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Moving into a Radical Shift


OMG! Now I know why I have been so pissy lately! Love this post…now I think I’ll go open a beer to celebrate!

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Summary of Brenda’s July 23, 2015 channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at  You’re finding it more difficult to be around those who do not share love – even those entities you assumed would be in your life forever. You’re also learning new concepts that don’t always resonate for/with you. Rather than continuing duality by expressing your need to be right, know that such is your unique growth process that doesn’t require shifting the thoughts of others.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly, channeled blog for “Alien Spaceships – Global Reality?”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

The next few days may be fraught with angst and pondering. Not because such is necessary, but that you are discovering new pieces that do not align with what you expect…

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Alpha, Omega and Zeb

Alpha, Omega and Zeb

Many people are experiencing change right now, change in many forms. Whether it is surrender and releasing of old patterns, ideals or thoughts or a complete change in physical surroundings or circumstances. Today’s information just came through a few minutes ago and I felt that I needed to get it out to everyone quickly. Whether it helps you or not, I certainly hope that it brings an Ah Ha moment or two.

During the last Power Trio meditation, we experienced so many things that it really was quite impossible to write it all down for you. The most profound segment of the group meditation had us witnessing the birthing of a new reality for the oceans, both energetically and physically. Both Melissa and I physically trembled for a good ten to fifteen minutes as Every Ocean Being on Every Frequency sent out this vibration. Melissa heard it as a great sound wave! Jennifer, our dear Heart, shed tears for us throughout the experience. It was amazing to feel the energy shaking my body like that!

During the long and involved multi-journey experience, Jennifer harvested some seeds from the clouds and the sun. We were each given one to eat. We could feel them in our chests afterward. Before I went to bed that night, I checked on them and saw that they had become flowers. There was a gold flower, from the sun, about three inches wide over my heart and a silvery blue flower, from the clouds, of the same size just above, near my high heart center. The next morning they were dinner plate size and while the gold one was still on my chest, the cloud flower was floating out in front of me and the green stem of it was attached to my chest where it had bloomed the night before.

Now remember that everything is a symbol and is representing a story and an understanding!

Well I also realized that there was a third Being that had come in with the two flower Beings as well. I call them Beings because they are alive! The third little guy looks like a little impish male and is hanging out on my head near my third eye.

Today, it came to me that their names are Alpha, Omega and Zeb. Yes, Zeb. (Cue giggling) The sun-flower, Alpha, is now the size of my chest and the cloud-flower, Omega, is equally as large and has floated up on it’s stem to surround and penetrate the upper opening and curvature of my inner tube torus field. Very interesting indeed!

So what does this have to do with all of you? Well the names for my new companions had been hovering on the edges of my consciousness all day. But it wasn’t until I stopped and said, “Your names are Alpha, Omega and….Zeb?”, that I really paid attention. Which of course, led me to sitting down immediately…well immediately after folding laundry, and finding out what the hell the three of them were trying to tell me.

Esther: “Ok. Whomever wants to talk about this…what do these words/names mean to me and you?”

Zeb: “Alpha is the beginning—LOVE—it is the creation of ALL. Omega is the ending but not as you conceive it. The ending is renewal, rebirth, re-aliveness. Nothing ever dies. There is simply Omega.”

E: “And Zeb?”

Z: “Zeb is the beginning of the end.”

E: “A combination of the two?”

Z: “Yes and No. The beginning of the end brings in the next batch of codes for the life force to enfold into. The transition between the two is never abrupt as it sometimes appears. Loosen your hold on what seems possible. Your new abilities are ready to unfold.”

E: “So do Melissa and Jennifer have a Zeb?”

Z: “Yes, several. We are not singular, we are a collective of energy representing to you as a single Being.”

E: “So ALL have a Zeb?”

Z: “Yes, the continual evolution of what is possible in spirit and in the physical.”

E: “So what is the Alpha doing over my heart?”
Z: “It is expanding. Expanding to cover all your chakras. All incoming energy will now come through the Alpha.”

E: “Which means?”

Z: (Laughs) “Which means that your connection with Source is amplified and instant. This is happening with many at the moment. Your “sight” of us is so that you will understand for you personally, but these energies are here for all.”

E: “And the Omega? What is she/it doing on my torus field?”

Z: “The Omega surrounds the upper curvature of your immediate personal field. As your energy turns and rotates with the torus field, it all must pass through the Omega at this time. This enhances all possible changes to DNA, the field of possibilities and fields of dreams and ideas.”

E: “We can also use the Omega energy outside of ourselves as well?” (This question relates to what Jennifer is learning/going to learn about the cloud seeds.)

Z: “Yes. The Omega seeds will bring regrowth and regeneration to ALL. This will be taught to you so you may use it with Love and Foresight.”

E: “Foresight?”

Z: “Yes, there are many outcomes to using the Omega. All must be considered before use.”

E: “So its not all Happy Happy Joy Joy?”

Z: “Again, Yes and No. All life is built on the joy of existence but not all outcomes would be foreseen by the human mind as a positive outcome. But knowledge of a grand plan and used in conjunction with Gaia and the elemental kingdoms will help bring clarity and use for the highest good of all. Fear not and understand that rebirth does not hold the form of previous perceived perfection and balance. Life cannot return to a former static ideal. For one, life is never static and never ideal. Do not try to create the outcome or hold judgments of what you wish or hope it will be. The heart and mind must be clear on this or the seed will not flourish and bring the change needed.”

