Water’s of Time

Water’s of Time

Sometime last year, around the time I was given my current meditation color code, I saw myself in meditation in where only the colors grey, white, black and greyish-blue were used. I had never seen myself and my surrounding like this before and was told that it represented a skill of mine called Water’s of Time. Of course, I was like, what the fuck does that mean? 🙂 I was told it means foresight, which there are apparently different variations of (to be delved into at another time). Well, I promptly forgot about this experience until last week when the memory of it surfaced. I went digging through my journal and saw that I never sat down and wrote about the experience. It was referred to another meditation at that time but never expanded on. Apparently it is now time to dive into the Water’s of Time, pun intended! Little did I know that it would be the next shift in my understanding of how to create.


Esther: “Dear self, can we talk about the Water’s of Time/foresight?”

myself: “The ability to have foresight is intrinsic in us all. For one aspect of foresight is calling to you the future you desire. We will begin today’s lesson by acknowledging your ability to create is infused with foresight. This is especially understandable in observing what you are bringing to yourself.  You stand on a quantum leap of manifestation. Do you wish to explore this further before you leap?”

E: “Oh yes! Show me!”

m: (Smile) “To step across that line into full creational abilities and results, brings another level of responsibility, not only to your activities and desires but to the world at large. Think for a moment on your ability to transform your economic situation. This transference of energy into the more, out of the lack has been occurring slowly. This is to show you that the difference between wanting something and creating it are both part of a process. The intrinsic value of yourself is the defining point of convergence between the two, the sweet spot in the greater alchemy of creation.

Now on to understanding the ability to foresee combined with your gift of vision. Both of these are very similar and indeed overlap quite a bit. Here is the difference. The future is as malleable as sand, always changing and shifting. You cannot build anything concrete out of sand unless you add other elements, so too with the future. In order to manifest a vision of the future it needs to be shifted into the Now, the only place where physicality exists. To do this, begin imagining the Now differently.”

E: “Ok… I imagine money in my pocket to spend. I imagine paying my bills. I imagine finding a job, now. I imagine an income stream, now. I’m not sure if I have that right. They don’t have the emotional resonance as before. Hmmm?”

m: (Smile) “There is a “getting used to” the phrasing going on plus a un-sureness on your part to be asking for money directly. This should be embraced with full love of the energy form. Why should you feel ashamed of buying clothes that you need and food for your table? Why should feeling comfortable and without financial worry be a concern to you or anyone else? Is there not enough for all? To think otherwise is to put yourself in considering the judgment of others.”

E: “Yes. I am so blessed as is; I do feel a little guilty asking for more. How can I move past that?”

m: “Repeat after me. The ability to be financially stable and comfortable removes NOTHING from another’s energy stream.

The ability to be MORE is not so others can focus on their less-ness; it is to show the energy can be shifted.

The “star” can move for all but it will not without those willing and brave enough to lead the way.

I release all others’ opinions of myself.

I release all desires to be understood by others.

I am unique.

I am a creator.

I am myself, fully alive and in the present.

I have foreseen that I will be wealthy. That time is Now.

I have foreseen the security of financial growth. That time is Now.

I have foreseen my ability to create money, a home, a new state of financial independence and awareness. That time is Now.

I have foreseen my ability to shift EVERYTHING to create what I need in the moment. That time is Now.

I have foreseen the lack disappear from out lives. That time is Now.

I have foreseen the beginnings of a whole other lifestyle and exploration. That time is Now.

I have begun to wonder when it will happen. The time is Now.

The time is Now.

The time is Now.

The time is Now.

The time is Now.

The time is Now.

The time is Now.

The time is Now.

The time is Now.”

E:  “There is the emotion that I am looking for! Thank you. So I convert the vision/imagining into foresight?”

m: “Yes!  It is not enough to see what you want.  You must understand that it is a created reality that is available to you at will.  Foresight is seeing into the future.  You are creating what that future looks like.  You create the vision and bring it into the now by understanding that you KNOW you have foreseen the future.  Everything we gave you above you have been foreseeing for some time.  Now you know why.  It is already created.  To understand this on every level is to bring it into the Now.  Do not think that just because you are able to imagine that all will be revealed in an instant.  There is a beloved process to creating that involves the whole of not only humanity but ALL life.  The responsibility to All now lies before you.  Before you leap, consider and include the love of Everything in your desires.  All life is on this journey together and all life spirals through the evolution of the cosmos.  Do understand that the beginning of real true creation is not in a vacuum but will encompass all other life.  We do not say this to discourage you from what you have created but to show you that the Water’s of Time are vast and full of variety and beauty.  The ripple effect of what you create is alive in its beauty and malleability. Do you understand that all life feels each footstep as you walk?  Do you know that Everything looks to each one of you to create your dreams?  The spiral only expands when you do.  Foresee the future for All.  Know that it is Reality.”

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    • Lol! I have learned to never let something lie that I don’t understand. There is always a willingness to explain in another way. So yes, my journal has ????, and…., and of course WTF’s!

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