A Human Re-claiming

A Human Re-claiming

I read this channel yesterday morning from The Council through Ron Head.  It really grabbed me and I dropped into meditation to see if I needed to explore this Abandonment from God issue.  This post will be an example of how easy it is to take someone’s writing and sharing and create your own growth and adventure.

Esther:  “Higher Self, is there abandonment from God issues that I need to acknowledge?”

Higher Self:  “Humanity is fraught with this.  The very nature of being human means that there is a separation from God, from the Creation of ALL.  There is a part of you that remembers the separation that occurred, of your own free will of course.  But there is no denying the sorrow, pain and fear that this caused as you entered physical life.  Go within and see that moment.  A great ripping away from the ALL, from your own Knowledge, and Knowing, from the Constant Connection and Communication with ALL.  This causes a great loneliness that affects many.  We all feel the loss on some level for there is still a connection that is shared by ALL.”

E:  “What do I need to do?”

H.S. “Go back and re-attach what was severed.”

I stopped writing at this point and will now describe what I experienced.  I saw the severing visually as a big Nebula with the energy exploding outward and ripping away from a small piece of light (Me).  I took the small piece of light and brought it back to the Nebula.  I do not remember my words exactly but I felt I should say something. The Word is sacred, as they say. To the best of my ability, this is what I remember saying.   “Even though I am human now, I reconnect to the ALL.  I re-claim the constant Connection and Communication to ALL, communication in all forms.  I am my Knowing.  I am Love.  I am You (speaking to the ALL) and You are Me.”  As I spoke I was swallowed and surrounded by the energy of the Nebula, pink and orange colors were predominate in my vision.  Orange is the color of Being full; content with one’s self, a color of radiant confidence. (My Color code is here.)  Pink is the color of love, both personal and universal.

Then part of the Nebula formed the shape of a great hand which wrapped around me and brought me up to a figure, also formed from the Nebula.  A male voice asked, “Are you ready then?”  I asked, “For what?” (Since I like specifics! LOL)  He laughed a rumble that vibrated through me and said, “For the ALL.”  I said,  “I think so, or if I am not then I will figure it out.”  I paused and then said, “Or maybe I should have just said Yes?”  He smiled and brought our foreheads together and said, “Both answers are correct.”

Then I was released from his grip and saw myself go downward through space until I came to the Earth.  I stood up on her as if she was the size of a beach ball.  Then I saw myself crouch down and stirred the ground beside me.  It instantly became a liquid silver pool.  I had a Knowing that the pool was A Well of Souls. I reached down with one arm through the surface of the pool and pulled up someone and then another and another and another etc.  I placed each upon the Earth.  They were all the color of the Well, silver.  Silver is the color of fusion of soul and physical incarnate, the two working as one. My view was pulled back and I saw a continual line of people walking up my arm across my shoulders and down my other arm and onto the planet.  I then saw that I was wearing a black hat, like a fedora.  I saw myself reach up and take it off.  There was no top to my head, no top of my skull.  Instead I could see light emanating from where my brain would be and going up into the night sky.


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  1. What a great experience! I learn so much from your journeys, your courage and curiosity. It gives me courage, strength, curiosity, and really just removes a lot of fear, the “I can’ts” and gives me more of the “I can’s”. Sat Nam Ji
    And, thanks Esther!

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