Alpha, Omega and Zeb

Alpha, Omega and Zeb

Many people are experiencing change right now, change in many forms. Whether it is surrender and releasing of old patterns, ideals or thoughts or a complete change in physical surroundings or circumstances. Today’s information just came through a few minutes ago and I felt that I needed to get it out to everyone quickly. Whether it helps you or not, I certainly hope that it brings an Ah Ha moment or two.

During the last Power Trio meditation, we experienced so many things that it really was quite impossible to write it all down for you. The most profound segment of the group meditation had us witnessing the birthing of a new reality for the oceans, both energetically and physically. Both Melissa and I physically trembled for a good ten to fifteen minutes as Every Ocean Being on Every Frequency sent out this vibration. Melissa heard it as a great sound wave! Jennifer, our dear Heart, shed tears for us throughout the experience. It was amazing to feel the energy shaking my body like that!

During the long and involved multi-journey experience, Jennifer harvested some seeds from the clouds and the sun. We were each given one to eat. We could feel them in our chests afterward. Before I went to bed that night, I checked on them and saw that they had become flowers. There was a gold flower, from the sun, about three inches wide over my heart and a silvery blue flower, from the clouds, of the same size just above, near my high heart center. The next morning they were dinner plate size and while the gold one was still on my chest, the cloud flower was floating out in front of me and the green stem of it was attached to my chest where it had bloomed the night before.

Now remember that everything is a symbol and is representing a story and an understanding!

Well I also realized that there was a third Being that had come in with the two flower Beings as well. I call them Beings because they are alive! The third little guy looks like a little impish male and is hanging out on my head near my third eye.

Today, it came to me that their names are Alpha, Omega and Zeb. Yes, Zeb. (Cue giggling) The sun-flower, Alpha, is now the size of my chest and the cloud-flower, Omega, is equally as large and has floated up on it’s stem to surround and penetrate the upper opening and curvature of my inner tube torus field. Very interesting indeed!

So what does this have to do with all of you? Well the names for my new companions had been hovering on the edges of my consciousness all day. But it wasn’t until I stopped and said, “Your names are Alpha, Omega and….Zeb?”, that I really paid attention. Which of course, led me to sitting down immediately…well immediately after folding laundry, and finding out what the hell the three of them were trying to tell me.

Esther: “Ok. Whomever wants to talk about this…what do these words/names mean to me and you?”

Zeb: “Alpha is the beginning—LOVE—it is the creation of ALL. Omega is the ending but not as you conceive it. The ending is renewal, rebirth, re-aliveness. Nothing ever dies. There is simply Omega.”

E: “And Zeb?”

Z: “Zeb is the beginning of the end.”

E: “A combination of the two?”

Z: “Yes and No. The beginning of the end brings in the next batch of codes for the life force to enfold into. The transition between the two is never abrupt as it sometimes appears. Loosen your hold on what seems possible. Your new abilities are ready to unfold.”

E: “So do Melissa and Jennifer have a Zeb?”

Z: “Yes, several. We are not singular, we are a collective of energy representing to you as a single Being.”

E: “So ALL have a Zeb?”

Z: “Yes, the continual evolution of what is possible in spirit and in the physical.”

E: “So what is the Alpha doing over my heart?”
Z: “It is expanding. Expanding to cover all your chakras. All incoming energy will now come through the Alpha.”

E: “Which means?”

Z: (Laughs) “Which means that your connection with Source is amplified and instant. This is happening with many at the moment. Your “sight” of us is so that you will understand for you personally, but these energies are here for all.”

E: “And the Omega? What is she/it doing on my torus field?”

Z: “The Omega surrounds the upper curvature of your immediate personal field. As your energy turns and rotates with the torus field, it all must pass through the Omega at this time. This enhances all possible changes to DNA, the field of possibilities and fields of dreams and ideas.”

E: “We can also use the Omega energy outside of ourselves as well?” (This question relates to what Jennifer is learning/going to learn about the cloud seeds.)

Z: “Yes. The Omega seeds will bring regrowth and regeneration to ALL. This will be taught to you so you may use it with Love and Foresight.”

E: “Foresight?”

Z: “Yes, there are many outcomes to using the Omega. All must be considered before use.”

E: “So its not all Happy Happy Joy Joy?”

Z: “Again, Yes and No. All life is built on the joy of existence but not all outcomes would be foreseen by the human mind as a positive outcome. But knowledge of a grand plan and used in conjunction with Gaia and the elemental kingdoms will help bring clarity and use for the highest good of all. Fear not and understand that rebirth does not hold the form of previous perceived perfection and balance. Life cannot return to a former static ideal. For one, life is never static and never ideal. Do not try to create the outcome or hold judgments of what you wish or hope it will be. The heart and mind must be clear on this or the seed will not flourish and bring the change needed.”

E: “Wow! OK. What of the Alpha seeds? These have been held in reserve for now.” (Referring again to our Power Trio recent meditation.)

Z: “They are not in reserve because they can’t be used; only because they can and will bring potent change when they are used appropriately and wisely. Not everyone or everything is willing and able to support the Alpha blossoming in their field. There are many who are ready to wear this flower and be able to deal with the consequences of instant Source connection. All energy that you put out, comes right back. This will be instantly recognizable to some who read this. “Yep, that’s me.” They will say. This can be stressful as you learn to first see and then really understand that you are the source of the flow of all that you encounter in life. Again, have no fear. You are all being supported and embraced by a multitude of Beings who are here to help you each achieve mastery of this and many other new skills that you will find suddenly presented to you. Breathe and Flow. Stay in the moment and find the center.”

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