E: “Wow! OK. What of the Alpha seeds? These have been held in reserve for now.” (Referring again to our Power Trio recent meditation.)

Z: “They are not in reserve because they can’t be used; only because they can and will bring potent change when they are used appropriately and wisely. Not everyone or everything is willing and able to support the Alpha blossoming in their field. There are many who are ready to wear this flower and be able to deal with the consequences of instant Source connection. All energy that you put out, comes right back. This will be instantly recognizable to some who read this. “Yep, that’s me.” They will say. This can be stressful as you learn to first see and then really understand that you are the source of the flow of all that you encounter in life. Again, have no fear. You are all being supported and embraced by a multitude of Beings who are here to help you each achieve mastery of this and many other new skills that you will find suddenly presented to you. Breathe and Flow. Stay in the moment and find the center.”

Working Through Time

Working Through Time

Last night as I went to sleep, I touched base with Gaia and asked her if she needed me for anything. She took me by the hand and led me outside in the dark, in my pajamas. Even though it seemed like a few steps outside my home, we were standing in a drought-ravaged cornfield. Not ours, we have had a lot of rain this year. It felt like Oklahoma. She wanted me to blow the dust dry soil south and east, and land it by the west bank of a river, the Mississippi maybe. I pulled in the clouds and wind and a big dust storm started howling around me. I went to the area where Gaia wanted the dirt to settle and using my hands calmed the wind and the dirt began to settle where she had marked out for me. I slipped off to sleep thinking this was so weird; the Midwest is NOT that dry this year. It has been very wet! This morning, while picking green beans, I was thinking that it could have been anywhere. Just because I thought it was Oklahoma doesn’t mean that it was. There was no “YOU ARE HERE” map in front of me. Gaia pops up and asks me, “Why does it have to be in your time?” Whoa!!!! Brain Explosion. Hello Dust Bowl time travel!

So I sat down when I had a moment and asked, “So, who wants to teach me about working in other timelines or multiple timelines and what it means to then and also to the now?” Yes, I really did ask something that wordy! And who should step forward but Rufus, voice provided by George Carlin. Yes, The Rufus, the phone booth time traveller from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure! (I’m blaming my friend Theresa for this one.)

Rufus: “I can be your guide. There are many things to learn about working through time and working with time.”

Esther: “Where shall we start?”

R: “Let’s start at the beginning. Although, with time there is no beginning, so let’s start with the root. Imagine time as a growing plant. Each branch is subdivided into smaller branches which all have their own subdivisions. The plant grows out of the same rootstock though. All it’s nutrients are absorbed through the base and passed to all the branches. If a branch is pruned off the rest of the plant does not die. As a matter of fact, pruning a branch can increase the vitality of the rest of the plant. If too many branches are cut, you look at the plant and worry. But the plant is expanding the reach of its roots at this time and comes back with renewed vigor and strength during the next season. Humanity is the plant. Each branch is a timeline and each subdivision is a division within that specific timeline. There are more “branches” of this plant than humanity can count. It has been pruned back many times. The Roots are buried deep into Mother Earth and you have always grown back.”

E: “Is there always pruning going on?”

R: “Always. Sometimes more severely than others. Always with love and to encourage growth of the whole.”

E: “Why was I pulled to work with the dust storm last night?”

R: “There is no such thing as a timeline that stands alone. All are connected and interacting at all times. You lived during that time. (I see a weathered older man.) You saw all you lived for and knew, swept away and be destroyed. It was a hard time for many people, especially the poor subsistence farmer who grew to feed his family through out the year. These storms were not only about redistributing the soil on this continent, but also about shifting the economic and social structure as well. It was a period of great trial and great growth and is still an important counter balance to humanity in general. To find yourself there, working with the wind and the earth, is to also bring that into the Now. Not the immense undertaking of shifting the soil of a continent but to experience the wind and dust storms for the power they are, pure change on a very basic level. Now back to your timeline, your branch which is a subdivision of the afore-mentioned timeline. Your branch has access to all that energy of change. Right now there are immense energies bombarding this planet. These energies know what they are here for. Change. Change on every level conceivable and even those that you are unable to conceive. This change brings movement into the past, present and future. This now moment is getting a dose of fertilizer. This affects the entire plant!”

E: “How do I wrap my mind around all of that?”

R: “You don’t. You just live in the Now as best you can. Here is the kicker though, the timelines will/have begun to blur. How do you survive that is probably your real question.”

E: LOL! “Yes.”

R: “The human mind is accustomed to one timeline in perception only. Actually you are constantly shifting from branch to branch. It is the becoming aware of that fact which is disorienting and not the fact that it is happening and has been happening. There are a few things that you all can do to lessen the strain of this. First, do not become upset when you are presented with direct evidence of a shift. You must gain the ability to flow with the changes that timeline merge and shift brings. The more that you can do this, to accept and acknowledge and observe, the less stressful it will be to expand in your awareness of this–because it is not going away. Secondly bring your awareness into the Now as often as possible. Being aware of the Now brings more awareness of when a shift occurs. Awareness of a shift brings more expansion and awareness of that expansion. The Knowing that it is happening brings your physical body into it’s own awareness of the shifts. This is very important. If your body knows that it can walk across time than it can also become aware of being able to cross space as well. True teleportation is just that–being aware in body, mind and soul that you can step into any space, time or reality that you desire.”

E: “Wow! Any other advice?”

