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The Beginning Times. Love is New.

The Beginning Times. Love is New.

Ah 2018, there is so much Newness in the world.  Gaia is New.  Have you felt it?  Have you met her?  Oh she is glorious!  She has gone from Planet to Source.  She is a Creator Goddess that is not bullshitting around anymore.  If you haven’t yet, go meet her, have coffee or a beer.  She will blow your socks off and make your hair stand on end.

But it isn’t her that I want to talk about today.  It is her sister Venus.  Venus the Goddess of Love stepped into her New Incarnation yesterday.  She woke me in the middle of the night to type this up for you.  Think of the Venus of old…perfect and unattainable and fickle.  Wars were fought over her and because of her.  NO MORE.  The New Venus arrived in one breath and became every molecule of life in the next.  Venus is now young and hip and savvy.  Gone are the toga and the pedestal.  She is now face-to-face and nose-to-nose with everyone.  Her abilities are all encompassing.

Gone are the days of love tragedy and love searching and love phobia.  Gone are the days of love-hate.  Gone are the days of killing for what you love.  Gone are the days of manifestos and rage disguised as love.  Keyboards will falter, monitors will crash, pens will run dry, and voices will go hoarse.  But most importantly ears will not hear and hearts will not recognize the words or thoughts or intentions.

For the New Love it tech savvy.  She knows all the new media.  She will put them to use as the revolutionary devices that they are.  She will convert the game of discourse into a new field of growth and life.  New Love changes everything.  She is so in-your-face that she can’t be avoided.  Everyone will see her everywhere, but most especially in themselves.

How can this not change everything?  How can this not change travel, conversation, boardrooms and kitchen tables?  How can this not change gardening, and weaponry, and life histories and socialization?  How can this not change science, and religion, and commerce and peace?  How can this not change love songs, and poetry, and crosswords and tanks?  How can this not change schools, and teachers, and record labels and wine makers?  How can this not change bridges, and roadways, and ceilings and floors?  How can this not change oceans, and rivers, and sea floors and mountaintop removal?  How can this not change gas giants, and coal dust, and solar wind and auroras?  How can this not change life in the Himalayas and death in the Pacific?  How can this not change morals and morale?  How can this not change generals and housewives, babysitters and CEO’s, visionaries and Lego builders?  How can this not BE the revolution in thought, action and progress that we have all been living for?

It is here, now.  It is actively participating, not just available.  It is the new center of everyone’s reality, whether they are aware of it or not.  And nothing can stop it.  Not a tidal wave or a bullet, or a winged serpent or a clock, not a cloud in the sky or a shiver through the earth’s crust.  She is beyond all stopping.  It is too late.  She is embedded in the fabric of our time.  She is the atom of our race.  She speaks in all tongues and receives in all ears.  She is the opposite of the Tower of Babel.  She is the genesis of compassion and unity.  The New Gaia is her partner is all ways.  And there will come a day when humanity will literally weep at the Love that they find in each other.

For these are not the end times, they are the beginning.  The destruction that was needed has already come to pass.  That is behind us.  It is Old News despite what the televisions and internet say.   The rebuilding is at hand.  New forms, new concepts, new ideas, new newness is what it is all about now.  So welcome the New Goddess of Love.  You can find her easily enough.  Go look in the mirror, go shake someone’s hand, go sing in the shower, go sit on the land.  She is in the walls of your heart and the microbes in your gut. She is in your neighbors and your trees and your walls and your life.  She is you as you sit down for dinner and your child as they read a book.  She is your mother as she combs her hair and your father as he ties his shoes.  There is no separation from everyday deeds and life changing thoughts.  All are in Venus’ realm now.  And no matter how hard we have all fought, it all falls away in the face of her greatness.  Ease and splendor, grace and wellness all are brought into being with each breath.

Who are you Now?  Go take a look.  This is the human race we have all been waiting for. The Tower of Babel has disappeared.  It didn’t take an earthquake or decades of treaty negotiations.  It took a heartbeat, a breath, a blink of an eyelash and the New Goddess of Love was born, fully formed and fully functioning and alive inside each one of us.

Quantum Creation, part 3

Quantum Creation, part 3

As my journey of understanding the Quantum continued to bloom; (part 1 and part 2) I could not wrap my mind around how I was supposed to create in an energetic space where I loved everything in it. I realized that removing my own personal desires brought into existence all created fields at once. But then what to do! Let me give you an example that I was walked through regarding my desire to teach one of my children to swim. This shows you the complexity and simplicity of quantum thinking. (Paradox again!)

