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Expectation and Releasing my Accomplishments

Expectation and Releasing my Accomplishments

Hi everybody! This meditation continues my understanding of creation. Or more accurately that annoying thing called, waiting for something to happen. It also addresses a meditation that I had done the day prior that was spurred by Brenda Hoffman’s blog post titled Goodbye Fear Friend at I have to tell you, cutting the thread that she talks about was hard to do. Not in the cutting of but in the realization of what that meant. I needed to release all memory of how I got to where I am now, all the awesomeness and the ah-ha’s and the holy shit moments. That was big and I almost snatched it back reflexively. I had to consciously let it all go.  I encourage you to read her post if you have not yet.


Esther: “Dear self, can you help me with expectation? It seems to be my biggest emotional trigger at the moment.”

myself: “Yes. The beginning of all energy exchange is based on expectation. This can be incredibly limiting and incredibly expansive. We have spoken of the Time being Now, of using your foresight to pull things into the Now. This leads to expectation. How can it not. You should expect the visible presence of what you have created.  The problem lies in what your mind is able to expect and what is really there. You have a desire for everything to fall into place Now, for the uncertainty to end and the next chapter to begin. When this does not occur, you become sad and disappointed.”

E: “I am pushing again, aren’t I?”

m: “Yes, but only in one aspect of this. The train ride you are on has a scheduled stop. You are looking for that stop in every light pole that you pass.”

E: “Like a kid in a car on a long trip.”

m: (Laughing) “Yes. You have created an anxiety because each light pole is not the station. When we tell you that all is proceeding as planned, that all is created and entering your physical existence, you believe us.”

E: “Yes.”

m: “What you don’t believe is that our time frame and yours are the same. We are not so aligned with other energies that we do not understand. We are you. We KNOW that you and your family are entering you new chapter. We know your timetable. We know your schedule. We know that all will be provided. We understand your concern around this and we hope to allay your anxiety over this. Here is what we see.

You will be living in a new home by May 1st.

You will find your encounter with this shift painless and easy.

You will NEVER miss this opportunity.

You will NEVER find yourself in lack again.

You are as gifted in the creation of your dreams as you are in exploring what you are made of.

You will arrive at the station on time.

You will be there to both meet the train and depart from it.”

E: “Thank you. I have foreseen these things and the Time is Now.

Anything else you would like to add today?”

m: “Yes, lets take a journey to the release of the thread yesterday. Do you understand the release of your memories of growth?”

E: “I think so. To retain them is to create the energy again.”

m: “Yes. To totally step into the new, the old must be released, especially your memories of leaving it. There will come a time when you will not even remember what it was like to just scrape by. It will seem like another lifetime, as if you and that Esther have nothing in common. This is good. It is a new era, a new lifetime while still living. This new energy must separate from the old in every way. Do not think that your growth and accomplishments are not honored. They are but now they too are old. The New needs a clean slate. Thank you for letting go. It is a bittersweet parting. But now you truly stand in your new Being.

These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do.

And one of these days, these boots are gonna walk all over you.

You have stood on the shoulders of the old you. Now the boots have stepped off on their own journey. Your past is no longer relevant to the new you.

Are you ready boots? Start walkin!

Water’s of Time

Water’s of Time

Sometime last year, around the time I was given my current meditation color code, I saw myself in meditation in where only the colors grey, white, black and greyish-blue were used. I had never seen myself and my surrounding like this before and was told that it represented a skill of mine called Water’s of Time. Of course, I was like, what the fuck does that mean? 🙂 I was told it means foresight, which there are apparently different variations of (to be delved into at another time). Well, I promptly forgot about this experience until last week when the memory of it surfaced. I went digging through my journal and saw that I never sat down and wrote about the experience. It was referred to another meditation at that time but never expanded on. Apparently it is now time to dive into the Water’s of Time, pun intended! Little did I know that it would be the next shift in my understanding of how to create.


Esther: “Dear self, can we talk about the Water’s of Time/foresight?”

myself: “The ability to have foresight is intrinsic in us all. For one aspect of foresight is calling to you the future you desire. We will begin today’s lesson by acknowledging your ability to create is infused with foresight. This is especially understandable in observing what you are bringing to yourself.  You stand on a quantum leap of manifestation. Do you wish to explore this further before you leap?”

