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Tip of the Day…The Teacher Fear

Tip of the Day…The Teacher Fear

This Tip of the Day is less a meditation quote from Guidance and more like my experience following guidance today.

Last night we were notified that we were approved for a home we applied to rent in Colorado.  It is a bigger home than we need and doesn’t have a fenced yard for the dogs but there was something about it that drew both my husband and my own attention.  I’m sure that his reasons are different from my own.  But what caught my eye is that the home has odd views, as in the living room is above the ground floor and the bedrooms have unusually placed and sized windows.  The ground level, which is also the basement has more windows and light than normal basements.  It is as if the home is slightly in between the customary home levels on which home are usually built.  It’s hard to explain in the written word and I could see how it would actually make some people feel uncomfortable.  It’s not standard…and yet draws me instead of pushes me away.  I have only seen it in photos so we will see how it affects me in person.  The lease is only for six months…which was not on my wish list either.  But Guidance told me to look at it twice before I made up my mind.  So here is me paying attention. The street it is on is called Eagle.  Eagles visit me frequently in meditation, totem animal or not it is a very powerful symbol.  The house number is 2929.  According to Kryon, 2 represents duality and 9 represents completion.  So we have duality completion, duality completion.  When we add the 2 and the 9 together we get two elevens, 11:11.  Here is a quote from on what 11 means.

“What is the 11? Illumination! It is also the number of Kryon. It is also the number you keep seeing on your clocks, do you not? That’s not an accident, dear ones. Many of you are seeing the 11:11 synchronistically and have for more than 17 years. It is the symbol for the shift. It is the symbol of synchronicity that says to the old soul, “You have arrived at a place you knew you would be. Look, it’s here. Look, it’s here.””

Now add 2+9+2+9 together and you get 22 a Master Builder number.  Here is a far more eloquent way of describing it, which I found here.

“Number 22 is the number of the Spiritual Master Builder on the Material plane. 22 synthesizes and expands the powers of 11. There is four times the power and energy in this vibration so there is four times the strength to use on the material plane. This is the ‘God’ energy brought to the material plane and put into form, and this vibration holds with it a great deal of responsibility. Because of its great power, the number 22 may result in outstanding ascendancy or disastrous downfall.”

I am not into disastrous downfalls but I’m all for being a Spiritual Master Builder on the Material Plane. Yeeehaw! I took the leap of Trust.  This morning when I woke I felt nervous for the first time in this whole rapidly evolving journey.  I spoke to my Teacher Fear in meditation and she told me to stay in that feeling all morning and then we would talk again at noon.  All-Righty then!  So I did.  I called family and updated them.  Filled out a list for the movers and started packing again.  My stomach was in knots.  I felt tight through every muscle in my body, especially through my trunk and legs.  But I stayed in it for hours.  I realized toward the end that by being nervous I was holding my energy field in tight around my body.  My Guidance had given me a channel a few months ago on color, found here.  I was told in it that, “When you are in a state of peace and acceptance and love, you radiate that emotion outward.  When you feel hate or anger, for example, you pull that emotion into yourself and hold it there.”  So there you go, I was holding that fear/nervousness in each of my cells.  I can still feel the ache it caused hours later.  I also felt like I was pushing or rushing forward even though I was going about my tasks as calmly as possible.  I realized later that feeling was generated because I was out ahead of myself in the future instead of being in the now.  By the time noon rolled around I was more than ready to step out of nervousness.  My Teacher Fear, who appears to me as a beautiful woman…now that we are partners, was smiling and laughing at me as I shook off the nervousness and started to re-center myself.  Fear has never had me stay in a fear-based emotion for so long.  I am quite sure that she did it so that I would be so damn ready to step out of it that I would REMEMBER and no doubt LEARN from this as well.  I am quite sure that I no doubt use to live for long periods of time in that feeling.  Lucky for me I don’t remember the specifics.  It is not the way I want to live!  Which is exactly what I told Fear as I settled myself.  I immediately saw my Higher Self reach out and write something in the air.  I asked what it was and heard, “A blank check”.  Well Hot Damn!!!  It’ll take it!!

Tip of the Day…Joy


“Joy is the only emotion that is never confused with any other.  You can be happy and sad at the same time.  You can be angry and calm.  You can be scared and resolute.  You can be multiple things at once, which leads–on a certain level–to confusion about how a specific feeling feels to you.  But Joy, real Joy, is just that and no other.  There is a purity to Joy that you each recognize, even if you only experience it for a few sparkling seconds at a time.  Find your Joy.  Pay attention to it when it shows up.  In order to bring more of it into your life you must know how it feels to you.  Like magnetizes like.”