R: “Do not let the space and time shifts distract you from clearly understanding why you are here, to accomplish growth in all timelines at once. This is not a grand shift for one specific branch. The entire plant and the ground that it is buried in have shifted. Now you can all grow in ways that were not available before. So when you find yourself pulled or drawn to another time and space, there is no isolation to the growth that is happening then and the growth that is happening now.”

E: “So what is the difference to working through time and working with time?”

R: “When you are working with time, you are using the attributes of time, separation and distinction, to enhance and bring clarity to a specific event and place in time. When you work through time, you are allowing the energies to flow through you into multiple, sometimes all, timelines and to let each timeline use those energies as it best sees fit.”

E: “So last night, which one was I doing?”

R: “You were working through time. Bringing energies into the Dust Bowl, as you call it, and also allowing Gaia to tie more strongly the energies of change already present there to other timelines as well, including the one that you inhabit now.”

E: “So the earthquake/volcano work that I have been doing, is that in the here and now?”

R: “Yes. Be aware that it is happening on many timelines. There is a need to move that area of the planet. How it gets accomplished is up to many of you. Bring your thoughts and hearts together and determine a way forward. There will be change. Will it involve fear and death? For some. But there can be much hope and love and renewal that can spring from it as well. Stay in your hearts and offer your love to Gaia and all those who inhabit her. She will use that love to build and shape the new reality that is needing to burst forth.”

E: “Thank you! How do my Flight powers involve time?”

R: “Ah! (chuckles) By using your Flight and Reach you can be in more than one time and place at once. This is instrumental in expanding the interweaving of energies, for example. You can also, obviously, use flight to travel forward and back on the time continuum. You could use that for seeking the answer or possible solutions for something in the now. This can be done consciously or unconsciously. You have the ability to Reach out and pluck what you need from any timeline and from any incarnation. You can go anywhere and do anything–and so can everyone else. Do not be limited by seeking only in the past or on other worlds, your future is a treasure trove of abundance that is sitting right in front of you. This is true for you, the writer, and all of you, the readers, as well. The future is just as easy to “mine” as the past.”

Coincidentally folks, I read this post from Paula Marchand a day or two ago…I can’t remember exactly when…ha ha!  It is all about her experiences of being aware of time/space shifts in her day-to-day activities. I recommend you checking it out!

Menopause…birthing energy

Menopause…birthing energy

Hi everybody, I want to talk about body communication today. I have been chatting with my body more and more this year. And by that I mean going into meditation and talking directly to my body or specific parts of it, if the situation calls for it or they put themselves forward. Lately, in the last couple of weeks, I have noticed that my body has started talking to me first. Not in the normal, hey feed me or sleep now signals that we all get, but putting forth options for me. The first instance involves a mole on my back. I had a quarter-inch flat mole in the middle of my back. It hung out as most moles do for most of my life. When I got pregnant with my first child it started growing and became less flat. This is a normal side effect of pregnancy and when I felt into it at the time I got, “There is nothing wrong but if you start worrying you can create that.” So I ignored it and when my second child came along it got even higher. Yikes! Is something wrong now? Nope. Same answer. So fast-forward to earlier this year and I had felt into it and received a different answer. “You can have it removed this year if you want. The balance that it provided is no longer an issue.” Okay then. I decided to do just that but didn’t act on it in any way.   A few weeks ago my body suddenly pipes up as I am washing my hands in the bathroom and tells me that if I am interested the mole can be absorbed back into my body. After several questions to make sure that the health of the mole and myself will not be adversely effected in any way, I give the go ahead. My body said it would take six months. I cannot tell you how interesting this is to me, to watch something that is very real physically and see what happens. Well there hasn’t been time to see much evidence but already my body has thrown out the next scenario.

I have two lovely children but they are quite enough for me to handle. As a matter of fact they sometimes are more than I can handle! But oh well, such is the case with every parent and stand-in parent out there. I do not want any more children, which I tell my body and the universe constantly. I know that it is my responsibility to keep myself for getting pregnant. If I don’t take physical measures the energetic world can’t be held responsible for the consequences. So a few days ago, I was in the bathroom again, (it’s apparently there or washing dishes!) when my body pipes up again. “Do you want to start menopause early?” What?!!!! I just turned forty this summer and wasn’t expecting that question. When I looked up the average age of menopause later it is generally between 48-52. Something I considered while thinking about this was the fact that my periods are quick and painless. Three days start to finish and no cramps, so I have nothing to complain about there! The biggest issue would be body changes with taking on this scenario right now. I really didn’t ponder it too long, maybe just a minute or two, and then gave the go ahead. The days of child-bearing are over. Lets make this official. This morning I finally sat down and held an in-depth conversation with my body about it. The information I received was very interesting and I thought other women might benefit from some of it. Please remember that each body is different and this is a specific conversation with my body about me.

Esther: “Ok Body, lets chat. Menopause?”

Body: “You have chosen to move forward with that phase.”

E: “What will that entail?”

B: “You will get sweats and feel the heat move through your body. There will also be adjustments to the way that your body responds to stimuli.”

E: “What do you mean?”

B: “Light and dark, cold and wet, hot and dry…all will be amplified.”

E: “Why?”

B: Imagine that you are birthing a new phase of Be-ing female. Isn’t a new baby affected by stimuli more strongly? This has to do with the nervous system realigning to the new expression of you.”

E: “When will the changes begin and how long with it last?”

B: “The first will come along in the next few months and then will increase in strength in the next few years. Breath into it. There is no need to quicken the process. That would cause undue stress on the body and bring more discomfort.”