All: “Let us begin with the belief that he should know how to swim. Love this belief and also recognize that this is not true. And love that belief too. You want him to enjoy water. Love that belief. He is afraid. Love that belief. He will never learn to swim. Love that belief. He will be an Olympic style swimmer. Love that belief. Now we take them all and realize that they are all the same energy, expressed differently. All are the One. The One is not held accountable to any of those outcomes because the One loves them all too. So then, as you just did, you consider the consequences of DIVERTING the All into a certain frequency, a frequency that has many expressions. From there it is a short walk to Becoming the diverted energy. By simply allowing it into being.”

There is no separating the personal creations from EVERYTHING else in the Quantum. Nothing is on a small-scale. Continuing with the example above. In order to divert the All into a frequency that would affect my son, this is how I would do it if I chose. I would create clean water for everyone and everything. I would create the love of water by all. I would bring joy to water everywhere so that everyone could experience it. This would not create a specific outcome for my kid, but it would alter EVERY available expression that he is living. It would clearly alter it for everything and everyone else. Think Big? It’s HUGE! One particle change (becoming the diverted energy) is like a snowball rolling down hill…only the hill is the Universe. It is rather mind blowing!

But I was still so unsure of what to do about the Neutrality of the All. Here is my journal entry where I got clarity on that.

Esther: “If the All is neutral, then where is the line between being neutral myself and creating what I want? I have become more and more neutral along my journey. Which really is neutral in judgment, so I love all. But obviously I do not choose or desire certain things. Should I be such a blatant creator, biased in my own desires of what I think is good for all?”

All: “You do not become a creator without making choices. What I think you are struggling with is the shouldering of the idea that your ability to create shifts the neutrality. As you point out, neutrality is loving everything. And you don’t want everything. And yet you have discovered that you cannot open up to grand outcomes if you do not accept grand failures as a distinct possibility. You do not desire the failure, but to not include it in the quantum soup would not be correct. Every time line, every moment, has an infinitely vast way of expressing. So to be the grand creator, you must be aware of them all and know that they all exist and know that none of them exist. Breathe into it. Explore the vastness. See it all before you. There is a neutrality to it all from me, but not from you. You are allowed, not only allowed but also encouraged to choose. To not choose out of fear but out of love. This is humanities biggest challenge, how to love everything for its very existence while choosing a benevolent path for it all. The person who chooses out of love reflects their choice onto all the possibilities available. The person, who chooses out of fear, narrows the creational field so significantly that all grand work in nearly lost. It is my job to be neutral, always. It is your job to embrace the love of all and use it to CHOOSE BIG.”

When the All spoke about reflecting the choice made in love, I got this very cool image. I was standing on a ridge looking down at the land below. Spread out before me, as far as the eye could see, were people standing shoulder to shoulder. Behind them the sun was rising. The people are symbolic of different expressions of life. We occupy the space of the entire universe when we are Quantum. When a choice is made out of love, a section of those figures lit up as if they were made of a mirrored finish. This bounced the light of the sun (Source, God, the All) onto every other figure there. The reflected light lit every figure; the closest one’s receiving a bright light, but even the farthest reaches were transformed into a different lighter shade. It was as if the light kept bouncing, each body reflecting it on and on. Later I discovered that instead of me choosing from what I know of, say if I asked for the greatest new possibility to come forward, the visual was different. Then the Sun left its spot on the horizon and emerged in the center of all the symbolic figures. It was so bright that it was a virtual white out in the center of the field. But most significantly all the figures became a shiny-mirrored surface. Everyone was glowing and reflecting! It was beautiful!

I wondered about choosing new unknown options. There is something slightly intimidating about that. As if I could create challenges that were strenuous for our evolving world. As if the populations of Earth aren’t facing current challenges that are strenuous enough! I was told that there are many reasons to seek the new. Problems can be solved with new ideas and understandings, hearts can be changed with new loves and new friendships, new beginnings and new endings bring surprising changes. There is always a need for the new on Earth currently. We can bring it in, change the particle to reflect it but not change the free will of those alive and living. This can never be controlled. How each life expression chooses to live out the new energy is always up to them. Just because it is new and unknown doesn’t mean that it can’t ease strains, smooth obstacles, and overcome huge quandaries. And while doing so create, by the free will of all involved, amazing and divergent outcomes that all reflect the love of the Quantum choice.