E: “Oh yes! Show me!”

m: (Smile) “To step across that line into full creational abilities and results, brings another level of responsibility, not only to your activities and desires but to the world at large. Think for a moment on your ability to transform your economic situation. This transference of energy into the more, out of the lack has been occurring slowly. This is to show you that the difference between wanting something and creating it are both part of a process. The intrinsic value of yourself is the defining point of convergence between the two, the sweet spot in the greater alchemy of creation.

Now on to understanding the ability to foresee combined with your gift of vision. Both of these are very similar and indeed overlap quite a bit. Here is the difference. The future is as malleable as sand, always changing and shifting. You cannot build anything concrete out of sand unless you add other elements, so too with the future. In order to manifest a vision of the future it needs to be shifted into the Now, the only place where physicality exists. To do this, begin imagining the Now differently.”

E: “Ok… I imagine money in my pocket to spend. I imagine paying my bills. I imagine finding a job, now. I imagine an income stream, now. I’m not sure if I have that right. They don’t have the emotional resonance as before. Hmmm?”

m: (Smile) “There is a “getting used to” the phrasing going on plus a un-sureness on your part to be asking for money directly. This should be embraced with full love of the energy form. Why should you feel ashamed of buying clothes that you need and food for your table? Why should feeling comfortable and without financial worry be a concern to you or anyone else? Is there not enough for all? To think otherwise is to put yourself in considering the judgment of others.”

E: “Yes. I am so blessed as is; I do feel a little guilty asking for more. How can I move past that?”

m: “Repeat after me. The ability to be financially stable and comfortable removes NOTHING from another’s energy stream.

The ability to be MORE is not so others can focus on their less-ness; it is to show the energy can be shifted.

The “star” can move for all but it will not without those willing and brave enough to lead the way.

I release all others’ opinions of myself.

I release all desires to be understood by others.

I am unique.

I am a creator.

I am myself, fully alive and in the present.

I have foreseen that I will be wealthy. That time is Now.

I have foreseen the security of financial growth. That time is Now.

I have foreseen my ability to create money, a home, a new state of financial independence and awareness. That time is Now.

I have foreseen my ability to shift EVERYTHING to create what I need in the moment. That time is Now.

I have foreseen the lack disappear from out lives. That time is Now.

I have foreseen the beginnings of a whole other lifestyle and exploration. That time is Now.

I have begun to wonder when it will happen. The time is Now.

The time is Now.

The time is Now.

The time is Now.

The time is Now.

The time is Now.

The time is Now.

The time is Now.

The time is Now.”

E:  “There is the emotion that I am looking for! Thank you. So I convert the vision/imagining into foresight?”

m: “Yes!  It is not enough to see what you want.  You must understand that it is a created reality that is available to you at will.  Foresight is seeing into the future.  You are creating what that future looks like.  You create the vision and bring it into the now by understanding that you KNOW you have foreseen the future.  Everything we gave you above you have been foreseeing for some time.  Now you know why.  It is already created.  To understand this on every level is to bring it into the Now.  Do not think that just because you are able to imagine that all will be revealed in an instant.  There is a beloved process to creating that involves the whole of not only humanity but ALL life.  The responsibility to All now lies before you.  Before you leap, consider and include the love of Everything in your desires.  All life is on this journey together and all life spirals through the evolution of the cosmos.  Do understand that the beginning of real true creation is not in a vacuum but will encompass all other life.  We do not say this to discourage you from what you have created but to show you that the Water’s of Time are vast and full of variety and beauty.  The ripple effect of what you create is alive in its beauty and malleability. Do you understand that all life feels each footstep as you walk?  Do you know that Everything looks to each one of you to create your dreams?  The spiral only expands when you do.  Foresee the future for All.  Know that it is Reality.”

