Tip of the Day

Tip of the Day

I have big changes afoot in my life.  My husband, boys and I are moving to Colorado.  My husband is already there, helping his mother though chemotherapy.  The boys and I will follow once a home and job have been located.  I have been really busy with not only farm end-of-the-season stuff but also packing and clearing out what we do not want to take with us.  And now I find myself with time again.  I am in the “wait”part of hurry-up-and-wait.  So back to the posting…I hope.

Yesterday, I thought to Myself, wouldn’t it be fun to spend this month connecting each day to My Guidance and letting whatever wants to come through just flow out as a Tip of the Day.  I wouldn’t ask a question, instead I would sit and listen to what “I” want to tell myself.  I hope to post the ones that I feel can help others, the ones that are not personally specific.

Here is today’s Tip!  The final line brought a big smile to my face, it was said with love and not fear!  My Guidance has my sense of humor…or course!

“The first thing to point out today is your willingness to be open to and absorb new knowledge will build and expand on itself in unusual and surprising ways.  Hold fast to your desire for ANYTHING.  This opens up the possibilities to beyond what you can possibly imagine.  You will find new paths which you can explore further if you choose.  Imagine yourself as a GIANT magnet, now attracting to you all sorts of ideas, events and people.  The second point is that this opening and intent that you have given will not only bring our words to you but will be reflected in all other aspects of your physical life as well.  Thank you and Good Luck.  (Chuckling)”

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