The Strength of Will Not

The Strength of Will Not

Tip of the Day

“Let’s teach you about strength today.  There are lots of different kinds of strength that the human race sees and praises.  Some of them, Strength of Will, Strength of Spirit and Strength of Fortitude, are all different ways of describing the strength to move through a challenge.  What is less talked about is that the folks who are described as having this strength, are optimistic people, each in their own way.  Some concentrate on the small joys, some focus on the desired end result and even more bring forth what they desire in the end by having a positive attitude about life in general.  But some of these people get caught in a trap of their own making.  “I am strong.  Look what I have made it through.”  This is what they tell themselves when the mountain has been climbed.  So at the next fork in the road, when they are presented with less than ideal options, they take up the challenging path, knowing that they can make it through.  Here is the Tip!  You don’t need to choose a hard path because you are strong.  There is far more enjoyment and just as much learning on an easier path. You do not have to take what is presented to you.  There is a strength in discernment as well.  There is a strength in saying NO.  There is a strength in saying ENOUGH.  There is a strength in saying, “I love you but I don’t want to do this.”  There is strength in following your heart.  How do you know what path is hard or easy (or easier)?  Your gut knows.  Your gut ALWAYS KNOWS.  Listen to your intuition. Listen to YOURSELF.”

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