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You are a Master. Use your Mastery.

You are a Master.  Use your Mastery.

As I cooled down from my workout today, I had a strong sensation of energy streaming in both directions between the palms of my hands.  As I focussed on it I heard, “What one hand knows, the other has access to.”  As I pondered this energy transfer, a blog post to us all suddenly was forming on my journal page.  Anything in parantheses is my personal clarification.

The ALL:  “You are right to assume that the connection between the phrase and the understanding of it has not so much to do with the physical body but to humanity in general.  Now what are you to do with this phrase?  For have you not already understood that the collective of humanity can and does share all thoughts, ideas, emotions, growths, understandings and end game determinations?  What we would like to point out is that the understanding of this and the active use of it are totally different.  Do you not have at your fingertips everything that is accessible to all of humanity?  There are many who would attempt to distance themselves from the collective of humanity.  This is understandable from their point of view.  But why not turn the paradigm on its head?  Why is it not profitable to the individual to revel in their connection to all of humanity and all that they have access to because of that connection?

Who are you?  Are you not the grieving mother and the curious student?  Are you not the hungry child and the understanding scientist?  Are you not the wedding party and the mourning EMT?  Are you not the bomb dropper and the victim?  And what do all these you’s have in common?  Massive Life Experience!!  Each has a piece to a bigger understanding that WILL coalesce into an awakening for humanity that will break all barriers, that will end all wars, that will end systemic corruption and the fear that drives it in the hearts of so many.

But all that experience, all that knowing, of every single human on the planet, lies at your fingerprints NOW. (Yes fingerprints…DNA getting a nod.)  How can you not reach for it at this time?  How can you not mine the Akash?  Do you think it is only about your experiences, that you only have access to what you have done or will do?  And you ARE experienced enough and wise enough to each know what to reach for.  What is it that interests you?  What is it that brings you joy?  What experiences, what understandings, what knowledge of humanity do you wish to claim as your own?  It is all there before you, laid out like a banquet.

Will you not eat?  Do you not understand the gifts that the rest of humanity brings to you?  Will you not celebrate your access and connection?  Will you only shy away from the pain and horror?  Will you not experience the true delights that are available?  You are a Master.  Use your Mastery.”

Humanity’s Moment

Humanity’s Moment

Hello Everyone!  It has been a while since I posted and I have zero regrets about that!  Hahaha!  I am in the most wonderful place of peace and balance.  I have let go of “shoulds” and expectations.  Ahhhh back floating through life is soooooo relaxing.  My friend Melissa came up with that analogy yesterday.  Back Floating = relaxing into the support and love from the universe and just BE!   So Yummy!  What does it take to get there?  A hell of a lot of letting go of EVERYTHING!  😀  And a removal of expectation.  (Holy Shit moments ensue!)

Anyways….I got this message in meditation a few minutes ago.  And lo and behold it’s not for me, it’s for US.  Here you go!

Esther:  “Hi ALL!  How’s it hanging?”

ALL:  “There is great joy in humanities use of language.  Can we not see that the origin of many sayings are rooted in the need and desire to laugh?  Such is so even when borrowing from depressing and convoluted imagery.  We say to you that humanity is hanging very well considering the necessary upheaval.  Do not think that all is not well, for of course it is.  Anything that needs to change is “in your face” right now.  There will be no more ignoring.  There will only be course correction.  This will be quick in some cases and long and drawn out in others.  But always humanity will now be pushed to see the light, to feel the love, to understand that they are all one and that the beauty of humanity can be at the forefront of all that you are.  So we are hanging tight right there with you.

Some are in the trenches and must face what is in their face.  And others have cleared the trenches and have begun working for the good of All.  Do not underestimate the power of love.  There is nothing that can stop it.  Soak it up.  Remind others of your love for them.  Know that with each word spoken and each thought formed a thousand more are happening at that exact moment.  You are not alone.  How can you be?  Humanity you are a colossal understanding of what it means to be “in the moment”.  ACT NOW.  BE NOW. LOVE NOW.


Tip of the Day…Joy


“Joy is the only emotion that is never confused with any other.  You can be happy and sad at the same time.  You can be angry and calm.  You can be scared and resolute.  You can be multiple things at once, which leads–on a certain level–to confusion about how a specific feeling feels to you.  But Joy, real Joy, is just that and no other.  There is a purity to Joy that you each recognize, even if you only experience it for a few sparkling seconds at a time.  Find your Joy.  Pay attention to it when it shows up.  In order to bring more of it into your life you must know how it feels to you.  Like magnetizes like.”