The Telomeres on Examining the New Body

The Telomeres on Examining the New Body

Well friends, it looks as if our foundations have been built. The Telomeres are back already to tell us about what if possible now.


Esther: “Ok, Telomeres what have you got? You seem excited.”

Telomeres: “Yes, indeed! The beginning of something very new begins today!”

E: “What would that be?”

T: “Think back over your life so far. There are times of dealing with the unknown in the only way that humans know how, either by experiencing it or retreating from it. You have generally chose experience, even in the years before your awakening. This is not to say that everything has to be a direct experience but just being open to the unknown in your mind is enough to put you on that path.

What if there was another way of dealing with the unknown? What if you could examine the unknown before deciding to experience it?”

E: “How is that different from experiencing it?”

T: “Ah, the nitty gritty. Take this as an example. You are standing on a surface. You can see that it is smooth, not bumpy. You can see that it has color and if you bend close, perhaps a scent. You are aware that it is four feet by four feet. You cannot see how deep it is. You are sure that it is hard, for you are not sinking. If you bend down and touch it you can tell its temperature. These are all observations of the senses. They are all logical understandable human observations. They are all about experience and yet you still know jack shit about that platform. (SMILE)

Why are you standing on it?

Where are you?

What are you doing?

What does the platform do?

If it does something, how does it work?

Do you see now? Does it sound familiar? Is that not where humanity stands? Are you not, as a people, beginning to ask these very questions about EVERYTHING?

So, to take us back to the original question. What if there was another way? What if this body of yours could show you what it is capable of and you could choose what you wanted to experience, what you wanted to embody? I am telling you this because that possibility lies before you.”

E: “Can you explain how it works?”

T: “The path to conscious body creation lies along the entanglement of conscious thought with conscious activation. You have been telling your bodies, “Wake up! Wake up! Show me what I am capable of.” But so far the only place that most have known where to start is in healing the old. We say to you that ironically, focusing on healing the old creates the old again so that it can be healed. You are NEW now. The only old within you is memory. You cannot wipe memory away with will power. It only disappears when it ceases being remembered. Instead use it as contrast for the now.

For those in physical pain, really look at how you feel. We are not saying that you don’t feel pain. We are asking you to observe the differences between now and six months ago or a year ago or five or ten. There are differences. Become aware of these. What is your new body trying to tell you? You will be surprised by the answer. How much of the pain body is linked to habit? How much of the pain body is just assumed? How much of your physical existence is based on what was? What you see in yourselves is not always there. Start small. Catalogue the small differences. Now expand that out. Look at where there is no differences, and start working on those specific points of interest.

For those of you without pain issues, the experience is different. It is harder to see change when there is seemingly a static model. We tell you that is not true. Much change has been happening and now is the time to realize this. Look at your body. Has there been a change in your emotional connection to it? Has there been a perception shift? Are you still treating it as you did six months, a year or five or ten years ago? In most of your cases you have changed quite a few things through the years, some things for a short time and other things for longer. This cycling is normal in growth and awareness. Begin by examining the body you have now. What do you love about it? What are areas of concern?

The only way to affect change in the body is with love. You cannot starve or force or trick your body into sustained real cellular change.

So today’s beginning is based on the very core of what is available now. You have absorbed much throughout the year so far, and the year is young. (SMILE) Has it ever occurred to you that your current thoughts about your body are entangled with what is activated in your body? Entanglement is already an active body creating aspect. This is not new. What is new is the ability to interact with your body as a whole and as specific parts. Begin the conversations that are necessary. Why is the body there? How does it work? Why does it work like this? These questions change your concept of self. They change the conscious thought. With new thought you examine what is possible and entangle what you choose with your ability to change your body. Enjoy this new phase; it will bring you joy and growth.”

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