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Heart + Earth


What a wonderful new blog! Everyone welcome The Light From Stars! This post ties in directly with the change in the field that I saw a few months (?) ago. I love the explanation!

The Light From Stars

The illusion of separation
Dear one we want to talk to you about the illusion Of separation. There is not a single thing, not a single single thing that happens in this world that you do alone. It is impossible! Even if you make a decision by yourself you will ultimately need the help of someone else to make anything happen. We have spent lifetimes and lifetimes feeling as if we are by ourselves, lost in a sea of many, a useless number amongst millions and billions. What’s the old saying about change? What can I do? I am just one person. The message here is clear. This notion is not only wrong wrong wrong but it is outdated and useless. The truth is that it is the power of one to make a change within a community of millions and billions. So the next step from awaking from the…

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