Blended Work


Uluru, Ayers Rock Australia

Our Super Powers class has been over since the end of June but our group has still been meeting and meditating together. We are quite active with discussion and sharing in our private Facebook group page. It has been a joy to hangout with others with similar interests. We had been discussing our next phone meet up this week. I had not received a meditation from Raoul, our blended energy group guide. But I didn’t think too much about that, after all it has been very busy here on the farm. I am pretty much up to my ears in cucumbers. So when I took a moment and asked Raoul what he had for us this week, I was quite unprepared for the answer.

We were asked to step up our game. No one-off meditation for us to play with this week. Oh no. Instead we got instructions on a three-week Blended Work extravaganza. The subject of our work is centered on Uluru, Ayers Rock in Australia. We were all given individual assignments that build on each other. Some of us were told to tap into the soil/minerals of the Great Rock, others to establish connections with the people and animals/birds etc. that live on and around it. Another was visiting New Zealand and was told to document the connections that already exist between Uluru and that amazing landmass. Still others were asked to learn how to work with the energetic field around the Rock or to begin learning the individual frequencies and timelines that are connected to and travel through there or to connect with the history of Uluru through the ages. Still another was given the task of uncovering and drawing the art and other glyphs that have been drawn on Uluru down through the ages. These are all amazing and intense acts that will stretch each of our skills. And yes, three weeks is our time frame. So we will do what we can!

The assignment that I was given is as follows.

“Esther your homework is to begin developing your Reach and Flight gifts on an energetic level through emotion. This is a new sensory experience for you during meditation and will not always be pleasant. All your energetic sensors will be opened in that regard and you will need to learn what to do to have the experience and have the emotion too, without one overwhelming the other. It will take a new way of meditating for you. You have mastered the abilities to take notes and to observe. Now you must leave the note taking to all of the others and learn to expand and use this new sense. You may keep a journal of your experiences but focus on the emotional side of it and write it only after the meditation is complete. To begin, connect with the land and then it’s people, the Dreamwalkers. Let them show you how they use their emotions. Submerge yourself in the experiences of the others and FEEL your way through them. Call on all those who are on this journey with you if it begins to be overwhelming. But it is important to note that you should let the emotions well up within you to overflowing. They must fill you all the way up if you are to truly know how to experience them and be able to add them to your list of senses that will remain open as you meditate.”

Now I am nervous about this assignment. Not because I don’t think I can do it but because I KNOW that it is bigger than it appears. I have no problem feeling other people’s emotions in day-to-day life but I feel it, understand what I am getting and then turn off the spigot. I sip emotion. I know this is not a bad thing. It is good to have control so I’m not overwhelmed. But it is all done unconsciously and I also think that I do it to myself. So this is not just about giving myself another sense to use during meditation, this is about reconfiguring how I emotionally sense and feel things all the time. YIKES!!! (Deep Breath)

I have also done a little digging on Uluru. While I was getting the assignments from Raoul, it was mentioned that Uluru was an important Earth Node. I knew that word but it wasn’t until someone mentioned that it was from Kryon did I have my memory jogged. I will link the posts on to this so you can check it out if you are interested. There are 24 major “time capsules” that are on the planet. Twelve of them are Nodes and twelve of them are Nulls. They are also paired up together, one Null with one Node. Uluru is indeed a Node; its pair is unknown at this time. The Nulls are areas where one only feels pure Mother Earth energy; the energetic grids of humanity overlap and cancel each other out. The Nodes are areas where the energetic grids of humanity overlap and amplify. There are three kinds of Nodes–portals, vortex, and vortals (a combination of both). Nodes also slowly remove negative and unwanted energy from the Earth. Nulls slowly release information to us, as we are ready, that is why they work in pairs…a push-pull scenario. Please check out the link if you want more information.

So not only do we have an intense three weeks ahead of us but we are doing it at one of the twelve Earth Nodes too! Holy Cow! No pressure!

The assignments came through me and were sent out yesterday as soon as I could type them up. A few people had already started on their explorations and posted about them before I was even back in the house and showered from sweating my ass off harvesting this morning. (I really do think that we should have a limit on how much humidity can be in the air when there is zero breeze and no clouds.) Our uncovering the art of Uluru lady is also working with the encoded sounds of the drawings. She had posted about what she was starting to get along with a lark song that she heard. As I read her post, I could hear the lark singing too and remember that I was supposed to FEEL into their experiences. So I dropped in further. Suddenly I was having a full on experience.

I was standing on Uluru and there was a humming bird flying all around me. It opened a staircase out of my gut, which tumbled down until the bottom step reached the ground. Then it stripped the skin off my chest, exposing the organs and bones inside. It came up to my ear and whispered, “Do you want to feel fear?” “Yes.” I said. “Anger?” “Yes.” “Shame?” “Yes.”…and on through all the darker emotions. It then listed the lighter ones such as happiness, joy and love. I said yes to them all and then said, “I will take them all so that I can feel joy, love and happiness.”

The bird flew behind me and I noticed that my hands were tied behind my back and I also had latex gloves on. I cut the tie and stripped off my gloves. My hands were pink and new and it was almost psychedelic looking at them. A big cucumber plant was suddenly on my right, waving its tendrils in my face to get my attention. I took my new pink hands and started feeling along it. Under a leaf, I felt something heavy land in my hand and I pulled my hand out and stared. I was holding a tiny baby, preemie size. It fit in my hand. It was my “new baby emotions”. I put it in my open chest and it went head first into my heart. I suddenly felt something heavy drop into my pelvis. I was giving birth! I reached down and quickly grabbed her before she could hit the ground. It was a girl with very very long hair. She was about the size of an 8 or 9-year-old. I washed all the birth stickiness off of her and cleaned her hair. She just stood there all stiff and wooden, like a doll. I got her to talk. She is Fear. She says that I don’t use her properly, that I don’t acknowledge her. I push her away and ignore her. I asked what I should do. She said when I come around; you should pay attention and admit I am there. I, Esther, need to find a place that knows and understands fear without ignoring it or letting it overwhelm me and block all other emotions and thoughts. Balance. I still didn’t FEEL any emotions come to me while in this meditation, except my concern for the girl when I was trying to coax her to talk to me. But some progress has been made. One small step forward and now Fear walks beside me, not as a shadow that frightens but as an acknowledged part of myself.

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