Convergence Points (and how to use them)

Convergence Points (and how to use them)

Today we move into another feature of our personal energy fields.  As you know, if you have read the previous posts on the personal energy field, I have been seeing universal energies present themselves daily in my field.  This post will be about personal energies and personal creation. Now as you are most likely aware, we all have access to infinite possibilities to create our own experiences.  This concept is being presented to me visually as a 360 degree never-ending array of silver points.  They are slightly rectangular to me which is a representation of the square sine wave.  This is only important to my interpretation because (see here) the square sine wave is an infinite number of sine waves, otherwise known to me as The ALL. So why a rectangle instead of a square?  Square sine waves are symmetrical in their duration of their cycle.  Rectangular wave forms are similar but are not symmetrical, the pause and the pulse are different from each other.  Here is what I got about the difference.

“The rectangle is a vision of the complexity within the interaction.  If the ALL is a square and you make contact with a very specific wave within that square, than there is a change in the oscillation of that moment.  The pause or the pulse is affected.”

The points uniformly have all been silver, except one.  Silver, for me, is the color of fusion of soul and physical incarnate, the two working as one.  Other people have seen these points differently, each bringing the representation to their person in a way that is appropriate and understandable (perhaps with a little research in some cases…usually in my case at the very least) for each individual.  The points want me to call them Convergence Points.  Just to stress, they do not really exist in the physical.  They are simply a representation of energy transfer, connection and development.

And that is what I have been learning about.  How to connect and develop these energies that are available to me, to us all.  By themselves they are benign happy little energy points waiting for someone somewhere to access them.  We are always surrounded by the ability to create anything.  The convergence points do not EVER end.  No matter where I look in the universe, there they are.  These points bring into focus an allegory of the possibilities available to you.   I hope it brings AWE to your heart.  It certainly does to mine.

Now, oddly enough, the energy of the Soil of the Earth, yes good old dirt, came forward to teach me about these points.  I was confused for only a second until I realized that the Soil is where all life springs.  If you want to know about how to take something from energetic to physical, the Soil would be an excellent teacher.  The following is all straight from The Soil.

“The understanding of these convergence points is a basic building block of not only the New Earth but also the ability to operate your field efficiently and purposefully.  To start, there are many factors that are conjoined to release life in the physical.  The first concept to understand is that ALL life is dependant on LOVE.  Whatever form it takes, it would not BE here if it did not love.  Second the allegation that life is circular (think life cycles) is not exactly true.  Yes, one life is used by another for continuation but really the web of life is based on the ability to understand each piece of a puzzle.  Yes the individual cycles look circular but in reality it is a wave action. (Here I saw a spiral or sine wave in 3D.)


A circle does not show the reality of the effect of time on the cycle at hand.  There is no closed loop.  There is no repeat, there is conversion and conversion.  The human has their own role to play in this and perhaps their biggest fallacy is not recognizing the need for conversion.  And yet they are continually doing so.  What you need to remember is that the fallacy of circular growth is not made to dumb down the learner but to simplify understandings.  But we are moving beyond the simple and into the vague.”

Esther:  “Ha!! That doesn’t help!”

Soil:  “Yes, it does.  Listen, when you change the oil in your car, you don’t know exactly what it does or where it goes.  You do know that driving without it is very stressful for the engine and could literally destroy the working mechanics.  So you know vaguely about the relationship between oil and the engine.  Same with love and wave action, you are moving into some very basic understandings that will expand.  This is why we give you the list below.  These are all basic understandings that will all be expanded on through the evolution of thought and understandings.  They are all vital to understanding creation.

  1.  Know in your heart that ALL is available to you Now.
  2.  There is only Now.  (There is no energy that exists in the past or the future.)
  3. Creation requires Love.
  4. Bending time is always happening.
  5. Life begins with the thought.
  6. Emotion is not only your friend and ally but also your ENGINE of growth.
  7. The knowledge to create is not based on facts and figures but on the understanding of wave forms and their habits.
  8. Do NOT go into fear.  When you create from the heart, the only options available are loved based. (You don’t need to protect yourself.  You don’t need to protect others.  These are fear based assumptions that you are going to create pain.)

Now we will walk you through working with a convergence point.  This is meant to demonstrate that your creative abilities are both physical, mental and emotional.  You must engage the body, mind and spirit to be in full creator capacity.

First, find your center, your base of operations.  This is where you will begin.  Feel the strength of your being.  Understand that your self, your true self dwells within.

Next, engage the engine.  The engine is your emotion.  Feel it rise up.  Feel it expand, filling you.

Now, find the thread that is connected to that which you wish to conceive, that desire that you wish to make physical.  This thread will readily present itself to you when you call out for it.

