Voids = the New You

Voids = the New You

Telomeres: “There is a beginning to each new phase. This beginning, which you are going through and almost completed with, is a time of silence. This can manifest in many ways and is frequently interpreted as sadness or at least the absence of strong desires. This is the void. It, oddly enough, is the place from where all new creations spring. Why? Because it is an energetic space that magnetically attracts the New that is available in the Now.”

Esther: “How does the sadness or null feelings affect the attraction?”

T: “They do not affect the attraction at all; this is predetermined by the previous choices and internal work that the individual has done. Where they do come into play is in the completion of the void or perhaps better said, the time it takes for you to walk out after the energies have been added. As you noticed with your own experience, you first noticed a sadness and heaviness. This is a combination of the old choices ending (sadness—as in saying goodbye to the old) and the void pulling in all the New (heaviness—think gravity well). Because you did not fight this but responded to your instinct to withdraw, this sadness turned to the Null feeling, as you have named it, the absence of strong desires, either up or down. You also noticed that time spent in direct sunlight felt right. Not good, for you still feel the Null in the sunlight, but a rightness. This is not only because a tremendous amount of the New is coming from the Solar codes but also because Gaia herself is releasing much of the New and to be out in the sunlight means you are out in Gaia’s energy as well. The heaviness of the gravity pull of information into your well, your void, is perhaps the easiest feeling to misinterpret, for this pulling affects all your muscle groups but especially your brain. That powerful muscle is being directly affected most of all, for it is the center of thought and ideas, concepts and epiphanies. So when your brain slows down and thoughts do not want to form, know that in reality it is because all excess energy is being utilized to gather and distribute the New.

And what is the New? It is all the possibilities that not only you, but also all of humanity has created. For what you do for yourself, you do for the collective as well. So you benefit from the work that someone half a world away, on another continent, has been doing and vice versa.

Do not be discouraged by these VOIDS. They are vital passages for all humans at this time. Everyone will have their own timetable in how long they remain in this absorption mode. Know that all is working perfectly as you have intended. Flow with the energies as much as you are able and don’t dwell on the perceived negative aspects of the experience. Enjoy the work that you have done and anticipate the unfolding of the New through the Being that is You.”

E: “Can you explain why you wanted to speak with me about this and not my higher Self?”

T: “Yes. We like this question. The obvious and easy answer is that the void is a very physical act. We, the Telomeres, as part of your physical body, are initiating this conversation to stress that although being in the Void feels very emotional and spiritually disruptive, in that your emotions and spiritual self understand (aka your image and feeling of your self) are most noticeable disrupted to the individual experiencing it; it is a very physical experience. The well that is filling with the New is your physical vessel. It is the very codes within your DNA that are accepting and downloading all this Newness. You physically empty yourself of the old and accept the magnetic attraction of the New. This is very tiring at times for it takes intense concentrations of energy. Listen to your body during these times. Does it just want bread and water? Vegetables and fruits? Or comfort food with lots of calories to burn? What is it asking for? A glass of wine? A spicy meal? A three-day fast? Only you will know. And it could change quickly and erratically. This stage is definitely the time to pamper yourself and respond to the desires of not only the stomach but the brain as well. Too much extra sensory stimuli? Turn off the electronics. Can’t focus on a book? Indulge in a mindless movie or stare out the window. There are no right or wrong answers, only listening to what you need in the moment.”

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  1. Thanks Esther, I love your Telomeres! 🙂 Still have to get used to quick and erratic changes concerning food … I’m a habitual eater. 😳 Are you able to adapt to changes in your body’s needs quickly, or do you also have to get used to it?

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    • Oh I have lots of food habits too! 😆 Mostly I take their advice to mean don’t freak out if your starving for two days and then everything sounds uninteresting the next. Or like how I have been getting heartburn for the past week but the only thing I get internal pictures of are more spicy food. I just eat what my body wants and take an antacid. Also carrots have been big lately. Raw carrots by the handful!
      I would say the biggest thing with me would be remembering to ask what my body wants. Since I have gotten better at that, I have noticed that I get less obvious cravings. Almost like my body wants me to do an internal check before I can say, oh yeah that sounds good.
      I have never had a craving for something that I do not like. But I tend to like pretty much all kinds of food so that might skew that a little bit. 😝

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      • Thanks for describing how it works for you, I understand it much better now. 🙂 I’ve been eating lots of carrots too, but now it’s time to switch … my body wants more juicy stuff, they say. 🙂 I still have a hangup about carrying heavy stuff, since I live on the 5th floor without an elevator, and the body said it wants lots of apples and stuff that is heavy to carry upstairs. 😉 Hope I will find a way to solve that problem … or a new apartment a bit lower down! lol

        BTW, can you ask your Telomeres about the difference between a heaviness that means you have to shed some emotional baggage, and the heaviness of the “gravity well” they were talking about? Not sure I would recognize what is what. Looking forward to your next conversation! 🙂

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        • Oh I’m thinking a new apartment is in order! Think about it, five flights…5=change! LOL
          As to your question, the gravity well heaviness is very much a physical sensation. You just feel weighted down muscle-wise. It is very linked in with the feeling of having no energy or no motivation to do anything. When you just want to lay around like a slug…do so. I hope that answers your question!

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