Andromeda Rising



I have not had an interaction with an off-Earth Being in quite some time. All my learning and interaction for more than a year or so has been with myself. This has seemed perfectly natural as it showed me that all knowledge is within me. So imagine my surprise, when I was “imagining” stuff yesterday (see recent link here about Imagine) and the phrase, “Imagine bringing your Andromedan essence into your here and now and incorporating all that you know.” I almost let it slip by and float away into random thought-ville. Wait. What? Andromeda? The only thing I know about it is that it is a constellation. Right?  (Wrong.  In searching for an image for this post, I see that it is a Galaxy too.  Does it matter which?  No not at all.)  It is far too random to have floated through my thoughts without me checking it out. Here is what I got in a meditation with myself. Anything in parentheses is my explaining something unsaid farther.  Any underlining or italics are showing when a word or idea is stressed.


Esther: “Ok self, what is my connection with Andromeda?”

myself: “First let us congratulate you on your recent shift. (This is the very FIRST time that I have congratulated out of the gate. We must have rocked something big!) This is a significant step in allowing the light of All that Is to reside within you to a greater degree. As to Andromeda, that is where you were born, not as a Being but as a Galactic Being. This is where you first experienced the interconnectedness of All on a grander basis. You are timeless and have inhabited untold planets and stars in your existence, but the Andromeda energy is being activated in you at this time. Find your way to that lifetime…which stretched four thousand years or more.

(At this point I see stars rushing by. I am pulled in up close to one in particular. I am looped around it, very purposely making a complete circle around the outer face of it. I am looking for the lifetime that is here but my attention is not able to waver from the star. Instead of taking off for a planet or entering the star or who knows what, I am visually zoomed into “something” floating very very close to the surface of the star itself. I’m talking a comet would have been consumed/disintegrated already. I can’t quite make out what is floating but I suddenly find myself on a platform that is moving up and down gently, like a ship on the ocean. Standing beside me is a female. She is opaque-ish white-ish grey-ish with sparkles inside her body. She has no hair and slender with slightly longer neck and arms than us. She feels very she. I would also point out that sparkles for me mean a multidimensional experience is happening. The fact that the sparkles are inside her body and not in the air around her as she speaks, is interesting to me. I have seen sparkles on the outside surface of Beings but not inside before. I take her hand and it is like a combination of gel and energy, sorta there and not there. Super interesting. I’m thinking a conscious interdimentional Being? Also remember that everything can just be symbolic.)  She speaks…

Being: “Listen young one, there is much I can share with you. Do you want it all at once or in segments?”

E: “What is your recommendation?”

B: “I would recommend the merging of my experience with yours. It has already begun but this will strengthen the connection and give us more time to play with all that is entering you.”

E: “Can you explain that?”

B: “Yes, think of it this way. Do you see that star? (Pointing at the Very Huge one right in front of us. NOT hard to miss.) The ability to remain at this close distance is because we have merged our energies together. We are one and therefore my proximity is not an issue for me.”

E: “The fear of death is gone. There is only life.”

B: “Yes, you and I are already one. This merger is simply making my akashic records available to you and vice versa. And yes there is no fear here, only life.”

E: “How do I access your records?”

B: “Inside of you, written in the very DNA of your body, is everything you will ever need. It is here that the records are now available for you to peruse. Do not think that my abilities are any less precious to you than yours to mine. I know that you are concentrating now on Creation in the physical. This is a particular Knowing of mine. I will give you a few pointers at the moment.

The ability to draw something into physical reality is always going to be linked to your belief. This is a very important point. One can believe but then step out into society and falter. This is understandable for the ability of your society to understand what is possible is quite low. As their confidence grows with the witnessing of what is possible, (I see images of humans as a group being able to accomplish societal change.) so will this understanding shift within to reflect this maturation. In the mean time you must understand and utilize this knowledge without derailing yourself with the collectives understanding of how things work. My advice it to keep your thoughts centered on what you can Imagine. Do not go listening to the news or some such nonsense.

