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A New Song


Greetings Everybody,

I have been in a bit of a quiet space the last few days.  I haven’t even been really checking my email! (gasp!)  But I’m all good, just in the mood to Be with me and mine.  Yesterday I did a meditation that I have been pondering all day.  I went to do an energetic check on myself and met yet another new guide.  He is a young hispanic male named Mike.  Yeah, I know, Mike?  Not Miguel?  Nope, it is Mike.  I think he does a lot of open mic poetry night.  He certainly has that vibe.  He said that each letter in Mike stands for something.  What’s that you say?  Well apparently it changes depending on….well him.  I don’t remember what it stood for yesterday but today it stood for Mr Illuminating Kind Enigma.  LOL!

Yesterday when I checked in on myself, I saw a grass-covered field.  The grass was winter killed as it is here now.  The ground within the field was raising and lowering itself up and down in these concentric rings.  This was covering a large area and when a ring would “rise”, it would pop the earth up about four feet and then it would drop back down.  I understood that the Earth was moving and grooving so to speak.  What I didn’t get until this morning while eating breakfast was that the pattern I saw was exactly like sound waves coming out of a speaker head.  Have you ever seen anyone put glitter or sand on top of a speaker head and then turn it on?

Chladni Circle

Chladni Circle

The sand jumps and realigns itself depending on the vibration coming through the speaker.  There are many different shapes it can make.  The above picture is what I saw yesterday and today.  Don’t get to ate up with the specific shape it was making.  I don’t know if it is important or not.  Mostly what was being shown to me is that Mother Earth’s base is cranked up.  It was only low sounds that I could hear. 🙂  When I checked back in today, after realizing what I had seen, I saw that these circles of sound are all over the Earth including under the oceans.  They are certainly everywhere including my front yard and back pasture.  I asked Mike what it all meant.  He said that “She is singing a new song.”  He says that we all feel it.  Mostly in a tensing and releasing of muscles and emotions.  That sure as hell has been my experience the past two days.  I thought I was dehydrated!  Leg cramp, arm cramp, pain in the neck cramp anyone?  The emotions will rev on high for a few minutes before I can even them out.  I saw it in one of my kids yesterday, total anger freak out which he seemed just as confused by as us.  For me, I’ve had little moments of intense panic, fear, and sorrow.

Picture, if you will, what this looks like from off planet.  There is a giant signal being broadcast to ALL.  Mike says it says, “It is time.”  And don’t try to pin him down too much on time for what.  It means many things and one, because it is a song of Unity, for everything on this planet and everything off of it.  Can you hear it?