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Quantum Creation, part 4

Quantum Creation, part 4

My journey into understanding Quantum Creating continued. You can read part 1, part 2 and part 3 here. For now I was curious as to what makes the New so powerful in the Quantum state. I could see that standing in my own ideas of what was possible was incredibly limiting. After all there is so much beyond my imagination and understanding. Believing in the Everything and the Nothing simultaneously, and loving them both, opens the paradox engine that is Creation. The New in the Quantum state had demonstrated how much more powerful it was then what I could ever choose on my own. But what is the New and what is its power? I asked the Quantum New straight out. What are you?

New: “I am the beginning of All That Is, as a reflection of sophisticated complex molecular understanding of the quantum atomic field. I am bursting forth in the minds of the many. All will know my name and wonder.”

It sounded like physical creation to me. The more I stared at the above statement the more I saw that every living thing was a personification of the Quantum. My body is a paradox, atomic structures with more space than solid creating a solid physical state. All life is Quantum. All life is an engine, it’s very own fuel source. I saw that to be able to understand the body fully, or any physical life for that matter, would bring about a greater understanding of how to harness pure energy.

All: “Do not think that the basic understanding of who you are will not affect EVERYTHING! This knowledge will be the leading cause of evolution for humanity. I love humanity. They are calling out for a New Path. The old is done, well-worn and partly corrupted. The New will bring hope to the hopeless and wealth to the poor. Humanity has walked into a broader range of choices last year. This year you are seeing the choices they chose play out. Out with the old, in with the new, can take many forms. It is a discerning soul that enables preferred choices to come forward. Lean into the New. Let it show you what is available. Then choose. There are always more options than what are in front of you.”

So I asked the New to tell me about its Power.

New: “I am creation. I am the ability to wipe away the old in a heartbeat. I am the everlasting reveal. I am You, should you choose it. I am particle. I am mass. I am physics.”

Esther: “Are you the Everything?”

N: “No. I am creation happening. The Everything is all that IS. I am the cutting edge, the new birth, the sunrise, the dawn of a new age. I am creation and you are the creator. When you enter the paradox, when you collapse time and space, that is when I am available. It is within that space/no space that I thrive. It gives me literally UNLIMITED power. I am the unexpected, the lover and the power behind all long-lasting creations.”

E: “What are you capable of Now, that humanity and the Earth have not experienced before?”

N: “It is not what I am capable of, but what YOU are now capable of. Do you not see the power that lies before you? The Partnership of Dreams is yours to command.”

E: “Is the New only brought into the physical by a conscious creator?”

N: “To enter your realm, your life, your experience, You must call me forth. And yet just as with personal choice quantum creation, you can refine and choose a more specific frequency then what you can perceive. There can be New chosen out of fear and New chosen out of Love. One will bring you possibilities but they will be limiting. The other brings expansion and divergence from current grounded realities. I am in service to the Whole. In the Quantum you saw the explosion of light that represented the impact of All that I Am. You too are the All and the I Am. There is nothing that you cannot achieve with the I Am for it encompasses the All.”

The Evolution of Perception, Portals 201

The Evolution of Perception, Portals 201

Hi Everybody!  I have had lots of shifts in perspective of the last few months.  I’m gonna guess that you have had some too!  Here is one that I would like to share with you.  I wrote Portals 101 ages ago…or so it feels.  And now its time for an update.  Ideas and understanding were bonking around in my brain for a few days before I sat down and had this conversation.  Please read Portals 101 for the fundamentals. Oh and Niya is a part of myself that was teaching me in 101, so I brought her back for 201. Enjoy!

Niya:  “Tell me what you understand as of now?”

Esther:  “Alright.  First, I am the portal.  I don’t go anywhere.  The portal is me.  Second, I am constantly using it to create my physical world.”

N:  “Very good.  Yes, the evolution of perception from it existing outside of your person to existing within.  What has adjusted besides perception?”

E:  “Well, the very definition of portal, or perhaps the understanding of the word.”

N:  “Yes, a gateway between two points is very 3D and oversimplified to the extreme.  As you point out, you are constantly using your energy field to create reality.  You are standing in your energy field, which is controlled by you, and creating your experience simultaneously.  Your world, your physical experience is the creator energy manifesting through the portal that you are.  You do not go anywhere.  It comes to you.  Now when you travel in your mind, how is that different from when you travel in the physical?”

