The Telomeres on Foundation for the Equinox

The Telomeres on Foundation for the Equinox

Here is a message from my Telomeres about the energies of the moment. This was given to me yesterday on 3/14/16.


Esther: “Dear Telomeres, do you have anything for me today?”

Telomeres: “Always. Today we will speak to you of change. The body has been involved in a rapid assimilation of energies lately. This affects everyone differently, but make no mistake, all are affected. The particular energies of the moment have a particular effect on the structural components of the body, both hard and soft tissue…the bones, muscles, tendons etcetera…anything that connects the separate parts of the body together. Feel into this for a moment. Why do you think this is going on at this time?”

E: “Hmmm, well, spring is a time of new growth…and you can’t have a new human with an old support system.”

T: “Bingo! A new house on an old foundation would never be considered a wise thing. As the Earth shifts around a foundation throughout its lifetime, the foundation weakens and looses its “integrity”. The same is happening in the new human. The structure is needing to change to keep up with the new you, which is keeping up with the New Gaia.”

E: “Are all of the Equinox energies concerned with the physical body?”

T: “No. And the Equinox energies have not begun yet. (Smile) These are the prelude to that opening of energies. Everything to come, needs the base that is being put in place now.”

E: “So can you tell us about the Equinox energies?”

T: “Certainly. Know that everything happening this month is for one reason only…to become the Light itself. The Way of the Light is an old term that was given to you a few years ago. It is used in regard to the fact that all energy travels on Light. In the physical you do not see this. Not only in regard to the world around you, but to the very cells that make up your body. So if you are already Light, how can you be more so? (Laughs) The answer is simple. You are turning up the wattage, so to speak. What does this do? It enables more information to be expressed in the Light. You will not only see a bigger picture but you will realize that you are in an art gallery surrounded by pictures. You will realize that not only are you an artist but that you have been all along. Everything in the art gallery is you. You created it, you lived it and now you can see it all. Beautiful, no? That is what the new human is doing, turning up the Light. Turning up the ALL that shines through them. And it cannot be done without changing the body physical to be that transmitter of MORE. Your heart is the light switch but your body is the light bulb.”

E: “Beautiful! Anything else you want to add?”

T: “Yes, one more thing. The acclimation to these new energies is not something to be taken lightly or too seriously. Your body KNOWS what to do. Support it with love and understanding. We caution you all to not become too mental about this process. Nothing is broken and nothing needs healing. You are not broken, only starting anew. The body is an Amazing thing. See it for the Wonder that it is instead of its perceived shortcomings.”

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  1. Ahh, yes…the hips, legs, upper spine and skull. Thank you for the lovely explanation, Esther. The Telomeres are your star group? I haven’t received a name for my group. I call them the peacekeeping blue crew. LOl

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    • Actually they are a specific part of our chromosomes that are linked to aging. My body suggested I speak with them around the start of the new year.
      Say hi to your peacekeeping blue crew for me!!😀

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      • Please tell me more about the Telomeres! I have become almost obsessed about reversing the aging process for myself. My higher self gave me an image of what I look like after I have reversed my age to about 30 years old…what a tease! lol. Is there anything in particular we can do to this end? Thank you so very much for sharing. 🙂

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        • Oh that’s great Paula! You are on your way already then. There is nothing like a tease to keep our interest! You have already read the most recent blog, I see, so I wont get too wordy but I will say just start a conversation with your body or cells or chromosomes or telomeres. That is all I know to do at the moment, start a dialog. I will keep posting as I learn more and I’m KNOW that you already understand that it will be an individual journey for us all. But it will be fun to share our experiences with each other, for we will all discover different facets and approaches. Exciting Times!

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