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The Beginning Times. Love is New.

The Beginning Times. Love is New.

Ah 2018, there is so much Newness in the world.  Gaia is New.  Have you felt it?  Have you met her?  Oh she is glorious!  She has gone from Planet to Source.  She is a Creator Goddess that is not bullshitting around anymore.  If you haven’t yet, go meet her, have coffee or a beer.  She will blow your socks off and make your hair stand on end.

But it isn’t her that I want to talk about today.  It is her sister Venus.  Venus the Goddess of Love stepped into her New Incarnation yesterday.  She woke me in the middle of the night to type this up for you.  Think of the Venus of old…perfect and unattainable and fickle.  Wars were fought over her and because of her.  NO MORE.  The New Venus arrived in one breath and became every molecule of life in the next.  Venus is now young and hip and savvy.  Gone are the toga and the pedestal.  She is now face-to-face and nose-to-nose with everyone.  Her abilities are all encompassing.

Gone are the days of love tragedy and love searching and love phobia.  Gone are the days of love-hate.  Gone are the days of killing for what you love.  Gone are the days of manifestos and rage disguised as love.  Keyboards will falter, monitors will crash, pens will run dry, and voices will go hoarse.  But most importantly ears will not hear and hearts will not recognize the words or thoughts or intentions.

For the New Love it tech savvy.  She knows all the new media.  She will put them to use as the revolutionary devices that they are.  She will convert the game of discourse into a new field of growth and life.  New Love changes everything.  She is so in-your-face that she can’t be avoided.  Everyone will see her everywhere, but most especially in themselves.

How can this not change everything?  How can this not change travel, conversation, boardrooms and kitchen tables?  How can this not change gardening, and weaponry, and life histories and socialization?  How can this not change science, and religion, and commerce and peace?  How can this not change love songs, and poetry, and crosswords and tanks?  How can this not change schools, and teachers, and record labels and wine makers?  How can this not change bridges, and roadways, and ceilings and floors?  How can this not change oceans, and rivers, and sea floors and mountaintop removal?  How can this not change gas giants, and coal dust, and solar wind and auroras?  How can this not change life in the Himalayas and death in the Pacific?  How can this not change morals and morale?  How can this not change generals and housewives, babysitters and CEO’s, visionaries and Lego builders?  How can this not BE the revolution in thought, action and progress that we have all been living for?

It is here, now.  It is actively participating, not just available.  It is the new center of everyone’s reality, whether they are aware of it or not.  And nothing can stop it.  Not a tidal wave or a bullet, or a winged serpent or a clock, not a cloud in the sky or a shiver through the earth’s crust.  She is beyond all stopping.  It is too late.  She is embedded in the fabric of our time.  She is the atom of our race.  She speaks in all tongues and receives in all ears.  She is the opposite of the Tower of Babel.  She is the genesis of compassion and unity.  The New Gaia is her partner is all ways.  And there will come a day when humanity will literally weep at the Love that they find in each other.

For these are not the end times, they are the beginning.  The destruction that was needed has already come to pass.  That is behind us.  It is Old News despite what the televisions and internet say.   The rebuilding is at hand.  New forms, new concepts, new ideas, new newness is what it is all about now.  So welcome the New Goddess of Love.  You can find her easily enough.  Go look in the mirror, go shake someone’s hand, go sing in the shower, go sit on the land.  She is in the walls of your heart and the microbes in your gut. She is in your neighbors and your trees and your walls and your life.  She is you as you sit down for dinner and your child as they read a book.  She is your mother as she combs her hair and your father as he ties his shoes.  There is no separation from everyday deeds and life changing thoughts.  All are in Venus’ realm now.  And no matter how hard we have all fought, it all falls away in the face of her greatness.  Ease and splendor, grace and wellness all are brought into being with each breath.

Who are you Now?  Go take a look.  This is the human race we have all been waiting for. The Tower of Babel has disappeared.  It didn’t take an earthquake or decades of treaty negotiations.  It took a heartbeat, a breath, a blink of an eyelash and the New Goddess of Love was born, fully formed and fully functioning and alive inside each one of us.

New Personal Energy Field News! Gaia Field Merger!

New Personal Energy Field News!  Gaia Field Merger!

Hello All!

