Do You Know What You Are Capable Of?

Do You Know What You Are Capable Of?

Greetings and Happy New Year to you all!  It promises to be a very interesting year if my experiences of the last week are any indication.  Some of you know that I spent a good portion of last year talking to my body.  Surprise!  My body talked right back.  Click here to read the amazing conversation I had with my body about Menopause.  I have been enjoying my “new” relationship with my body.  I check in every once in a while,  “What do you want to eat?  Do you want to workout today?”.  The questions and conversations I have are usually short and do not require “going into” meditation for.  Sometimes I do drop in when I am feeling “out of sort”…a lovely phrase which covers a multitude of blahs, from crabbiness to headaches to fever.  At that point I just am looking for a visual of what is going on energetically with my body.  I will stress that I am NOT looking for anything that is wrong. I am simply checking to see how the Universe and all its amazing energy is being processed through me at that moment.  This often creates a happiness that makes the “out of sorts” far more easy to BE in.

So on Christmas night I had a dream.  I remember that as I tried to go to sleep I felt uncomfortably full.  I attributed this to the delicious family feast that I had just eaten…even though the feeling hadn’t started until a number of hours after the meal.  I was so uncomfortable that it took some time to get to sleep and I slept rather fitfully.  Lucky for me I remember the dream that eased my body symptoms.  I dreamed that I had adult twin brothers (as in twins to each other but not to me…we were not triplets).  My dream was not lucid, for while I have a number of brothers in the physical, none of them are twins…and this did not occur to me or seem at all odd in the dream.  One of the twins merged with my body.  In the dream I remember thinking that I was birthing him even though the energies were not “birth-like”.  I remember him being absorbed into my chest and the energies pushing down through my body and down the legs…there was nothing vaginal about it.  And he never left my body.  But we are going to stick with the birth word because we know better than to throw out a dream impression based on “physical life experience”.  The next memory that I have is of a dashed white line of energy in the shape of a big X laid over the front of my body, the top points of the X where on my shoulders and the lines crossed each other on my chest and then continued down the opposite leg.  As I woke up I could still see that white X and as I widened my vision on it I saw my X standing shoulder to should with other X’s.

I was quite mystified with this dream.  So I popped a synopsis to my friends M and J and waited.  M came back with, “I’m getting X chromosomes.”  WHAT????  Now I couldn’t even remember if X chromosomes where male or female.  Who has the Y?  My days in biology class are long ago.  Well, after a google recon, both males and females have X chromosomes…the males have one X and one Y.  (Why?  Don’t women ask more questions? Hehe..)  So why the hell am I dreaming about chromosomes…if that in deed is what the dream is about?  I didn’t have time to sit down for a proper Q & A until later that day.  Here is an excerpt.  Please remember that many dreams like meditation are symbolic.

Esther:  “Can you tell me about last night’s experience?”  (Speaking to my Higher Self…the Big Me…the part of me that KNOWS…)

Self:  “Ok, to begin the twin energy is indeed DNA related.  You already have/had one expression, now it has switched to the other.”

E:  “In what ways am I different?”

S:  “First off, the biggest changes will be reflected in your abilities and such.  There will be physical changes too, mostly to do with the ability to process food and drink.”

E:  “Why did they represent as male and brothers?”

S:  “Male, as you have guessed, brings the action of created reality into play.  As to the brother’s part, we wished to show the closeness in relationship between the old and the new.  All fraternal twins are very similar in appearance but not on the genetic level.  They both have their own set of blueprints, their own journeys.  Your journey had already shifted.  This was simply a cementing of that on another level.”

E:  “Anything else you would like to add?”

S:  “Yes.  Begin at once to cultivate the new you.  Speak to your cells.  Ask them to come to the fore.  Tell them you are ready.  Find the new pieces that resonate with you.  Put them together and find the picture that is there.”


