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DEEPLY AWAKE COFFEE TALKS By Kathy Vik “My Sweet Body” 1-23-16


Here is some Awesomeness!

Kathy Vik's Deeply Awake


My Sweet Body” 1-23-16

I was going to divide this essay up into a blah blah, I know some things about stuff and here is what I know, kind of this, and then a personal thing, but, fuck it. I am not your authority. I am my authority. So I am going to tell you about my sweet body. Secrets about our relationship. Things that definitely make me weird.

Now, I know, there are people riding this globe at the moment who understand the body like I do, so I know that I am not unique. But, I will tell you, I have yet to encounter anyone who believes the stuff I do about how my body works. And because I am an inquisitive and mischievous soul, I have always, and I do mean always, experimented with my body…

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The Waves of Creation and Magic

The Waves of Creation and Magic

Message from My Telomeres on 1/14/16

Telomeres:  “There is a relationship to the explosion of data regarding wave energy–examples include gravity waves, sine waves, reality waves, energetic transference waves–and the work that we are doing in the body.  As you already experienced, the work that was done in your musculature of the arms and shoulders was done in waves.  Not only in regard to the location but also in regard to the time of day and the intensity of the experience.  What is the advantage of wave energy?  The highs and lows or the troughs and peaks both have their own advantage that increases the potency  of the other.  The apex of the wave would not be nearly as effective if there was not the trough.  It is during the trough that assimilation occurs, that the magic happens.  Guess what happens at the peak?”

Esther:  “The Download?”

T:  “Yes, the beginning and the end.  The moment of creation.”

E:  “So explain why it is continual and the difference with each creation peak?”

T:  “It is continual because energy is never still.  Even something that you would perceive as “not doing anything” is in fact still on a continual expression of movement and life.  As to what the difference is between each peak, that is up to you–the creator.  If you wish, through either lack of knowledge of what is possible or fear of what is possible, you can receive the same downloads/creations with each peak movement of the wave.  If however you are continually choosing a new creation, then with every peak that is what you get.  This is why we have also told you that you can control the pace of your evolution.  If it is too intense, slow down the downloads of New Creations.  Then when you feel comfortable, welcome them again.  These waves of energy are encountering and interacting with your body constantly.  They come from all over the universes, from the Great Solar Sun and beyond.  They also come from everything around you.  You Are a woven tapestry of energetic waves.  You are a wave yourself that interacts back with everything else.  While this may sound overwhelming to some, know that this is your natural state whether you are human or not.

So back to body changes.  What is really happening is that the wave signatures are changing, per you request.  And since all the waves within you make up a singular wave form that is you, then all the rest of you is modified by one wave changing.  Do you see now?  That is the power of Thought!  A new thought has a cascade effect through out your entire being.  And when your wave changes, it also changes everything that you are in constant interaction with.  That is how what you do for yourself affects the ALL.  Wave energy in motion!”



In reference to the muscle changes in my arms and shoulders, I started feeling that shortly after I started talking to my Telomeres.  It lasted a least a week and I first noticed discomfort in my right arm and then my left arm joined in.  I would have periods of time where it would feel like I had sprained my wrist but I still had muscle strength.  For example I could still use it to lift things and walk the dogs but it was sore.  The feeling would only last about an hour on my wrists but days later when the uncomfortableness had moved up to my upper arms and shoulders the feelings would stay with me for several hours.  Some days it would not leave, instead it would become more intense for a while and then fade to where I wasn’t frequently aware of it.  The back of my shoulder blades were the last region and lasted the longest but with less intensity than the upper arms.  As I thought about it, after getting this message, I could see that each muscle group had it’s own wave length.  I was also more uncomfortable during the night than during the day.  When I asked about it…during the experience…before I received the above message, I was told that the aching was caused by the fact that my new enhanced musculature needed more blood flow and oxygen.  The aching is the body adjusting and balancing that out to the new.  I asked what I could do and was told to drink lots of fluids and picture my body as “attracting” oxygen.  Since I am moving less at night while I sleep I needed to set the intent for “ease of movement for the fluids in my body”.  I also would picture oxygen molecules being magnetically attracted to my whole body, not just my lungs.  After all they say, “Your skin breathes.”  I asked what enhancements my muscles now had and was told, “less fatigue, less cramping, more flexibility, and smooth strands that make up the directional alignment of the muscle groups.”  BUT I must create this flexibility etc. through action.  What good are enhanced muscles if you never stretch them?  This is just a synopsis of my experience and not something that you will all experience the same way.  Yeah for unique and individualized bodies!