I have experienced a change in the personal energy field that I feel is worth reporting.  For the last three days, the field has appeared much larger, and rather dark (like being underground) and also super empty.  It wasn’t until today, after I worked out for the first time in a while (sprained ankle and sick), that I was told what was now going on.  Our personal energy fields are now supplementing Gaia’s energy dome (her exact words).  What does that mean however?  Our personal field is now blended with Gaia.  And yes, I know that we as life upon this Earth, cannot be separate from that which enables us to have a physical life in the first place.  So why am I seeing this change?  It is time now to work the energy that is not only us but also life as a whole on our world…and work it from the perspective of a full and integrated partner.  One does not affect the other, but IS the other.  We have been working toward this point for some time and now it is presenting as a fully merged reality.  A visual given to me as an example is to imagine Gaia’s energy dome as a honey bee comb.  Each individual cell of that structure is one of us.  Before Gaia’s energy dome had our energy but as an integrated lower level.  Now we are an integral part of the surface or primary layer of energy (the primary interface, is what I am hearing).

The Heart field has also changed.  Remember the cannoli shaped energy I was seeing before? See here.  It now consists of five 3D sine waves (my cannoli’s) that are three sections deep.  These five waves spread out like spokes from my sides and front of my body.   Five is the energy of change and three is the number of the trinity.  There is nothing on the back side of me yet, no matter how I try to view myself.  It feels deliberately blank.  To be revealed!

There was a river flowing through the energy field this morning and after learning what the new field represented, I walked into it.  As I emerged from the waters, I was covered in newly formed crystals.  The water pulled at me and so I let myself flow along.  I was swept out of a large cavern and across the earth, through many landscapes, each one radiating with the love and joy of Gaia.  Desserts of rock, dunes of blowing sand, muddy jungles, icy tundras and everything in between.  Where there was no river, I walked and each foot step left an imprint full of water.  I travelled until I picked one spot that I decided to make my Now vision of the field.  The dome that surrounds us is now hundreds of feet across and is half under the earth.  We are the nucleus at the center, the engine of the whole field is definitely still the heart, which has expanded it reach so beautifully.


So I ask you to play a game with your field today.  Walk, float or fly across Gaia.  See all of her beauty in all of her expressions.  The swamp, the grassy plain, the sun-baked clay, the stormy sea and the frozen vistas, these all need to be seen with the eyes of love.  Think National Geographic photography special! Think of what is beautiful about it all.  Feel the beauty of it all.  Find your oneness with her, with your body on a much grander scale.  Enjoy the new field my friends.  Know that we will be changing just as fast as the Earth is.  For she is never static and alway evolving, just like us.

Voids = the New You

Voids = the New You

Telomeres: “There is a beginning to each new phase. This beginning, which you are going through and almost completed with, is a time of silence. This can manifest in many ways and is frequently interpreted as sadness or at least the absence of strong desires. This is the void. It, oddly enough, is the place from where all new creations spring. Why? Because it is an energetic space that magnetically attracts the New that is available in the Now.”

Esther: “How does the sadness or null feelings affect the attraction?”

T: “They do not affect the attraction at all; this is predetermined by the previous choices and internal work that the individual has done. Where they do come into play is in the completion of the void or perhaps better said, the time it takes for you to walk out after the energies have been added. As you noticed with your own experience, you first noticed a sadness and heaviness. This is a combination of the old choices ending (sadness—as in saying goodbye to the old) and the void pulling in all the New (heaviness—think gravity well). Because you did not fight this but responded to your instinct to withdraw, this sadness turned to the Null feeling, as you have named it, the absence of strong desires, either up or down. You also noticed that time spent in direct sunlight felt right. Not good, for you still feel the Null in the sunlight, but a rightness. This is not only because a tremendous amount of the New is coming from the Solar codes but also because Gaia herself is releasing much of the New and to be out in the sunlight means you are out in Gaia’s energy as well. The heaviness of the gravity pull of information into your well, your void, is perhaps the easiest feeling to misinterpret, for this pulling affects all your muscle groups but especially your brain. That powerful muscle is being directly affected most of all, for it is the center of thought and ideas, concepts and epiphanies. So when your brain slows down and thoughts do not want to form, know that in reality it is because all excess energy is being utilized to gather and distribute the New.

And what is the New? It is all the possibilities that not only you, but also all of humanity has created. For what you do for yourself, you do for the collective as well. So you benefit from the work that someone half a world away, on another continent, has been doing and vice versa.

Do not be discouraged by these VOIDS. They are vital passages for all humans at this time. Everyone will have their own timetable in how long they remain in this absorption mode. Know that all is working perfectly as you have intended. Flow with the energies as much as you are able and don’t dwell on the perceived negative aspects of the experience. Enjoy the work that you have done and anticipate the unfolding of the New through the Being that is You.”

