A New View of Free Radicals


Sounds like we are gonna get a little crazy with this post, hmmm?  Revolution in the streets!?  Only in your minds, my friends.  Just like my last meditation about Yoga, this time around I got far more than I was expecting.  I am loving the flow of information and the unexpected direction of it all.  Before I get knee-deep in it, I am going to mention a quick little tie in to a recent Telomeres meditation that I did.  I was cruising Facebook two days ago and saw that scientists have now detected gravity waves.  This is something that Einstein theorized one hundred years ago and is a big discovery.  Out of curiosity, I went back and checked my journal because I remember the Telomeres talking about wave energy.  Here is what I found.  “There is a relationship to the explosion of data regarding wave energy–examples include gravity waves, sine waves, reality waves, energetic transference waves–and the work that we are doing in the body.”  I will freely admit that I don’t have a clue about any of those waves listed except sine waves.  I even remember writing it out very slowly because I hadn’t heard of them before.  In no way did I think for a moment that perhaps they weren’t “discovered” yet.  So Weeeeeeeeeee, I am so excited by this confirmation.  (Even though I had no idea anything needed confirming.  hahaha)  I’ll take it!!!

So yesterday I sit down to talk to the Telomeres again.  My knees had been sore for a few days so that is where I started the conversation.  Any personal comments to lend clarification are in parenthesis.


Esther:  “Ok Telomeres, talk to me about my knees.”

Telomeres:  “The introduction of free radicals into the joints and tissue is what you are feeling now.”  (I couldn’t remember anything about free radicals except that they are linked to the skin.)

E:  “What are free radicals?”

T:  “They are micro particles that can lead to rejuvenation if they are utilized to their fullest potential.”

E:  “I think I have heard of them in relation to the skin.”

T:  “Yes, but that is not the only area where they can be of further use to you.  Imagine an army of tiny sun creatures that are not only cellular oriented but also multidimensional.  These beings have the ability to “radically” change their “working” environment to reflect the will of the collective whole of the body they are interacting with and through.”

E:  “So they reflect the will of the body and not the person?”

T:  “They reflect the will of the person when the body has become an active and reactive part of that person.  Meaning the body’s consciousness is acknowledged and partnered with in a continual energetic sharing and communal desire for change.”

E:  “So my knees are being youthified?”

T:  “Yes, there are many parts of the knee needing updating to the New You.  The knee is a flexible joint joining the lower leg and foot, which is representative of your connection to Gaia, with the upper leg and hips which are representative of your personal strength and mobility.  They need to be revitalized and enhanced to create the new connections that flow through your body.  Enjoy the ride. The first wave will last a few weeks.”

E:  “Is there anything I can do to assist?”

T:  “No. Stay in the moment.  Live life as if your body has no pain.  Know it will be so.”

(At this point I googled free radicals.  I found this brief description on Wikipedia:  ” A free radical is any atom or molecule that has a single unpaired electron in an outer shell.”  The article went on the discuss the theory of aging related to free radicals.  It also mentioned that this theory is controversial among scientists and it has even been shown in one study of earthworms, that increasing free radicals actually extended the average life span.)

E:  “So science’s concept of a free radical is incomplete?”

T:  “Yes, the missing electrons are simply in another energetic variance.  How they work is as follows.  First they are working across time…so to speak.  They are linking with the incarnation of you that carries the blueprint of your current accepted evolutionary code.  As that code is changes..how you view yourself changes, then the free radicals communicate across the energetic variance to bring that update to your current body.”  (At this point I see the black sassy boots of the lifetime that my current blueprint is in communication with.  I have seen this woman once before in meditation…and only remember her boots from that previous experience.  I know it is a female and she is in the future. 23rd century?)

E:  “What is the link with the sun?”

T:  “Ah, well everything travels on light waves, especially the free radicals.  They are attuned to the frequency of the solar codes in the “time” of the blueprint that you are resonating with.  So yes, they are linked to the sun as their power source, life force, it is an intrinsic part of their being.”

E:  “Is this related to my desire to be in the sun lately?”

T:  “Yes and no.  Firstly your need to be in the sun is to capture and download the solar codes of the now moment.  Secondly, the free radicals do love to be in the sun and are excited by its power but they are really full of the sun at a different variance. Picture the machine that you plug into the wall.  It’s energy that it uses has not been created in the wall; it flows to you from another source.”

E:  “Ok!  I got it.  Fascinating!”



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