DEEPLY AWAKE COFFEE TALKS By Kathy Vik “Viva La Evolution” 1-13-16


This is how it works people. Don’t look outside, it’s all within.

Kathy Vik's Deeply Awake


Viva La Evolution” 1-13-16

From the title, you can deduce that I am perplexed. A little bit puzzled. Taken aback, even, by the complexity, and the simplicity, of what is before me, what it is I now inhabit.

It is impossible to believe that only 14 days have gone by since New Year’s Eve. So much has happened, and so many times I wanted, I needed, to sit and write to you, explain what I was seeing, knowing, sensing, but I am so glad I didn’t. It would have been a ball of confusion.

As the epiphanies roll in, I am struck with how simple things become. With each new acknowledgment of a reality that was always right here, in fact, but imperceptible until now, I feel a falling away of weight. Physical weights, mental weights. Especially the one…

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A Human Re-claiming

A Human Re-claiming

I read this channel yesterday morning from The Council through Ron Head.  It really grabbed me and I dropped into meditation to see if I needed to explore this Abandonment from God issue.  This post will be an example of how easy it is to take someone’s writing and sharing and create your own growth and adventure.

Esther:  “Higher Self, is there abandonment from God issues that I need to acknowledge?”

Higher Self:  “Humanity is fraught with this.  The very nature of being human means that there is a separation from God, from the Creation of ALL.  There is a part of you that remembers the separation that occurred, of your own free will of course.  But there is no denying the sorrow, pain and fear that this caused as you entered physical life.  Go within and see that moment.  A great ripping away from the ALL, from your own Knowledge, and Knowing, from the Constant Connection and Communication with ALL.  This causes a great loneliness that affects many.  We all feel the loss on some level for there is still a connection that is shared by ALL.”

E:  “What do I need to do?”

H.S. “Go back and re-attach what was severed.”

I stopped writing at this point and will now describe what I experienced.  I saw the severing visually as a big Nebula with the energy exploding outward and ripping away from a small piece of light (Me).  I took the small piece of light and brought it back to the Nebula.  I do not remember my words exactly but I felt I should say something. The Word is sacred, as they say. To the best of my ability, this is what I remember saying.   “Even though I am human now, I reconnect to the ALL.  I re-claim the constant Connection and Communication to ALL, communication in all forms.  I am my Knowing.  I am Love.  I am You (speaking to the ALL) and You are Me.”  As I spoke I was swallowed and surrounded by the energy of the Nebula, pink and orange colors were predominate in my vision.  Orange is the color of Being full; content with one’s self, a color of radiant confidence. (My Color code is here.)  Pink is the color of love, both personal and universal.

Then part of the Nebula formed the shape of a great hand which wrapped around me and brought me up to a figure, also formed from the Nebula.  A male voice asked, “Are you ready then?”  I asked, “For what?” (Since I like specifics! LOL)  He laughed a rumble that vibrated through me and said, “For the ALL.”  I said,  “I think so, or if I am not then I will figure it out.”  I paused and then said, “Or maybe I should have just said Yes?”  He smiled and brought our foreheads together and said, “Both answers are correct.”

Then I was released from his grip and saw myself go downward through space until I came to the Earth.  I stood up on her as if she was the size of a beach ball.  Then I saw myself crouch down and stirred the ground beside me.  It instantly became a liquid silver pool.  I had a Knowing that the pool was A Well of Souls. I reached down with one arm through the surface of the pool and pulled up someone and then another and another and another etc.  I placed each upon the Earth.  They were all the color of the Well, silver.  Silver is the color of fusion of soul and physical incarnate, the two working as one. My view was pulled back and I saw a continual line of people walking up my arm across my shoulders and down my other arm and onto the planet.  I then saw that I was wearing a black hat, like a fedora.  I saw myself reach up and take it off.  There was no top to my head, no top of my skull.  Instead I could see light emanating from where my brain would be and going up into the night sky.


Emotional Fertilizer, Flight and a Quantum Antenna

Emotional Fertilizer, Flight and a Quantum Antenna

As promised, here is My Telomeres speaking to me about Flight and a bit more…plus an extra tidbit just for you…a dream.  Anything in parentheses is me hoping to clarify something.