E: “Can you explain why you wanted to speak with me about this and not my higher Self?”

T: “Yes. We like this question. The obvious and easy answer is that the void is a very physical act. We, the Telomeres, as part of your physical body, are initiating this conversation to stress that although being in the Void feels very emotional and spiritually disruptive, in that your emotions and spiritual self understand (aka your image and feeling of your self) are most noticeable disrupted to the individual experiencing it; it is a very physical experience. The well that is filling with the New is your physical vessel. It is the very codes within your DNA that are accepting and downloading all this Newness. You physically empty yourself of the old and accept the magnetic attraction of the New. This is very tiring at times for it takes intense concentrations of energy. Listen to your body during these times. Does it just want bread and water? Vegetables and fruits? Or comfort food with lots of calories to burn? What is it asking for? A glass of wine? A spicy meal? A three-day fast? Only you will know. And it could change quickly and erratically. This stage is definitely the time to pamper yourself and respond to the desires of not only the stomach but the brain as well. Too much extra sensory stimuli? Turn off the electronics. Can’t focus on a book? Indulge in a mindless movie or stare out the window. There are no right or wrong answers, only listening to what you need in the moment.”

Working Through Time

Working Through Time

Last night as I went to sleep, I touched base with Gaia and asked her if she needed me for anything. She took me by the hand and led me outside in the dark, in my pajamas. Even though it seemed like a few steps outside my home, we were standing in a drought-ravaged cornfield. Not ours, we have had a lot of rain this year. It felt like Oklahoma. She wanted me to blow the dust dry soil south and east, and land it by the west bank of a river, the Mississippi maybe. I pulled in the clouds and wind and a big dust storm started howling around me. I went to the area where Gaia wanted the dirt to settle and using my hands calmed the wind and the dirt began to settle where she had marked out for me. I slipped off to sleep thinking this was so weird; the Midwest is NOT that dry this year. It has been very wet! This morning, while picking green beans, I was thinking that it could have been anywhere. Just because I thought it was Oklahoma doesn’t mean that it was. There was no “YOU ARE HERE” map in front of me. Gaia pops up and asks me, “Why does it have to be in your time?” Whoa!!!! Brain Explosion. Hello Dust Bowl time travel!

So I sat down when I had a moment and asked, “So, who wants to teach me about working in other timelines or multiple timelines and what it means to then and also to the now?” Yes, I really did ask something that wordy! And who should step forward but Rufus, voice provided by George Carlin. Yes, The Rufus, the phone booth time traveller from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure! (I’m blaming my friend Theresa for this one.)

Rufus: “I can be your guide. There are many things to learn about working through time and working with time.”

Esther: “Where shall we start?”

R: “Let’s start at the beginning. Although, with time there is no beginning, so let’s start with the root. Imagine time as a growing plant. Each branch is subdivided into smaller branches which all have their own subdivisions. The plant grows out of the same rootstock though. All it’s nutrients are absorbed through the base and passed to all the branches. If a branch is pruned off the rest of the plant does not die. As a matter of fact, pruning a branch can increase the vitality of the rest of the plant. If too many branches are cut, you look at the plant and worry. But the plant is expanding the reach of its roots at this time and comes back with renewed vigor and strength during the next season. Humanity is the plant. Each branch is a timeline and each subdivision is a division within that specific timeline. There are more “branches” of this plant than humanity can count. It has been pruned back many times. The Roots are buried deep into Mother Earth and you have always grown back.”

E: “Is there always pruning going on?”

R: “Always. Sometimes more severely than others. Always with love and to encourage growth of the whole.”

E: “Why was I pulled to work with the dust storm last night?”

R: “There is no such thing as a timeline that stands alone. All are connected and interacting at all times. You lived during that time. (I see a weathered older man.) You saw all you lived for and knew, swept away and be destroyed. It was a hard time for many people, especially the poor subsistence farmer who grew to feed his family through out the year. These storms were not only about redistributing the soil on this continent, but also about shifting the economic and social structure as well. It was a period of great trial and great growth and is still an important counter balance to humanity in general. To find yourself there, working with the wind and the earth, is to also bring that into the Now. Not the immense undertaking of shifting the soil of a continent but to experience the wind and dust storms for the power they are, pure change on a very basic level. Now back to your timeline, your branch which is a subdivision of the afore-mentioned timeline. Your branch has access to all that energy of change. Right now there are immense energies bombarding this planet. These energies know what they are here for. Change. Change on every level conceivable and even those that you are unable to conceive. This change brings movement into the past, present and future. This now moment is getting a dose of fertilizer. This affects the entire plant!”

