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WWJD (what would John do?)


The following was sent to me by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous.  It is a beautiful example of what you can experience when you open yourself up to Anything is Possible!  You just crack you consciousness open and spread it around.  This is a statement that the Being that was John Lennon gave to her.  His tone was quite jovial, which is hard to get across in the written form.  He described the way that he is transmitting data to her as a wave, hence the use of his term “waveform” below.  She describes J.L.’s energy this way:  “…feels like if you were floating on gentle waves on a gently rolling blue ocean of infinity.  Like being rocked like a sleepy baby.  Ha, ha!  ‘Rock n roll!’ …Lol”  I will post part two next week. 

The following was transmitted via waveform and transcribed through auto-writing from John Winston Ono Lennon as he was known on Earth from 1940-1980.   Happy Birthday John!  And thanks for sharing your celestial wisdom.

WWJD? / TCOB!  *

Part 1

Up ‘til now I’ve spoken through few mediums or channels.  Truth is, I’ve had little to say.

Souls are given the choice to reincarnate.  People think it’s obligatory, but it’s not.  Karma is about advancing your soul’s evolution.  It’s not a punitive system, it’s not a debt cycle as assumed.   You’re not a passive passenger in the back seat, you’re the driver.

And so I choose not to reenter a world that would rather sit in front of, or behind really, a computer all the time. I knew technology was advancing but did not foresee people speaking through “tweets” instead of meeting on park benches.  Here on the astral plane I can be an observer and angel of sorts.  Just know though: “Angels” as you’ve been taught and shown aren’t real, and are just more made up nonsense to keep you comforted and looking ‘without’ rather than WITHIN.

“God” is nothing as you imagine it.  And although it’s not bad to dream up your gods and angels in your material world, you may want to rethink this habit.  They’re security blankets, see?  Seek less “comfort” through addictions and try creating new levels of creativity and self-reliance – this will shatter the spell that the matrix of religion has you under.  It (your “religion/addiction”) could be something as innocuous as playing video games, or something more insidious as giving your power away to a cult.

You’re made to believe that you live in a reality so complex that you can’t possibly comprehend or embrace its depth and breadth.  But in “reality” there is so much you choose not to see, feel, sense, perceive, know.  There is also much that is kept purposely hidden from you.  It’s your job to discern the truth, not to be mollycoddled by some nanny state or internet guru or celebrity!  You won’t find yourself in a Self Help Book, but you will find somebody else’s version of the trip!

“It” all exists in the Mind anyway.  Or what I’d call the “heart-mind”, a more subtle place.  And it’s up to you to work your way to this secret garden through the maze of life.

When I use the word Real, it’s like: what is really real then?  You are a Dream within a Dream.  I can’t really elaborate beyond this…[when I asked: are we the dreamer or the dream?  He says:  “Yes. Both.”]

The bits of mental energy you chose to cleave unto, well, they’re either grounded in Truth or they fall into the category of Everything Else— that’s the stuff that defines “Illusion”– as the Hindus and Buddhists call it. Illusory, fluff, falsehood, fairyland, (“Jarg” as the lads say nowadays) …but neither bad nor good.

You get to choose what to keep and what to toss.  Ultimately though, as the Soul goes, it’s better to seek the Truth and work within that framework than to keep generating more lies and trivia.  Those days are coming to a close—where the human mind just makes shit up to keep itself entertained.  Example?  UFOs and “aliens”…

You– as a collection of consciousnesses, keep striving for a bull’s-eye that does not exist, and meanwhile the Truth is standing right next to you watching you throw dart after dart after dart into the wild blue yonder.

What happened to the brotherhood of man, unity and harmony and not least of all peace and love?  Those words have been relegated to a fictitious unreachable abstract.  You still live vicariously through a synthetic world of TV, movies and yes even music to get your love, to get love into your life.

Most of all you plug into the internet to get and give this elusive love.  That‘s a bit weird, isn’t it?  I mean connecting is one thing, but living through a machine? (or is the Machine living through you?)

I could say a lot about the energy of music (sound waves) being converted into the Digital medium. Now THIS is a subject my earthly identity would have been outspoken about at this time!  …the whole ITunes thing. Whether you like it or not the music is and has been corrupted. By the time the “file” reaches your ears, it’s more like a virus than a living, breathing, organic spiritual entity.  Imagine the difference between an endless spiral or a unique mandala or a gorgeous crop circle versus a hunk of cold, hard stone that’s been passed around between questionable parties.**

But back to the Big Picture…on the other hand, how little things have changed.  From my perspective, it looks like a snail’s pace.  …Kids on a treadmill and the dangling carrot has long gone bad, so they’ve replaced it with a hologram of a nice “new” carrot-on-a-stick. (or an Apple maybe? *wink*)

So, what’s it like in the timeless neutrality of Source?  Well, if you can imagine pure love…then you can “be here” too, as it’s all one integrated field of light.   If you can ground yourself in Terra Gaia- your physical earth, while also connecting to the infinite cosmos, anchoring it all in pure unconditional love?  That’s the way. You’ve bridged and birthed what the sages have always called “Heaven on Earth”.

What is real? Your Mother, the Earth.  That’s what to plug into.  That’s what to give and receive from, it’s the essence of unconditional Love.  Nurturing.

You don’t have to march and protest and wave signs, just connect, RE-connect.

Meditation is a wonderful thing and to be honest, it was the only thing that kept me sane when I was still a person and an identity in the world.  The thing that we call “god” (your higher self) would remind me that I was “OK”, and that everything was gonna be fine.  More than fine! …shining bright and the sound was, IS, beautiful too.  The sound of unity is joyous ecstasy, what you’d call orgasmic.  But it’s Pure, ya know.

There are an infinitude of worlds, and if you had a glimpse of the macro view, if even for a second, you’d gripe and grumble a whole lot less and start daydreaming again a whole lot more… in a fields of wildflowers, cloud-gazing.

You’d realize that the person sitting right next to you on the tube or subway IS god.  The thing we call “Self” is a little bit of you, and a little bit of me, and a little bit of each other as well as the Sun and Stars and Ocean… That’s why we was always singing “Come Together” and “All together now…” right?

As my messenger friend here once paraphrased: ‘do what thou wilt, AND HARM NONE’.  It’s easy.  I believe she also said: “worlds come and worlds go, Lighten up.”

It’s what to do now with this story you’ve written, and the song yet to be sung that you’re dreaming, that’s the question!  And all I can say to get started is to stop hating yourselves.

It’s time to collaborate on the ultimate song…

for ALL began with TONALITY.  The Word was sound before it was a word.  And the thing was Light before it was a thing.

Say the word and you’ll be free, Be the word and be like…“god”–the true you.

The sound/word is: LOVE.


[footnotes:  * WWJD = “what would John do?”  TCOB – his reference to Elvis’s “taking care of business”

**John says: “don’t hate the messenger” (wink) – and I’m pretty sure he means me, not him!  He also made the analogy:  “It’s more like a picture of fireworks than the fireworks display itself bursting overhead” when referring to digitized music.]