E: “Are there things I can do now to prepare and assist you in this transition?”

B: “We are glad you asked. There are several things that many women can do and some things in particular that you can do. First, as a group, drink plenty of water. This gives the cells plenty of buoyancy and fluids to execute the transition as smoothly as possible. Next think about the salts in your body. Salts are minerals that your body uses in specific ways. When you sweat a lot or even a little, your body wants salt right after. Give it what it needs, whatever salty food appeals to you. Find the balance. Is one food too salty? Is it made in a lower salt version? Try out what works for you. Next is exercise. Moving the body helps to generate the new cells of the transition move into place much more smoothly. Yes, there are transitional cells and then another version that completes the transition. Next, for you specifically, your food interests will change wildly while you go through this. Honor that and follow the whims of your body. It may seem erratic and random but just laugh and hold on for the ride. Next, lets talk about sleep patterns. Those too will change and will bring moments of great wakefulness in the middle of the night and moments of great sleepiness during the day. Use this to your advantage and follow and flow with this as much as your schedule will accommodate. There is no use lying in bed staring at the ceiling. Get up and use that energy burst for accomplishing something, even if it is simply a quiet activity that will not wake the others in the house. This will turn that energy into something useful and prosperous and anchor the energy into your cells so they can use it to assist in the transition. The other side of this is being tired. Honor your body with rest when it is needed and sleep if you are able. If not, simply moving slow in thought and deed will help as well.”

E: “Thank you. Any other advice?”

B: “Bringing your body into alignment with a female energy system that births straight energy will take some time. Flow with it as much as possible and let the energy sink into your body. Yes, it will be brought in through the crown chakra first and then move down through the other centers one chakra at a time. Each center has it’s own nerve field and each must be adjusted and aligned with the new system. Be aware that the root chakra is last and will not be fully changed until all other work is done. You can still get pregnant during this time if you do not take the precautions necessary. We know this is something you wish to avoid so know that is your responsibility and always has been. Finally, find another way to cleanse your body monthly. This could entail an energetic flush or a physical fast or cleansing diet for the days that you would normally bleed. You can begin thinking about what you wish to do at this time but know that you do not need to initiate it until your body stops bleeding on a regular basis. Also each month you may have the urge to go with a different cleanse based on the energies in your body and those entering the planet at that time.”

E: “What is the energetic purpose for a woman’s body to need to cleanse and renew each month?”

B: “The physical reason is to provide a fresh and fertile surface for physical life to begin. On the energetic side, it allows great cleansing of the emotional and energetic fields as well. This is why with some women, such emotions well up during this time. There are huge advantages to this and to suddenly remove it would cause intense distress. That is why you would greatly benefit from a monthly cleansing that is linked to your new energetic birthing cycle. You are still woman incarnate; this does not stop because your body transforms into the next stage of that!”

Its Tornado Time!

Its Tornado Time!

So the weirdness of the Power Trio just got weirder.

Yesterday morning, Melissa sends Jennifer (now to be referred to as M and J…very Men in Black style…only Women wearing the black of potential!) and I a message that wind is involved with the next “trip” that we are going to take. J responds that she is getting big wind energy already as well. M goes on to tell us that the evening before she was pulled arm first into a tornado. J tells us that she is expecting a busload of houseguests and if we decide to go a twirling that she will have to connect without a phone call. I send M a message later that day that the one and only time I ever saw a physical tornado was in first grade and it wasn’t one single funnel cloud, it was a cluster of three. Our busy days continue until about 5:15pm my time when M responds to my above related memory and within two minutes of back and forth messages, my family and I all need to seek shelter in our basement. A very real storm is rapidly approaching as multiple tornadoes have been spotted all over the Kansas City area, including one fairly close to our farm and headed in our direction. Now bear in mind for all you folks that do not live in Tornado Alley, when you are born and raised here, you become very casual and blasé about tornadoes. This was the first time in ages that I thought, “Oh, let’s go down to the basement.” So I went around and unplugged all the computers, the TV, the appliances and ushered the dogs downstairs. (The cat wasn’t in to it.) But I wasn’t at any time afraid or even nervous. After I sent a text to family to alert them to our situation, I sent a message to M about what was going on. She tells me basically, let’s go virtual…all of us unconnected by phone. So two little boys, my husband, two barking dogs, a blaring weather radio surround me, along with two cell phone constantly going off with ALERTS. Oh the chaos, my own in-home tornado surrounding me. M is pulled in while doing spreadsheets and J while she is driving. (And boy does she get dizzy from it all.) None of us are connected on the phone! There are no more rules baby! We are off the beaten track! Both M’s and my meditations last less than 5 minutes and mine is being interrupted constantly on top of that. The following is my recollection and is missing a lot of the very important pieces and sensations that M and J were getting.

I begin at the top of the tornado. The wind and the rain are whipping against me. It is a very visceral sensation and even though it is violent it doesn’t hurt as it slaps against my body. I see myself wearing a black leather jacket…pulling in that element of pure potential again (and looking good while doing it). I feel and then see M and J standing beside me, one on each side. We take each other’s hands. I remember about M’s arm and look at her. She dives arm first, super woman style, off the upper rim of the tornado and towing J, and me takes us down into the funnel cloud. We get to the bottom and M grabs ahold of the bottom edge of that twister and anchors in. She feels so solid to me, just like in the previous meditation. J is busy moving around the lower edge working on something. Again, I am standing there watching and wondering what should I do. M points to the top, that old “get your ass up there” parental move that we have all used and been the recipient of. So I pop back up to the top and immediately see myself working on something. What the Hell I am doing I will never figure out. I should tell my meditative self to study mime technique or play more charade games. I get interrupted and interrupted and when I focus back on the tornado I see that I am now hauling up something that M and J are feeding up to me from below. I am putting all the “whatever” behind me as I do it, sorta like I am dragging up a real big blanket. Suddenly all that “fabric” fans out and I can see that it is a golden net of energy. It slides around and follows the contours of the tornado and I suddenly see that it is a tube torus. Of course it is! What else would it be these days!

