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A Reminder

A Reminder

Turning to my emotions as teachers has changed me more in the last year than I could have imagined!

The Creator Writings

In the course of your life, you will be given many opportunities to understand yourself as well as the humans around you and grow. Some of them may be so overwhelming you will not know what to do with

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A New View of Free Radicals


Sounds like we are gonna get a little crazy with this post, hmmm?  Revolution in the streets!?  Only in your minds, my friends.  Just like my last meditation about Yoga, this time around I got far more than I was expecting.  I am loving the flow of information and the unexpected direction of it all.  Before I get knee-deep in it, I am going to mention a quick little tie in to a recent Telomeres meditation that I did.  I was cruising Facebook two days ago and saw that scientists have now detected gravity waves.  This is something that Einstein theorized one hundred years ago and is a big discovery.  Out of curiosity, I went back and checked my journal because I remember the Telomeres talking about wave energy.  Here is what I found.  “There is a relationship to the explosion of data regarding wave energy–examples include gravity waves, sine waves, reality waves, energetic transference waves–and the work that we are doing in the body.”  I will freely admit that I don’t have a clue about any of those waves listed except sine waves.  I even remember writing it out very slowly because I hadn’t heard of them before.  In no way did I think for a moment that perhaps they weren’t “discovered” yet.  So Weeeeeeeeeee, I am so excited by this confirmation.  (Even though I had no idea anything needed confirming.  hahaha)  I’ll take it!!!

So yesterday I sit down to talk to the Telomeres again.  My knees had been sore for a few days so that is where I started the conversation.  Any personal comments to lend clarification are in parenthesis.


Esther:  “Ok Telomeres, talk to me about my knees.”

Telomeres:  “The introduction of free radicals into the joints and tissue is what you are feeling now.”  (I couldn’t remember anything about free radicals except that they are linked to the skin.)

E:  “What are free radicals?”

T:  “They are micro particles that can lead to rejuvenation if they are utilized to their fullest potential.”

E:  “I think I have heard of them in relation to the skin.”

T:  “Yes, but that is not the only area where they can be of further use to you.  Imagine an army of tiny sun creatures that are not only cellular oriented but also multidimensional.  These beings have the ability to “radically” change their “working” environment to reflect the will of the collective whole of the body they are interacting with and through.”

E:  “So they reflect the will of the body and not the person?”

T:  “They reflect the will of the person when the body has become an active and reactive part of that person.  Meaning the body’s consciousness is acknowledged and partnered with in a continual energetic sharing and communal desire for change.”

E:  “So my knees are being youthified?”

T:  “Yes, there are many parts of the knee needing updating to the New You.  The knee is a flexible joint joining the lower leg and foot, which is representative of your connection to Gaia, with the upper leg and hips which are representative of your personal strength and mobility.  They need to be revitalized and enhanced to create the new connections that flow through your body.  Enjoy the ride. The first wave will last a few weeks.”

E:  “Is there anything I can do to assist?”

T:  “No. Stay in the moment.  Live life as if your body has no pain.  Know it will be so.”

(At this point I googled free radicals.  I found this brief description on Wikipedia:  ” A free radical is any atom or molecule that has a single unpaired electron in an outer shell.”  The article went on the discuss the theory of aging related to free radicals.  It also mentioned that this theory is controversial among scientists and it has even been shown in one study of earthworms, that increasing free radicals actually extended the average life span.)

E:  “So science’s concept of a free radical is incomplete?”

T:  “Yes, the missing electrons are simply in another energetic variance.  How they work is as follows.  First they are working across time…so to speak.  They are linking with the incarnation of you that carries the blueprint of your current accepted evolutionary code.  As that code is you view yourself changes, then the free radicals communicate across the energetic variance to bring that update to your current body.”  (At this point I see the black sassy boots of the lifetime that my current blueprint is in communication with.  I have seen this woman once before in meditation…and only remember her boots from that previous experience.  I know it is a female and she is in the future. 23rd century?)

E:  “What is the link with the sun?”

T:  “Ah, well everything travels on light waves, especially the free radicals.  They are attuned to the frequency of the solar codes in the “time” of the blueprint that you are resonating with.  So yes, they are linked to the sun as their power source, life force, it is an intrinsic part of their being.”

E:  “Is this related to my desire to be in the sun lately?”

T:  “Yes and no.  Firstly your need to be in the sun is to capture and download the solar codes of the now moment.  Secondly, the free radicals do love to be in the sun and are excited by its power but they are really full of the sun at a different variance. Picture the machine that you plug into the wall.  It’s energy that it uses has not been created in the wall; it flows to you from another source.”

E:  “Ok!  I got it.  Fascinating!”



