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Honor Your Evolution


butterfly landing

Happy New Year Everybody!

Little did I know that when I titled my last post Bear With Me, I would have such a long gap until the next one.  But there you have it, the irony and the humor are not lost on me! I would like to talk to you about transmutation and melding today.  I have been seeing and experiencing it a lot in my meditations, as of late.  It was also pointedly pointed out in my last meditation that we will be transmuting to beat the band this year.  Yipeee?!  And what is transmutation, you might ask?  Here is Merriam-Webster’s description.


:  an act or instance of transmuting or being transmuted: as 

a  :  the conversion of base metals into gold or silver 

b  :  the conversion of one element or nuclide into another either naturally or artificially

As most of you know, WE are EVOLVING.  As our personal vibration increases, and the human collective as well, we are triggering  the DNA in our bodies.  There is much that DNA does besides the obvious physical effects on the human body.  But I will not get in to that here.  Suffice to say, everything we ever were and ever could/will be is encoded within every cell of our body.  Mind Blowing, right!  We are transmuting this change within our selves and being transmuted was well.  That is real alchemy!  It is said that magic is needed to mix yourself up a batch of alchemy.  And that is true.  But magic is not something that comes from outside of yourself.  You don’t need to memorize any secret words or wave the right wand.  Magic comes from within you and is LOVE.  To bring something into your life or to create change within yourself, you use love.  You feel it in your heart center when you are aligned with it.  It feels (to me) like a pressure and a warmth combined with that feeling you get right before you cry with joy.  That is the feeling that CREATES.  All you need is love!  That is the magic that creates the alchemy in your body and your life.  If your don’t feel the love in your heart when you are trying to create/manifest something then it ain’t happening folks!  If you don’t feel the love, then you are trying to create/manifest from the mind not the heart.  And you can’t fake that love or trick yourself into feeling it.  It is either there or not.  Think of the religious images that depict a burning heart.  The Masters are depicted that way, are they not?  What exactly is being symbolized there?  For me, I now understand that it is shows the Mastery of creating with purified intent through Love.  Now it is time for your mastery to be used.  As a dragon showed me (teaser), every breath that you send out into this world, travels past your heart.  Every breath takes the love (if it is there) and sends it out active and alive to get the molecules of our worlds hopping.  And yes, some old things will be burned to a crisp when you do that!

 Love is creating the transmutation that is happening within all of our bodies.  Love that we have given to ourselves by doing the inner work necessary to reach this point in our evolution.  Change always begins within before it is reflected without.  So I am asking you to honor the change happening within your DNA by meditating on MELDING.  To meld is to merge or blend.  When a DNA change occurs in our cells, it is not as simple as a switch being turned on.  We must merge with what the switch turns on.  We blend with it and make it a part of us.  Now, obviously, we can not possible understand and realize all the changes that are taking place within us.  This meditation is a symbolic acknowledgement that we are aware of the evolution going on.  A tip of your proverbial hat to your body and your soul.  In this meditation you will consciously focus on melding with a butterfly.  I was shown this in my last meditation.  The whole purpose is to honor what is happening within yourself on so many levels.  You could certainly choose to meld with anything you like.

Picture yourself standing in the sun.  Hold out your hand in front of you.  A butterfly comes and lands on one of your fingers.  Feel the grip of those tiny feet, how they slightly squeeze as they grab on to land.  Feel the way that the tiny hooks on the bottom of their feet pull up on your skin oh so slightly.  Watch the breeze blow against this slender tiny being.  Watch how it shifts subtly to stay upon your finger.  Now, take a deep breath and merge yourself into that butterfly.  Feel it’s heartbeat, now yours.  Feel the pull of the wind on the wings.  Feel the heat of your blood as it circulates through those wings.  Can you see what it sees?  What does it hear?  Feel the warmth of the finger that your feet are resting on.  Now, with one surprisingly strong squeeze of your legs against that finger, push yourself up and into flight.  Follow where the meditation leads you.  Have Fun!

Link Love, see below↓

If you want to read an amazing and long article about alchemy and what magic really means check this link out,
Here is another article that I love.  Aether you are my new favorite word!
Here is an article that I discovered on Writing to Freedom.  It seems that our scientists and medical professionals are beginning to see physical evidence of DNA changes in those who meditate!
 Meditation changes gene expression, study shows, by Belinda Webber of Medical News Today
And here is a link for a post I wrote about a guide we all have called an Activator.  The only thing that this part of ourselves does is DNA activation.