Begin to unravel the thread until it is loose and free.  Use whatever means you wish to accomplish this.  It can be as simple or as complex a process as you wish.

Concentrate on your field of convergence points, however they may present themselves to you.  Ask for the one that represents your physical reality to show itself to you.  Place the loose thread on the convergence point.

Understand that the thread has multiple expressions.  There is never one way, one path, but always many.

Now bring the convergence point into the very engine that creates.  Bring it into the emotion center, the heart center, the creator center.  This will create its own wave of emotion.  The convergence point its merging with WHO YOU ARE.  Whatever you have just brought into your body must now connect and merge.  This can take from a few hours to a few weeks.  It is now part of who you are, as a Being, as a soul, as a physical incarnate.  You will feel the energy moving throughout your body.  You will feel the amplification of the wave of who you are.  There is no separating you now.  How can you create something that is not YOU?  It must be You or how can it be seen, experienced and manoeuvred through.  You become the creation.  It is never outside of you.  This is quite a shift in understanding for some.  Let the WOW fill you!  Let the understanding create a new perception of Yourself.  This is how to become the Master Creator.  This is how to be one with all of life.  This is how you break away from small thinking and realize that the options available to you are unlimited and yours for the creating.”

The Evolution of Perception, Portals 201

The Evolution of Perception, Portals 201

Hi Everybody!  I have had lots of shifts in perspective of the last few months.  I’m gonna guess that you have had some too!  Here is one that I would like to share with you.  I wrote Portals 101 ages ago…or so it feels.  And now its time for an update.  Ideas and understanding were bonking around in my brain for a few days before I sat down and had this conversation.  Please read Portals 101 for the fundamentals. Oh and Niya is a part of myself that was teaching me in 101, so I brought her back for 201. Enjoy!

Niya:  “Tell me what you understand as of now?”

Esther:  “Alright.  First, I am the portal.  I don’t go anywhere.  The portal is me.  Second, I am constantly using it to create my physical world.”

N:  “Very good.  Yes, the evolution of perception from it existing outside of your person to existing within.  What has adjusted besides perception?”

E:  “Well, the very definition of portal, or perhaps the understanding of the word.”

N:  “Yes, a gateway between two points is very 3D and oversimplified to the extreme.  As you point out, you are constantly using your energy field to create reality.  You are standing in your energy field, which is controlled by you, and creating your experience simultaneously.  Your world, your physical experience is the creator energy manifesting through the portal that you are.  You do not go anywhere.  It comes to you.  Now when you travel in your mind, how is that different from when you travel in the physical?”

E:  “I don’t go anywhere, I bring it to me.”

N:  “Correct.  To travel energetically is to step out of space and time.  It is very difficult to explain this to the mind.  You are no longer in a linear experience.  The same applies to any extra-sensory abilities.  The ability to use these talents places you in a non-linear experience.  You can no longer explain things in a A connects to B which connects to C fashion.  Instead words do not exist yet, to describe being out of time and space, in a sufficient manner.  This is how the energy field around you works, this is how the portal that is you exists.  It is out of time and space.  It exists in the energy of the ALL.  The potential for everything is available there.  And yet it is just there, surrounding the physical you, just beyond your perception and yet within your reach.”

E:  “This is what Abraham (Esther Hicks) calls the vortex, right?”

N:  “Yes.  The personal energy field, your vortex, is a constantly manifesting portal.  This is why you all have been working so hard for years to “clear your field”.  You have reprogrammed yourselves.  You have changed the energetic structure to reflect consciously what is in your heart and mind.  When you begin to truly understand this and to go back to the fundamentals–Love gives direction and focus, the Unknown is the amazing never-ending storehouse of energy to pull from and Light is the physical construct that makes the travel to you possible–then you really see that as the creator of your existence in the physical, the very essence of having a smooth quickly flowing portal, is Love.  Self love, brotherly love, planetary love , universal love, all these–from micro to macro–increase the smooth flowing energy, that is YOU, to move quicker and easier.  Things, ideas, understandings manifest quicker and in more dramatic ways.  Why?  Because you have asked for change.  And when change happens with Love at the helm, the effects are ALWAY stronger and clearer and reverberate farther.  You are not holding You back anymore.

