Menopause…birthing energy

Menopause…birthing energy

Hi everybody, I want to talk about body communication today. I have been chatting with my body more and more this year. And by that I mean going into meditation and talking directly to my body or specific parts of it, if the situation calls for it or they put themselves forward. Lately, in the last couple of weeks, I have noticed that my body has started talking to me first. Not in the normal, hey feed me or sleep now signals that we all get, but putting forth options for me. The first instance involves a mole on my back. I had a quarter-inch flat mole in the middle of my back. It hung out as most moles do for most of my life. When I got pregnant with my first child it started growing and became less flat. This is a normal side effect of pregnancy and when I felt into it at the time I got, “There is nothing wrong but if you start worrying you can create that.” So I ignored it and when my second child came along it got even higher. Yikes! Is something wrong now? Nope. Same answer. So fast-forward to earlier this year and I had felt into it and received a different answer. “You can have it removed this year if you want. The balance that it provided is no longer an issue.” Okay then. I decided to do just that but didn’t act on it in any way.   A few weeks ago my body suddenly pipes up as I am washing my hands in the bathroom and tells me that if I am interested the mole can be absorbed back into my body. After several questions to make sure that the health of the mole and myself will not be adversely effected in any way, I give the go ahead. My body said it would take six months. I cannot tell you how interesting this is to me, to watch something that is very real physically and see what happens. Well there hasn’t been time to see much evidence but already my body has thrown out the next scenario.

I have two lovely children but they are quite enough for me to handle. As a matter of fact they sometimes are more than I can handle! But oh well, such is the case with every parent and stand-in parent out there. I do not want any more children, which I tell my body and the universe constantly. I know that it is my responsibility to keep myself for getting pregnant. If I don’t take physical measures the energetic world can’t be held responsible for the consequences. So a few days ago, I was in the bathroom again, (it’s apparently there or washing dishes!) when my body pipes up again. “Do you want to start menopause early?” What?!!!! I just turned forty this summer and wasn’t expecting that question. When I looked up the average age of menopause later it is generally between 48-52. Something I considered while thinking about this was the fact that my periods are quick and painless. Three days start to finish and no cramps, so I have nothing to complain about there! The biggest issue would be body changes with taking on this scenario right now. I really didn’t ponder it too long, maybe just a minute or two, and then gave the go ahead. The days of child-bearing are over. Lets make this official. This morning I finally sat down and held an in-depth conversation with my body about it. The information I received was very interesting and I thought other women might benefit from some of it. Please remember that each body is different and this is a specific conversation with my body about me.

Esther: “Ok Body, lets chat. Menopause?”

Body: “You have chosen to move forward with that phase.”

E: “What will that entail?”

B: “You will get sweats and feel the heat move through your body. There will also be adjustments to the way that your body responds to stimuli.”

E: “What do you mean?”

B: “Light and dark, cold and wet, hot and dry…all will be amplified.”

E: “Why?”

B: Imagine that you are birthing a new phase of Be-ing female. Isn’t a new baby affected by stimuli more strongly? This has to do with the nervous system realigning to the new expression of you.”

E: “When will the changes begin and how long with it last?”

B: “The first will come along in the next few months and then will increase in strength in the next few years. Breath into it. There is no need to quicken the process. That would cause undue stress on the body and bring more discomfort.”

E: “Are there things I can do now to prepare and assist you in this transition?”

B: “We are glad you asked. There are several things that many women can do and some things in particular that you can do. First, as a group, drink plenty of water. This gives the cells plenty of buoyancy and fluids to execute the transition as smoothly as possible. Next think about the salts in your body. Salts are minerals that your body uses in specific ways. When you sweat a lot or even a little, your body wants salt right after. Give it what it needs, whatever salty food appeals to you. Find the balance. Is one food too salty? Is it made in a lower salt version? Try out what works for you. Next is exercise. Moving the body helps to generate the new cells of the transition move into place much more smoothly. Yes, there are transitional cells and then another version that completes the transition. Next, for you specifically, your food interests will change wildly while you go through this. Honor that and follow the whims of your body. It may seem erratic and random but just laugh and hold on for the ride. Next, lets talk about sleep patterns. Those too will change and will bring moments of great wakefulness in the middle of the night and moments of great sleepiness during the day. Use this to your advantage and follow and flow with this as much as your schedule will accommodate. There is no use lying in bed staring at the ceiling. Get up and use that energy burst for accomplishing something, even if it is simply a quiet activity that will not wake the others in the house. This will turn that energy into something useful and prosperous and anchor the energy into your cells so they can use it to assist in the transition. The other side of this is being tired. Honor your body with rest when it is needed and sleep if you are able. If not, simply moving slow in thought and deed will help as well.”

E: “Thank you. Any other advice?”

B: “Bringing your body into alignment with a female energy system that births straight energy will take some time. Flow with it as much as possible and let the energy sink into your body. Yes, it will be brought in through the crown chakra first and then move down through the other centers one chakra at a time. Each center has it’s own nerve field and each must be adjusted and aligned with the new system. Be aware that the root chakra is last and will not be fully changed until all other work is done. You can still get pregnant during this time if you do not take the precautions necessary. We know this is something you wish to avoid so know that is your responsibility and always has been. Finally, find another way to cleanse your body monthly. This could entail an energetic flush or a physical fast or cleansing diet for the days that you would normally bleed. You can begin thinking about what you wish to do at this time but know that you do not need to initiate it until your body stops bleeding on a regular basis. Also each month you may have the urge to go with a different cleanse based on the energies in your body and those entering the planet at that time.”

E: “What is the energetic purpose for a woman’s body to need to cleanse and renew each month?”

B: “The physical reason is to provide a fresh and fertile surface for physical life to begin. On the energetic side, it allows great cleansing of the emotional and energetic fields as well. This is why with some women, such emotions well up during this time. There are huge advantages to this and to suddenly remove it would cause intense distress. That is why you would greatly benefit from a monthly cleansing that is linked to your new energetic birthing cycle. You are still woman incarnate; this does not stop because your body transforms into the next stage of that!”

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