E:  “I don’t go anywhere, I bring it to me.”

N:  “Correct.  To travel energetically is to step out of space and time.  It is very difficult to explain this to the mind.  You are no longer in a linear experience.  The same applies to any extra-sensory abilities.  The ability to use these talents places you in a non-linear experience.  You can no longer explain things in a A connects to B which connects to C fashion.  Instead words do not exist yet, to describe being out of time and space, in a sufficient manner.  This is how the energy field around you works, this is how the portal that is you exists.  It is out of time and space.  It exists in the energy of the ALL.  The potential for everything is available there.  And yet it is just there, surrounding the physical you, just beyond your perception and yet within your reach.”

E:  “This is what Abraham (Esther Hicks) calls the vortex, right?”

N:  “Yes.  The personal energy field, your vortex, is a constantly manifesting portal.  This is why you all have been working so hard for years to “clear your field”.  You have reprogrammed yourselves.  You have changed the energetic structure to reflect consciously what is in your heart and mind.  When you begin to truly understand this and to go back to the fundamentals–Love gives direction and focus, the Unknown is the amazing never-ending storehouse of energy to pull from and Light is the physical construct that makes the travel to you possible–then you really see that as the creator of your existence in the physical, the very essence of having a smooth quickly flowing portal, is Love.  Self love, brotherly love, planetary love , universal love, all these–from micro to macro–increase the smooth flowing energy, that is YOU, to move quicker and easier.  Things, ideas, understandings manifest quicker and in more dramatic ways.  Why?  Because you have asked for change.  And when change happens with Love at the helm, the effects are ALWAY stronger and clearer and reverberate farther.  You are not holding You back anymore.

The ability to alter the energy this is You is what you all have been working on.  The ability to understand what you have altered is next.  Think, if you will, of a diamond, hard and rough.  It’s molecular structure is set and yet it’s very shape can be changed and enhanced.  The human is not set.  The molecular structure can be changed, by you.  The energy can be changed, by you.  The thought patterns and behaviors can be changed, by you.  So imagine that diamond again.  It’s brilliance and beauty after it has been cut and polished has nothing on you.  Your magnificence in exploring and using that heart centered portal, that is the core foundation of your physical life and existence, is now at the forefront of humanities call for action.  There has never been a more exciting time in the use and understanding of what the human being is capable of.  To walk in the 3D world with a fully functioning higher dimensional energy field/portal is how you graduate, how you have graduated.  This is why action is required now.  This is why, for most of you, the personal time is over.  Your energy field is needed out and about, pulling to you love based ideas, solutions, understandings and most importantly change.”

Expectation and Releasing my Accomplishments

Expectation and Releasing my Accomplishments

Hi everybody! This meditation continues my understanding of creation. Or more accurately that annoying thing called, waiting for something to happen. It also addresses a meditation that I had done the day prior that was spurred by Brenda Hoffman’s blog post titled Goodbye Fear Friend at lifetapestrycreations.wordpress.com. I have to tell you, cutting the thread that she talks about was hard to do. Not in the cutting of but in the realization of what that meant. I needed to release all memory of how I got to where I am now, all the awesomeness and the ah-ha’s and the holy shit moments. That was big and I almost snatched it back reflexively. I had to consciously let it all go.  I encourage you to read her post if you have not yet.


Esther: “Dear self, can you help me with expectation? It seems to be my biggest emotional trigger at the moment.”

myself: “Yes. The beginning of all energy exchange is based on expectation. This can be incredibly limiting and incredibly expansive. We have spoken of the Time being Now, of using your foresight to pull things into the Now. This leads to expectation. How can it not. You should expect the visible presence of what you have created.  The problem lies in what your mind is able to expect and what is really there. You have a desire for everything to fall into place Now, for the uncertainty to end and the next chapter to begin. When this does not occur, you become sad and disappointed.”

E: “I am pushing again, aren’t I?”

m: “Yes, but only in one aspect of this. The train ride you are on has a scheduled stop. You are looking for that stop in every light pole that you pass.”