My Introduction to Yoga


I saw a video on Facebook yesterday about Dana Falsetti, who is a plus sized yoga instructor.  The most impressive thing about this beautiful woman is her reason for doing yoga.  She does not do it to get in shape or to lose weight or anything like that.  She says that yoga is the only thing that makes her feel like herself.  Self Love!!  I know very little about yoga and have never learned it.  I was so impressed by this amazing woman and her ability to achieve advanced positions.  I decided to ask my body about Yoga.  I got more than I was expecting.  I have put all the visuals that I got in parentheses.  Thanks to my friend Gina I checked out the colors associated with what I received.  These colors are simply a symbol to me of another layer of information about the action taking place.

Esther:  “Ok Body, tell me about Yoga.”

Body:  “There are several streams of –for lack of a better word–information, that the body encounters and takes advantage of during Yoga poses.  The 1st stream enters the body through the head.  This stream is the Life Force Stream, meaning it IS the continual data stream that updates the body on physical choice evolution.  (It enters the crown of the head in a 3D sine wave form, otherwise known as a spiral.  This travels down through the trunk of the body turning at the root chakra and weaving its way back up and out of the body.  This stream is white which is the color of pure intent, intent with no agenda or expectations.  It is also sparkly which means that there is a multidimensional experience happening.  See Color Code here.)

The 2nd is the stream that crosses the body at the midriff.  This is the Unity Stream.  This holds the back and forth between your individual body and the collective human whole.  (At the waist there is a spiral of energy traveling through from front of the body to the back.  After it passes through the body it divides into smaller spirals.  This spiral the color red which is the color of forward action, interested passion, and purposeful creating.)

The 3rd is through the third eye.  This is the Universal Stream and is the access through the body to the interaction with All that Is.  (A spiral enters from the front of the forehead and ends in the “processing center” in the middle of the brain.  It doesn’t really end, it is converted there.  This spiral is violet which is the color of enhancement, of growth and renewal.  It is also sparkly.)

The 4th is the infusion of Earth energy through the soles of the feet.  This is the Planetary stream and is the feedback loop between you and Gaia.  (I see this as a Y of energy that branches below the feet with the energy flowing in a spiral both upward and downward.  It goes up into the right foot and travels through the right leg, bends at the root chakra and spirals down the left leg.  It flows out of the left foot where it continues down to and then spirals around the upward flowing energy.  The energy flowing into the right foot is yellow which is the color of Beginnings; it features the purity of finding your way with intent and benevolent interest.  By the time it has reached the left foot it has slowly changed to orange which is the color of Being full; content with one’s self, a color of radiant confidence.  Where it rejoins the energy that divides and flows into the right leg, the color is brown flowing in both directions. Brown is the color of the Earth energy, full of life and the wisdom therein.)

The 5th is the dual energy stream attracted to both of your palms.  This is the Stream of Intent and Action.  These are a conglomeration of both your individual and soul energy.  (A spiral enters the back of each hand and comes out on the palm as a glowing orangey half sphere.  Symbolically orange is the color of Being full; content with one’s self, a color of radiant confidence.  The color that enters the back of the hands is grey, which is a mix of black and white, and symbolizes the mixing of endless possibilities with pure intent.)

The 6th is the Word Stream.  This contains the sound codes of the move itself.  ( I see a spiral that flows up from the heart, through the esophagus and out through the mouth. This energy is white which is the color of pure intent, intent with no agenda or expectations.)

The 7th is the key to understanding why each pose is as it is or perhaps better said, what it is capable of.  The seventh stream is the Unified Whole Stream.  This is the stream that is created by the puzzle pieces of the others. (Visually this looks like a large hourglass shaped spiral.  The human is standing in the narrowed part, which encompasses the whole body.  The energy is open and extends both upward and outward  and downward and outward.  It is the color blue which is the color of Mother energy, fertility and growth and the bringing of life.)”

(I was then told to get on my phone and search for yoga poses and see which came up first.  I got Down Dog or Downward Facing Dog.  And I didn’t even know the name of it until I searched further. Haha Yes, total newbie!)

Downward Facing Dog

Here is what I got to illustrate each stream with this specific pose.  “The Life Force (crown) is aligned with Planetary Focus. The Unity Stream (midriff) is elevated, opening sharing to new heights.    The Universal Stream (third eye) is Earth Based.  The Planetary Stream (feet) is set.  The Stream of Intent and Action (hands) are grounded.  The Word Stream is the sound La (short a sound).  The Unified Whole Stream is as follows.  Energetically Down Dog is a position of communion with the whole of humanity from the point of view of the Planet Earth.”

Next random search revealed the Lotus Position.

lotus position

“The Life Force Stream (crown) is open and receptive for pollination, asking for more.  The Unity Stream (midriff) is open and receptive to share and receive.  The Universal Stream (third eye) is focused on the future and the possibilities inherent therein. The Planetary Stream (feet) alignment is brought up into the core.  The Stream of Intent and Action (hands) in mudra form is holding a focus of pure intent.  The Word Stream is Da (long a sound).  The Unified Whole Steam is as follows.  This position is the gathering of All that Is, both above and below–Source and Gaia.  Energy is brought into the body and focused through pure intent on All the Possibilities of what can Be and sharing that with all of Humanity.  Notice that all streams are close together creating a focussed and powerful energetic movement.”  No wonder this position is so popular for meditation!

