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The Power of Poop

The Power of Poop

On the night of July 3rd, Jennifer from our Power Trio group started dreaming. She dreamt all night about poop. Not her poop, oddly enough, but sweet little Girl Scout poop. As she texted me about this dream the next day I laughed so hard that I cried. I laughed for twenty minutes. My abs hurt. It was a great workout. Here is a brief synopsis of the dream, which she dreamt ALL NIGHT LONG. It started out with the fact that she had a Girl Scout troop and they had not pooped in days. She took them to a restroom at a campground somewhere. And they all pooped. Big big piles of poop. The electricity went out and she realized that to try and flush these big piles of poop that she would need to chunk them up. She got a coat hanger and it was going very well. (Is everyone laughing yet? I can hardly type!) Then the MASSIVE poop pile appeared and she had to chunk that up too. She suddenly had this long black PVC pipe appear and was trying to get the poop into it. She had some leverage troubles at first but she got a little closer, and a little messy and was “taking care of the shit!” She heard Melissa’s voice telling her, “It’s only poop people!” and knew that she could wash up later, which I presume she did after she woke up. As she put it, “I never said it was a beautiful dream. I don’t seem to dream of portals, and crystal caverns and unicorns. I have purposeful dreams, dammit! The Girl Scouts are purposeful, as in it wasn’t crappy shit, it was beautiful pure girl poop.” (Cue me laughing hysterically as I tried to breathe!)

Melissa also had a very intense power nap on the 3rd that involved her swallowing softball sized golden beads that she was told were maps. Well, all righty then! Time to schedule a Power Trio phone call.

Melissa started getting an image of a trail of rabbit poop before we even connected. Yes, poop again! Sooooo, onward! Follow the poop! We walked along and followed the rabbit droppings up the curve of a hill and enter the crown of the hill. It wasn’t a volcano. There was no lava inside instead I saw what looked like a giant mixer paddle, like the kind you make cake batter with. Melissa said the mound felt man-made to her. The rabbit poop was falling over the edge of the opening that we were looking down in and going down to where the mixer paddle was whirling away. Jennifer dropped down and held onto one of the blades of the paddle (there were four). Melissa was holding onto the metal shaft of the mixer paddle, up near the top where we entered the hill. I was just watching at the bottom. Melissa said that she was waiting for the “key”. I knew that was me and popped up to the top. But what the hell do I do? I asked and saw a light shoot straight up out of the shaft of the paddle. The light went out up out of the hill and up into the sky. I felt pulled to it and entered it.   I was pulled down inside the shaft of the paddle and as I slid past I saw my hand reach out and take ahold of Jennifer and we slid down together. We went past the “bowl” where the mixing was taking place until we came to a specific layer of the Earth. I looked up and saw Melissa still way up at the top of the shaft. I tell Jen that we need to reverse the direction of the spin. She, being the paddle girl, initiates that and it sends the energy all the way up to Melissa who looks stretched and twisted like a rope. She starts emitting energy from her body and I float up to have a look. She says that it feels like she is burping those beads that she swallowed from her nap the day before. To me it looks like she is farting them…but what do you expect with so much poop around? It occurs to me later that she is emitting these maps out through her core, so she is burping and farting them! (This is the best meditation summary I have ever typed up! Loving it! Laughing all the way!) Jennifer climbs up the shaft and stands on Melissa’s shoulders and tells me that she sees me standing on top of her own shoulders. I look down past them and say, “Wow look at that!” The energy at the bottom is glowing gold and pulsating to my eyes and looks like a green growing alive energy to both of theirs. Then I am shown that the energy down below is growing through the core of the Earth and opening up on the opposite side. I see that it looks like a tube torus field. My attention is brought back up to Melissa. She is breathing fire and blowing it in a circle. As it burns it creates, up above the atmosphere, the upper opening of the tube torus and then a web of strings light up as they connect to the rest of the tube torus that I saw down below on the other side of the planet. I see that web of strings as golden glowing light. Melissa sees them as made of fire. She is still burping energy and now I am pulled up into space. I see vaguely bullet shaped energies come out of the center of the tube torus, from Melissa’s burping, and zoom out into space. Jennifer is now floating up into space. She starts plucking and touching all the lines on the web of the tube torus surrounding the planet. Both Melissa and I say, “Adjusting” at the same time. Jennifer says her hands felt busy busy busy but she can’t see what they are up to exactly. She moves and tweaks for a bit and then Melissa starts rising out of the center of the torus. She is still connected to the metal shaft but has finished burping and farting. Her connection to the shaft feels very solid to me. She rises up out past the atmosphere and I see Jen super busy just below her feet, tying the grid or something to the shaft.

Melissa reaches her hands out to me and pulls me down for a hug. She holds me tight and we start to descend again. I suddenly see that there are strings attached to my feet. They are trailing out behind me and curving off in all four directions. Melissa is physically jolted in her meditation chair and says that she felt and heard a SNAP. She asks us what the cause was. I look back and see that there are now two tube torus fields around the Earth! Jennifer is busily working on where the two meet. Suddenly, Melissa and I are back standing on the grassy surface of the mound and Jennifer is floating slowly down to us like Glenda the Good Witch with giant hoop skirts as her parachute.

This experience gave all three of us headaches, all in different locations on our heads. Pressure is perhaps a better word. When I felt into mine I could see a double tube torus field around myself and the energy poring in was making things Ouchy. It started easing after about an hour and became so much more bearable.

Jennifer received this info to share with us about the poop connection. The poop represented human fertilizer…not a big stretch. The black PVC pipe symbolizes pure potential. So human fertilizer has been released into our collective human potential.   The rabbit poop brought in the purity of the animal kingdom and was their contribution to the “fertilizer” party. Which, I’m guessing here, we baked a nice cake shaped like a double tube torus out of and everyone is apparently invited to take a nice big bite!