E: “How do I wrap my mind around all of that?”

R: “You don’t. You just live in the Now as best you can. Here is the kicker though, the timelines will/have begun to blur. How do you survive that is probably your real question.”

E: LOL! “Yes.”

R: “The human mind is accustomed to one timeline in perception only. Actually you are constantly shifting from branch to branch. It is the becoming aware of that fact which is disorienting and not the fact that it is happening and has been happening. There are a few things that you all can do to lessen the strain of this. First, do not become upset when you are presented with direct evidence of a shift. You must gain the ability to flow with the changes that timeline merge and shift brings. The more that you can do this, to accept and acknowledge and observe, the less stressful it will be to expand in your awareness of this–because it is not going away. Secondly bring your awareness into the Now as often as possible. Being aware of the Now brings more awareness of when a shift occurs. Awareness of a shift brings more expansion and awareness of that expansion. The Knowing that it is happening brings your physical body into it’s own awareness of the shifts. This is very important. If your body knows that it can walk across time than it can also become aware of being able to cross space as well. True teleportation is just that–being aware in body, mind and soul that you can step into any space, time or reality that you desire.”

E: “Wow! Any other advice?”

R: “Do not let the space and time shifts distract you from clearly understanding why you are here, to accomplish growth in all timelines at once. This is not a grand shift for one specific branch. The entire plant and the ground that it is buried in have shifted. Now you can all grow in ways that were not available before. So when you find yourself pulled or drawn to another time and space, there is no isolation to the growth that is happening then and the growth that is happening now.”

E: “So what is the difference to working through time and working with time?”

R: “When you are working with time, you are using the attributes of time, separation and distinction, to enhance and bring clarity to a specific event and place in time. When you work through time, you are allowing the energies to flow through you into multiple, sometimes all, timelines and to let each timeline use those energies as it best sees fit.”

E: “So last night, which one was I doing?”

R: “You were working through time. Bringing energies into the Dust Bowl, as you call it, and also allowing Gaia to tie more strongly the energies of change already present there to other timelines as well, including the one that you inhabit now.”

E: “So the earthquake/volcano work that I have been doing, is that in the here and now?”

R: “Yes. Be aware that it is happening on many timelines. There is a need to move that area of the planet. How it gets accomplished is up to many of you. Bring your thoughts and hearts together and determine a way forward. There will be change. Will it involve fear and death? For some. But there can be much hope and love and renewal that can spring from it as well. Stay in your hearts and offer your love to Gaia and all those who inhabit her. She will use that love to build and shape the new reality that is needing to burst forth.”

E: “Thank you! How do my Flight powers involve time?”

R: “Ah! (chuckles) By using your Flight and Reach you can be in more than one time and place at once. This is instrumental in expanding the interweaving of energies, for example. You can also, obviously, use flight to travel forward and back on the time continuum. You could use that for seeking the answer or possible solutions for something in the now. This can be done consciously or unconsciously. You have the ability to Reach out and pluck what you need from any timeline and from any incarnation. You can go anywhere and do anything–and so can everyone else. Do not be limited by seeking only in the past or on other worlds, your future is a treasure trove of abundance that is sitting right in front of you. This is true for you, the writer, and all of you, the readers, as well. The future is just as easy to “mine” as the past.”

Coincidentally folks, I read this post from Paula Marchand a day or two ago…I can’t remember exactly when…ha ha!  It is all about her experiences of being aware of time/space shifts in her day-to-day activities. I recommend you checking it out!

Its Tornado Time!

Its Tornado Time!

So the weirdness of the Power Trio just got weirder.