A Vibe Exercise and a Message from Us


Hello Everybody,

What an odd week I have had.  Has it only been a week?

I have been on radio silence as we have been adjusting to this new accelerated time line…or whatever you want to call it.  I reached out and saw a few snippets of my journey but mostly I listened to the “time out” feeling I was getting all week.  I also listened to the urge to create.  I picked up my crochet hooks that were still in their packaging (when the hell did I buy them?) and re-taught myself stitches I had not practiced in decades.  I am currently working on a hat.  I have never made a hat but that is what struck my fancy.  Much to my delight, I do believe that it will turn out.  I made two pillows for my boys out of these flannel cubes that came as the packaging for their new “Yeti Snow Ball Fight” flannel sheets.  Now let me make the point that I don’t know how to sew except for sewing on a button or stitching a patch onto a hole in a pair of pants.  But I didn’t let that stop me.  I rearranged the office, brought in a shelf unit that was languishing in the garage and organized it….and decorated it.  Yes decorated!  I am apparently freaking out now that harvest season is done here on the farm.  I know very little about decorating.  What I do know about from many years working in retail, is displays.  So I created a display, which to other people looks like decorating.  Works for me!

What has all of the craft explosion brought to me?  One of the snippets that I saw when I reached out to check my status this week, was of myself standing on the new timeline.  I was sewing my own hand to the ground.  And man, the stitches were random and all over the place. (Just like my real life stitches.) 😉  But I saw those stitches grow down into the Earth like roots.  Then I stood up and started rotating my wrist around and pulling those roots up and around my hand until I had a ball of yarn in my palm.  Pretty cool visual, yeah?  I interpreted it to showing me that my creative urges where anchoring me into not only the new energy but the New Earth, which was co-creatively bringing me the energy to further manifest and create with.  Yippee!

Another interesting experience this week came from my friend Melissa, who emailed me a “Vibe Exercise”.  Melissa sees energy as vibration.  You can read her description of it on my So Your a Beginner page.  She has been interested in my exploration of 432 hertz.  Sine waves are her thing! So she sends me the following.

Here is a game for you to feel what I feel. Go to that place where you are tuned into the sine waves. then turn this video on to watch. I’m not a christian but this song is an example of a group of people in the sweet spot vibrationally with their art. And tune into the lyrics a bit from the perspective of each of us as god. I think it’ll help you dial in on the hum. 

So fun!  A new game.  I’m all in.  I dropped everything and pulled up my 432 hertz app and listened to a few songs, concentrating on the physical sensations with in my body.  Then I pulled up her link and played the song, which is not in 432 hertz.  Holy Cow!  It was like being a puddle of water and being able to feel the sound waves hitting me.  I had turned something on in myself and holy cow, bada boom bada bing! Here is a snippet of my reply to her.
“Well I just tried it and I’m buzzing right now. I really feel high! There is a soft tremble still in the cells of my brain and heart.
The strongest impact was when one of the singers would sing their solo part. Then it was much bigger waves.”
I realized later that feeling high was not exactly the right description.  I did feel high only without the brain fuzziness that accompanies either a drug or alcohol experience.  Imagine!  So if any of you wants to try the Vibe Exercise, have fun and let me know your results!

After two days of dizziness and weird pressure I awoke this morning feeling totally normal physically and a “the eagle has landed” feeling psychically or spiritually.  After breakfast I felt a “Welcome Greeting” trying to come through.  I see a Being facing me on a white plain.  And who is that Being you ask.  Myself, of course, but not just me…little bits of each of you where mixed in.  Kinda like pixels.  So this message is from US.

“Lets not make this formal, shall we?  We are all friends here.  No one is standing at a podium.  I am YOU and you are HERE.  (Big Smile accompanied by a sign with lots of direction arrows including one that is pointing down to HERE.  We are so funny! LOL)
First of all lets review how we got here.  (I hear immediate groans all around followed my own with eye rolling thrown in!)  Ok, how about a recap? (we say with a smile)

You are a stream running/flowing along the land.  You have passed through the desert and saw God in the reflection upon the water.  You have moved through the rocks and boulders and have learned to flow around instead of pushing them out of your way.  You have left your mark on the Bolders (that is the spelling that wants to be used.  Is it not Bold to be the obstacle that is someone else’s teacher?).  But it is not your job to change the boulders.  The bolder is happy to be a boulder.  You have flown through the grasslands and the fields, enjoying those who come down for a drink.  The river sometimes flows fast and sometimes flows slow, giving you rest between the rushes.  Until one day you realize that the reflection of God that you see upon the water is a reflection of you.

