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To Be More is a choice.  It is made every moment of every day, with choices both great and small.  Being More is about understanding ourselves on a fundamental level and then becoming more.  It is about choosing to be always flowing into the next More-ness of Self, of Understanding, of Creator-ship, of Ability, of Love and of Joy.  Right Now MORE is gleefully rampaging through the Universes, dancing through the galaxies, and pouring through our solar system.  It is swirling around every one of us with the joy and ease of Becoming More.  It is sparkling through the God Particle and rearranging our DNA with laughter.  It is chaos born of Love and it is just waiting for you to choose to Be More.

Be More in your Destiny.

Be More in your Choice.

Be More in your Perception.

Be More in your Voice.

Be More in your Fantasies.

Be More in your Self.

Be More Waking Up.

Be More Minding Less.

Be More on your Voyages.

Be More Right at Home.

Be More Adrift.

Be More Alone.

Be More Together.

Be More A Part.

Be More A Whole.

Be More A Start.

Be More in the Beginning.

Be More as the Fringe.

Be More as a Summit.

Be More as your Core.

Be More as The Power.

Be More as The Source.

Be More as The Fantastica.

Be More as it ALL.

Be More as a Highway.

Be More with Speed.

Be More with Ownership.

Be More as your Crown.

Be More in your MindFullness.

Be More in your Need.

Be More in your Demands.

Be More as you Lead.

Be More every Morning.

Be More every Night.

Be More as a Form.

Be More ‘til its Trite.

Be More ad nauseam.

Be More ‘til The End.

Be More with a Vengeance.

Be More as a Friend.

Be More as a Kindness.

Be More as a Foil.

Be More as an Instigator.

Be More as a Tool.

Be More as a Lifeline.

Be More as a Goal.

Be More as a Precipice.

Be More as a Leap.

Be More with all your Faults.

Be More with all your Joys.

Be More in this Lifetime.

Be More in ALL your Pasts.

Be More in ALL your Futures.

Be More in ALL your Nows.

Be More in ALL your Endings.

Be More in ALL your Vows.



I AM MORE in my Destiny.

I AM MORE in my Choice.

I AM MORE in my Perception.

I AM MORE in my Voice.

I AM MORE in my Fantasies.

I AM MORE in my Self.

I AM MORE Waking Up.

I AM MORE Minding Less.

I AM MORE on my Voyages.

I AM MORE Right at Home.

I AM MORE Adrift.

I AM MORE Alone.

I AM MORE Together.


I AM MORE A Whole.

I AM MORE A Start.

I AM MORE in my Beginnings.

I AM MORE as the Fringe.

I AM MORE as a Summit.

I AM MORE IS my Core.

I AM MORE as The Power.

I AM MORE as The Source.

I AM MORE as The Fantastica.

I AM MORE as it ALL.

I AM MORE as a Highway.

I AM MORE with Speed.

I AM MORE with Ownership.

I AM MORE as my Crown.

I AM MORE in my MindFullness.

I AM MORE in my Need.

I AM MORE in my Demands.

I AM MORE as I Lead.

I AM MORE every Morning.

I AM MORE every Night.

I AM MORE as a Form.

I’ll BE MORE ‘til its Trite.

I AM MORE ad nauseam.

I AM MORE until The End.

I AM MORE with a Vengeance.

I AM MORE as a Friend.

I AM MORE as a Kindness.

I AM MORE as a Foil.

I AM MORE as an Instigator.

I AM MORE as a Tool.

I AM MORE as a Lifeline.

I AM MORE as a Goal.

I AM MORE as a Precipice.

I AM MORE as I Leap.

I AM MORE with my Faults.

I AM MORE with my Joys.

I AM MORE in this Lifetime.

I WAS MORE in ALL my Pasts.

I WILL BE MORE in ALL my Futures.

I AM MORE in ALL my Nows.

I AM MORE in ALL my Endings.

I AM MORE is ALL my Vows.

