physical reality to show itself to you.  Place the loose thread on the convergence point.

Understand that the thread has multiple expressions.  There is never one way, one path, but always many.

Now bring the convergence point into the very engine that creates.  Bring it into the emotion center, the heart center, the creator center.  This will create its own wave of emotion.  The convergence point its merging with WHO YOU ARE.  Whatever you have just brought into your body must now connect and merge.  This can take from a few hours to a few weeks.  It is now part of who you are, as a Being, as a soul, as a physical incarnate.  You will feel the energy moving throughout your body.  You will feel the amplification of the wave of who you are.  There is no separating you now.  How can you create something that is not YOU?  It must be You or how can it be seen, experienced and manoeuvred through.  You become the creation.  It is never outside of you.  This is quite a shift in understanding for some.  Let the WOW fill you!  Let the understanding create a new perception of Yourself.  This is how to become the Master Creator.  This is how to be one with all of life.  This is how you break away from small thinking and realize that the options available to you are unlimited and yours for the creating.”

Water’s of Time

Water’s of Time

Sometime last year, around the time I was given my current meditation color code, I saw myself in meditation in where only the colors grey, white, black and greyish-blue were used. I had never seen myself and my surrounding like this before and was told that it represented a skill of mine called Water’s of Time. Of course, I was like, what the fuck does that mean? 🙂 I was told it means foresight, which there are apparently different variations of (to be delved into at another time). Well, I promptly forgot about this experience until last week when the memory of it surfaced. I went digging through my journal and saw that I never sat down and wrote about the experience. It was referred to another meditation at that time but never expanded on. Apparently it is now time to dive into the Water’s of Time, pun intended! Little did I know that it would be the next shift in my understanding of how to create.


Esther: “Dear self, can we talk about the Water’s of Time/foresight?”

myself: “The ability to have foresight is intrinsic in us all. For one aspect of foresight is calling to you the future you desire. We will begin today’s lesson by acknowledging your ability to create is infused with foresight. This is especially understandable in observing what you are bringing to yourself.  You stand on a quantum leap of manifestation. Do you wish to explore this further before you leap?”

E: “Oh yes! Show me!”

m: (Smile) “To step across that line into full creational abilities and results, brings another level of responsibility, not only to your activities and desires but to the world at large. Think for a moment on your ability to transform your economic situation. This transference of energy into the more, out of the lack has been occurring slowly. This is to show you that the difference between wanting something and creating it are both part of a process. The intrinsic value of yourself is the defining point of convergence between the two, the sweet spot in the greater alchemy of creation.

Now on to understanding the ability to foresee combined with your gift of vision. Both of these are very similar and indeed overlap quite a bit. Here is the difference. The future is as malleable as sand, always changing and shifting. You cannot build anything concrete out of sand unless you add other elements, so too with the future. In order to manifest a vision of the future it needs to be shifted into the Now, the only place where physicality exists. To do this, begin imagining the Now differently.”

E: “Ok… I imagine money in my pocket to spend. I imagine paying my bills. I imagine finding a job, now. I imagine an income stream, now. I’m not sure if I have that right. They don’t have the emotional resonance as before. Hmmm?”

m: (Smile) “There is a “getting used to” the phrasing going on plus a un-sureness on your part to be asking for money directly. This should be embraced with full love of the energy form. Why should you feel ashamed of buying clothes that you need and food for your table? Why should feeling comfortable and without financial worry be a concern to you or anyone else? Is there not enough for all? To think otherwise is to put yourself in considering the judgment of others.”

E: “Yes. I am so blessed as is; I do feel a little guilty asking for more. How can I move past that?”

m: “Repeat after me. The ability to be financially stable and comfortable removes NOTHING from another’s energy stream.

The ability to be MORE is not so others can focus on their less-ness; it is to show the energy can be shifted.

The “star” can move for all but it will not without those willing and brave enough to lead the way.

I release all others’ opinions of myself.

I release all desires to be understood by others.

I am unique.

I am a creator.

I am myself, fully alive and in the present.

I have foreseen that I will be wealthy. That time is Now.

I have foreseen the security of financial growth. That time is Now.

I have foreseen my ability to create money, a home, a new state of financial independence and awareness. That time is Now.