Tip of the Day…For Those in Trouble with the Law


This guidance from MySelf is so out of left field that I know it is meant for someone else.  May it find the one(s) who seeks for it.

“This is a message for all those in trouble with the law.  Begin to un-entangle yourself from this institution by bringing forth in yourself the blessings of the moment.  This is SEEING and BEING in the NOW.  The legal and penal institutions, by their very nature, exist and operate in the past.  Life happens in the NOW.  Each moment that has creation energy in it is NOW. NOW. NOW. The more you dwell in the Now the more the law will not even see you.  You will disappear off their radar, as it were.”

The “Mandela Effect”: A New Field of Dreams?

The “Mandela Effect”: A New Field of Dreams?

I have never heard of the Mandela Effect, but I am not at all surprised that it has been named and noticed. I have noticed it in my own personal life. How do you remember some of the observations listed?


Many Earths

By AngelicView

I am writing this post because of a picture I ran across – and I checked out some of the facts. In case you’re not aware of what the “Mandela Effect” is, I’m going to briefly go over that. People are noticing lots of things these days that are different – not the way they remember, and I wanted to bring some of those to your attention.

The newest research in Quantum Physics theorizes that there are many (perhaps infinite) multiple universes out there. Is it possible that we can actually “move” from one to another – collectively or individually? I think it’s possible. This could be the explanation of how the Mandela Effect works.

The Mandela Effect” is a term coined to describe the phenomenon of large numbers of people remembering something one way, and others remembering it another way. The theory is that both…

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Tip of the Day…A Poem


I do so like it when Guidance uses a different format!  Here is what I got today.

A Poem

First there was Peace on Earth

And then along came Trouble

Trouble said, “Let there be Peace.”

Peace said, “But I’m already here.”

Trouble said, “I can’t find you.”

Peace said, “Then why can you hear me?”

Trouble said, “Words are not enough.  I need Action.”

Action said, “Leave it to me and I will show you the way.”


Bring Peace to a Troubled Heart through Action.

The Strength of Will Not

The Strength of Will Not

Tip of the Day

“Let’s teach you about strength today.  There are lots of different kinds of strength that the human race sees and praises.  Some of them, Strength of Will, Strength of Spirit and Strength of Fortitude, are all different ways of describing the strength to move through a challenge.  What is less talked about is that the folks who are described as having this strength, are optimistic people, each in their own way.  Some concentrate on the small joys, some focus on the desired end result and even more bring forth what they desire in the end by having a positive attitude about life in general.  But some of these people get caught in a trap of their own making.  “I am strong.  Look what I have made it through.”  This is what they tell themselves when the mountain has been climbed.  So at the next fork in the road, when they are presented with less than ideal options, they take up the challenging path, knowing that they can make it through.  Here is the Tip!  You don’t need to choose a hard path because you are strong.  There is far more enjoyment and just as much learning on an easier path. You do not have to take what is presented to you.  There is a strength in discernment as well.  There is a strength in saying NO.  There is a strength in saying ENOUGH.  There is a strength in saying, “I love you but I don’t want to do this.”  There is strength in following your heart.  How do you know what path is hard or easy (or easier)?  Your gut knows.  Your gut ALWAYS KNOWS.  Listen to your intuition. Listen to YOURSELF.”

Tip of the Day

Tip of the Day

I have big changes afoot in my life.  My husband, boys and I are moving to Colorado.  My husband is already there, helping his mother though chemotherapy.  The boys and I will follow once a home and job have been located.  I have been really busy with not only farm end-of-the-season stuff but also packing and clearing out what we do not want to take with us.  And now I find myself with time again.  I am in the “wait”part of hurry-up-and-wait.  So back to the posting…I hope.

Yesterday, I thought to Myself, wouldn’t it be fun to spend this month connecting each day to My Guidance and letting whatever wants to come through just flow out as a Tip of the Day.  I wouldn’t ask a question, instead I would sit and listen to what “I” want to tell myself.  I hope to post the ones that I feel can help others, the ones that are not personally specific.

Here is today’s Tip!  The final line brought a big smile to my face, it was said with love and not fear!  My Guidance has my sense of humor…or course!

“The first thing to point out today is your willingness to be open to and absorb new knowledge will build and expand on itself in unusual and surprising ways.  Hold fast to your desire for ANYTHING.  This opens up the possibilities to beyond what you can possibly imagine.  You will find new paths which you can explore further if you choose.  Imagine yourself as a GIANT magnet, now attracting to you all sorts of ideas, events and people.  The second point is that this opening and intent that you have given will not only bring our words to you but will be reflected in all other aspects of your physical life as well.  Thank you and Good Luck.  (Chuckling)”