Quantum Creation, part 5

Quantum Creation, part 5

Welcome back to my Quantum creation exploration! At the end of the last post, part 4, the New was speaking about the I Am. (You can read parts 1, 2, and 3 here.) I knew at once that the I Am had great bearing on the One particle, in particular with the One particle as it created me, Esther. Nothing is in isolation in the Quantum, so I understood that every change I make to the One particle that creates me, I gift out to everything else. It was a blog post from Lisa Gawlas that motivated me to exploring the I Am aspect of Quantum creation. Here is a journal entry from the All about the I Am.

All: “The I Am is very powerful. The brain is the only organ in the human body that does not transfer soul understandings into the thought patterns that repeat. Instead it takes its cues from the human experience. This is now changing. You have experienced the power of thought. Now experience the power of becoming anything that you want and need. You are the New Growth of civilization. Watch it Shine.”

Esther: “When I am in the Quantum and “I Am” something, what happens to the Everything?”

A: “The Everything becomes what you are claiming.”

E: “So all expressions are instantly effected?”

A: “You are the All. It follows your lead. Every expression, as you call it, every world event, every moment takes the I Am and creates it NOW. What you influence is the dynamic of Change. All spirals are affected. Every building block is affected. What each life expression chooses to do with that shift is entirely up to them.”

So I began to work with the I Am. I was very excited about it for I could feel that the statement/belief was magnetic. But for a number of days it didn’t seem to be capturing any emotional resonance. Emotional resonance for me is the emotion that rises in your chest when you have hit the sweet spot. The Oh Yes That’s It moment. To back up a bit, emotion (Love) is the true creative force, the signature that connection has happened between you and what you are creating. The more love that you feel (quality not quantity), the greater the transformation of yourself. This is why Love is so important to accessing the Quantum. If you cannot truly love the Everything no matter how terrible some of the expressions of life seem to you, if you cannot love all life (which includes all actions created by the living) as an expression of life, then you limit your connection to the Everything. If you cannot truly love the Nothing as it is then you cannot enter the Quantum. Love is expansive, huge, and all-encompassing. Fear is limiting, small and isolating.

I returned to ask the All what I needed to do to get the emotional resonance. And I found out I was acting way too small! Hahahaha! I can I Am away all day about money or health or relationships or whatever but I am not reaching a Quantum level of creation with any of it. It can reprogram your brain’s thought patterns that the All mentions above; but the brain doesn’t have emotion and emotion is definitely needed to expand that thought into the One particle and share it out with the Universe. I asked for a better way and the All gave me this.

“I AM the Nexus of community, availability, progress and advancement; and in this space I AM Creation, I AM Love, I AM Peace and I AM Fulfilled.”

 There it was! Emotional resonance found! I felt creation, love and peace but mostly I felt fulfilled. All of my needs and desires naturally are drawn to me in a fulfilled state. The magnetics of the I Am resonate on this level like no other! Think Big! I had kept sliding down into thinking small, resonating small, creating small. Quantum work is HUGE!

Let us talk about magnetics and the One particle. The One particle, moving infinitely fast, makes up my body, and everything else. You can say that it is literally everywhere at the same time. So it is with me always and is always moving. It is every possible vibrational experience in creation. The One particle is magnetic and obviously knows intimately the magnetics of everything else. Therefore, whatever I Am, I attract similar I Am’s to me. So what am I? What are we? We are the Nexus mentioned above. We are the thoughts and beliefs that we hold. This Nexus surrounds the One Particle as it continually zips around creating our personal physicality. We have all worked a long time to change who we are, how we think, what we believe, what we love and what we fear. This is all Nexus work. Every expansion of ourselves has immediate effects on the One Particle. This is why it takes so few of us to change the world! Here is an example of how the Nexus works.

When I focused on the Nexus mentioned in the italic sentence above, I saw the four elements listed come into the One particle. One came down from the top, one up from the bottom and one in from both right and left. Inside the particle, I once again saw a group of standing figures (not anywhere near as many as when I was experiencing the Everything); they each represented a timeline expression of Esther. Vibrations strongly emanated from all four elements and vibrated through all the expressions of me, scooting them all to a center spot where they all collapsed into each other until there was only one. That final figure also collapsed and disappeared into the Nothing. A blink of my eyes later and a new figure had appeared. This one was golden, which for me represents vibrating at the highest personal level possible at that moment. Then the one figure multiplied itself back out into a group of figures again, each retaining the gold symbolic color.