Yesterday morning, Melissa sends Jennifer (now to be referred to as M and J…very Men in Black style…only Women wearing the black of potential!) and I a message that wind is involved with the next “trip” that we are going to take. J responds that she is getting big wind energy already as well. M goes on to tell us that the evening before she was pulled arm first into a tornado. J tells us that she is expecting a busload of houseguests and if we decide to go a twirling that she will have to connect without a phone call. I send M a message later that day that the one and only time I ever saw a physical tornado was in first grade and it wasn’t one single funnel cloud, it was a cluster of three. Our busy days continue until about 5:15pm my time when M responds to my above related memory and within two minutes of back and forth messages, my family and I all need to seek shelter in our basement. A very real storm is rapidly approaching as multiple tornadoes have been spotted all over the Kansas City area, including one fairly close to our farm and headed in our direction. Now bear in mind for all you folks that do not live in Tornado Alley, when you are born and raised here, you become very casual and blasé about tornadoes. This was the first time in ages that I thought, “Oh, let’s go down to the basement.” So I went around and unplugged all the computers, the TV, the appliances and ushered the dogs downstairs. (The cat wasn’t in to it.) But I wasn’t at any time afraid or even nervous. After I sent a text to family to alert them to our situation, I sent a message to M about what was going on. She tells me basically, let’s go virtual…all of us unconnected by phone. So two little boys, my husband, two barking dogs, a blaring weather radio surround me, along with two cell phone constantly going off with ALERTS. Oh the chaos, my own in-home tornado surrounding me. M is pulled in while doing spreadsheets and J while she is driving. (And boy does she get dizzy from it all.) None of us are connected on the phone! There are no more rules baby! We are off the beaten track! Both M’s and my meditations last less than 5 minutes and mine is being interrupted constantly on top of that. The following is my recollection and is missing a lot of the very important pieces and sensations that M and J were getting.

I begin at the top of the tornado. The wind and the rain are whipping against me. It is a very visceral sensation and even though it is violent it doesn’t hurt as it slaps against my body. I see myself wearing a black leather jacket…pulling in that element of pure potential again (and looking good while doing it). I feel and then see M and J standing beside me, one on each side. We take each other’s hands. I remember about M’s arm and look at her. She dives arm first, super woman style, off the upper rim of the tornado and towing J, and me takes us down into the funnel cloud. We get to the bottom and M grabs ahold of the bottom edge of that twister and anchors in. She feels so solid to me, just like in the previous meditation. J is busy moving around the lower edge working on something. Again, I am standing there watching and wondering what should I do. M points to the top, that old “get your ass up there” parental move that we have all used and been the recipient of. So I pop back up to the top and immediately see myself working on something. What the Hell I am doing I will never figure out. I should tell my meditative self to study mime technique or play more charade games. I get interrupted and interrupted and when I focus back on the tornado I see that I am now hauling up something that M and J are feeding up to me from below. I am putting all the “whatever” behind me as I do it, sorta like I am dragging up a real big blanket. Suddenly all that “fabric” fans out and I can see that it is a golden net of energy. It slides around and follows the contours of the tornado and I suddenly see that it is a tube torus. Of course it is! What else would it be these days!

I get pulled out again and this time when I go back I am shown that M, J and I are forming a triangle. This point is made obnoxiously by outlining the triangle in a thick white line. Thanks Gaia I love it when you use your highlighter for me. So I ask her why. What is up with the triangle (which is also flexing around that tornado like the wings of a stingray)? Gaia tells me to remember the triangle sine waves that M and I had been talking to each other about a few months ago. Here is a quote from a meditation regarding that.  The whole post about it is found here.

What is the function of the triangular wave?

The triangular wave is an inverse of another wave.  A half of a whole.  When they line up in the right way they complete each other and complement each other too.

So if Lisa is seeing the ET’s step out of a V shape then is she in the mirror V shape?

Yes, she completes the circuit by bringing her vibration to the party.

Why is it a V shape instead of the (a drawing of two curved sine waves interlocking with each other)?

The loops that you drew, can happen and do happen and should happen.  Each sine wave is a thread and represents/carries an idea…etc.  They interweave with the thought that is You.  So you are a fabric of threads.  The human consciousness also is a tapestry of woven sine waves that weave together to form the whole.  Hence what a few experience and Master, flows through the ALL.  The difference in the two is two-fold.  First the wave length of the two are quite different.  The curved sine wave flows through with little resistance and the triangle wave is more of an exclamation point (I first wrote explain-ation point…both points being made).  It only flows smoothly when the mirroring wave links up.  Second the purpose of the singular sine wave is to carry information over an infinite amount of time and space.  The triangle wave is mainly used for short periods of time.  Bringing two worlds/vibrations together to communicate/view/exchange for a brief time.