The ability to alter the energy this is You is what you all have been working on.  The ability to understand what you have altered is next.  Think, if you will, of a diamond, hard and rough.  It’s molecular structure is set and yet it’s very shape can be changed and enhanced.  The human is not set.  The molecular structure can be changed, by you.  The energy can be changed, by you.  The thought patterns and behaviors can be changed, by you.  So imagine that diamond again.  It’s brilliance and beauty after it has been cut and polished has nothing on you.  Your magnificence in exploring and using that heart centered portal, that is the core foundation of your physical life and existence, is now at the forefront of humanities call for action.  There has never been a more exciting time in the use and understanding of what the human being is capable of.  To walk in the 3D world with a fully functioning higher dimensional energy field/portal is how you graduate, how you have graduated.  This is why action is required now.  This is why, for most of you, the personal time is over.  Your energy field is needed out and about, pulling to you love based ideas, solutions, understandings and most importantly change.”

Human Nature

Human Nature

Message from my telomeres today…

“We would like to say that the advancement of “human nature” is going to take a decided turn.  Watch the reactions of people shift.  You have already seen this but it will become more apparent in the coming year.  This is linked to the changes in not only the psyche of the human collective but also what they have chosen to experience on a soul level.  When it becomes realized that “human nature” is to love and care for others and all life, the expansion happens at a exponential rate.  For those who already occupy that place within, they have entered the next phase already.  Hold onto your boots its lift off time!”

Portals 101

Portals 101

Hello Everybody,

I seem to be “between stations” in my meditations.  Either I can’t remember what occurred a few minutes after I finish (similar to most dreams) or I am getting my meditation visuals through a potato sack, very grainy.  And yet because I trust in myself I know that what I can see through the haze is happening all the same.  Evolution is not only happening on the physical level (sniffle, cough, sneeze) but on all other levels too.  Yippee!  That said, I had a kick ass meditation yesterday that I was smart enough to start writing down in the middle of so it wouldn’t go the way of the dodo bird.

I started the meditation by connecting with a stone that my friend Melissa sent me around Christmas, an Ocean Agate.  This is not something I do often but have been wanting to since before I even got this one.  Lovely stone!  Looks very cosmic.  While looking at it before beginning I noticed that it has the energy of three, four and eight embedded in it (simply from looking at it’s physical features).  The Three equals Trinity energy, aka Creator, Soul and Physical Being all as One.  The Four is Earth energy and the Eight is infinity, the sacred and unending cycling of energy.  Now, I don’t recall very well the beginning of the meditation except that when I reached out to connect with the stone I saw a bunch of interlocking green circles strung out toward me.  I do remember meeting Niya, a young female part of myself who knows how to “travel”.  I only remember that because I spent so much time trying to figure out how to spell her name.  (Niya means New Achievement in Hindi, Champion as an Irish name and Intended as an Islamic name.)  I don’t remember how we got on the subject of portals but I do know that when I asked her to tell me about them, she asked me, “Are you sure?”.  I seriously thought about it for a bit.  Whenever you get the “Are you sure?” question you should not take it lightly.  If you really say Yes, then it’s down the rabbit hole Dear Alice!  So I pushed through all the doubts and bullshit and said Yes in a deep way.  Yes, at the core of myself, if you will.  Then I jumped off the cliff that I was standing on toward the tiny black portal way down below.  It was in the portal with Niya that I started having such a cool conversation that I dropped out of the meditation and grabbed my journal.  The following is me transcribing both sides of our conversation (with eyes wide open).  You will never think of dark matter or dark energy the same way again!

I have gone through any number of portals while in meditation.  They remind me of the “hole in my pocket” from the Beatles’ movie Yellow Submarine.  There is usually not much that I see when I go through one.  I just am in one space and then like opening a door I am through to the other side.  With Niya, I was sitting in one and not moving.  The energy of it streamed past us from far above our heads to way down below us, in a tube like formation.  The colors where white and black and very random in placement.  Like a lot of strings constantly moving from above me to below me, the middle directly above and the middle directly below were both dark but not with the same black energy that was streaming down, just more of an emptiness feeling.

N:  “Ok, so Portal 101.  What is it made of?”

E:  “Well, light no doubt and..or I could just say that I don’t know.”

N:  “Your right. 😀  It is made of Light and the Unknown.”

E:  LOL  “What about Love?”  (I’m asking this because with my previous investigation into Telepathy.  I was taught that Love is how you send and receive.) 

N:  “Love gives it direction but there is no “direction”, so it is more like it gives it purpose.”

E:  “What happens if love is not used?”

I look down and see the black and white that is streaming past us start shooting off every which way and loose it’s smooth directional flow.

N:  “The light gets diffracted and looses its clarity.”

E:  “Back to the Unknown ingredient.  Is this something I need to know?  I mean is it dark energy or dark matter or something?”

