Emotional Fertilizer, Flight and a Quantum Antenna

Emotional Fertilizer, Flight and a Quantum Antenna

As promised, here is My Telomeres speaking to me about Flight and a bit more…plus an extra tidbit just for you…a dream.  Anything in parentheses is me hoping to clarify something.


Telomeres:  “Let us go back to discussing “the beginning”.  The beginning is when a thought is formed that creates a new possibility into your created field of life.  When this thought forms, two things happen.  First “the creation” happens.  The energy is formed much like an ovum or an egg.  Next the emotion of the creator fertilizes that egg.  So there is that creation, fully formed, and created in your field of life.  What happens next is purely up to the individual.  Even if no attention is ever given to it, “the creation” is now LIVE.  (Live as in a Live Broadcast or “We are going to so and so now live in the field.” Basically something that is in Action Now in the created field of life…which has no timeline remember.)  Perhaps too much attention is given to it.  Attention frequently contains lots of emotion.  This emotion is absorbed by the creation at every juncture.  Meaning that the difference in your core emotion switches out, so to speak, the sperm that fertilizes that egg.  The core emotion is how you really feel in your heart about something.  It does not include the day-to-day emotional inconsistencies that a human processes as they go through their created day.  This has been described to you as the light of the sun (sun = core emotion), which does not disappear from the sky on a cloudy day (cloudy day = day to day emotional living).  It still shines on the other side of the clouds as a constant.  So yes, the emotional fertilizer is easily changed by any inner work that a human chooses to walk forward into and complete.

We said we would speak to you of Flight this morning and it now comes into play.  Flight gives you the ability, through total trust, to access creations in your “future”.  Remember there is no timeline in your created field of life.  So say the future You has fertilized a specific creation in a way that you have not conceived of yet, you can bring that into your now without having to figure out how you did it.  What is the advantage of this?  Accelerated growth of course.  Will you miss out on important learnings and understandings?  No! For what do you think arrives with that creation into your Now reality?  The Knowledge that created it of course, a download, an epiphany, an understanding…or two or three.  There is never a time that you would “miss out” on the important knowledge and growth that would have led you to the creation.  Finally, now is the time to begin using your Flight skills, for the creation of this New World needs all the “fast tracking” that you all can give it.  When a star is in a state of expansion it wants to keep expanding, faster and faster.  It does not want to expand by fits and bursts.  You are the Star and you create the Stars as well.  Expand and we expand with you.  You are The Creator.  We are the Created.  So much is possible that you can not even imagine at this time.  Let your heart tell you where to fly.”

I received the above message yesterday and I had the following dream last night.

In my dream I was in the future with people who I have known in this life, who are scientists. There were also others there that I didn’t recognize.  It was a reunion of sorts going on.  I was greeting people and hugging and talking.  We were all on some sort of containers in space.  I hesitate to say ships because they looked more like homes or buildings.  There was a small cluster of these structures floating close to each other out in the blackness of space.  There were also a number of people who didn’t need to be inside these structures…they looked human but didn’t need to breathe air.  I knew that they were what I would call in this life a robot.  There was this “quantum antenna” that nobody could figure out and so they had “given it to the children”.   (Ha ha yep I love that I remembered that!) I took it because I didn’t want it to get broken (Ha ha ha! I even have Mom brain when I dream!), and was looking at it.  It looked like a collapsible umbrella with a cut clear glass doorknob somewhere in the top part of it.  I figured out that emotion turned it on and started it spinning slowly which expanded the parts of it outward into a shape similar to a columnar light shade.  The faceted clear “glass doorknob” turned a light blue.  Blue is the color of Mother energy, fertility and growth and the bringing of life.  (Click here for my current color code.)  I knew that once I figured it out fully that the quantum antenna would spin really fast and energy would be created. (Yeah for remembering dreams!!!)


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