Find your ability to shift the status quo within. What does this look like? Picture if you will the night sky. It is always moving, not only around your small planet but everything you see is moving with you as space-time moves through you. Picture yourself shifting one star in that sky. Do you realize the profound effect this has on not only your world, but all others that can see that star as well? You often think of that line from The Hobbit regarding starlight. “It is memory, precious and pure.” (This is from the movie The Desolation of Smaug and is spoken by Tauriel, a non-Tolkien character invented for the movie.) This is true but not in the way you think. What if I told you that the starlight reflects back to your planet the memory of who they are in the moment? And shifting the memory of one star shifts the thoughts and feelings of who they remember to be. For that is all that you are at the moment, Beings acting on who they remember that they are. Find your abundance. Shift the star.”

The Telomeres on Examining the New Body

The Telomeres on Examining the New Body

Well friends, it looks as if our foundations have been built. The Telomeres are back already to tell us about what if possible now.


Esther: “Ok, Telomeres what have you got? You seem excited.”

Telomeres: “Yes, indeed! The beginning of something very new begins today!”

E: “What would that be?”

T: “Think back over your life so far. There are times of dealing with the unknown in the only way that humans know how, either by experiencing it or retreating from it. You have generally chose experience, even in the years before your awakening. This is not to say that everything has to be a direct experience but just being open to the unknown in your mind is enough to put you on that path.

What if there was another way of dealing with the unknown? What if you could examine the unknown before deciding to experience it?”

E: “How is that different from experiencing it?”

T: “Ah, the nitty gritty. Take this as an example. You are standing on a surface. You can see that it is smooth, not bumpy. You can see that it has color and if you bend close, perhaps a scent. You are aware that it is four feet by four feet. You cannot see how deep it is. You are sure that it is hard, for you are not sinking. If you bend down and touch it you can tell its temperature. These are all observations of the senses. They are all logical understandable human observations. They are all about experience and yet you still know jack shit about that platform. (SMILE)

Why are you standing on it?

Where are you?

What are you doing?

What does the platform do?

If it does something, how does it work?

Do you see now? Does it sound familiar? Is that not where humanity stands? Are you not, as a people, beginning to ask these very questions about EVERYTHING?

So, to take us back to the original question. What if there was another way? What if this body of yours could show you what it is capable of and you could choose what you wanted to experience, what you wanted to embody? I am telling you this because that possibility lies before you.”

E: “Can you explain how it works?”

T: “The path to conscious body creation lies along the entanglement of conscious thought with conscious activation. You have been telling your bodies, “Wake up! Wake up! Show me what I am capable of.” But so far the only place that most have known where to start is in healing the old. We say to you that ironically, focusing on healing the old creates the old again so that it can be healed. You are NEW now. The only old within you is memory. You cannot wipe memory away with will power. It only disappears when it ceases being remembered. Instead use it as contrast for the now.

For those in physical pain, really look at how you feel. We are not saying that you don’t feel pain. We are asking you to observe the differences between now and six months ago or a year ago or five or ten. There are differences. Become aware of these. What is your new body trying to tell you? You will be surprised by the answer. How much of the pain body is linked to habit? How much of the pain body is just assumed? How much of your physical existence is based on what was? What you see in yourselves is not always there. Start small. Catalogue the small differences. Now expand that out. Look at where there is no differences, and start working on those specific points of interest.

For those of you without pain issues, the experience is different. It is harder to see change when there is seemingly a static model. We tell you that is not true. Much change has been happening and now is the time to realize this. Look at your body. Has there been a change in your emotional connection to it? Has there been a perception shift? Are you still treating it as you did six months, a year or five or ten years ago? In most of your cases you have changed quite a few things through the years, some things for a short time and other things for longer. This cycling is normal in growth and awareness. Begin by examining the body you have now. What do you love about it? What are areas of concern?

The only way to affect change in the body is with love. You cannot starve or force or trick your body into sustained real cellular change.

So today’s beginning is based on the very core of what is available now. You have absorbed much throughout the year so far, and the year is young. (SMILE) Has it ever occurred to you that your current thoughts about your body are entangled with what is activated in your body? Entanglement is already an active body creating aspect. This is not new. What is new is the ability to interact with your body as a whole and as specific parts. Begin the conversations that are necessary. Why is the body there? How does it work? Why does it work like this? These questions change your concept of self. They change the conscious thought. With new thought you examine what is possible and entangle what you choose with your ability to change your body. Enjoy this new phase; it will bring you joy and growth.”