So after the all clear is sounded, we troop upstairs and I feed the dogs and the boys and the cat…not necessarily in that order. I return phone calls from family and friends. After things settle and my husband and I have eaten I call M to talk to her about it. She relates her experience and how she could feel the twirling and braiding of energy, not only with how it was affecting her own meditative body but all of us together. She had images of hydra hair being braided into awesome reggae braids by J and remembers casting a net out but not to whom it went to. I told her it was me. She goes on to tell me about how it felt, vibrationally, for that net to expand and expand out and then to suddenly disintegrate. Her comment jogs a memory. I recall that during the crazy in and out of the meditation Gaia asks me, “What do you think happens to the tube torus when the tornado is complete?” I think for a second and then tell her, “It falls apart.” She gives me an energetic head nod in the affirmative. I see then the golden net of energy fall to pieces and the pieces scatter across the landscape and are absorbed into the ground. M asks me to go back in time and look at her experience from the night before. She suddenly KNOWS that her previous experience is the inverse triangle wave of the one we were just working with, the other half of our whole. She knows that is what she anchored into at the bottom of the tornado and not the Earth. She mentions the phrase, “go check out the event horizon” and my brain slides sideways. It is amazing that I am still standing upright holding my phone. I see that the mirroring triangle sine wave was sideways, like the edge of a horizon. So the openings that come together are not straight up and down but are arranged in a 90-degree L shape. Holy Shnikes!

I don’t have time to find out more until the entire house is abed. I am wide awake and so trot on off the basement to have a chat with Gaia and take a closer look at M’s previous experience. I see M standing in a V-shaped opening. Her feet are at the point and she reaches up out of the V-shape (which looks taller than her) and sticks her whole arm up into the swirling vortex of the tornado twirling away over the top of the V. She crooks her index finger and gives the universal “come here” gesture. So she beckons the energy that completes the triangle sine wave. Here is the conversation that I had with Gaia about it.

G: “M is the reason that the energy connected as it did. She wove two different dimensional energies together. Why it looks like it comes in from the side is because it was a potential path of energy that was available should the greater populace as a whole choose to take it.”

E: “So, help me with this. It didn’t show up as “above” or “below” energy because it is a new timeline/path and not one that is already in play?”

G: “Yes. You can imagine it as a soccer game. Two teams are playing on the pitch and both call in relief players that have not yet played in the game. Both teams are energized by this new infusion of talent and energy.”

E: “So the connection was made and activation was symbolized by how we pulled up the new tube torus. And then the tornado came apart and the new code/codes were distributed and absorbed into the Earth.”

G: “Yes. The connection was already in progress when M was pulled in the day before. Her anchor to the whole “exclamation point” was necessary to hold the energy in place. J was connecting the triangle energies together and you are the “explain-ation point”.

E: Can you tell me more about what we brought in?”

G: “Pure potential, once again. We will see what is made of it. Even I cannot see what my children will do. And why would I want to. I am in wonder and awe with each one’s journey.”

E: “Thank you Gaia! What’s next?”

G: “I think you will find that J leads you to that. Enjoy, my children. It is very fun working with ALL of you.”

(Her last sentence went out and wrapped itself around every beating heart on the planet!)

Introducing the Power Trio



Two days ago I was responding to a Facebook message from another participant in Lisa Gawlas’ Super Powers class. She was asking me would I work on putting out the fires on the west coast of the United States. She, of course, mentioned it because of the “demonstration” of my flying abilities during my meditation when my three guides braided themselves and became my very own Princess Warrior. During that meditation I watched myself fly along a fire at the edge of a cornfield and blow it out. I felt into the fires in the West before I responded and got a definite Work In Progress vibe. So I told her, sorry but I am not called there. They (the fires) have work that they are doing. I told her I was sending love to all the beings in the path of the fires. As I typed out the last line on my phone, my consciousness was pulled to the west coast. And when I say pulled, I mean it felt like someone took my brain and started stretching it out of my head like taffy. PULLED. Never happened before like that! I couldn’t help but see myself standing on the surface of the Earth as one would stand on a globe. I was BIG or the Earth was small, if you get the image.

I saw myself reach down into the Pacific Ocean and pick up a handful of water and turn around and drop it on a fire burning at my feet. I tried to say…no no no. I just got the Don’t Go message. But Gaia wasn’t listening. I then saw myself crouch down on another part of the map and blow along these specific contours of the land. I was like, “So you do want me to help?” (Confused frown) She then told me, “No. Let them burn. When they have done their job, I will call you.” Allrighty Then! I told her to page me.

So not half an hour later, I have Brain Pull again! I finish up what I was doing and go sit down. AS SOON as I close my eyes I am flying over the Pacific Ocean. I am over the waves but maybe a couple hundred feet from shore. I remember the dropping water image from before and so ask if that is what I am there for. Instead the crests of the waves begin to break with splashes and I get covered with these tiny drops of water from the spray. Suddenly I know, HUMIDITY. I wrap my hand around a bunch of drops flying through the air. I look toward the shore and see that map/globe scenario again. There is one spot on it that has that fake burning fire logo that you see on weather maps. So I fly over and I see that Gaia has put a green area around the fire with a line clearly dotted around it. OK! So humidity goes there. Got it! How do I do that?

