Quantum Creation, part 1

Quantum Creation, part 1

I have been exploring Quantum Creation for a few months. I took a class with Soleira Green (you can find her on FaceBook), and with her leadership and the rest of the explorers in the class, I had soooo much open up for me in regards to how creation happens. It has literally given me a quantum leap (hahaha) in how I view creation, myself as a creator and the act of creation itself. I will try to explain to you all, as best I can, what I now know. This will be part one of a series.

First lets start with the question, “What is Quantum?” I could look up definitions for you out of both the dictionary and the spiritual lexicon…but I don’t think that is needed. I will tell you what I know so far. The Quantum for me is the holding place of all creation. It is every expression of life in every version ever. And it is nothing, blank, never has been and never will be. It is a Paradox. It is two complete opposites that seemingly cannot exist in the same space, existing in the same space. This creates a collapse of Understanding, which then opens you up to accessing the Quantum energy.

The Next question would be, “Why would you want to?” We have been working with our own personal creation energy for ages (far beyond just this lifetime). We have mastered it. Although it certainly doesn’t feel like it some days! But yes, we have graduated. And now we move on to learning to create on a much bigger scale. Let me type out the conversation from my journal about my first access to the Quantum.


Esther: “So explain how the belief in Nothing and the belief in Everything, together, is Quantum Consciousness?”

The All: “The need to control is eliminated from the picture. This opens up the flow of energy. This is not to say that you do not have emotional preference for anything, it is that you refrain from using that emotion to pidgin hole yourself. Love it all. Love some more intensely. Do NOT reject other options out of the love for the one.

Say you are looking at a series of doors and you love how one is painted so beautifully, that you do not even consider the other doors. You know they are there but they don’t interest you. You just narrowed the energy. When you love all the doors and appreciate the painted one for its glory, this gives you more of a view. Then as you look at all the doors, you see that the wall is beautiful too and you love it. This pulls your view farther out. Then you can see that there is something beyond the wall and that you can just go see what that is, without doors or walls or beginnings or ends.”

E: “So how do I create with this quantum-ness? I would think it would be wholly different than before?”

A: “Yes, the aspect of creating something specific is no longer even needed. Instead it is the creation of the whole.”

E: “Can you give me an example?”

A: “Let’s take world peace, frequently thrown out and definitely wanted. It is such a simple concept and yet seemingly complex in its achievement. So now, you would ignore all of that. To create world peace is not your goal. To love the concept and the people wishing it is extraordinary. But to create it requires the inclusion of NOT having it. You must love that it is not here, and love the thought that it could be and love the thought that IT IS. There are infinite possibilities. Now love that you cannot control ANY OF THEM. Drop all expectations. Drop all needs. Drop all desires, hopes, dreams, nightmares, fears, loves and hates. Now you are in the No-thing. You must believe in the Nothing as strongly as you believe in all the rest. You must love the Nothing.

Now combine them. It seems odd. The Nothing and the Everything occupying the same space. It is almost impossible to wrap your mind around.”


The image came to me of a black hole with swirling matter around the outside and a complete void in the middle. I settled myself into the energy. I loved my way through war and strife, peace and plenty. I saw battles rage and treaties signed and I loved them all. I also saw that the battlefields and peace accords never existed and never will and I loved them too. I saw the truth of the Nothing and the truth of the Everything and in that moment I could actually feel that I had created everything that had ever been and will ever be and that there was nothing to create.


It was a really cool experience, as you might imagine. And it led to many questions, which will lead us to part two.



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  2. “This creates a collapse of Understanding, which then opens you up to accessing the Quantum energy.” I have been feeling this so strongly but don’t know how to do this! These posts were exactly what I wanted to read. Thank you for the sharing.


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