The Waves of Creation and Magic

The Waves of Creation and Magic

Message from My Telomeres on 1/14/16

Telomeres:  “There is a relationship to the explosion of data regarding wave energy–examples include gravity waves, sine waves, reality waves, energetic transference waves–and the work that we are doing in the body.  As you already experienced, the work that was done in your musculature of the arms and shoulders was done in waves.  Not only in regard to the location but also in regard to the time of day and the intensity of the experience.  What is the advantage of wave energy?  The highs and lows or the troughs and peaks both have their own advantage that increases the potency  of the other.  The apex of the wave would not be nearly as effective if there was not the trough.  It is during the trough that assimilation occurs, that the magic happens.  Guess what happens at the peak?”

Esther:  “The Download?”

T:  “Yes, the beginning and the end.  The moment of creation.”

E:  “So explain why it is continual and the difference with each creation peak?”

T:  “It is continual because energy is never still.  Even something that you would perceive as “not doing anything” is in fact still on a continual expression of movement and life.  As to what the difference is between each peak, that is up to you–the creator.  If you wish, through either lack of knowledge of what is possible or fear of what is possible, you can receive the same downloads/creations with each peak movement of the wave.  If however you are continually choosing a new creation, then with every peak that is what you get.  This is why we have also told you that you can control the pace of your evolution.  If it is too intense, slow down the downloads of New Creations.  Then when you feel comfortable, welcome them again.  These waves of energy are encountering and interacting with your body constantly.  They come from all over the universes, from the Great Solar Sun and beyond.  They also come from everything around you.  You Are a woven tapestry of energetic waves.  You are a wave yourself that interacts back with everything else.  While this may sound overwhelming to some, know that this is your natural state whether you are human or not.

So back to body changes.  What is really happening is that the wave signatures are changing, per you request.  And since all the waves within you make up a singular wave form that is you, then all the rest of you is modified by one wave changing.  Do you see now?  That is the power of Thought!  A new thought has a cascade effect through out your entire being.  And when your wave changes, it also changes everything that you are in constant interaction with.  That is how what you do for yourself affects the ALL.  Wave energy in motion!”



In reference to the muscle changes in my arms and shoulders, I started feeling that shortly after I started talking to my Telomeres.  It lasted a least a week and I first noticed discomfort in my right arm and then my left arm joined in.  I would have periods of time where it would feel like I had sprained my wrist but I still had muscle strength.  For example I could still use it to lift things and walk the dogs but it was sore.  The feeling would only last about an hour on my wrists but days later when the uncomfortableness had moved up to my upper arms and shoulders the feelings would stay with me for several hours.  Some days it would not leave, instead it would become more intense for a while and then fade to where I wasn’t frequently aware of it.  The back of my shoulder blades were the last region and lasted the longest but with less intensity than the upper arms.  As I thought about it, after getting this message, I could see that each muscle group had it’s own wave length.  I was also more uncomfortable during the night than during the day.  When I asked about it…during the experience…before I received the above message, I was told that the aching was caused by the fact that my new enhanced musculature needed more blood flow and oxygen.  The aching is the body adjusting and balancing that out to the new.  I asked what I could do and was told to drink lots of fluids and picture my body as “attracting” oxygen.  Since I am moving less at night while I sleep I needed to set the intent for “ease of movement for the fluids in my body”.  I also would picture oxygen molecules being magnetically attracted to my whole body, not just my lungs.  After all they say, “Your skin breathes.”  I asked what enhancements my muscles now had and was told, “less fatigue, less cramping, more flexibility, and smooth strands that make up the directional alignment of the muscle groups.”  BUT I must create this flexibility etc. through action.  What good are enhanced muscles if you never stretch them?  This is just a synopsis of my experience and not something that you will all experience the same way.  Yeah for unique and individualized bodies!

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  1. A lot of what you say makes sense to me, Esther, though it is possibly not FOR me, in every sense. At Drama College we studied the then popular Stanislavski Method, which promulgated proportionality of action as originating in the body centre, and the union of physical and sensate relaxation. Stanislavski pointed to the sleeping cat as exemplar of relaxation. Every part of its body is relaxed, every bone and muscle touches the floor in equal proportion. I was taught to free out my muscles in the same way, but also reminded that every function has to be funded by oxygen, Everything starts with the lungs, and the ability to achieve a complete breathing rhythm. We also had to learn to fill all of our lungs. Most people breathe with only a third of their true lung capacity.

    From this platform it was easy to move into Yoga, and learn the control of my heartbeat and hence metabolism through the complete breath, I learned how it was possible to achieve a semblance of trance state by slowing the heart. These are things I was grateful to embrace in their time, but I have left them behind me now. Sorry, I am not sure of the value of these observations: I merely offer them as a means to explain.

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    • No Frederick, they are very valuable and totally fascinating to me. I have never learned any of the breath work stuff…yoga or otherwise. Reading your memories I can see that it would be valuable to add. I have a new friend who is a Yogi and she has led our little meditation group through different specific meditations. I can feel that what we are doing is energeticly changing me as I do it, even though I am quite sure that I am not doing it correctly…or should I say fully. I had no idea that we use so little lung capacity! It is bringing to mind that we don’t fully use our brain as well. Oh, the possibilities!!!

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  2. I am fascinated by the info in this sharing! I just love how we all get different parts of the puzzle to share and understand. On a side note…I am following your blog on wordpress, yet it doesn’t show on my reader…strange.

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    • I too love that we get different puzzle pieces! Makes life far more interesting and surprising. I wish I had some advice on your WordPress issue but alas I lack all but the most basic of technical know how.


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