I get pulled out again and this time when I go back I am shown that M, J and I are forming a triangle. This point is made obnoxiously by outlining the triangle in a thick white line. Thanks Gaia I love it when you use your highlighter for me. So I ask her why. What is up with the triangle (which is also flexing around that tornado like the wings of a stingray)? Gaia tells me to remember the triangle sine waves that M and I had been talking to each other about a few months ago. Here is a quote from a meditation regarding that.  The whole post about it is found here.

What is the function of the triangular wave?

The triangular wave is an inverse of another wave.  A half of a whole.  When they line up in the right way they complete each other and complement each other too.

So if Lisa is seeing the ET’s step out of a V shape then is she in the mirror V shape?

Yes, she completes the circuit by bringing her vibration to the party.

Why is it a V shape instead of the (a drawing of two curved sine waves interlocking with each other)?

The loops that you drew, can happen and do happen and should happen.  Each sine wave is a thread and represents/carries an idea…etc.  They interweave with the thought that is You.  So you are a fabric of threads.  The human consciousness also is a tapestry of woven sine waves that weave together to form the whole.  Hence what a few experience and Master, flows through the ALL.  The difference in the two is two-fold.  First the wave length of the two are quite different.  The curved sine wave flows through with little resistance and the triangle wave is more of an exclamation point (I first wrote explain-ation point…both points being made).  It only flows smoothly when the mirroring wave links up.  Second the purpose of the singular sine wave is to carry information over an infinite amount of time and space.  The triangle wave is mainly used for short periods of time.  Bringing two worlds/vibrations together to communicate/view/exchange for a brief time.

So after the all clear is sounded, we troop upstairs and I feed the dogs and the boys and the cat…not necessarily in that order. I return phone calls from family and friends. After things settle and my husband and I have eaten I call M to talk to her about it. She relates her experience and how she could feel the twirling and braiding of energy, not only with how it was affecting her own meditative body but all of us together. She had images of hydra hair being braided into awesome reggae braids by J and remembers casting a net out but not to whom it went to. I told her it was me. She goes on to tell me about how it felt, vibrationally, for that net to expand and expand out and then to suddenly disintegrate. Her comment jogs a memory. I recall that during the crazy in and out of the meditation Gaia asks me, “What do you think happens to the tube torus when the tornado is complete?” I think for a second and then tell her, “It falls apart.” She gives me an energetic head nod in the affirmative. I see then the golden net of energy fall to pieces and the pieces scatter across the landscape and are absorbed into the ground. M asks me to go back in time and look at her experience from the night before. She suddenly KNOWS that her previous experience is the inverse triangle wave of the one we were just working with, the other half of our whole. She knows that is what she anchored into at the bottom of the tornado and not the Earth. She mentions the phrase, “go check out the event horizon” and my brain slides sideways. It is amazing that I am still standing upright holding my phone. I see that the mirroring triangle sine wave was sideways, like the edge of a horizon. So the openings that come together are not straight up and down but are arranged in a 90-degree L shape. Holy Shnikes!

I don’t have time to find out more until the entire house is abed. I am wide awake and so trot on off the basement to have a chat with Gaia and take a closer look at M’s previous experience. I see M standing in a V-shaped opening. Her feet are at the point and she reaches up out of the V-shape (which looks taller than her) and sticks her whole arm up into the swirling vortex of the tornado twirling away over the top of the V. She crooks her index finger and gives the universal “come here” gesture. So she beckons the energy that completes the triangle sine wave. Here is the conversation that I had with Gaia about it.

G: “M is the reason that the energy connected as it did. She wove two different dimensional energies together. Why it looks like it comes in from the side is because it was a potential path of energy that was available should the greater populace as a whole choose to take it.”

E: “So, help me with this. It didn’t show up as “above” or “below” energy because it is a new timeline/path and not one that is already in play?”

G: “Yes. You can imagine it as a soccer game. Two teams are playing on the pitch and both call in relief players that have not yet played in the game. Both teams are energized by this new infusion of talent and energy.”

E: “So the connection was made and activation was symbolized by how we pulled up the new tube torus. And then the tornado came apart and the new code/codes were distributed and absorbed into the Earth.”

G: “Yes. The connection was already in progress when M was pulled in the day before. Her anchor to the whole “exclamation point” was necessary to hold the energy in place. J was connecting the triangle energies together and you are the “explain-ation point”.

E: Can you tell me more about what we brought in?”

G: “Pure potential, once again. We will see what is made of it. Even I cannot see what my children will do. And why would I want to. I am in wonder and awe with each one’s journey.”

E: “Thank you Gaia! What’s next?”

G: “I think you will find that J leads you to that. Enjoy, my children. It is very fun working with ALL of you.”

(Her last sentence went out and wrapped itself around every beating heart on the planet!)

