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Its Tornado Time!

Its Tornado Time!

So the weirdness of the Power Trio just got weirder.

Yesterday morning, Melissa sends Jennifer (now to be referred to as M and J…very Men in Black style…only Women wearing the black of potential!) and I a message that wind is involved with the next “trip” that we are going to take. J responds that she is getting big wind energy already as well. M goes on to tell us that the evening before she was pulled arm first into a tornado. J tells us that she is expecting a busload of houseguests and if we decide to go a twirling that she will have to connect without a phone call. I send M a message later that day that the one and only time I ever saw a physical tornado was in first grade and it wasn’t one single funnel cloud, it was a cluster of three. Our busy days continue until about 5:15pm my time when M responds to my above related memory and within two minutes of back and forth messages, my family and I all need to seek shelter in our basement. A very real storm is rapidly approaching as multiple tornadoes have been spotted all over the Kansas City area, including one fairly close to our farm and headed in our direction. Now bear in mind for all you folks that do not live in Tornado Alley, when you are born and raised here, you become very casual and blasé about tornadoes. This was the first time in ages that I thought, “Oh, let’s go down to the basement.” So I went around and unplugged all the computers, the TV, the appliances and ushered the dogs downstairs. (The cat wasn’t in to it.) But I wasn’t at any time afraid or even nervous. After I sent a text to family to alert them to our situation, I sent a message to M about what was going on. She tells me basically, let’s go virtual…all of us unconnected by phone. So two little boys, my husband, two barking dogs, a blaring weather radio surround me, along with two cell phone constantly going off with ALERTS. Oh the chaos, my own in-home tornado surrounding me. M is pulled in while doing spreadsheets and J while she is driving. (And boy does she get dizzy from it all.) None of us are connected on the phone! There are no more rules baby! We are off the beaten track! Both M’s and my meditations last less than 5 minutes and mine is being interrupted constantly on top of that. The following is my recollection and is missing a lot of the very important pieces and sensations that M and J were getting.

I begin at the top of the tornado. The wind and the rain are whipping against me. It is a very visceral sensation and even though it is violent it doesn’t hurt as it slaps against my body. I see myself wearing a black leather jacket…pulling in that element of pure potential again (and looking good while doing it). I feel and then see M and J standing beside me, one on each side. We take each other’s hands. I remember about M’s arm and look at her. She dives arm first, super woman style, off the upper rim of the tornado and towing J, and me takes us down into the funnel cloud. We get to the bottom and M grabs ahold of the bottom edge of that twister and anchors in. She feels so solid to me, just like in the previous meditation. J is busy moving around the lower edge working on something. Again, I am standing there watching and wondering what should I do. M points to the top, that old “get your ass up there” parental move that we have all used and been the recipient of. So I pop back up to the top and immediately see myself working on something. What the Hell I am doing I will never figure out. I should tell my meditative self to study mime technique or play more charade games. I get interrupted and interrupted and when I focus back on the tornado I see that I am now hauling up something that M and J are feeding up to me from below. I am putting all the “whatever” behind me as I do it, sorta like I am dragging up a real big blanket. Suddenly all that “fabric” fans out and I can see that it is a golden net of energy. It slides around and follows the contours of the tornado and I suddenly see that it is a tube torus. Of course it is! What else would it be these days!

I get pulled out again and this time when I go back I am shown that M, J and I are forming a triangle. This point is made obnoxiously by outlining the triangle in a thick white line. Thanks Gaia I love it when you use your highlighter for me. So I ask her why. What is up with the triangle (which is also flexing around that tornado like the wings of a stingray)? Gaia tells me to remember the triangle sine waves that M and I had been talking to each other about a few months ago. Here is a quote from a meditation regarding that.  The whole post about it is found here.

What is the function of the triangular wave?

The triangular wave is an inverse of another wave.  A half of a whole.  When they line up in the right way they complete each other and complement each other too.

So if Lisa is seeing the ET’s step out of a V shape then is she in the mirror V shape?

Yes, she completes the circuit by bringing her vibration to the party.