I have foreseen my ability to shift EVERYTHING to create what I need in the moment. That time is Now.

I have foreseen the lack disappear from out lives. That time is Now.

I have foreseen the beginnings of a whole other lifestyle and exploration. That time is Now.

I have begun to wonder when it will happen. The time is Now.

The time is Now.

The time is Now.

The time is Now.

The time is Now.

The time is Now.

The time is Now.

The time is Now.

The time is Now.”

E:  “There is the emotion that I am looking for! Thank you. So I convert the vision/imagining into foresight?”

m: “Yes!  It is not enough to see what you want.  You must understand that it is a created reality that is available to you at will.  Foresight is seeing into the future.  You are creating what that future looks like.  You create the vision and bring it into the now by understanding that you KNOW you have foreseen the future.  Everything we gave you above you have been foreseeing for some time.  Now you know why.  It is already created.  To understand this on every level is to bring it into the Now.  Do not think that just because you are able to imagine that all will be revealed in an instant.  There is a beloved process to creating that involves the whole of not only humanity but ALL life.  The responsibility to All now lies before you.  Before you leap, consider and include the love of Everything in your desires.  All life is on this journey together and all life spirals through the evolution of the cosmos.  Do understand that the beginning of real true creation is not in a vacuum but will encompass all other life.  We do not say this to discourage you from what you have created but to show you that the Water’s of Time are vast and full of variety and beauty.  The ripple effect of what you create is alive in its beauty and malleability. Do you understand that all life feels each footstep as you walk?  Do you know that Everything looks to each one of you to create your dreams?  The spiral only expands when you do.  Foresee the future for All.  Know that it is Reality.”

Working Through Time

Working Through Time

Last night as I went to sleep, I touched base with Gaia and asked her if she needed me for anything. She took me by the hand and led me outside in the dark, in my pajamas. Even though it seemed like a few steps outside my home, we were standing in a drought-ravaged cornfield. Not ours, we have had a lot of rain this year. It felt like Oklahoma. She wanted me to blow the dust dry soil south and east, and land it by the west bank of a river, the Mississippi maybe. I pulled in the clouds and wind and a big dust storm started howling around me. I went to the area where Gaia wanted the dirt to settle and using my hands calmed the wind and the dirt began to settle where she had marked out for me. I slipped off to sleep thinking this was so weird; the Midwest is NOT that dry this year. It has been very wet! This morning, while picking green beans, I was thinking that it could have been anywhere. Just because I thought it was Oklahoma doesn’t mean that it was. There was no “YOU ARE HERE” map in front of me. Gaia pops up and asks me, “Why does it have to be in your time?” Whoa!!!! Brain Explosion. Hello Dust Bowl time travel!

So I sat down when I had a moment and asked, “So, who wants to teach me about working in other timelines or multiple timelines and what it means to then and also to the now?” Yes, I really did ask something that wordy! And who should step forward but Rufus, voice provided by George Carlin. Yes, The Rufus, the phone booth time traveller from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure! (I’m blaming my friend Theresa for this one.)

Rufus: “I can be your guide. There are many things to learn about working through time and working with time.”

Esther: “Where shall we start?”

R: “Let’s start at the beginning. Although, with time there is no beginning, so let’s start with the root. Imagine time as a growing plant. Each branch is subdivided into smaller branches which all have their own subdivisions. The plant grows out of the same rootstock though. All it’s nutrients are absorbed through the base and passed to all the branches. If a branch is pruned off the rest of the plant does not die. As a matter of fact, pruning a branch can increase the vitality of the rest of the plant. If too many branches are cut, you look at the plant and worry. But the plant is expanding the reach of its roots at this time and comes back with renewed vigor and strength during the next season. Humanity is the plant. Each branch is a timeline and each subdivision is a division within that specific timeline. There are more “branches” of this plant than humanity can count. It has been pruned back many times. The Roots are buried deep into Mother Earth and you have always grown back.”

E: “Is there always pruning going on?”

R: “Always. Sometimes more severely than others. Always with love and to encourage growth of the whole.”

E: “Why was I pulled to work with the dust storm last night?”