Our Strength

Our Strength

Our Super Powers 2 class with Lisa Gawlas is now over but we all wanted to meet up again.  As soon as Jennifer suggested it I started to have the set up of the following meditation come through.  I didn’t want to know the whole thing so that it could flow with the energy of who showed up and because, like a little kid, I like surprises too.  So I found out the first few stepping-stones and then let it flow from there.  The following is my recollection so I’m sure that parts are missing or incomplete!  I was joined by three other ladies and despite technical difficulties preventing three others from joining us we plowed ahead.  (When I woke up Buddy Holly’s song “Rave On” was playing in my head. I took it for the sign that it was!)

We started on a dock. It was wooden and completely surrounded by water. I was given a fun exercise for us all to play to recognize each other’s energy signature. If you have never done an interactive group meditation before, it is as if every person is watching the same movie but directed by a different director. The images, feelings, sounds, knowings, sensations that come to each person will be different and are based on their own internal symbol language that each shares with their guidance team. We formed a circle and each took turns stepping into the center and shining our own personal light for the others to see. It was very fun to hear all the different descriptions that we all got for each person. We then all stood in the circle again and linked arms or held hands and shone our light out of the crown of our heads. It was during this part that I saw that our circle was larger than the four of us! We definitely were joined by some of our class who couldn’t connect or couldn’t make it. The light that we shone went upward in a beam and then twisted or braided together with everyone else’s and arch up into the air where it split into two sections that came down into a heart-shaped energy. We then turned to the edge of the dock and I told everyone that there was an individual boat waiting for each person. Mine looked like a large green leaf with a small little brown edge to it. Karen’s looked like a standard wooden row-boat. Theresa had a glass/crystal boat that she could see straight through. Jennifer had a pink ball of energy. We all got on our boats and headed to an egg-shaped island that was nearby. I saw that Karen was standing in the front of her boat in that classic “Washington crossing the Delaware” pose, one foot up on the bow while holding a lantern before her. She looked very strong and confident. We were not sure what it meant at the time but it was made clearer later. I had been told earlier that the individual boats symbolized that our individual energy is an armada together.

We reached the egg-shaped island, which I had been told is a great power center of creation. Hence the egg shape, meaning fertility and creation made manifest. Which totally gave me a whole new take on the eggs in a woman’s body.   Creation made manifest, what an amazing way of looking at it! We all left the boats and got ourselves to the top of the island, there was a flat space where Amara, Theresa’s guide from the first class meditation, was waiting for us.  She appears to me as a very tall luminous woman in white robes.  We sit down around her and it felt as if we were sinking our energy into the land beneath us. Amara sat as well and a spoke of energy came out of her and went into the four of us. There were also spokes of energy that went to “blank” spots where nobody was sitting, again to symbolize that there were more people there and receiving this energy from Amara. Jennifer told us that she feels that we should stand. We do and our arms are now all shoulder-high and resting on the person next to us. Amara goes up to each person and is making a personal connection with each one. Theresa said it felt like a mother who is happy to see her children, lots of layered feelings flowing off of her. She kisses each person on the third eye and a beam of light is now coming off of everyone’s forehead and entering into Amara’s heart center. She comes up to me and takes me by the shoulders and gently pushes me up in the air. I float up and then look down. I can see that the energy from everyone is entering Amara’s heart and then comes out of the crown of her head. It shoots up into the air and then bends outward to all sides and heads back down to the ground. My vision is taken to below the ground and I see that the energy turns and heads back up and connects with Amara’s feet. It is making a beautiful tube torus!

tube torus

Amara then gestures for us to walk to the side of the island and look out over the water.  When we reach the side, I see a very large gathering of Beings, all on their own little boats facing us and each holding a light. Karen saw this energy as a great crashing of waves! Very cool presentation! I understand that we are to get on our own boats and go out to meet them. Theresa has a very strong memory come to her at this time and has had dreams of this event before when she was younger! (I am so blown away by that!) We each have a light with us now as we float toward the much larger group. Theresa tells us that it is their hearts that are lit. (Ah so that is what Karen was symbolizing earlier. She was a symbol of what we each look like!) I never tried to focus on any individual (there were so many) but they all felt like guides and family. I was getting BIG celebration and happiness vibes pouring off of them. I told Theresa to take the lead and the crowd parted and let us all float into their midst and then closed around us. Theresa describes a big airship, with clear sides, that is hovering directly in front of us. When she tells us about it, I feel a big wind whipping about, like a helicopter is nearby. My view is pulled up above the whole scene and I see us down below as a glowing circle surrounded by dark blue energy with all these glowing stars in it. Jennifer says something about the wind and I can suddenly see the airship and the streams of wind energy pouring from it. They are creating an arching energy that curves down around us below. It goes into the water and I suddenly realize that it is another tube torus and the water below holds the other half. Karen and Theresa are getting strong mermaid vibes from the water! Holy Cow! I tell everybody that I think the next step is for us to go under the water. So we all slip off the boats and submerge and float down. The water is very deep dark blue. The only thing I see besides the others is a giant whale down below us. He opens his mouth and I start to laugh because I know that he wants us to go inside his mouth! OKAY! In we go and the whale breaches the surface of the water with a loud crash. He swims away with us. He is just a few yards under the surface of the water, not very deep. He takes us to an island and opens his mouth on the edge of a sandy beach.