Telomeres:  “Let us go back to discussing “the beginning”.  The beginning is when a thought is formed that creates a new possibility into your created field of life.  When this thought forms, two things happen.  First “the creation” happens.  The energy is formed much like an ovum or an egg.  Next the emotion of the creator fertilizes that egg.  So there is that creation, fully formed, and created in your field of life.  What happens next is purely up to the individual.  Even if no attention is ever given to it, “the creation” is now LIVE.  (Live as in a Live Broadcast or “We are going to so and so now live in the field.” Basically something that is in Action Now in the created field of life…which has no timeline remember.)  Perhaps too much attention is given to it.  Attention frequently contains lots of emotion.  This emotion is absorbed by the creation at every juncture.  Meaning that the difference in your core emotion switches out, so to speak, the sperm that fertilizes that egg.  The core emotion is how you really feel in your heart about something.  It does not include the day-to-day emotional inconsistencies that a human processes as they go through their created day.  This has been described to you as the light of the sun (sun = core emotion), which does not disappear from the sky on a cloudy day (cloudy day = day to day emotional living).  It still shines on the other side of the clouds as a constant.  So yes, the emotional fertilizer is easily changed by any inner work that a human chooses to walk forward into and complete.

We said we would speak to you of Flight this morning and it now comes into play.  Flight gives you the ability, through total trust, to access creations in your “future”.  Remember there is no timeline in your created field of life.  So say the future You has fertilized a specific creation in a way that you have not conceived of yet, you can bring that into your now without having to figure out how you did it.  What is the advantage of this?  Accelerated growth of course.  Will you miss out on important learnings and understandings?  No! For what do you think arrives with that creation into your Now reality?  The Knowledge that created it of course, a download, an epiphany, an understanding…or two or three.  There is never a time that you would “miss out” on the important knowledge and growth that would have led you to the creation.  Finally, now is the time to begin using your Flight skills, for the creation of this New World needs all the “fast tracking” that you all can give it.  When a star is in a state of expansion it wants to keep expanding, faster and faster.  It does not want to expand by fits and bursts.  You are the Star and you create the Stars as well.  Expand and we expand with you.  You are The Creator.  We are the Created.  So much is possible that you can not even imagine at this time.  Let your heart tell you where to fly.”

I received the above message yesterday and I had the following dream last night.

In my dream I was in the future with people who I have known in this life, who are scientists. There were also others there that I didn’t recognize.  It was a reunion of sorts going on.  I was greeting people and hugging and talking.  We were all on some sort of containers in space.  I hesitate to say ships because they looked more like homes or buildings.  There was a small cluster of these structures floating close to each other out in the blackness of space.  There were also a number of people who didn’t need to be inside these structures…they looked human but didn’t need to breathe air.  I knew that they were what I would call in this life a robot.  There was this “quantum antenna” that nobody could figure out and so they had “given it to the children”.   (Ha ha yep I love that I remembered that!) I took it because I didn’t want it to get broken (Ha ha ha! I even have Mom brain when I dream!), and was looking at it.  It looked like a collapsible umbrella with a cut clear glass doorknob somewhere in the top part of it.  I figured out that emotion turned it on and started it spinning slowly which expanded the parts of it outward into a shape similar to a columnar light shade.  The faceted clear “glass doorknob” turned a light blue.  Blue is the color of Mother energy, fertility and growth and the bringing of life.  (Click here for my current color code.)  I knew that once I figured it out fully that the quantum antenna would spin really fast and energy would be created. (Yeah for remembering dreams!!!)


Within You

Within You

Here is the lovely nugget from my Telomeres today!  Thank you Body of Mine!

Telomeres:  “There is a beginning and there is an end and they are the same moment.  It is only the human mind–that perceives the passage of time– that considers the passage of time between two points.  When something is chosen, will it happen instantly?  Yes.  Will it appear instantly?  No, usually not.  Why is this?  Because there is no time on the energetic side of things.  There is only time in the creation of the mind.  So how do you “hop” through “time” and “capture” that moment of manifestation in the physical and bring it into your Now moment?  To begin, you must KNOW that what you have created DOES exist, not only in your energetic field of possibilities but in the actual physical.  This knowing must come from the heart.  A total trust in the absolute fact that the creation exists inside you.  We say inside you, for you are your field of life.  You are your created reality, both physical and energetic.   When you Reach for something, do not reach outside yourself–unless you absolutely understand that everything outside yourself IS you–instead reach within.  Ah, yes!  Lightbulbs for some!  Feel that energy of “the created” within you.  Open the door to it and walk yourself “into” it.  That is different, is it not?  You submerge yourself in the energy of “the creation” instead of pulling it back toward you.  You are the one who “hops”.  You skip the perceived waiting time and enter the Now of that energy, which is not on a “timeline”, by the way.  Picture your energy field as a three-dimensional field of stars.  They are all lit, some more bright than others depending on your own choices.  But everything is alive and glowing NOW.  This is the beginning of truly using Reach.  We will expand upon using your Flight gifts tomorrow. As for now, go in and Reach.”

