The Color Code of Emotions

The Color Code of Emotions

In my quest to turn on my “emotional sensors” during meditation, I found myself seeing auras in one of my last attempts. I was informed by one of the ladies in my super powers group that I was seeing emotion. Say what? So I went into a meditation conversation with Myself to find out more about this.

Esther: “Am I allowed to ask about seeing the colored auras and their relation to emotion?”

Myself: “You may ask any questions you wish. We wanted you to do the non-written meditations to help you focus on the new info you would be receiving. There is a correlation between the colors you saw and emotion. The most prominent feature of this is the ability to spot the intention of a Being or action of a Being. Sometimes when you do not understand the meaning behind the act you can jump to conclusions and make suppositions and you would be wrong, based on not enough information.”

E: “So the color projects the root emotion of the Being/object in the moment?”

M: “Yes. Do not think that this won’t change for you. Always this will be evolving as you are better able to process and understand this information.”

E: “Can you tell me what the colors mean?”

M: “The difference in the colors is subtle.

Red is the color of forward action, interested passion, and purposeful creating.

Orange is the color of Being full; content with one’s self, a color of radiant confidence.

Yellow is the color of Beginnings; it features the purity of finding your way with intent and benevolent interest.

Gold is the color of vibrating at the highest personal level possible at that moment.

Silver is the color of fusion of soul and physical incarnate, the two working as one.

Bronze is the color that denotes finding your way in a new meld of consciousness.

Copper is the color of Earth energy mixed with the human and the soul.

Green is the color of an open heart, not so much love as the openness to love everything for it’s own attributes.

Blue is the color of Mother energy, fertility and growth and the bringing of life.

Aqua is the color of the Sea, water energy mixed with living Beings in a state of union.

Violet is the color of enhancement, of growth and renewal.

White is the color of pure intent, intent with no agenda or expectations.

Black is the color of the unknown, of possibilities that are endless.

Brown is the color of the Earth energy, full of life and the wisdom therein.

Pink is the color of love, both personal and universal.

Grey symbolizes the mixing of endless possibilities with pure intent.

Sparkles mean that there is a multidimensional experience happening. These can be seen not only around a person, place or thing but also in conjunction with the actions of someone, such as after/before or during a specific interaction or speech.

Stripes are the representation of a multi-layered experience where things are being expressed on multiple levels and through multiple intentions.

Stars are the representation of a layered energy that needs to be decoded on more than one energetic level, often with sound being the primary carrier of information.

A Rainbow is the representation of a fullness and completeness in the given circumstances.”

E: “What about anger or sadness or shame or fear? Don’t they have a color?”

M: “The emotions you speak of are not so much a color as an absence of one. This doesn’t mean that if you are not seeing an aura that you must assume that one of those emotions are being experienced. Instead think of it as an equation. When you are in a state of peace and acceptance and love, you radiate that emotion outward. When you feel hate or anger, for example, you pull that emotion into yourself and hold it there. It does not radiate outward as part of your energy field. You still create with those emotions but you create from the heart center not from the energy field around you.”

E: “This is why your own emotions have such an effect on your physical health?”

M: “Yes. The holding of fear and anger close to yourself puts tremendous stress on your cells.”

E: “So, I will only be able to see emotions that are in the field and not those within the heart.”

M: “For all intents and purposes, right now you will be limited to the immediate field around the Being or object. This is in an attempt to narrow the field and give you a base line to start exploring/sensing emotions.”

E: “I thought I would feel the emotion?”

M: “Do not assume that you will not. You are merely learning the language for these experiences. More will follow. Your experience will broaden.”

E: “Do I use these color meanings in all my other meditations or is it just when I see an aura?”

M: “They will be applicable to all your meditation work. The more you pay attention the more you will see that the emotional code is embedded in all things.”

E: “Is this code a universal thing or meant for me in particular?”

M: “This code is for you but it has many universal meanings that others will recognize. Others may adapt it if they wish but understand that it is a primer, a jumping off point for further development.”

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  1. Wow. I don’t understand very much of this but I will definitely be re-reading. How odd that it’s on color. Last night I was practicing feeling colors in mediation and the nuances are sooo subtle. Had to let go of words or even saying what came to mind and just tune into the feeling of it. So excited for you! Can you see auras around people now?


    • Hi Sarah! No I can’t see auras around people YET. But I’m sure that I will some day. So far, I’ve only seen them in that one meditation. But I have been having a lot of fun using my color code in all other aspects of my meditations. As you know, meditations are one big symbolic conversation…figure out the symbols and it’s a lot easier to understand what is going on. So one more layer decoded! Yippee!

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