E: “Like a kid in a car on a long trip.”

m: (Laughing) “Yes. You have created an anxiety because each light pole is not the station. When we tell you that all is proceeding as planned, that all is created and entering your physical existence, you believe us.”

E: “Yes.”

m: “What you don’t believe is that our time frame and yours are the same. We are not so aligned with other energies that we do not understand. We are you. We KNOW that you and your family are entering you new chapter. We know your timetable. We know your schedule. We know that all will be provided. We understand your concern around this and we hope to allay your anxiety over this. Here is what we see.

You will be living in a new home by May 1st.

You will find your encounter with this shift painless and easy.

You will NEVER miss this opportunity.

You will NEVER find yourself in lack again.

You are as gifted in the creation of your dreams as you are in exploring what you are made of.

You will arrive at the station on time.

You will be there to both meet the train and depart from it.”

E: “Thank you. I have foreseen these things and the Time is Now.

Anything else you would like to add today?”

m: “Yes, lets take a journey to the release of the thread yesterday. Do you understand the release of your memories of growth?”

E: “I think so. To retain them is to create the energy again.”

m: “Yes. To totally step into the new, the old must be released, especially your memories of leaving it. There will come a time when you will not even remember what it was like to just scrape by. It will seem like another lifetime, as if you and that Esther have nothing in common. This is good. It is a new era, a new lifetime while still living. This new energy must separate from the old in every way. Do not think that your growth and accomplishments are not honored. They are but now they too are old. The New needs a clean slate. Thank you for letting go. It is a bittersweet parting. But now you truly stand in your new Being.

These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do.

And one of these days, these boots are gonna walk all over you.

You have stood on the shoulders of the old you. Now the boots have stepped off on their own journey. Your past is no longer relevant to the new you.

Are you ready boots? Start walkin!

The Waves of Creation and Magic

The Waves of Creation and Magic

Message from My Telomeres on 1/14/16

Telomeres:  “There is a relationship to the explosion of data regarding wave energy–examples include gravity waves, sine waves, reality waves, energetic transference waves–and the work that we are doing in the body.  As you already experienced, the work that was done in your musculature of the arms and shoulders was done in waves.  Not only in regard to the location but also in regard to the time of day and the intensity of the experience.  What is the advantage of wave energy?  The highs and lows or the troughs and peaks both have their own advantage that increases the potency  of the other.  The apex of the wave would not be nearly as effective if there was not the trough.  It is during the trough that assimilation occurs, that the magic happens.  Guess what happens at the peak?”

Esther:  “The Download?”

T:  “Yes, the beginning and the end.  The moment of creation.”

E:  “So explain why it is continual and the difference with each creation peak?”

T:  “It is continual because energy is never still.  Even something that you would perceive as “not doing anything” is in fact still on a continual expression of movement and life.  As to what the difference is between each peak, that is up to you–the creator.  If you wish, through either lack of knowledge of what is possible or fear of what is possible, you can receive the same downloads/creations with each peak movement of the wave.  If however you are continually choosing a new creation, then with every peak that is what you get.  This is why we have also told you that you can control the pace of your evolution.  If it is too intense, slow down the downloads of New Creations.  Then when you feel comfortable, welcome them again.  These waves of energy are encountering and interacting with your body constantly.  They come from all over the universes, from the Great Solar Sun and beyond.  They also come from everything around you.  You Are a woven tapestry of energetic waves.  You are a wave yourself that interacts back with everything else.  While this may sound overwhelming to some, know that this is your natural state whether you are human or not.

So back to body changes.  What is really happening is that the wave signatures are changing, per you request.  And since all the waves within you make up a singular wave form that is you, then all the rest of you is modified by one wave changing.  Do you see now?  That is the power of Thought!  A new thought has a cascade effect through out your entire being.  And when your wave changes, it also changes everything that you are in constant interaction with.  That is how what you do for yourself affects the ALL.  Wave energy in motion!”