A Moment Away

A Moment Away

“It is, after all, only thought.” Love love love that line!

The Creator Writings

The space between: what you are and what you are to become, what you have and what you will receive, how you think and what you will think in the future is all just a

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Human Nature

Human Nature

Message from my telomeres today…

“We would like to say that the advancement of “human nature” is going to take a decided turn.  Watch the reactions of people shift.  You have already seen this but it will become more apparent in the coming year.  This is linked to the changes in not only the psyche of the human collective but also what they have chosen to experience on a soul level.  When it becomes realized that “human nature” is to love and care for others and all life, the expansion happens at a exponential rate.  For those who already occupy that place within, they have entered the next phase already.  Hold onto your boots its lift off time!”

Your Knowing Has A Purpose


“Knowing and not saying is just the same as not knowing.”
Thank you Dennis from Silent Winds of Change!

Silent Winds of Change

knowing ending

If you have found some big revelation, say it. Make a post. Create a blog.

That’s why people like us with these abilities to see through the veil are here. We came here, now to make a difference. We came here to show the way. Those who wish to follow will follow. Don’t look for followers, but clear a path so they can see there is another way. Knowing and not saying is just the same as not knowing. You came here to say what you know. Now is your time. The whole world is waiting for you.

Say what you know.  Use the Internet for what it was made for, to share Knowing.

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Do You Know What You Are Capable Of?

Do You Know What You Are Capable Of?

Greetings and Happy New Year to you all!  It promises to be a very interesting year if my experiences of the last week are any indication.  Some of you know that I spent a good portion of last year talking to my body.  Surprise!  My body talked right back.  Click here to read the amazing conversation I had with my body about Menopause.  I have been enjoying my “new” relationship with my body.  I check in every once in a while,  “What do you want to eat?  Do you want to workout today?”.  The questions and conversations I have are usually short and do not require “going into” meditation for.  Sometimes I do drop in when I am feeling “out of sort”…a lovely phrase which covers a multitude of blahs, from crabbiness to headaches to fever.  At that point I just am looking for a visual of what is going on energetically with my body.  I will stress that I am NOT looking for anything that is wrong. I am simply checking to see how the Universe and all its amazing energy is being processed through me at that moment.  This often creates a happiness that makes the “out of sorts” far more easy to BE in.

So on Christmas night I had a dream.  I remember that as I tried to go to sleep I felt uncomfortably full.  I attributed this to the delicious family feast that I had just eaten…even though the feeling hadn’t started until a number of hours after the meal.  I was so uncomfortable that it took some time to get to sleep and I slept rather fitfully.  Lucky for me I remember the dream that eased my body symptoms.  I dreamed that I had adult twin brothers (as in twins to each other but not to me…we were not triplets).  My dream was not lucid, for while I have a number of brothers in the physical, none of them are twins…and this did not occur to me or seem at all odd in the dream.  One of the twins merged with my body.  In the dream I remember thinking that I was birthing him even though the energies were not “birth-like”.  I remember him being absorbed into my chest and the energies pushing down through my body and down the legs…there was nothing vaginal about it.  And he never left my body.  But we are going to stick with the birth word because we know better than to throw out a dream impression based on “physical life experience”.  The next memory that I have is of a dashed white line of energy in the shape of a big X laid over the front of my body, the top points of the X where on my shoulders and the lines crossed each other on my chest and then continued down the opposite leg.  As I woke up I could still see that white X and as I widened my vision on it I saw my X standing shoulder to should with other X’s.

I was quite mystified with this dream.  So I popped a synopsis to my friends M and J and waited.  M came back with, “I’m getting X chromosomes.”  WHAT????  Now I couldn’t even remember if X chromosomes where male or female.  Who has the Y?  My days in biology class are long ago.  Well, after a google recon, both males and females have X chromosomes…the males have one X and one Y.  (Why?  Don’t women ask more questions? Hehe..)  So why the hell am I dreaming about chromosomes…if that in deed is what the dream is about?  I didn’t have time to sit down for a proper Q & A until later that day.  Here is an excerpt.  Please remember that many dreams like meditation are symbolic.

Esther:  “Can you tell me about last night’s experience?”  (Speaking to my Higher Self…the Big Me…the part of me that KNOWS…)

Self:  “Ok, to begin the twin energy is indeed DNA related.  You already have/had one expression, now it has switched to the other.”