The Telomeres on Foundation for the Equinox

The Telomeres on Foundation for the Equinox

Here is a message from my Telomeres about the energies of the moment. This was given to me yesterday on 3/14/16.


Esther: “Dear Telomeres, do you have anything for me today?”

Telomeres: “Always. Today we will speak to you of change. The body has been involved in a rapid assimilation of energies lately. This affects everyone differently, but make no mistake, all are affected. The particular energies of the moment have a particular effect on the structural components of the body, both hard and soft tissue…the bones, muscles, tendons etcetera…anything that connects the separate parts of the body together. Feel into this for a moment. Why do you think this is going on at this time?”

E: “Hmmm, well, spring is a time of new growth…and you can’t have a new human with an old support system.”

T: “Bingo! A new house on an old foundation would never be considered a wise thing. As the Earth shifts around a foundation throughout its lifetime, the foundation weakens and looses its “integrity”. The same is happening in the new human. The structure is needing to change to keep up with the new you, which is keeping up with the New Gaia.”

E: “Are all of the Equinox energies concerned with the physical body?”

T: “No. And the Equinox energies have not begun yet. (Smile) These are the prelude to that opening of energies. Everything to come, needs the base that is being put in place now.”

E: “So can you tell us about the Equinox energies?”

T: “Certainly. Know that everything happening this month is for one reason only…to become the Light itself. The Way of the Light is an old term that was given to you a few years ago. It is used in regard to the fact that all energy travels on Light. In the physical you do not see this. Not only in regard to the world around you, but to the very cells that make up your body. So if you are already Light, how can you be more so? (Laughs) The answer is simple. You are turning up the wattage, so to speak. What does this do? It enables more information to be expressed in the Light. You will not only see a bigger picture but you will realize that you are in an art gallery surrounded by pictures. You will realize that not only are you an artist but that you have been all along. Everything in the art gallery is you. You created it, you lived it and now you can see it all. Beautiful, no? That is what the new human is doing, turning up the Light. Turning up the ALL that shines through them. And it cannot be done without changing the body physical to be that transmitter of MORE. Your heart is the light switch but your body is the light bulb.”

E: “Beautiful! Anything else you want to add?”

T: “Yes, one more thing. The acclimation to these new energies is not something to be taken lightly or too seriously. Your body KNOWS what to do. Support it with love and understanding. We caution you all to not become too mental about this process. Nothing is broken and nothing needs healing. You are not broken, only starting anew. The body is an Amazing thing. See it for the Wonder that it is instead of its perceived shortcomings.”



I have been wondering lately about how to create in the physical without imagining specific scenarios and outcomes, and therefore limiting myself to what is available energetically. During a meditation on the 10th, an answer was given that shone some light on this question. I know that there is more to it but right now it is a fabulous piece to the puzzle. Here is the conversation that I had with myself. I would like to point out that the big S, as in Higher Self, seems to have merged with the small s, as in the individual Esther, that I no longer feel using the big Self is accurate. I don’t know how to describe it except to say that the answers are coming more from within than before. That being said, the energy or the feel of the answers coming back has changed too. This is especially noticeable to me at the beginning where the language is not what I am use to. Haha… Let me tell you, the word brethren, is not the type of word that usually comes through for me. (SMILE)


Esther: “Ok self, it has been a bit of a ride lately. What are some of my possibilities now?”

myself: “First know that all is well, that you are loved deeply and the promise of a new age has come to pass. What does this mean for you? Many things. Lets speak of the energetics first. The sun, your great expander, has entered into a new relationship with you and your Earth brethren. This will bring about accelerated growth in all phases of your life. Know that your connection there, is constant and sure. (meaning the connection to the Sun) Also know that all the celestial bodies, those seen and unseen, are in alignment with this new relationship. What does this mean? The relationship between the planets and you the humans has always been symbiotic, now it is exemplary. It went from working together to showing the way. No longer do the celestial bodies find themselves tied to drama and intrigue, instead they are now guidance and role models of the way forward.

