DEEPLY AWAKE COFFEE TALKS & CHANNELING By Kathy Vik “Final Preparations” 3-5-16


It has been a rough week for me…emotionally…all inside. This is so not my norm that I am floundering with it a bit or in some moments a lot. I am reminded that as a star is born it “eats” the energy that existed before. All the energy that is flaring up right now is being consumed. The following message is perfectly timed for me then. A reminder of my knowing and mastery. A repetition of a thought I had yesterday while I was deep in a flare. “WE caution you to not cling to anything. Allow the next few days to present themselves to you without your judgment or need to control outcome. Allow, allow, allow. Relax into the arms of All That Is.”

Kathy Vik's Deeply Awake


Final Preparations” 3-5-16

It’s time to talk. My time of reflection is, thankfully, over, for now.

I have been asking a central question for some time now. What do you do when the unthinkable happens? When the wall you’ve been careening toward, and you, make final impact. When the bottom falls out. When your very definition, by definition, must change. What then?

I drove away from a happy, loving, hope-giving event last night pondering quite a few things. What I had told my friend came back to me. I have spent the last 43 years within institution’s walls. I have been a part of the institutional mindset, and I have been part of that machine. For 43 years. At the bedside, firmly nestled in the bosom of the system.

And I realized, my words fresh and poking…

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I live in Fort Collins Colorado, in the United States. I explore the human abilities that are beyond the five senses. It is my passion to examine what we are all capable of. I believe that the human race will leap forward with our exploration as we continue to merge science and spirituality.

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