N:  “The Unknown of the universe is exactly that, Un Known.  It is where you, me, everybody, everything pulls from to Create.  Why do you think there is so much of it?  You can never use it all.  This is the real meaning of unlimited potential or unlimited possibilities.  Your scientists will “discover” this in their own way.”

E:  “So we have Light, which we use for moving the thought, emotion, message, body, Being, whatever around.  We have the Love which gives purpose to the process.  And we have the Unknown, unlimited potential, which makes anything possible.”

N:  “Yes.  The Unknown is the well, the storehouse of energy for the event or process as you call it.  The Light is what binds that which is moving with the potential.  Sort of like a platform on a sea–if you will.  You (meaning humans) can see light on different frequencies (examples = infrared or ultraviolet).  See it differently perhaps but see it easily non the less.  Light is what binds us together, frequency wise.  There is light that you can see with the human eye and many kinds that you can not.  Light is a constant everywhere no matter the vibration or frequency.  So is the Unknown.  Think about it.  How many things in your life are unknown?  (Big Smile)  It really is staggering.  It is always being exchanged and turned into created reality and always being returned into potential.  Which is another discussion for another day.  And Love, Love is what brings it all together.  Love gives the event purpose and direction.  Love is the whole reason to do it and the whole reason that the event is accomplished.”

E:  “So if Light and Unknown and Love are everywhere, then what makes a portal different from any other space?”

N:  “Nothing! (Laughter)  A portal can be created anywhere because the ingredients are everywhere.  What is different is the ability of the Being to utilize what is there in a fuller way.”

E:  “What about areas that are used regularly?  Why is the same area used?”

N:  “Convenience, habit, enjoyment of the view.  Why do animals make a trail to the water hole?  Why do you comb your bangs to the left?  There are some things that we enjoy doing a certain way or in a certain space because it flows for us.  There is a curve to the hill that the animals will follow to get to the water.  They could go up and over the hill, and sometimes do, but generally they enjoy following the flow of the land.  The same is true of your hair.  You could brush it the other way but it seems to flow better to brush it to the left.”

E:  “So whats next in Portals 101?”

N:  “Next I want you to create a Portkey.  You have been watching lots of Harry Potter lately.  Now, there is no such thing as a Portkey (because you don’t need anything physical) but I want you to create something with the intention of shifting it’s vibration.  The mandala pillow that you want to crochet would be perfect.  Then we will play with it, a game as you would call it.  Until next time….I’ll be waiting! 🙂


Honor Your Evolution


butterfly landing

Happy New Year Everybody!

Little did I know that when I titled my last post Bear With Me, I would have such a long gap until the next one.  But there you have it, the irony and the humor are not lost on me! I would like to talk to you about transmutation and melding today.  I have been seeing and experiencing it a lot in my meditations, as of late.  It was also pointedly pointed out in my last meditation that we will be transmuting to beat the band this year.  Yipeee?!  And what is transmutation, you might ask?  Here is Merriam-Webster’s description.


:  an act or instance of transmuting or being transmuted: as 

a  :  the conversion of base metals into gold or silver 

b  :  the conversion of one element or nuclide into another either naturally or artificially

As most of you know, WE are EVOLVING.  As our personal vibration increases, and the human collective as well, we are triggering  the DNA in our bodies.  There is much that DNA does besides the obvious physical effects on the human body.  But I will not get in to that here.  Suffice to say, everything we ever were and ever could/will be is encoded within every cell of our body.  Mind Blowing, right!  We are transmuting this change within our selves and being transmuted was well.  That is real alchemy!  It is said that magic is needed to mix yourself up a batch of alchemy.  And that is true.  But magic is not something that comes from outside of yourself.  You don’t need to memorize any secret words or wave the right wand.  Magic comes from within you and is LOVE.  To bring something into your life or to create change within yourself, you use love.  You feel it in your heart center when you are aligned with it.  It feels (to me) like a pressure and a warmth combined with that feeling you get right before you cry with joy.  That is the feeling that CREATES.  All you need is love!  That is the magic that creates the alchemy in your body and your life.  If your don’t feel the love in your heart when you are trying to create/manifest something then it ain’t happening folks!  If you don’t feel the love, then you are trying to create/manifest from the mind not the heart.  And you can’t fake that love or trick yourself into feeling it.  It is either there or not.  Think of the religious images that depict a burning heart.  The Masters are depicted that way, are they not?  What exactly is being symbolized there?  For me, I now understand that it is shows the Mastery of creating with purified intent through Love.  Now it is time for your mastery to be used.  As a dragon showed me (teaser), every breath that you send out into this world, travels past your heart.  Every breath takes the love (if it is there) and sends it out active and alive to get the molecules of our worlds hopping.  And yes, some old things will be burned to a crisp when you do that!