E:  “In what ways am I different?”

S:  “First off, the biggest changes will be reflected in your abilities and such.  There will be physical changes too, mostly to do with the ability to process food and drink.”

E:  “Why did they represent as male and brothers?”

S:  “Male, as you have guessed, brings the action of created reality into play.  As to the brother’s part, we wished to show the closeness in relationship between the old and the new.  All fraternal twins are very similar in appearance but not on the genetic level.  They both have their own set of blueprints, their own journeys.  Your journey had already shifted.  This was simply a cementing of that on another level.”

E:  “Anything else you would like to add?”

S:  “Yes.  Begin at once to cultivate the new you.  Speak to your cells.  Ask them to come to the fore.  Tell them you are ready.  Find the new pieces that resonate with you.  Put them together and find the picture that is there.”


After that enigmatic sign off, I looked up chromosomes again.  I found Chromosomal crossover.  According to Wikipedia…

Chromosomal crossover (or crossing over) is the exchange of genetic material between homologous chromosomes that results in recombinant chromosomes during sexual reproduction. It is one of the final phases of genetic recombination, which occurs in the pachytene stage of prophase I of meiosis during a process called synapsis. Synapsis begins before the synaptonemal complex develops and is not completed until near the end of prophase I. Crossover usually occurs when matching regions on matching chromosomes break and then reconnect to the other chromosome.


Two days later I went back to the Body for a chat.  If I am going to be getting info on DNA change than I would need massive amounts of help.  First of all, my gut reaction to this is the human’s idea (meaning all of us…where our minds jump to when we think DNA change) of DNA change is all wrong.  Our idea of what is ideal and perfect is not what is and will be happening.  We cannot conceive, with our limited universal knowledge, what is possible.  So what we think is possible is merely skirting the edges of a picture on a page.  Secondly my scientific knowledge is sadly lacking and will impact this information.  But I do not want to change the channel, so to speak, and so will proceed as best as I am able.  Now, I have known that body changes are happening and will continue to do so for humanity.  This is a never-ending story of evolution that WILL NOT END.  But how do we get to the point where something new physically begins to happen on a scale that is OBSERVABLE?  I was told by my Body that “To really release something (old) you must move beyond the need for it in your life.”  I took this to mean that we will not change until there is no more learning that can or needs to happen. Which, dear lord, will be incredibly depressing for some people.  I was also told by my Body that “The changing of your body will be one of the most important learning tools/programs that you will go through in this lifetime.  What you are capable of, what you want and desire out of life, these will all expand and change.”


The next day I sat down for a Q & A with my Telomeres.  They had started giggling about two days earlier.  Yes, giggling.  A Telomere is the little protective “cap” on the end tips of the chromosomes.  They are related to aging.  Here is an excerpt.


Telomeres:  “The Beginning of a new expansion, a new “phase” is always a joyous time for us.  Today we wait for you.  Do you know what you are capable of?”

Esther:  “Only hints, I suppose.  Can you show me?”

T:  “There is a time in all humans where the body functions at peak form.  This does not have to be a “healthy” time but simply a programmed time of great efficiency.  This is the “time” that we would like to go back to.  It will bring with it a joyous expansion to your body.  Would you like to join us in seeing what is possible?”

They informed me that I did not have to go through menopause if I chose not to.  Although if I chose, my reproductive system could be retired with no effect on the bodies youthing.  The latter is what I chose…and of course to join them in seeing what is possible.”

T:  “Good, then we will begin.  It will be an intense year at times.  Things will move very fast.  We would like to check in with you daily, perhaps even hourly to converse on the subject and impart what we can to you.”

E:  “Thank you for this!  I am excited and moved!  I love you and thank you for partnering with me in this grand adventure!”

T:  “You are most welcome!  Let’s show everybody how to do it!”

E:  “Yes! Yes! Yes!

T:  “The first thing to know is that when your DNA changes the chromosomes that shift simply fade back or step forward.  There is no switch, on or off.  Instead it is a dance, a bringing to the front what is now needed and a stepping back of what is now past.   This is a different concept than an on/off switch.  For one, there is no illusion of control.  There is no control on a human level.  But as the Human levels up to walk with more of their divine inside, then the dance can begin in earnest.  So how do you direct “traffic” on the dance floor?  This is where the training will begin, for you do have a say to a certain extent and your ability to KNOW what and how are very important.  These are the lessons we will be walking you through in the next few years.  It’s time to get busy. (BIG SMILE)”