After that enigmatic sign off, I looked up chromosomes again.  I found Chromosomal crossover.  According to Wikipedia…

Chromosomal crossover (or crossing over) is the exchange of genetic material between homologous chromosomes that results in recombinant chromosomes during sexual reproduction. It is one of the final phases of genetic recombination, which occurs in the pachytene stage of prophase I of meiosis during a process called synapsis. Synapsis begins before the synaptonemal complex develops and is not completed until near the end of prophase I. Crossover usually occurs when matching regions on matching chromosomes break and then reconnect to the other chromosome.


Two days later I went back to the Body for a chat.  If I am going to be getting info on DNA change than I would need massive amounts of help.  First of all, my gut reaction to this is the human’s idea (meaning all of us…where our minds jump to when we think DNA change) of DNA change is all wrong.  Our idea of what is ideal and perfect is not what is and will be happening.  We cannot conceive, with our limited universal knowledge, what is possible.  So what we think is possible is merely skirting the edges of a picture on a page.  Secondly my scientific knowledge is sadly lacking and will impact this information.  But I do not want to change the channel, so to speak, and so will proceed as best as I am able.  Now, I have known that body changes are happening and will continue to do so for humanity.  This is a never-ending story of evolution that WILL NOT END.  But how do we get to the point where something new physically begins to happen on a scale that is OBSERVABLE?  I was told by my Body that “To really release something (old) you must move beyond the need for it in your life.”  I took this to mean that we will not change until there is no more learning that can or needs to happen. Which, dear lord, will be incredibly depressing for some people.  I was also told by my Body that “The changing of your body will be one of the most important learning tools/programs that you will go through in this lifetime.  What you are capable of, what you want and desire out of life, these will all expand and change.”


The next day I sat down for a Q & A with my Telomeres.  They had started giggling about two days earlier.  Yes, giggling.  A Telomere is the little protective “cap” on the end tips of the chromosomes.  They are related to aging.  Here is an excerpt.


Telomeres:  “The Beginning of a new expansion, a new “phase” is always a joyous time for us.  Today we wait for you.  Do you know what you are capable of?”

Esther:  “Only hints, I suppose.  Can you show me?”

T:  “There is a time in all humans where the body functions at peak form.  This does not have to be a “healthy” time but simply a programmed time of great efficiency.  This is the “time” that we would like to go back to.  It will bring with it a joyous expansion to your body.  Would you like to join us in seeing what is possible?”

They informed me that I did not have to go through menopause if I chose not to.  Although if I chose, my reproductive system could be retired with no effect on the bodies youthing.  The latter is what I chose…and of course to join them in seeing what is possible.”

T:  “Good, then we will begin.  It will be an intense year at times.  Things will move very fast.  We would like to check in with you daily, perhaps even hourly to converse on the subject and impart what we can to you.”

E:  “Thank you for this!  I am excited and moved!  I love you and thank you for partnering with me in this grand adventure!”

T:  “You are most welcome!  Let’s show everybody how to do it!”

E:  “Yes! Yes! Yes!

T:  “The first thing to know is that when your DNA changes the chromosomes that shift simply fade back or step forward.  There is no switch, on or off.  Instead it is a dance, a bringing to the front what is now needed and a stepping back of what is now past.   This is a different concept than an on/off switch.  For one, there is no illusion of control.  There is no control on a human level.  But as the Human levels up to walk with more of their divine inside, then the dance can begin in earnest.  So how do you direct “traffic” on the dance floor?  This is where the training will begin, for you do have a say to a certain extent and your ability to KNOW what and how are very important.  These are the lessons we will be walking you through in the next few years.  It’s time to get busy. (BIG SMILE)”




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  2. Wow, Esther, amazing info! I’m looking forward to reading more of your conversations. How cool to have telomeres that giggle! 😉 BTW I never had a menopause. I had one month where my period came twice and with lots of blood, then it went back to normal, then it became shorter with less blood and at one point I noticed that it had not been coming for quite some time … so I don’t think it’s even necessary. My body has recently told me they want more raw vegetables … but I have to get used to it. 😉

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