I ask and see that I imagine the tiny drops of water as a blanket of connected drops. Easy enough. Imagination green light GO! I manifest my blanket and stretch it up to the dotted line but not across. I look behind me and see that the blanket is attached to the ocean on the other end, drawing moisture up into it. Beautiful! Gaia tells me that the humidity will not put out the fire but subdue it.

As you can imagine, this was a WOW experience for me. I told Gaia that I never imagined helping her in that way. Her response was so amazing! She said, “Just because you don’t see me as broken doesn’t mean you don’t have compassion. It is because you don’t see me as broken that I call on you to assist. It is like taking the hand of a friend as you cross the street. You both march across the road together and both of your attentions are on the path and the journey. On the other hand, when you help an old lady cross the street, you walk slowly and carefully with your attention only on the safety of the old lady, not on where you are going or even on her destination. When you see me as strong our partnership is strong. When you see me as battered and weak our connection is battered and weak.” Well HOLY SHIT!

As I process this adventure, my brain starts thinking of a woman in my class, named Jennifer. Here is what she is working on, in her own words. “I am learning to be a weaver of the elements, frequency, and time and am learning the power of bringing in the Blessed Rain for the highest Good Of All!!! Yippee!!!!” When I start thinking of her, I get an image of a hollow body guitar. There is special attention given to the resonance of the body and the strings running along the fret board and the frets themselves running perpendicular to the strings. I see that I am illustrated as a specific spot, like a note on the neck of the guitar. I see Jennifer too, she is in a different location on the neck but her spot is not two-dimensional like mine, it looks like a tube, very 3D, as if she goes down through the fret board. I also am getting the info of three…there needs to be three of us. So I message Jennifer on Facebook and set up a real life phone call for the next day.

The next morning comes, and before Jennifer and I hook up; I get a phone call from my friend Melissa. She is helping start-up a new company and her life has changed drastically of late. She decided to call me for a little HER time.  (Famous last words!) I tell her about my experience with Gaia the day before and my image of the guitar that I received. She tells me that she sometimes receives requests from Gaia to sing a certain Note out into the world. Not out loud, but to hum it within and vibrate it out. I say, “Maybe you are our third?” She is getting the big old YES vibe on her end, full on disco balls and all. So I say, “Ok, I need to talk to Jennifer.” And then I tell her Jennifer’s whole name and the bottom falls out! They know each other…very well! Well Fucking A!

Jennifer is apprised of the whole experience next and we all happily decide to do a conference call the next day. We are in three different time zones, which cannot be an accident either. We are three time zones coming together to talk about frequency, time and Gaia. Hilarious!

Right before the next meeting I slip into meditation to see if I can see some more about how we will work together. This is what I get.

“Jennifer is the center point, the pivot. You are the lead in reaching out. Melissa is the web connected to All.”

This news about Melissa is not surprising, she “sees” vibrationally and has been seeing lots of weaving images in connection with herself for a long time; plus this year I had a visual of her as creating a web, with her day-to-day actions, all throughout the town where she lives.  Here is something that she wrote for me to explain how she sees, it was originally posted on the So Your a Beginner Page.  “I “see” in those sine waves. The electrical energy of it – of all. I hear in vibration. Every vibration has a tone to it like a note from an instrument. Emotion has a tone – every single emotion has a different tonal quality. You will be playing more than one note at a time. I experience each person as a song. People together are an orchestral movement. I “see” us as those sine waves. Each tone has an accompanying sine wave. Those sine waves weave together to form the image of you. Each of you is a tapestry. Together a huge mural playing out. I feel those sine wave connections from one BEing to the next – like the spider web. I can ride that sine wave forward or backward.”—She had to figure out what she was getting at the beginning. It was like learning a new language for her.   Anyway, when I connect with the two other ladies I notice that I have written the words, Power Trio at the top of my notebook. Oh good, we have our own rock band! Through discussion we become clearer as to Jennifer and my depiction on the symbolic guitar. Gaia is the resonate body, Melissa is the strings and the frets, Jennifer is deliberate connection between the body of the guitar and a very specific string that crosses a very specific fret, and I am the pluck…a specific action on a specific time line.

I was also given very brief instructions on how to get started.

“Begin by adjusting to the frequencies of each other. This means placing your energies within the field of the others and letting them feel you. Describe what you each get. When you can discern individual energy, begin braiding the three. How does this feel to each of you? Your responses will be different, as it should be. Learn from this.” I asked “Then what do we do?”