Now what of the physical? Ah, now you will really see the shift. We will speak of your life alone here. You have moved to a new energetic space and you will move again within the year. Why do you think this is? You can see the shift in generalities but we will give you more specifics. This current home is a stopping place to accrue energy and anchor into the new without limiting your potential. You are centrally located in the town. Are you not? You are meant to be in the middle, absorbing energy from the four directions. So what is available to you now? First know that the fabric of life is all-ways changing. That said, there will be some opportunities that will arise that are fairly certain to occur. Do you know that your presence in the state of Colorado has affected everything within it? This is true. A shuffling of energy has occurred since you arrived. You are frustrated with you efforts to manifest an income stream within your physical life. And yet you have been provided an income throughout this ordeal. You have placed an importance on a physical job and a traditional human income stream. Know that the options there are still aligning and that all will come together.”

E: “Is what my heart wants conflicting with my desire for a generous income stream?”

m: “No. The heart does not wish to suffer. The heart wants more.”

E: “It is hard for me to line up the desire for more financially with my desire for more expansion. Where is the conflict?”

m: “This is a common issue arising right now; how to balance your need and desire for growth with your desire to live a more comfortable physical life. The answer is easy. Do not put one above the other. Instead treat them as equals that fulfill the other.”

E: “Wow! Can you tell me more about that?”

s: “Yes. If your growth is tied to finances than both expand. If your finances are tied to finances than there is slow to no movement. If your growth it tied to growth, than it too accelerates at it own constant rate. But, link them together and an unusual thing happens. The molecules of each become entangled so that they both slingshot the other as they vibrate or spin. This is how other entangled energies work as well.”

E: “So how do I entangle them?”

s: “Begin by imagining that the desires of the physical, mainly money/home/comfort, are alongside the desires of the heart, mainly growth/joy/expansion/discovery. Now link them. (This was shown to me in two different visuals. The first was on an atomic level…I could either share molecules of each desire or have a magnetic attraction between the different molecules. I chose magnetics for my linkage. Second I was shown it as two sine waves traveling through space and time. When linked they travel together in the spiral, always responding to each other.)

E: “Thank you. I have found it hard to relax into “the waiting for”. I always think there is something I should be working on. Can you speak to me about this?”

s: “Yes. The desire to just Be is not a place that you have put your trust into for very long. This is tied to your physicalness as a being and to your experiences in the body thus for. Learning to just Be is a skill that flows from trust in the ALL but there is a misconception too. When you are in a state of Being, are you allowed to have doubts? Questions? Searches? New discoveries? Yes is the answer to all of those. The state of Being is not static and that understanding needs to change in your mind. Instead the state of Being is walking through life with your eyes wide open and ready to engage but your heart never goes into fear. This is the state of Being. It is not a static state of bliss, or trust. Instead it is an active state of trust with all that enfolds you as you experience life. Have your questions. Have your doubts and your ah ha’s. Do not have the fear.”

E: “So I have been in it more than I suspected?”

s: “Yes indeed. You have found many moments, some for days on end, which brought you to a Being state. You still have a little fear. Your greatest emotion to work with right now is love. Love the questions. Love the doubt. Do not drop into fear-creating when your emotions flare up. This doesn’t happen if you are not afraid. Did you know that you can be depressed and anxious without drowning in fear? The base emotion is the creating emotion.”

E: “I have felt very flat at times lately. (emotionally) Can you speak about that?”

s: “The ability to be joyful is tempered with the ability to be sad. You cannot always be high with joy and giggles, just as you cannot always be sad. The feeling of flatness is simply an in-between state. Experience it as it’s own and know that it changes as easily as the others do.”

E: “Thank you. Are there specific things I should concentrate on for creation in the physical? Or do I try to keep away from the specifics?”

s: “There are several things to point out here. First, yes concentrating on the specifics narrows the available outcomes. This can be used to achieve something very specific and is therefore not a detriment in that case. However the complexity of created reality is such that there are a lot of unknown and unimaginable options that you would rather have if you knew they existed. So how do you pull those to you without imagining? Tricky Tricky! Know this, the ability to broaden what manifests for you is simpler than it appears. Understand that the imagination is a powerful tool. You can use it to your advantage if you know how.