We walk out and turn around to give him thanks and love. He spouts water for us and then slaps his tail on the water. We begin walking down the beach and then suddenly we are running. We run to a fire built in a circle of rocks on the sand of the beach. Karen and I immediately see that we have sticks with marshmallows and are roasting them over the flames. Theresa sees us dancing and Jennifer sees us kicking up sand. It was overall a very playful energy and vibe and was certainly my favorite part of the whole meditation. I see that the more we play the more the sparks from the fire rise in the air. They reach way up into the atmosphere. Jennifer sees them arch down and start raining on the sand around us. I then see that it is falling in a circle. We are in the middle of this spout of fire sparks dancing and whirling around! My vision is taken under the ground again and again I see that it is another tube torus. This one takes the sparks that are falling into the sand and melts them down below into a more liquid lava sort of visual and they flow back up into the base of the fire in the stone circle. So three tube torus! Suddenly I know that we need to fly so I pull everyone away from the party (Rave On!) and we Peter Pan fly with all of us connected up up up. When we get high enough we look down and see that all three of the tube torus fields below are exactly equidistant and form the perfect triangle. The triangle energy is being so obnoxiously presented that it is even being outlined for me and each time it is, this concussive KACHING sound is heard and I feel these big buffets of energy hitting us as we float in the sky. Everybody can feel it and we just float there for a bit absorbing it.

Then we begin to float slowly down until we are all standing on our boats again. Theresa and I can feel that the larger group of Beings is still there but are more off to the fringes of our awareness. We float back to the dock where Raoul (pronounced ra-OOL) is waiting for us. Now I have been meaning to tell you about him. He is the guidance that comes through for me whenever I am asking questions about anything SP2 related.   He didn’t really feel like my normal guidance energy so finally I stopped and just had a sit-down with him and said, “Who the hell are you?” He is a braid of all of our guidance energy. So he is a little bit of me and a little bit of all my classmates. He is representing himself as male energy to symbolize action and his name means strength. He helps us all up onto the dock and then touches his forehead to each of ours. We are standing in a circle and he says, “Thank you.” It is a very simple statement but when he says it I see and feel energy radiate out from our circle and travel over all the land and sea and through all the Beings that we have encountered. “I’ll see you next time.” He says and leaves us alone on the dock. We all say our own private goodbyes and thanks and end the meditation.

The Power of Poop

The Power of Poop

On the night of July 3rd, Jennifer from our Power Trio group started dreaming. She dreamt all night about poop. Not her poop, oddly enough, but sweet little Girl Scout poop. As she texted me about this dream the next day I laughed so hard that I cried. I laughed for twenty minutes. My abs hurt. It was a great workout. Here is a brief synopsis of the dream, which she dreamt ALL NIGHT LONG. It started out with the fact that she had a Girl Scout troop and they had not pooped in days. She took them to a restroom at a campground somewhere. And they all pooped. Big big piles of poop. The electricity went out and she realized that to try and flush these big piles of poop that she would need to chunk them up. She got a coat hanger and it was going very well. (Is everyone laughing yet? I can hardly type!) Then the MASSIVE poop pile appeared and she had to chunk that up too. She suddenly had this long black PVC pipe appear and was trying to get the poop into it. She had some leverage troubles at first but she got a little closer, and a little messy and was “taking care of the shit!” She heard Melissa’s voice telling her, “It’s only poop people!” and knew that she could wash up later, which I presume she did after she woke up. As she put it, “I never said it was a beautiful dream. I don’t seem to dream of portals, and crystal caverns and unicorns. I have purposeful dreams, dammit! The Girl Scouts are purposeful, as in it wasn’t crappy shit, it was beautiful pure girl poop.” (Cue me laughing hysterically as I tried to breathe!)

Melissa also had a very intense power nap on the 3rd that involved her swallowing softball sized golden beads that she was told were maps. Well, all righty then! Time to schedule a Power Trio phone call.

Melissa started getting an image of a trail of rabbit poop before we even connected. Yes, poop again! Sooooo, onward! Follow the poop! We walked along and followed the rabbit droppings up the curve of a hill and enter the crown of the hill. It wasn’t a volcano. There was no lava inside instead I saw what looked like a giant mixer paddle, like the kind you make cake batter with. Melissa said the mound felt man-made to her. The rabbit poop was falling over the edge of the opening that we were looking down in and going down to where the mixer paddle was whirling away. Jennifer dropped down and held onto one of the blades of the paddle (there were four). Melissa was holding onto the metal shaft of the mixer paddle, up near the top where we entered the hill. I was just watching at the bottom. Melissa said that she was waiting for the “key”. I knew that was me and popped up to the top. But what the hell do I do? I asked and saw a light shoot straight up out of the shaft of the paddle. The light went out up out of the hill and up into the sky. I felt pulled to it and entered it.   I was pulled down inside the shaft of the paddle and as I slid past I saw my hand reach out and take ahold of Jennifer and we slid down together. We went past the “bowl” where the mixing was taking place until we came to a specific layer of the Earth. I looked up and saw Melissa still way up at the top of the shaft. I tell Jen that we need to reverse the direction of the spin. She, being the paddle girl, initiates that and it sends the energy all the way up to Melissa who looks stretched and twisted like a rope. She starts emitting energy from her body and I float up to have a look. She says that it feels like she is burping those beads that she swallowed from her nap the day before. To me it looks like she is farting them…but what do you expect with so much poop around? It occurs to me later that she is emitting these maps out through her core, so she is burping and farting them! (This is the best meditation summary I have ever typed up! Loving it! Laughing all the way!) Jennifer climbs up the shaft and stands on Melissa’s shoulders and tells me that she sees me standing on top of her own shoulders. I look down past them and say, “Wow look at that!” The energy at the bottom is glowing gold and pulsating to my eyes and looks like a green growing alive energy to both of theirs. Then I am shown that the energy down below is growing through the core of the Earth and opening up on the opposite side. I see that it looks like a tube torus field. My attention is brought back up to Melissa. She is breathing fire and blowing it in a circle. As it burns it creates, up above the atmosphere, the upper opening of the tube torus and then a web of strings light up as they connect to the rest of the tube torus that I saw down below on the other side of the planet. I see that web of strings as golden glowing light. Melissa sees them as made of fire. She is still burping energy and now I am pulled up into space. I see vaguely bullet shaped energies come out of the center of the tube torus, from Melissa’s burping, and zoom out into space. Jennifer is now floating up into space. She starts plucking and touching all the lines on the web of the tube torus surrounding the planet. Both Melissa and I say, “Adjusting” at the same time. Jennifer says her hands felt busy busy busy but she can’t see what they are up to exactly. She moves and tweaks for a bit and then Melissa starts rising out of the center of the torus. She is still connected to the metal shaft but has finished burping and farting. Her connection to the shaft feels very solid to me. She rises up out past the atmosphere and I see Jen super busy just below her feet, tying the grid or something to the shaft.