Did you feel the change in the water just now?

It is no longer along for a ride, flowing wherever the land takes it.  Now the water has a purpose and yet what do you do with yourselves?  You cannot go back to floating along, your consciousness centered within.  It is too late (Big Smile), now it knows what it is like to be out and it is staying out!  Now you realize that the land is sculpted by the water.  You change the land with every drop.  The land rejoices! “You are no longer alone.  Won’t you come out and play?” (Says the land.)

That is the energy of the NOW moment.  Won’t you come out and play?  It all resides there.  Action and Joy.  Water can be violent and crash and bash.  Water can be gentle and seep and soak.  But the most important thing about water is that it permeates everything!  You don’t need stream beds anymore.  You must think of all the ways that water moves.  Under ground, above ground and in between.  Rivers and seas – yes but vapor and clouds, steam and ice, snow and rain, aquifers and puddles, wells and facets, cells and membranes.  You now have no bounds.  This is the new energy.

So how to work it?  Follow the little urges of your heart.  Don’t put off ’til tomorrow what you can do today.  You have an urge to write a letter–write it.  You think of a present for someone–make it.  A song begins to form–sing it.  A book draws your attention–read it or for some of you–write it.  Like a thread in your tapestry, grab it and weave it in.  Use the small acts to make a beautiful tapestry.  Each drop of water forms part of a beautiful wave that can travel across oceans.  There are many ways to be creative.  The more you listen to your heart the more urges come to you until it is like a symphony of waves crashing upon the beach, creating the land anew.

Enjoy my friends.  The inner work is done.  The outward work begins.  Permeate everything!”

It’s vacation time! (Even if it’s only in my mind.)


Hi Everybody,

I wanted to post this beautiful recent experience by Seonaid from her inspiring blog breathofgreenair when I first read it this week, but I wanted to get my last post out first.  So it will go out today as I watch the first snowflakes of the season come down.  It has been bitter cold here for a week and letting my consciousness go off on a journey with one of the most amazing creatures on the planet, the sea turtles, is just what the doctor ordered.  I have very little instructions for you because Seonaid describes the experience wonderfully on her own.  So read her words and then take your own journey.  But first, I found this beautiful poem by Roxi St. Clair sitting in my inbox this morning.  (A little nudge to include this poem and her bit of pertinent information as well.)  My thanks to both ladies for putting their art out into the world for me to find!


Salty balsam sprays
Kelp canopy sways
White caps, water blue
Coral, starfish too
Flippers, gliding swift
Honu, ocean’s gift.

© Roxi St. Clair

The Honu, or Hawaiian sea turtle, is the Hawaiian symbol of longevity, peace, good luck, humility, long life and the spirit within. Honu is the only indigenous reptile to the Hawaiian islands, and is revered as a sacred symbol of the life force and guardian spirit of the sea.

Here is Seonaid’s experience and amazing photos (as usual!).

Washed by the soft warm waves of the Caribbean, a sea grass meadow beckons in the shallow blue waters off Barbados. Here the Green Sea Turtles wait to welcome you to their paradise beneath the tropical sea.

Gliding with ease through this watery world, their long arms paddle in mesmerising slow motion, scooping the salty water into swirling trails drifting away behind them. So relaxed, that one look into that huge black eye releases all tension, drawing you deep into the perfect present where your body is soothed by the warm motion of the waves and currents beneath the glittering surface.

You might find your breathing slows down into slow deep waves, and your muscles relax into the salty support of the warm sea. You might even begin to imagine that you could dive down towards the soft white sand on the ocean bed, and walk among the swaying grass and coral, among herds of silver fish. Swimming beside a green turtle may leave you convinced that becoming a mermaid would be an awfully big adventure, and certain route to paradise.

As the turtles get used to your presence, they often become more relaxed, and might swim up underneath your belly, gliding smoothly over your soft skin. They seemed curious, looking at us as with what seemed like slight bemusement, as we moved among them with our clumsy skinny four limbs. They could turn in a tight circle with one sweep of a flipper, while we flapped and kicked to follow like toddlers learning to walk.