Can you imagine surprise and delight?

Can you imagine awe and being overjoyed?

Can you imagine tears of happiness?

Can you imagine the comfort of everything being taken care of?

Can you imagine everything falling into place?

Can you imagine your husband happy with the outcome as well?

Can you imagine that the new money stream just falls in your lap?

Can you imagine that your abilities and growth are reflected in that surprising turn of events?

Can you imagine that everything you wanted is coming true?

Can you imagine having it all?

Can you imagine that the beginning of this journey leads to an amazing end, which is really an amazing beginning?

Can you imagine that everything that has come through you is true?

Can you imagine that you never doubt again?

Can you imagine that the God that is you becomes so apparent that others see it too?

Can you imagine what walking through life as a Knowing Creator is like?

Can you imagine the joy and safety in knowing how to create at will?

Can you imagine a future that is not only stable but also generous in its ability to provide for your needs and wants?

Imagine it all.

Live it all.

It is one and the same.”



As a tiny example of imagining,… I was turning off the shower two days ago and noticed before I stepped out a single drop of water hanging on the showerhead. This is not something that I normally pay attention to, but on that day I put my hand out to catch it. It didn’t fall however. After a bit I began speaking to it, trying to coax it down into my hand. There was still no movement. I went inside it, saw it’s energetic and atomic structure and tried to show it the similar water makeup of my cells. There was no movement. Then I remembered the above instructions to imagine it. So I imagined the drop of water landing on my palm and felt the quiet happiness that the moment would bring to me. (For there is emotion attached to all of the imagine statements above…which I hope you can feel as you read them.) Immediately the drop fell…as did thirty or so other drops that came out of the inside of the showerhead. You should have heard my startled and happy laughter!

DEEPLY AWAKE CHANNELING By Kathy Vik “Switching Energetic Orientation” 3-9-16


I enjoyed this very much, not only for the physical body info that came through but also for the switch or flip as she calls it. At what turned out to be the end of my emotional flaring experience last week, I saw an image of myself pulling a lever and flipping my game board of life over. I have been pondering the image ever since.

Kathy Vik's Deeply Awake


Switching Energetic Orientation” 3-9-16

I am announcing, with this post, two new endeavors.

First, I am now going to write another volume of channeled work. It is time to let them discuss energetics, reality construction, physics and the implications. I am at peace with them needing to come through, and I find their information reliable, helpful, funny, enlightening and necessary, at present.

Secondly, I am announcing that I am now doing private and group channeling and readings. Please contact me at for details. Quick turn around time, reasonable rates, and I barter.

And, to explain, I channel a group who are The Council of Twelve.

And so to begin. WE are pleased the channel is again within our field consciously, and we wish to explain this mechanism further.

While it is true that channeling is an artificial separation, and…

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DEEPLY AWAKE COFFEE TALKS & CHANNELING By Kathy Vik “Final Preparations” 3-5-16


It has been a rough week for me…emotionally…all inside. This is so not my norm that I am floundering with it a bit or in some moments a lot. I am reminded that as a star is born it “eats” the energy that existed before. All the energy that is flaring up right now is being consumed. The following message is perfectly timed for me then. A reminder of my knowing and mastery. A repetition of a thought I had yesterday while I was deep in a flare. “WE caution you to not cling to anything. Allow the next few days to present themselves to you without your judgment or need to control outcome. Allow, allow, allow. Relax into the arms of All That Is.”

Kathy Vik's Deeply Awake


Final Preparations” 3-5-16

It’s time to talk. My time of reflection is, thankfully, over, for now.

I have been asking a central question for some time now. What do you do when the unthinkable happens? When the wall you’ve been careening toward, and you, make final impact. When the bottom falls out. When your very definition, by definition, must change. What then?

I drove away from a happy, loving, hope-giving event last night pondering quite a few things. What I had told my friend came back to me. I have spent the last 43 years within institution’s walls. I have been a part of the institutional mindset, and I have been part of that machine. For 43 years. At the bedside, firmly nestled in the bosom of the system.

And I realized, my words fresh and poking…

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