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Honor Your Evolution


butterfly landing

Happy New Year Everybody!

Little did I know that when I titled my last post Bear With Me, I would have such a long gap until the next one.  But there you have it, the irony and the humor are not lost on me! I would like to talk to you about transmutation and melding today.  I have been seeing and experiencing it a lot in my meditations, as of late.  It was also pointedly pointed out in my last meditation that we will be transmuting to beat the band this year.  Yipeee?!  And what is transmutation, you might ask?  Here is Merriam-Webster’s description.


:  an act or instance of transmuting or being transmuted: as 

a  :  the conversion of base metals into gold or silver 

b  :  the conversion of one element or nuclide into another either naturally or artificially

As most of you know, WE are EVOLVING.  As our personal vibration increases, and the human collective as well, we are triggering  the DNA in our bodies.  There is much that DNA does besides the obvious physical effects on the human body.  But I will not get in to that here.  Suffice to say, everything we ever were and ever could/will be is encoded within every cell of our body.  Mind Blowing, right!  We are transmuting this change within our selves and being transmuted was well.  That is real alchemy!  It is said that magic is needed to mix yourself up a batch of alchemy.  And that is true.  But magic is not something that comes from outside of yourself.  You don’t need to memorize any secret words or wave the right wand.  Magic comes from within you and is LOVE.  To bring something into your life or to create change within yourself, you use love.  You feel it in your heart center when you are aligned with it.  It feels (to me) like a pressure and a warmth combined with that feeling you get right before you cry with joy.  That is the feeling that CREATES.  All you need is love!  That is the magic that creates the alchemy in your body and your life.  If your don’t feel the love in your heart when you are trying to create/manifest something then it ain’t happening folks!  If you don’t feel the love, then you are trying to create/manifest from the mind not the heart.  And you can’t fake that love or trick yourself into feeling it.  It is either there or not.  Think of the religious images that depict a burning heart.  The Masters are depicted that way, are they not?  What exactly is being symbolized there?  For me, I now understand that it is shows the Mastery of creating with purified intent through Love.  Now it is time for your mastery to be used.  As a dragon showed me (teaser), every breath that you send out into this world, travels past your heart.  Every breath takes the love (if it is there) and sends it out active and alive to get the molecules of our worlds hopping.  And yes, some old things will be burned to a crisp when you do that!

 Love is creating the transmutation that is happening within all of our bodies.  Love that we have given to ourselves by doing the inner work necessary to reach this point in our evolution.  Change always begins within before it is reflected without.  So I am asking you to honor the change happening within your DNA by meditating on MELDING.  To meld is to merge or blend.  When a DNA change occurs in our cells, it is not as simple as a switch being turned on.  We must merge with what the switch turns on.  We blend with it and make it a part of us.  Now, obviously, we can not possible understand and realize all the changes that are taking place within us.  This meditation is a symbolic acknowledgement that we are aware of the evolution going on.  A tip of your proverbial hat to your body and your soul.  In this meditation you will consciously focus on melding with a butterfly.  I was shown this in my last meditation.  The whole purpose is to honor what is happening within yourself on so many levels.  You could certainly choose to meld with anything you like.

Picture yourself standing in the sun.  Hold out your hand in front of you.  A butterfly comes and lands on one of your fingers.  Feel the grip of those tiny feet, how they slightly squeeze as they grab on to land.  Feel the way that the tiny hooks on the bottom of their feet pull up on your skin oh so slightly.  Watch the breeze blow against this slender tiny being.  Watch how it shifts subtly to stay upon your finger.  Now, take a deep breath and merge yourself into that butterfly.  Feel it’s heartbeat, now yours.  Feel the pull of the wind on the wings.  Feel the heat of your blood as it circulates through those wings.  Can you see what it sees?  What does it hear?  Feel the warmth of the finger that your feet are resting on.  Now, with one surprisingly strong squeeze of your legs against that finger, push yourself up and into flight.  Follow where the meditation leads you.  Have Fun!

Link Love, see below↓

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