DEEPLY AWAKE CHANNELING By Kathy Vik “Switching Energetic Orientation” 3-9-16


I enjoyed this very much, not only for the physical body info that came through but also for the switch or flip as she calls it. At what turned out to be the end of my emotional flaring experience last week, I saw an image of myself pulling a lever and flipping my game board of life over. I have been pondering the image ever since.

Kathy Vik's Deeply Awake


Switching Energetic Orientation” 3-9-16

I am announcing, with this post, two new endeavors.

First, I am now going to write another volume of channeled work. It is time to let them discuss energetics, reality construction, physics and the implications. I am at peace with them needing to come through, and I find their information reliable, helpful, funny, enlightening and necessary, at present.

Secondly, I am announcing that I am now doing private and group channeling and readings. Please contact me at for details. Quick turn around time, reasonable rates, and I barter.

And, to explain, I channel a group who are The Council of Twelve.

And so to begin. WE are pleased the channel is again within our field consciously, and we wish to explain this mechanism further.

While it is true that channeling is an artificial separation, and…

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I live in Fort Collins Colorado, in the United States. I explore the human abilities that are beyond the five senses. It is my passion to examine what we are all capable of. I believe that the human race will leap forward with our exploration as we continue to merge science and spirituality.

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