In reference to the muscle changes in my arms and shoulders, I started feeling that shortly after I started talking to my Telomeres.  It lasted a least a week and I first noticed discomfort in my right arm and then my left arm joined in.  I would have periods of time where it would feel like I had sprained my wrist but I still had muscle strength.  For example I could still use it to lift things and walk the dogs but it was sore.  The feeling would only last about an hour on my wrists but days later when the uncomfortableness had moved up to my upper arms and shoulders the feelings would stay with me for several hours.  Some days it would not leave, instead it would become more intense for a while and then fade to where I wasn’t frequently aware of it.  The back of my shoulder blades were the last region and lasted the longest but with less intensity than the upper arms.  As I thought about it, after getting this message, I could see that each muscle group had it’s own wave length.  I was also more uncomfortable during the night than during the day.  When I asked about it…during the experience…before I received the above message, I was told that the aching was caused by the fact that my new enhanced musculature needed more blood flow and oxygen.  The aching is the body adjusting and balancing that out to the new.  I asked what I could do and was told to drink lots of fluids and picture my body as “attracting” oxygen.  Since I am moving less at night while I sleep I needed to set the intent for “ease of movement for the fluids in my body”.  I also would picture oxygen molecules being magnetically attracted to my whole body, not just my lungs.  After all they say, “Your skin breathes.”  I asked what enhancements my muscles now had and was told, “less fatigue, less cramping, more flexibility, and smooth strands that make up the directional alignment of the muscle groups.”  BUT I must create this flexibility etc. through action.  What good are enhanced muscles if you never stretch them?  This is just a synopsis of my experience and not something that you will all experience the same way.  Yeah for unique and individualized bodies!

Honor Your Evolution


butterfly landing

Happy New Year Everybody!

Little did I know that when I titled my last post Bear With Me, I would have such a long gap until the next one.  But there you have it, the irony and the humor are not lost on me! I would like to talk to you about transmutation and melding today.  I have been seeing and experiencing it a lot in my meditations, as of late.  It was also pointedly pointed out in my last meditation that we will be transmuting to beat the band this year.  Yipeee?!  And what is transmutation, you might ask?  Here is Merriam-Webster’s description.


:  an act or instance of transmuting or being transmuted: as 

a  :  the conversion of base metals into gold or silver 

b  :  the conversion of one element or nuclide into another either naturally or artificially

As most of you know, WE are EVOLVING.  As our personal vibration increases, and the human collective as well, we are triggering  the DNA in our bodies.  There is much that DNA does besides the obvious physical effects on the human body.  But I will not get in to that here.  Suffice to say, everything we ever were and ever could/will be is encoded within every cell of our body.  Mind Blowing, right!  We are transmuting this change within our selves and being transmuted was well.  That is real alchemy!  It is said that magic is needed to mix yourself up a batch of alchemy.  And that is true.  But magic is not something that comes from outside of yourself.  You don’t need to memorize any secret words or wave the right wand.  Magic comes from within you and is LOVE.  To bring something into your life or to create change within yourself, you use love.  You feel it in your heart center when you are aligned with it.  It feels (to me) like a pressure and a warmth combined with that feeling you get right before you cry with joy.  That is the feeling that CREATES.  All you need is love!  That is the magic that creates the alchemy in your body and your life.  If your don’t feel the love in your heart when you are trying to create/manifest something then it ain’t happening folks!  If you don’t feel the love, then you are trying to create/manifest from the mind not the heart.  And you can’t fake that love or trick yourself into feeling it.  It is either there or not.  Think of the religious images that depict a burning heart.  The Masters are depicted that way, are they not?  What exactly is being symbolized there?  For me, I now understand that it is shows the Mastery of creating with purified intent through Love.  Now it is time for your mastery to be used.  As a dragon showed me (teaser), every breath that you send out into this world, travels past your heart.  Every breath takes the love (if it is there) and sends it out active and alive to get the molecules of our worlds hopping.  And yes, some old things will be burned to a crisp when you do that!

 Love is creating the transmutation that is happening within all of our bodies.  Love that we have given to ourselves by doing the inner work necessary to reach this point in our evolution.  Change always begins within before it is reflected without.  So I am asking you to honor the change happening within your DNA by meditating on MELDING.  To meld is to merge or blend.  When a DNA change occurs in our cells, it is not as simple as a switch being turned on.  We must merge with what the switch turns on.  We blend with it and make it a part of us.  Now, obviously, we can not possible understand and realize all the changes that are taking place within us.  This meditation is a symbolic acknowledgement that we are aware of the evolution going on.  A tip of your proverbial hat to your body and your soul.  In this meditation you will consciously focus on melding with a butterfly.  I was shown this in my last meditation.  The whole purpose is to honor what is happening within yourself on so many levels.  You could certainly choose to meld with anything you like.