Despite their bulk, they drift and fly, gliding like eagles through the blue waters of this heaven on earth. All around fish gathered and followed, like courtiers seeking an audience with the ancient oracle of the sea. A pair of love struck puffer fish, 50 cm long, flirted and kissed beneath the shadow of the turtles shells. Peace was the over arching emotion sweeping through me as I swam among the turtles in their own private paradise.

All turtles are protected in the waters around Barbados. The ones we swam with were adults who graze here when they are not breeding. Turtles, like salmon return to the beach where they were born to lay their eggs, but graze often thousands of miles away. We stayed on a beach where hawksbill turtles come home to lay their eggs, and all the beach front hotels have turtle friendly policies. Night time lights towards the beach are kept to a minimum, and lines of native vegetation are left between the buildings and the beach. No umbrellas are plunged into the soft white sand, incase a hidden nest of eggs lies beneath, and the sea in front of nesting beaches is marked off to keep boats and jet skis out.
I was left grinning, and am still in awe of these elegant creatures who have been on earth so long they have seen the dinosaurs come and go.

Wood Spirits


When I did the Merging with the new Alive Earth Meditation today, it flowed right into a meditation that I wanted to post when I first read the following article this morning. I will post my experience of both tomorrow but in the mean time, if you feel led, here is another meditation for you. You find yourself in the woods, there is a light carpet of fog around your ankles. The fog is the new “soup” that is penetrating both the Earth and us at this moment. The woods are scattered with beings, their hearts glowing like stars within their chests. They are like a map of stars laid within the forest and are our new connections with each other. Venture into the woods and experience both the place itself and any others who connect with you. Have Fun!


Deep in the woods, the air is still and hung with mist. The light travels through shadows, leaning in long slow lines, and blushing through the folding ferns. Spirits hover almost unseen, at the very edges of vision, gone as soon as you glance.

The shadows hold secrets and hidden form, playing in patterns across bark and crumbling wood. You feel a cool breath on your neck, and as you turn a wood pigeon clatters away through the low branches, breaking the silence into sharp shards.

Heart of mystery
Held in green silence
Awaits the seekers footfall.

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Dewy Delight

Dewy Delight

Here my dear friends is the beginning of a wonderful meditation for you. Place yourself down in that glorious dewy grass and explore and play! It is a time of new beginnings. Let this sensory experience unfold! Xoxo Esther

writing to freedom

Dewy Delightpoetry, new day, fresh

glistening and fresh

dew drops calling to come play

let’s start a new day


drop that mopey frown

come sing with giggles and glee

open your heart to me

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Holy Smoke Meditation


As I was relaxing into sleep just now, I had this melody playing in my head.  No matter what I started thinking about, I kept being shown different images of myself dancing.  The way I was gliding about it felt as if I was dancing on ice skates (which is a talent I don’t have).  After a while, I started focusing on the images of me dancing instead of thinking of my day.  When I did that, an old Native American man appeared on top of the images and he said he had something for me.  He gave me this meditation to share.  He also titled it (the name he gave is meant to be serious and funny).

Center and calm your self.  Know that you have been offered a peace pipe to smoke.  Concentrate on the pipe.  You will be taken to a location that is meant just for you.  Where are you?  What do you see/feel/know about your surroundings?  The pipe is in front of you and is already lit.  Look at it if you can.  Can you make out a design or pattern on it?  What is it made of?  Can you smell the tobacco?  Put it to your lips and like a kiss, gently inhale.  Bring the smoke inside of you.  Picture it as it goes deep into your body.  Complete the circuit by bringing it up into your head and exhale it slowly.  Repeat the cycle.  Know that it reaches every cell.  How do you feel?  If the smoke brings you a vision/experience than flow with it.  If all you feel is the emotion of the moment, sit with it and be.

Let’s Go Fly A Kite


This meditation is one I came up with a month or so ago while flying kites with my boys.  I have done it twice and got totally different scenarios each time.  This is a Sensory exercise combined with a possible Meet and Greet.  Have Fun!

Imagine yourself as a kite that is already flying in the sky.  Feel the sensations of the wind blowing against and around you.  Follow the air currents as they move and twist. Observe as much about the kite as you can.  What shape is it?  What color is it?  Is there a design?  Experience being the kite for a while.  When you are ready follow the string down and see who or what is holding it.  Follow the meditation as it unfolds.