I asked what the four elements of my new and improved Nexus meant and was told the following. Community is the basis for human interaction. It is the strongest instigator of growth through interaction. Availability is the opening of all that you desire and flooding it to you. Progress is the development of the New in all that you do and say. And Advancement is the bringing of new ideas and innovations into the playground so that all the other factors continually have new ground to cover.

The Nexus operates for everyone in a different way. What did you agree to work on in this lifetime? What have you shifted and shifted? The nexus can remain the same your entire life or it can be constantly shifting. What is important to note, is that the nexus is a creational point for the individual, the creation of magnetic flow for your life expression. The ability to control your immediate environment is simple in the extreme. What you are doing with the Nexus is encountering a personal field that is infinitely adjustable. Your nexus work affects the magnetics of your immediate life expressions first; but remember that anything that you do for yourself is reflected outward onto the All.


Quantum Creation, part 4

Quantum Creation, part 4

My journey into understanding Quantum Creating continued. You can read part 1, part 2 and part 3 here. For now I was curious as to what makes the New so powerful in the Quantum state. I could see that standing in my own ideas of what was possible was incredibly limiting. After all there is so much beyond my imagination and understanding. Believing in the Everything and the Nothing simultaneously, and loving them both, opens the paradox engine that is Creation. The New in the Quantum state had demonstrated how much more powerful it was then what I could ever choose on my own. But what is the New and what is its power? I asked the Quantum New straight out. What are you?

New: “I am the beginning of All That Is, as a reflection of sophisticated complex molecular understanding of the quantum atomic field. I am bursting forth in the minds of the many. All will know my name and wonder.”

It sounded like physical creation to me. The more I stared at the above statement the more I saw that every living thing was a personification of the Quantum. My body is a paradox, atomic structures with more space than solid creating a solid physical state. All life is Quantum. All life is an engine, it’s very own fuel source. I saw that to be able to understand the body fully, or any physical life for that matter, would bring about a greater understanding of how to harness pure energy.

All: “Do not think that the basic understanding of who you are will not affect EVERYTHING! This knowledge will be the leading cause of evolution for humanity. I love humanity. They are calling out for a New Path. The old is done, well-worn and partly corrupted. The New will bring hope to the hopeless and wealth to the poor. Humanity has walked into a broader range of choices last year. This year you are seeing the choices they chose play out. Out with the old, in with the new, can take many forms. It is a discerning soul that enables preferred choices to come forward. Lean into the New. Let it show you what is available. Then choose. There are always more options than what are in front of you.”

So I asked the New to tell me about its Power.

New: “I am creation. I am the ability to wipe away the old in a heartbeat. I am the everlasting reveal. I am You, should you choose it. I am particle. I am mass. I am physics.”

Esther: “Are you the Everything?”

N: “No. I am creation happening. The Everything is all that IS. I am the cutting edge, the new birth, the sunrise, the dawn of a new age. I am creation and you are the creator. When you enter the paradox, when you collapse time and space, that is when I am available. It is within that space/no space that I thrive. It gives me literally UNLIMITED power. I am the unexpected, the lover and the power behind all long-lasting creations.”

E: “What are you capable of Now, that humanity and the Earth have not experienced before?”

N: “It is not what I am capable of, but what YOU are now capable of. Do you not see the power that lies before you? The Partnership of Dreams is yours to command.”

E: “Is the New only brought into the physical by a conscious creator?”

N: “To enter your realm, your life, your experience, You must call me forth. And yet just as with personal choice quantum creation, you can refine and choose a more specific frequency then what you can perceive. There can be New chosen out of fear and New chosen out of Love. One will bring you possibilities but they will be limiting. The other brings expansion and divergence from current grounded realities. I am in service to the Whole. In the Quantum you saw the explosion of light that represented the impact of All that I Am. You too are the All and the I Am. There is nothing that you cannot achieve with the I Am for it encompasses the All.”