Picture yourself standing in the sun.  Hold out your hand in front of you.  A butterfly comes and lands on one of your fingers.  Feel the grip of those tiny feet, how they slightly squeeze as they grab on to land.  Feel the way that the tiny hooks on the bottom of their feet pull up on your skin oh so slightly.  Watch the breeze blow against this slender tiny being.  Watch how it shifts subtly to stay upon your finger.  Now, take a deep breath and merge yourself into that butterfly.  Feel it’s heartbeat, now yours.  Feel the pull of the wind on the wings.  Feel the heat of your blood as it circulates through those wings.  Can you see what it sees?  What does it hear?  Feel the warmth of the finger that your feet are resting on.  Now, with one surprisingly strong squeeze of your legs against that finger, push yourself up and into flight.  Follow where the meditation leads you.  Have Fun!

Link Love, see below↓

If you want to read an amazing and long article about alchemy and what magic really means check this link out,
Here is another article that I love.  Aether you are my new favorite word!
Here is an article that I discovered on Writing to Freedom.  It seems that our scientists and medical professionals are beginning to see physical evidence of DNA changes in those who meditate!
 Meditation changes gene expression, study shows, by Belinda Webber of Medical News Today
And here is a link for a post I wrote about a guide we all have called an Activator.  The only thing that this part of ourselves does is DNA activation.

Manifestation Meditation and the Element of Gold


Hello Dear Friends (New and Old),

I had a reading today with Lisa Gawlas.  She has been getting some very specific information lately in her readings.  There is so much “newness” here on Earth and with Us after last week’s awesome display of solar activity.  I was excited to talk to her, as always.  She is such an amazing lady!  A few days ago she gave out a meditation that I have been playing with for the last few mornings.  Here is her description of it.  If you read her whole post you will read an example that illustrates things more clearly.

With all of this, we are using two elements to create with.  The pure light of your soul and the sound frequency that is creation itself, wait three things, it is the emotion itself that creates the light wave.  So feel it, then see the feeling turn into light, run it up into hear ears (looking like an internal ear buds being used) then turn the frequency in your ears from static to creation sound (the sound will be different every time.)  Next watch the manifesting light stream from your head out into the field of creation (a yard or someplace other than where you are doing this.)  Pay attention to the frequency, you want a perfect backwards C shape in the bend of your light field.  You can think of it as moving from you, out into our perceived future then bringing back to your world of creation the thing you are desiring.

The first time that I tried it I was asking a question.  My throat has been “upgrading” since the large sunspot appeared and the X-flares were released.  Quite thankfully, there has been very little pain and when it does hurt it is usually for only a couple of hours. But I have had lots of swallowing difficulties, throat tickles leading to coughing fits and a new sexy whispery voice.  I asked for information on what was going on with my throat or better put, what is my new voice going to be used for.  I felt the emotion in my heart center and pictured it as light.  I pulled that up to my ears and focused there for a minute or so.  Then I arched it out from my head where it curved out and entered the soil of the Earth.  From there it came back toward me like a mole burrowing under the surface of the soil.  It reached my feet and then all these tendrils uncoiled from my ankles and feet and grabbed the energy and rapidly brought it up my body by handing it to tendrils that we lining the whole of my body.  It got to my neck and then I saw my mouth open and a big white solid-ish energy came out of my mouth in a large straight line.  It reminded me of the milky way. (Not the first time this has been seen coming out of my mouth…thank you Melissa!)  Then in my brain, I was told to remove the word “upgrade” when thinking of what is going on with me and to instead use the word “Evolving”.

Now we all know that evolution is what is going on here but this still struck me quite fiercely.  After all when we upgrade the systems on our computers, the same basic machine is operating underneath.  We are not upgrading our programing…which is easy to imagine considering that our bodies are staying whole through this drawn out shift.  It is similar to not being aware how much your child is growing until you see pictures of them from a year past.  We are INSIDE the body that is evolving…it is hard to see the growth, especially if the image in the mirror looks the same.