Why is it a V shape instead of the (a drawing of two curved sine waves interlocking with each other)?

The loops that you drew, can happen and do happen and should happen.  Each sine wave is a thread and represents/carries an idea…etc.  They interweave with the thought that is You.  So you are a fabric of threads.  The human consciousness also is a tapestry of woven sine waves that weave together to form the whole.  Hence what a few experience and Master, flows through the ALL.  The difference in the two is two-fold.  First the wave length of the two are quite different.  The curved sine wave flows through with little resistance and the triangle wave is more of an exclamation point (I first wrote explain-ation point…both points being made).  It only flows smoothly when the mirroring wave links up.  Second the purpose of the singular sine wave is to carry information over an infinite amount of time and space.  The triangle wave is mainly used for short periods of time.  Bringing two worlds/vibrations together to communicate/view/exchange for a brief time.

So after the all clear is sounded, we troop upstairs and I feed the dogs and the boys and the cat…not necessarily in that order. I return phone calls from family and friends. After things settle and my husband and I have eaten I call M to talk to her about it. She relates her experience and how she could feel the twirling and braiding of energy, not only with how it was affecting her own meditative body but all of us together. She had images of hydra hair being braided into awesome reggae braids by J and remembers casting a net out but not to whom it went to. I told her it was me. She goes on to tell me about how it felt, vibrationally, for that net to expand and expand out and then to suddenly disintegrate. Her comment jogs a memory. I recall that during the crazy in and out of the meditation Gaia asks me, “What do you think happens to the tube torus when the tornado is complete?” I think for a second and then tell her, “It falls apart.” She gives me an energetic head nod in the affirmative. I see then the golden net of energy fall to pieces and the pieces scatter across the landscape and are absorbed into the ground. M asks me to go back in time and look at her experience from the night before. She suddenly KNOWS that her previous experience is the inverse triangle wave of the one we were just working with, the other half of our whole. She knows that is what she anchored into at the bottom of the tornado and not the Earth. She mentions the phrase, “go check out the event horizon” and my brain slides sideways. It is amazing that I am still standing upright holding my phone. I see that the mirroring triangle sine wave was sideways, like the edge of a horizon. So the openings that come together are not straight up and down but are arranged in a 90-degree L shape. Holy Shnikes!

I don’t have time to find out more until the entire house is abed. I am wide awake and so trot on off the basement to have a chat with Gaia and take a closer look at M’s previous experience. I see M standing in a V-shaped opening. Her feet are at the point and she reaches up out of the V-shape (which looks taller than her) and sticks her whole arm up into the swirling vortex of the tornado twirling away over the top of the V. She crooks her index finger and gives the universal “come here” gesture. So she beckons the energy that completes the triangle sine wave. Here is the conversation that I had with Gaia about it.

G: “M is the reason that the energy connected as it did. She wove two different dimensional energies together. Why it looks like it comes in from the side is because it was a potential path of energy that was available should the greater populace as a whole choose to take it.”

E: “So, help me with this. It didn’t show up as “above” or “below” energy because it is a new timeline/path and not one that is already in play?”

G: “Yes. You can imagine it as a soccer game. Two teams are playing on the pitch and both call in relief players that have not yet played in the game. Both teams are energized by this new infusion of talent and energy.”

E: “So the connection was made and activation was symbolized by how we pulled up the new tube torus. And then the tornado came apart and the new code/codes were distributed and absorbed into the Earth.”

G: “Yes. The connection was already in progress when M was pulled in the day before. Her anchor to the whole “exclamation point” was necessary to hold the energy in place. J was connecting the triangle energies together and you are the “explain-ation point”.

E: Can you tell me more about what we brought in?”

G: “Pure potential, once again. We will see what is made of it. Even I cannot see what my children will do. And why would I want to. I am in wonder and awe with each one’s journey.”

E: “Thank you Gaia! What’s next?”

G: “I think you will find that J leads you to that. Enjoy, my children. It is very fun working with ALL of you.”

(Her last sentence went out and wrapped itself around every beating heart on the planet!)