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Introducing a Time-less State of Being.

Introducing a Time-less State of Being.

A few days ago this thought (or prompt) went through my head, “What happens to biology when there is no past, present or future?”  The first thing I asked when the question was put to me was, “Is Life possible outside of Time?”  After all, biology is a very linear set up, with cell division, circulatory systems, digestive systems, and you name it. This is the metaphor that I received as an answer.  The earthworm is a simple creature.  It has evolved to experience life below the soil as both a forager and a composter.  What if the earthworm is removed from the soil?  Is it still alive?  Yes, of course, we say.  So what if the human within Time is simply in the same situation?  We are given the thought processes to explain our existence in the world of Time.  But upon removal, we are still very much alive.  We are now alive in a Time-less State, which I will refer to as No Time.

No Time is not the Now.  The Now is a concept of Time.  It is a step outside of the Timeframe of Time completely.  No Time is the rejection of the past, present and future.  How do you reject the present?  I struggled with this for a bit!  Until I saw that it is simply a concept of time.  It is the concept that goes, not your ability to experience life.

No Time is an acceptance of Consciousness as Being.  Consciousness cannot be whole in the framework of Time.  Time limits what is available, which is a gift of clarity for any beings that are here in physicality to experience and learn.  It is the ultimate in slow motion understanding.  Just imagine that when you are not in biological form, you only operate on grand scales.  You are the ALL.  Concepts of specifics are not explored, because everything just IS.  So Time is an amazing gift for Beings searching for more knowledge of self.  It linearizes the individualistic so that life can be experienced in the specific.  If you are reading this, I’m going to hazard a guess that you are ready to move beyond Time as an experience, if you haven’t already.

No Time is the reaction of All Consciousness becoming One.  In the One-ness, Time is eliminated.  No Time eliminates linearity.  Linear thinking, linear concepts, linear math, linear living, linear enjoyment, linear self, linear being, in fact linearity in all aspects is removed from the experience.  This eliminates the obvious, such as past, present and future, and all of the baggage that comes with them.  But also the hidden, such as stress, disease, want.

From a biological perspective, eliminating the linearity of time, suspends all biological rules.  All needs are met.  All forces of stress are nullified.  All aspects of wear and tear are eliminated.  All of this is accomplished by choosing to live Life in No Time.  Now I know that it is hard to think about biology in a non-linear context.  Cell division, growth, death, circulation, synapses and many more functions are all explained as linear concepts.  But what if the processes of biological activity were wholly different outside of the concept of time?

Now do not confuse the biological state with the physical experience of living.   The biological state is a product of choice.  I CHOOSE FORM.  The physical experience is releasing that form into unrefined environment.  As you, as Form, become More, your ability to refine that environment is magnified.  The body as Form is your masterpiece.  Its complexity and ingenuity are fully formed and present at your birth.  Your physical experience at birth is more like an etch-a-sketch.  Each decision only gives you a 90-degree turn option.  It is as linear as can be.  Life experience has been programmed as linear.

However, when you eliminate Time, yes even the present, suddenly all constriction is eliminated.  All choice is opened up.  All possibilities are present.  Does this mean that life ceases to be experienced?  No.  Instead it is a rejection of old ways of thought, and most importantly old ways of Experiencing.  It opens up borders that you didn’t know existed.  It frees things that you didn’t even know needed freeing.  Most importantly it takes all limitation and throws them out the window.

So you take your body to No Time, into Oneness.  From there the masterpiece no longer has the wear and tear of the linear physical experience.  You live life, but the body is no longer subjected to the rules of linear biology.  You still experience life, and even death, as you choose, but the biology is out of the rough and tumble of linear reactions.  The Oneness, the Wholeness is what removes the body from the stress of linear physicality.  In short the Body is now Free.  This freedom creates the perfect cell, the perfect function, and the perfect ability.  Because your body is now Source Body, its wholeness is not only available but also streaming constantly through every cell, every atom, and every particle of your physical being.

You take your Mind to No Time.  From there, the freedom turns everything on its head.  Did you know that Time, affects the thoughts that are possible in your mind?  Linearity crunches the aspects of available genius, insight, and possibility.  And like a crunched up artwork or poem or thesis, only parts of it are visible to the linear mind.  But releasing your mind into No Time completes a wholeness of Being that the brain has been striving for.

You take your Consciousness to No Time and suddenly the ability to be WHOLE transforms all Forms of Being.  You are never left without.  You are never Less Than.  You are Never in doubt.  You know Who You Are.  And you live that Knowing as you still play in the physical experience.

You take your Heart to No Time and from there you see so much beauty, so much soul, so much music of life that there are no words.  Freeing Love from the past, present and future ends all judgment instantly.  It also ends all constraint; constraint that you didn’t even know existed.  It is the No Time that brings Life into Balance with the Source Being that you ARE.