 Love is creating the transmutation that is happening within all of our bodies.  Love that we have given to ourselves by doing the inner work necessary to reach this point in our evolution.  Change always begins within before it is reflected without.  So I am asking you to honor the change happening within your DNA by meditating on MELDING.  To meld is to merge or blend.  When a DNA change occurs in our cells, it is not as simple as a switch being turned on.  We must merge with what the switch turns on.  We blend with it and make it a part of us.  Now, obviously, we can not possible understand and realize all the changes that are taking place within us.  This meditation is a symbolic acknowledgement that we are aware of the evolution going on.  A tip of your proverbial hat to your body and your soul.  In this meditation you will consciously focus on melding with a butterfly.  I was shown this in my last meditation.  The whole purpose is to honor what is happening within yourself on so many levels.  You could certainly choose to meld with anything you like.

Picture yourself standing in the sun.  Hold out your hand in front of you.  A butterfly comes and lands on one of your fingers.  Feel the grip of those tiny feet, how they slightly squeeze as they grab on to land.  Feel the way that the tiny hooks on the bottom of their feet pull up on your skin oh so slightly.  Watch the breeze blow against this slender tiny being.  Watch how it shifts subtly to stay upon your finger.  Now, take a deep breath and merge yourself into that butterfly.  Feel it’s heartbeat, now yours.  Feel the pull of the wind on the wings.  Feel the heat of your blood as it circulates through those wings.  Can you see what it sees?  What does it hear?  Feel the warmth of the finger that your feet are resting on.  Now, with one surprisingly strong squeeze of your legs against that finger, push yourself up and into flight.  Follow where the meditation leads you.  Have Fun!

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And here is a link for a post I wrote about a guide we all have called an Activator.  The only thing that this part of ourselves does is DNA activation.

WWJD (what would John do?)


The following was sent to me by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous.  It is a beautiful example of what you can experience when you open yourself up to Anything is Possible!  You just crack you consciousness open and spread it around.  This is a statement that the Being that was John Lennon gave to her.  His tone was quite jovial, which is hard to get across in the written form.  He described the way that he is transmitting data to her as a wave, hence the use of his term “waveform” below.  She describes J.L.’s energy this way:  “…feels like if you were floating on gentle waves on a gently rolling blue ocean of infinity.  Like being rocked like a sleepy baby.  Ha, ha!  ‘Rock n roll!’ …Lol”  I will post part two next week. 

The following was transmitted via waveform and transcribed through auto-writing from John Winston Ono Lennon as he was known on Earth from 1940-1980.   Happy Birthday John!  And thanks for sharing your celestial wisdom.

WWJD? / TCOB!  *

Part 1

Up ‘til now I’ve spoken through few mediums or channels.  Truth is, I’ve had little to say.

Souls are given the choice to reincarnate.  People think it’s obligatory, but it’s not.  Karma is about advancing your soul’s evolution.  It’s not a punitive system, it’s not a debt cycle as assumed.   You’re not a passive passenger in the back seat, you’re the driver.

And so I choose not to reenter a world that would rather sit in front of, or behind really, a computer all the time. I knew technology was advancing but did not foresee people speaking through “tweets” instead of meeting on park benches.  Here on the astral plane I can be an observer and angel of sorts.  Just know though: “Angels” as you’ve been taught and shown aren’t real, and are just more made up nonsense to keep you comforted and looking ‘without’ rather than WITHIN.

“God” is nothing as you imagine it.  And although it’s not bad to dream up your gods and angels in your material world, you may want to rethink this habit.  They’re security blankets, see?  Seek less “comfort” through addictions and try creating new levels of creativity and self-reliance – this will shatter the spell that the matrix of religion has you under.  It (your “religion/addiction”) could be something as innocuous as playing video games, or something more insidious as giving your power away to a cult.

You’re made to believe that you live in a reality so complex that you can’t possibly comprehend or embrace its depth and breadth.  But in “reality” there is so much you choose not to see, feel, sense, perceive, know.  There is also much that is kept purposely hidden from you.  It’s your job to discern the truth, not to be mollycoddled by some nanny state or internet guru or celebrity!  You won’t find yourself in a Self Help Book, but you will find somebody else’s version of the trip!

“It” all exists in the Mind anyway.  Or what I’d call the “heart-mind”, a more subtle place.  And it’s up to you to work your way to this secret garden through the maze of life.

