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DEEPLY AWAKE Channeling By The Council/Kathy Vik “When Are You Healed?” 4-3-16


This beautiful guidance on healing can be applied to so many other things! Thank you Kathy for sharing it with us!

Kathy Vik's Deeply Awake

DEEPLY AWAKE Channeling By The Council/Kathy Vik

When Are You Healed?” 4-3-16

All are receiving codes, what we shall call keys, complete, multidimensional adjustments, understandings Each are honored for their interpretations of this energetic adjustment. WE wish to address those who are consciously aware of these changes. Those who read these words now and feel relief, as they look into a mirror that can only be true, reflecting majesty as it smiles, winks, adjusts its hair. Oh! If you only knew what you are doing, have done, will do. If only you could take in the grandeur of your exquisite love, your singular purpose, your multitudinous facets.

WE ask you to contemplate the following: When are you healed?

We asked this of the channel one morning as she readied coffee. When will you be healed? When are you healed? When, essentially, do you declare yourself done…

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DEEPLY AWAKE CHANNELING By Kathy Vik “Switching Energetic Orientation” 3-9-16


I enjoyed this very much, not only for the physical body info that came through but also for the switch or flip as she calls it. At what turned out to be the end of my emotional flaring experience last week, I saw an image of myself pulling a lever and flipping my game board of life over. I have been pondering the image ever since.

Kathy Vik's Deeply Awake


Switching Energetic Orientation” 3-9-16

I am announcing, with this post, two new endeavors.

First, I am now going to write another volume of channeled work. It is time to let them discuss energetics, reality construction, physics and the implications. I am at peace with them needing to come through, and I find their information reliable, helpful, funny, enlightening and necessary, at present.

Secondly, I am announcing that I am now doing private and group channeling and readings. Please contact me at for details. Quick turn around time, reasonable rates, and I barter.

And, to explain, I channel a group who are The Council of Twelve.

And so to begin. WE are pleased the channel is again within our field consciously, and we wish to explain this mechanism further.

While it is true that channeling is an artificial separation, and…

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DEEPLY AWAKE COFFEE TALKS & CHANNELING By Kathy Vik “Final Preparations” 3-5-16


It has been a rough week for me…emotionally…all inside. This is so not my norm that I am floundering with it a bit or in some moments a lot. I am reminded that as a star is born it “eats” the energy that existed before. All the energy that is flaring up right now is being consumed. The following message is perfectly timed for me then. A reminder of my knowing and mastery. A repetition of a thought I had yesterday while I was deep in a flare. “WE caution you to not cling to anything. Allow the next few days to present themselves to you without your judgment or need to control outcome. Allow, allow, allow. Relax into the arms of All That Is.”

Kathy Vik's Deeply Awake


Final Preparations” 3-5-16

It’s time to talk. My time of reflection is, thankfully, over, for now.

I have been asking a central question for some time now. What do you do when the unthinkable happens? When the wall you’ve been careening toward, and you, make final impact. When the bottom falls out. When your very definition, by definition, must change. What then?

I drove away from a happy, loving, hope-giving event last night pondering quite a few things. What I had told my friend came back to me. I have spent the last 43 years within institution’s walls. I have been a part of the institutional mindset, and I have been part of that machine. For 43 years. At the bedside, firmly nestled in the bosom of the system.

And I realized, my words fresh and poking…

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A Reminder

A Reminder

Turning to my emotions as teachers has changed me more in the last year than I could have imagined!

The Creator Writings

In the course of your life, you will be given many opportunities to understand yourself as well as the humans around you and grow. Some of them may be so overwhelming you will not know what to do with

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DEEPLY AWAKE COFFEE TALKS By Kathy Vik “My Sweet Body” 1-23-16


Here is some Awesomeness!

Kathy Vik's Deeply Awake


My Sweet Body” 1-23-16

I was going to divide this essay up into a blah blah, I know some things about stuff and here is what I know, kind of this, and then a personal thing, but, fuck it. I am not your authority. I am my authority. So I am going to tell you about my sweet body. Secrets about our relationship. Things that definitely make me weird.

Now, I know, there are people riding this globe at the moment who understand the body like I do, so I know that I am not unique. But, I will tell you, I have yet to encounter anyone who believes the stuff I do about how my body works. And because I am an inquisitive and mischievous soul, I have always, and I do mean always, experimented with my body…

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DEEPLY AWAKE COFFEE TALKS By Kathy Vik “Viva La Evolution” 1-13-16


This is how it works people. Don’t look outside, it’s all within.

Kathy Vik's Deeply Awake


Viva La Evolution” 1-13-16

From the title, you can deduce that I am perplexed. A little bit puzzled. Taken aback, even, by the complexity, and the simplicity, of what is before me, what it is I now inhabit.

It is impossible to believe that only 14 days have gone by since New Year’s Eve. So much has happened, and so many times I wanted, I needed, to sit and write to you, explain what I was seeing, knowing, sensing, but I am so glad I didn’t. It would have been a ball of confusion.

As the epiphanies roll in, I am struck with how simple things become. With each new acknowledgment of a reality that was always right here, in fact, but imperceptible until now, I feel a falling away of weight. Physical weights, mental weights. Especially the one…

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A Moment Away

A Moment Away

“It is, after all, only thought.” Love love love that line!

The Creator Writings

The space between: what you are and what you are to become, what you have and what you will receive, how you think and what you will think in the future is all just a

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Your Knowing Has A Purpose


“Knowing and not saying is just the same as not knowing.”
Thank you Dennis from Silent Winds of Change!

Silent Winds of Change

knowing ending

If you have found some big revelation, say it. Make a post. Create a blog.

That’s why people like us with these abilities to see through the veil are here. We came here, now to make a difference. We came here to show the way. Those who wish to follow will follow. Don’t look for followers, but clear a path so they can see there is another way. Knowing and not saying is just the same as not knowing. You came here to say what you know. Now is your time. The whole world is waiting for you.

Say what you know.  Use the Internet for what it was made for, to share Knowing.

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Remember Your Positive

Remember Your Positive

The Creator Writings

There will always be those that will see the negative even in a positive situation. They will dig and root around until they find a minute sliver, place it under a microscope and proclaim to the world, “Look how big it is!” Some will pay attention to this cry of dismay and darkness, however, most will not.

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