The final search of the day revealed the Triangle Pose.

Triangle Pose

“The Life Force Stream (crown) is receptive of balance.  The Unity Stream (midriff) is open and sharing while stretching the perceived limitations of the collective.  The Universal Stream (third eye) focuses on Source.  The Planetary Stream (feet) is firm and wide open, receiving and sending.  The Stream of Intent and Action (hands) both Reaches for more from All That Is and embeds what is received into Gaia.  The Word Stream is the sound Fa (short a sound).  The Unified Whole Stream is as follows.  This pose opens the communication and sharing to maximum flow.  Energy is flowing through you from above and below (Source and Gaia), this is openly shared with Humanity as a whole.  Balance and strength of Intent are the focus for the flow is swift.”

This is all very fascinating to me.  Basically from my point of view, each pose or posture is a meditation.  Each can bring in a different experience for the performer.  They are like little snapshots of energy.  I also got an image of Julie Andrews in Sound of Music singing “Do-Re-Mi”.  Meaning that each sound of each move makes a song when combined with other moves, creating another Unified Whole Stream.  I asked my body if it wanted me to start Yoga.  I got back, “I don’t care as long as the exercise you choose brings you joy.  If there is not pleasure in the experience itself than it is rather a moot point.”  Ahhh, gotta love that!  Experiment time is coming!

Voids = the New You

Voids = the New You

Telomeres: “There is a beginning to each new phase. This beginning, which you are going through and almost completed with, is a time of silence. This can manifest in many ways and is frequently interpreted as sadness or at least the absence of strong desires. This is the void. It, oddly enough, is the place from where all new creations spring. Why? Because it is an energetic space that magnetically attracts the New that is available in the Now.”

Esther: “How does the sadness or null feelings affect the attraction?”

T: “They do not affect the attraction at all; this is predetermined by the previous choices and internal work that the individual has done. Where they do come into play is in the completion of the void or perhaps better said, the time it takes for you to walk out after the energies have been added. As you noticed with your own experience, you first noticed a sadness and heaviness. This is a combination of the old choices ending (sadness—as in saying goodbye to the old) and the void pulling in all the New (heaviness—think gravity well). Because you did not fight this but responded to your instinct to withdraw, this sadness turned to the Null feeling, as you have named it, the absence of strong desires, either up or down. You also noticed that time spent in direct sunlight felt right. Not good, for you still feel the Null in the sunlight, but a rightness. This is not only because a tremendous amount of the New is coming from the Solar codes but also because Gaia herself is releasing much of the New and to be out in the sunlight means you are out in Gaia’s energy as well. The heaviness of the gravity pull of information into your well, your void, is perhaps the easiest feeling to misinterpret, for this pulling affects all your muscle groups but especially your brain. That powerful muscle is being directly affected most of all, for it is the center of thought and ideas, concepts and epiphanies. So when your brain slows down and thoughts do not want to form, know that in reality it is because all excess energy is being utilized to gather and distribute the New.

And what is the New? It is all the possibilities that not only you, but also all of humanity has created. For what you do for yourself, you do for the collective as well. So you benefit from the work that someone half a world away, on another continent, has been doing and vice versa.

Do not be discouraged by these VOIDS. They are vital passages for all humans at this time. Everyone will have their own timetable in how long they remain in this absorption mode. Know that all is working perfectly as you have intended. Flow with the energies as much as you are able and don’t dwell on the perceived negative aspects of the experience. Enjoy the work that you have done and anticipate the unfolding of the New through the Being that is You.”

E: “Can you explain why you wanted to speak with me about this and not my higher Self?”

T: “Yes. We like this question. The obvious and easy answer is that the void is a very physical act. We, the Telomeres, as part of your physical body, are initiating this conversation to stress that although being in the Void feels very emotional and spiritually disruptive, in that your emotions and spiritual self understand (aka your image and feeling of your self) are most noticeable disrupted to the individual experiencing it; it is a very physical experience. The well that is filling with the New is your physical vessel. It is the very codes within your DNA that are accepting and downloading all this Newness. You physically empty yourself of the old and accept the magnetic attraction of the New. This is very tiring at times for it takes intense concentrations of energy. Listen to your body during these times. Does it just want bread and water? Vegetables and fruits? Or comfort food with lots of calories to burn? What is it asking for? A glass of wine? A spicy meal? A three-day fast? Only you will know. And it could change quickly and erratically. This stage is definitely the time to pamper yourself and respond to the desires of not only the stomach but the brain as well. Too much extra sensory stimuli? Turn off the electronics. Can’t focus on a book? Indulge in a mindless movie or stare out the window. There are no right or wrong answers, only listening to what you need in the moment.”