When I use the word Real, it’s like: what is really real then?  You are a Dream within a Dream.  I can’t really elaborate beyond this…[when I asked: are we the dreamer or the dream?  He says:  “Yes. Both.”]

The bits of mental energy you chose to cleave unto, well, they’re either grounded in Truth or they fall into the category of Everything Else— that’s the stuff that defines “Illusion”– as the Hindus and Buddhists call it. Illusory, fluff, falsehood, fairyland, (“Jarg” as the lads say nowadays) …but neither bad nor good.

You get to choose what to keep and what to toss.  Ultimately though, as the Soul goes, it’s better to seek the Truth and work within that framework than to keep generating more lies and trivia.  Those days are coming to a close—where the human mind just makes shit up to keep itself entertained.  Example?  UFOs and “aliens”…

You– as a collection of consciousnesses, keep striving for a bull’s-eye that does not exist, and meanwhile the Truth is standing right next to you watching you throw dart after dart after dart into the wild blue yonder.

What happened to the brotherhood of man, unity and harmony and not least of all peace and love?  Those words have been relegated to a fictitious unreachable abstract.  You still live vicariously through a synthetic world of TV, movies and yes even music to get your love, to get love into your life.

Most of all you plug into the internet to get and give this elusive love.  That‘s a bit weird, isn’t it?  I mean connecting is one thing, but living through a machine? (or is the Machine living through you?)

I could say a lot about the energy of music (sound waves) being converted into the Digital medium. Now THIS is a subject my earthly identity would have been outspoken about at this time!  …the whole ITunes thing. Whether you like it or not the music is and has been corrupted. By the time the “file” reaches your ears, it’s more like a virus than a living, breathing, organic spiritual entity.  Imagine the difference between an endless spiral or a unique mandala or a gorgeous crop circle versus a hunk of cold, hard stone that’s been passed around between questionable parties.**

But back to the Big Picture…on the other hand, how little things have changed.  From my perspective, it looks like a snail’s pace.  …Kids on a treadmill and the dangling carrot has long gone bad, so they’ve replaced it with a hologram of a nice “new” carrot-on-a-stick. (or an Apple maybe? *wink*)

So, what’s it like in the timeless neutrality of Source?  Well, if you can imagine pure love…then you can “be here” too, as it’s all one integrated field of light.   If you can ground yourself in Terra Gaia- your physical earth, while also connecting to the infinite cosmos, anchoring it all in pure unconditional love?  That’s the way. You’ve bridged and birthed what the sages have always called “Heaven on Earth”.

What is real? Your Mother, the Earth.  That’s what to plug into.  That’s what to give and receive from, it’s the essence of unconditional Love.  Nurturing.

You don’t have to march and protest and wave signs, just connect, RE-connect.

Meditation is a wonderful thing and to be honest, it was the only thing that kept me sane when I was still a person and an identity in the world.  The thing that we call “god” (your higher self) would remind me that I was “OK”, and that everything was gonna be fine.  More than fine! …shining bright and the sound was, IS, beautiful too.  The sound of unity is joyous ecstasy, what you’d call orgasmic.  But it’s Pure, ya know.

There are an infinitude of worlds, and if you had a glimpse of the macro view, if even for a second, you’d gripe and grumble a whole lot less and start daydreaming again a whole lot more… in a fields of wildflowers, cloud-gazing.

You’d realize that the person sitting right next to you on the tube or subway IS god.  The thing we call “Self” is a little bit of you, and a little bit of me, and a little bit of each other as well as the Sun and Stars and Ocean… That’s why we was always singing “Come Together” and “All together now…” right?

As my messenger friend here once paraphrased: ‘do what thou wilt, AND HARM NONE’.  It’s easy.  I believe she also said: “worlds come and worlds go, Lighten up.”

It’s what to do now with this story you’ve written, and the song yet to be sung that you’re dreaming, that’s the question!  And all I can say to get started is to stop hating yourselves.

It’s time to collaborate on the ultimate song…

for ALL began with TONALITY.  The Word was sound before it was a word.  And the thing was Light before it was a thing.

Say the word and you’ll be free, Be the word and be like…“god”–the true you.

The sound/word is: LOVE.


[footnotes:  * WWJD = “what would John do?”  TCOB – his reference to Elvis’s “taking care of business”

**John says: “don’t hate the messenger” (wink) – and I’m pretty sure he means me, not him!  He also made the analogy:  “It’s more like a picture of fireworks than the fireworks display itself bursting overhead” when referring to digitized music.]