“Then the magic happens. Let it unfold. We don’t know either. This is all new territory with unlimited potential.”


The three-way call goes off without a hitch. We chat a bit and then start visualizing our energy braiding. Melissa sees orbs of light, other beings, joining the braid, which then plumped up according to Jennifer. I saw it as that tweedy type yarn that has the little flecks of color sprinkled along it. I later learned, while washing dishes, that those flecks were other people from our Super Powers Classes plus the usual assortment of Assistants.

Now to back up a smidge, Lisa’s blog post from this morning had this little snippet at the end.

On a completely different note, I do want to share a dream I just woke up with.  It was one of this dreams that was a experience, witnessing the event as opposed to the metaphoric dream state itself.

Altho a lot of the information was immediately taken away from my memory the moment I opened my eyes, like the where and when of it, I could still see this gaping long hole in the earth created by an earthquake, revealing the top point of a pyramid.  I also understood too, that the rash of so many earthquakes right now is serving to bring up to the surface times on earth long-buried within her and within our memory banks.

The last session in the super hero’s course takes us to a pyramid as spirit eventually called it, from the “galactic kinship era.”  I actually started seeing this pyramid before the course started, thru someones ET session and I knew this was a real-time on earth.  Once the transmission of the hypnosis came thru, I realized this pyramid was an energy activator to many stargates within the things we call constellations of alignment of stars in our actual sky.

This pyramid is making its way to the surface of earth again, in tact and fully functional by those who know how to use it.  In the dream state, I knew where and when… like I said tho, that was wiped from my awakening body.

This is the first that any of us had read about the pyramid. As a matter of fact the hypnosis that she talks about is a guided meditation that Jennifer and I have not experienced YET. That class is set for this weekend.

So, surprise surprise, as we braided our energy, Melissa saw the pyramid that Lisa talked about. Melissa being the connection to all, it is no surprise that she will get the info of what our mission is. I am, of course, laughing my ass off. Don’t we get to practice first? Our first time out and we get Lisa’s Stargate Pyramid! What the hell? It then becomes apparent that we are not to set up a time and do a proper group meditation. Oh no! It is happening NOW with Melissa sitting in the storeroom at her work! HA HA HA! No more theory indeed!

Melissa feels the web that is herself, connect to every inch/every point on the pyramid itself. I saw it as a pyramid rising up under a blanket of Melissa energy. The pyramid starts entering Melissa’s chest, point first. Jennifer is standing directly behind Melissa and I am floating across from Melissa, on the other side of the pyramid. (At this point I would like to say that the following description is from my point of view with what I remember the others experienced. I am sure that it is not completely accurate from their point of view and that I no doubt have left things out.) I could see the strings enter Melissa’s heart center, come out her back and enter Jennifer, who looked like a glowing tube of light, where they split and some went upward and some went down. Ah, Jennifer is our pivot point…our connection and access to all other time lines. All those strings are connecting with specific time lines along Earth’s frequency range. I know all this in a flash and get soooo excited. Jennifer said that she could feel the strings come up through her hands and arms and then start swirling around counter-clockwise. “It felt all swirly, electric, flow-y, and then emanated out…”

I asked Jennifer to imagine our time line as one glowing point. When she did I headed right to it. It was a white round portal when I got close and I followed the string right through it. The string came through the portal and now appeared to me like a giant strand of spaghetti. I was straddling it and it flew above the ground as it went across the surface of the Earth. It entered the ground in the Sinai Peninsula, I think. It tunneled underground for a bit and came up out of the ground somewhere near Turkey, right up through the mouth of an active volcano. Ah, so this is how it is physically entering our time line…volcano power. I still don’t know what I am supposed to do.  And then I see myself, grabbing handfuls of lava and throwing them around the planet. I see that I throw one at Melissa’s house, so I throw one at Jennifer’s and mine as well…and then one at Lisa for shits and grins. I see myself tossing more for a bit and then I see myself walking around on the Earth with what looks like a salt shakers, sprinkling everywhere. I see myself kneel at the edge of the ocean and dip my hand down into the water and then drink. Immediately I see that water flow through all the strings back down to and through Jennifer and through her to all the other timelines. (And if you will all remember, water is the key to physical creation on this planet.) I visually watched the water flow down through all the strings and then there was this whoosh of wind and air and I saw the area where the pyramid had been close up and become sealed with a purple light. I could feel the small dot of energy that it had now become. Energy transfer finished!  (What that means exactly is a mystery!) I saw the three of us holding hands in a circle and then we all stepped back from each other. Mission Complete.