Within You

Within You

Here is the lovely nugget from my Telomeres today!  Thank you Body of Mine!

Telomeres:  “There is a beginning and there is an end and they are the same moment.  It is only the human mind–that perceives the passage of time– that considers the passage of time between two points.  When something is chosen, will it happen instantly?  Yes.  Will it appear instantly?  No, usually not.  Why is this?  Because there is no time on the energetic side of things.  There is only time in the creation of the mind.  So how do you “hop” through “time” and “capture” that moment of manifestation in the physical and bring it into your Now moment?  To begin, you must KNOW that what you have created DOES exist, not only in your energetic field of possibilities but in the actual physical.  This knowing must come from the heart.  A total trust in the absolute fact that the creation exists inside you.  We say inside you, for you are your field of life.  You are your created reality, both physical and energetic.   When you Reach for something, do not reach outside yourself–unless you absolutely understand that everything outside yourself IS you–instead reach within.  Ah, yes!  Lightbulbs for some!  Feel that energy of “the created” within you.  Open the door to it and walk yourself “into” it.  That is different, is it not?  You submerge yourself in the energy of “the creation” instead of pulling it back toward you.  You are the one who “hops”.  You skip the perceived waiting time and enter the Now of that energy, which is not on a “timeline”, by the way.  Picture your energy field as a three-dimensional field of stars.  They are all lit, some more bright than others depending on your own choices.  But everything is alive and glowing NOW.  This is the beginning of truly using Reach.  We will expand upon using your Flight gifts tomorrow. As for now, go in and Reach.”

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