R: “There is no such thing as a timeline that stands alone. All are connected and interacting at all times. You lived during that time. (I see a weathered older man.) You saw all you lived for and knew, swept away and be destroyed. It was a hard time for many people, especially the poor subsistence farmer who grew to feed his family through out the year. These storms were not only about redistributing the soil on this continent, but also about shifting the economic and social structure as well. It was a period of great trial and great growth and is still an important counter balance to humanity in general. To find yourself there, working with the wind and the earth, is to also bring that into the Now. Not the immense undertaking of shifting the soil of a continent but to experience the wind and dust storms for the power they are, pure change on a very basic level. Now back to your timeline, your branch which is a subdivision of the afore-mentioned timeline. Your branch has access to all that energy of change. Right now there are immense energies bombarding this planet. These energies know what they are here for. Change. Change on every level conceivable and even those that you are unable to conceive. This change brings movement into the past, present and future. This now moment is getting a dose of fertilizer. This affects the entire plant!”

E: “How do I wrap my mind around all of that?”

R: “You don’t. You just live in the Now as best you can. Here is the kicker though, the timelines will/have begun to blur. How do you survive that is probably your real question.”

E: LOL! “Yes.”

R: “The human mind is accustomed to one timeline in perception only. Actually you are constantly shifting from branch to branch. It is the becoming aware of that fact which is disorienting and not the fact that it is happening and has been happening. There are a few things that you all can do to lessen the strain of this. First, do not become upset when you are presented with direct evidence of a shift. You must gain the ability to flow with the changes that timeline merge and shift brings. The more that you can do this, to accept and acknowledge and observe, the less stressful it will be to expand in your awareness of this–because it is not going away. Secondly bring your awareness into the Now as often as possible. Being aware of the Now brings more awareness of when a shift occurs. Awareness of a shift brings more expansion and awareness of that expansion. The Knowing that it is happening brings your physical body into it’s own awareness of the shifts. This is very important. If your body knows that it can walk across time than it can also become aware of being able to cross space as well. True teleportation is just that–being aware in body, mind and soul that you can step into any space, time or reality that you desire.”

E: “Wow! Any other advice?”

R: “Do not let the space and time shifts distract you from clearly understanding why you are here, to accomplish growth in all timelines at once. This is not a grand shift for one specific branch. The entire plant and the ground that it is buried in have shifted. Now you can all grow in ways that were not available before. So when you find yourself pulled or drawn to another time and space, there is no isolation to the growth that is happening then and the growth that is happening now.”

E: “So what is the difference to working through time and working with time?”

R: “When you are working with time, you are using the attributes of time, separation and distinction, to enhance and bring clarity to a specific event and place in time. When you work through time, you are allowing the energies to flow through you into multiple, sometimes all, timelines and to let each timeline use those energies as it best sees fit.”

E: “So last night, which one was I doing?”

R: “You were working through time. Bringing energies into the Dust Bowl, as you call it, and also allowing Gaia to tie more strongly the energies of change already present there to other timelines as well, including the one that you inhabit now.”

E: “So the earthquake/volcano work that I have been doing, is that in the here and now?”

R: “Yes. Be aware that it is happening on many timelines. There is a need to move that area of the planet. How it gets accomplished is up to many of you. Bring your thoughts and hearts together and determine a way forward. There will be change. Will it involve fear and death? For some. But there can be much hope and love and renewal that can spring from it as well. Stay in your hearts and offer your love to Gaia and all those who inhabit her. She will use that love to build and shape the new reality that is needing to burst forth.”

E: “Thank you! How do my Flight powers involve time?”

R: “Ah! (chuckles) By using your Flight and Reach you can be in more than one time and place at once. This is instrumental in expanding the interweaving of energies, for example. You can also, obviously, use flight to travel forward and back on the time continuum. You could use that for seeking the answer or possible solutions for something in the now. This can be done consciously or unconsciously. You have the ability to Reach out and pluck what you need from any timeline and from any incarnation. You can go anywhere and do anything–and so can everyone else. Do not be limited by seeking only in the past or on other worlds, your future is a treasure trove of abundance that is sitting right in front of you. This is true for you, the writer, and all of you, the readers, as well. The future is just as easy to “mine” as the past.”

Coincidentally folks, I read this post from Paula Marchand a day or two ago…I can’t remember exactly when…ha ha!  It is all about her experiences of being aware of time/space shifts in her day-to-day activities. I recommend you checking it out!