The second time I did the meditation was this morning.  I was only focusing on combining the energy of the emotion and the sounds within the ears.  When I did I saw the energy arch out from me like a rainbow (not rainbow-colored though) and go out in front of me.  The energy went down into the  soil of the Earth again.  This time it created a hole around it that I could look down into.  The energy moved underground again and moved toward me.  The tendrils on my ankles grabbed it again but this time the tendrils were a different color and texture.  Very interesting!  This time instead of pulling it up my body, my attention was drawn to the hole on the far end of the rainbow arch.  I pulled my consciousness down into it and there embedded in the soil was a large blue gem or crystal.  It entered into my head which then felt very heavy.  That is all that happened so I opened my eyes and started my busy day.

When Lisa called and we started my reading, I appeared to her to be standing in her kitchen in front of her stove.  I had an arch of energy that went from the middle of my feet (the arch) and travelled over to her back door.  The arch was made up of solid gold edges on both sides with a creamy white (marshmallow anyone?) filling in the middle.  There were four little golden points along both gold edges that she was told represented new tools/skills available for me to discover and use.  The white middle represented unlimited potential.  The solid gold edges were the most interesting aspect of the whole arch.  My new homework is to learn how to manifest using the elements of the Earth.  Gold being assignment #1.  I am to meditate with it,  learn it’s vibration, wear it, become BFF and then move on to learning other elements when I am ready.  What this all means, I am not at all sure.  But it sounds interesting!

The odd coincidences that surround this revelation today are many.  The first and most amazing to me is that Lisa asked if I have any gold jewelry I can wear.  I told her that I have a ring.  Two hours later, as I was driving and had time to pause and think about everything.  It occurred to me that the gold ring that I do have I found when I was 10 or 11.  I was laying on the floor of the living room of the old farmhouse where we lived and saw something glinting under the couch.  I pulled it out and saw that it was this gold ring with an inset clear stone.  I took it to my mother who was astounded.  She said, “This is a real ring!”  She then proceeded to call any woman who had visited our house for the last six years.  LOL  The owner was never found and she kept it in her jewelry box for me until I had grown enough for it to fit.  I wore that ring from age 14 until I got pregnant with my first child. Then NO rings fit any finger! I haven’t worn it since I took it off six years ago.  (Ahhh, the 6 year cycle repeats!)

Also speaking of jewelry, I have my fair share.  Mostly this is due to my mother who is quite a self taught expert on old artisan pieces.  She is an eBay shark, and finds people who are selling a bunch of pieces at once.  People who don’t realize that one of the 10 pieces is special.  She gets the one that she wants for a steal and then has all these extra items that she doesn’t need.  I end up with some of those extras, which I very rarely adorn myself with.  I forget that they exist most days of my life.  But another coincidence, I have been inspired to wear choker-style necklaces for the last few days.  So basically I have been wrapping my neck in different stones each day.  And if you will recall, in my post about transmuting the giant sunspot’s energy, my new guide (who wrapped his arms around me from behind)–was made of stone.  And we transmuted the solar energy into the Earth by funneling it through both our bodies (that were fused together).  He also gave me the homework of connecting to the Earth through my feet.  When I told Lisa about this, she told me that the root chakra is really a three-pronged chakra.  One section in each foot and one in, how did she put it…oh yeah..”the woo woo”.  LOL!!!  Well we all know about the woo woo section but apparently I am being told to concentrate on the foot sections.  Each foot has a different vibration and I need to play with it and see what they do.  Lisa wanted to tell me her personal interpretation of what each foot represented, based on her past experience, but her team said it didn’t apply.  Once again people, another example of new time, new energy, new learning that needs to happen.

I am pretty excited about a specific investigative adventure.  I know nothing about gold or the other Earth elements that I will be working with (porous rock was mentioned).  But it is fun to have a focus!  The information from today will hopefully help me figure out this “physical connection to Earth through my feet thing” that I have been assigned, after all it does help me narrow my focus considerably.  What is the most interesting and the least understood is that I can use an element of the Earth to help focus and strengthen my manifestation/creation ability.  I shall follow the bread crumbs, as usual.