Melissa reaches her hands out to me and pulls me down for a hug. She holds me tight and we start to descend again. I suddenly see that there are strings attached to my feet. They are trailing out behind me and curving off in all four directions. Melissa is physically jolted in her meditation chair and says that she felt and heard a SNAP. She asks us what the cause was. I look back and see that there are now two tube torus fields around the Earth! Jennifer is busily working on where the two meet. Suddenly, Melissa and I are back standing on the grassy surface of the mound and Jennifer is floating slowly down to us like Glenda the Good Witch with giant hoop skirts as her parachute.

This experience gave all three of us headaches, all in different locations on our heads. Pressure is perhaps a better word. When I felt into mine I could see a double tube torus field around myself and the energy poring in was making things Ouchy. It started easing after about an hour and became so much more bearable.

Jennifer received this info to share with us about the poop connection. The poop represented human fertilizer…not a big stretch. The black PVC pipe symbolizes pure potential. So human fertilizer has been released into our collective human potential.   The rabbit poop brought in the purity of the animal kingdom and was their contribution to the “fertilizer” party. Which, I’m guessing here, we baked a nice cake shaped like a double tube torus out of and everyone is apparently invited to take a nice big bite!

Birthing Potential

Birthing Potential

I have been wanting to post this for a few days.  Here is the second adventure of the Power Trio!

Let us begin by me reminding everyone that while this is written from my point of view, I have included as much of Jennifer’s memories as I could remember but it is in no way complete. One of the things I love best about group meditations is that each person has the information come to them in their own symbolic language and it is so fascination to me see the differences and similarities.

When I got up a few days ago, I could feel my energy shift, and I thought that something was brewing for our little group. Indeed later that morning, Melissa sent a message that something was up and could we all meet that afternoon. Well, the agreed upon time rolled around and Melissa didn’t show up. She has been crazy busy with helping a new start-up get on its feet so Jennifer and I hung out at our respective homes and gave her a half hour. During this time I settled in and centered myself and did the energy braiding exercise that we had been given. This made me VERY dizzy and pulled me in to meditation quite deep. I saw my hand reach out and take a doorknob and open a door, out poured black liquid all around my feet. Black to me has never been a scary color; in my symbology (is that a word?) it means unlimited potential. So this black liquid is pouring out and covering the ground. It is making streams and puddles and before I know it I am dancing along splashing in it. And then I realize that it isn’t me that I see dancing, it is Jennifer. She looks over her shoulder at me and beckons me with her finger. So I pop out of meditation and call her. She had been in meditation as well and was surrounded and engulfed by golden flowing light. She has rivers of gold and I have got rivers of black. That is a lot of energy flowing somewhere! I try calling Melissa just in case but it goes to voicemail. We decide to continue on, just the two of us and see where all this is flowing to.

I tell Jennifer to lead me since I saw her beckoning me to follow her in the meditation before the phone call. From her point of view, she pulled me into the flowing golden light. To me it looked like she led me down to a small stream of water and we got in holding hands and floated along on our backs. I see a bird land on my head.  I pull the view back from my body to get a look at it and see that it is a raven. It hops over onto Jennifer’s belly and takes something with its beak and places it in her left hand. Jennifer is feeling herself pulling in different timelines at this point. To me that looks like she has her hand, that the raven placed something into, clenched in a fist. I can feel the energy of her pulling on something but can’t see anything. The light around me changes and I realize that we have gone underground. The water is still flowing us along on our backs. Jennifer notices that she has started spinning and to me it feels as though the water is sweeping us side to side. We reach a waterfall which we both experience, Jennifer feels it more like falling rain while for me the water is falling away from me instead of down onto me. But either way, we slowly descend the falls and Jennifer takes the lead again as she feels pulled in a specific direction. We go completely under water to Jennifer while for me during that stretch the lighting all around me changed to be all greens with black and white streaks thrown in. We surface in a cave which we both can see. It is here that I feel that we need Melissa. I call her energy in and it immediately appeared as a large white energetic web that lays upon the surface of the water and the bit of muddy bank that we are standing on. The web was all horizontal except for one white strand that went straight up between Jennifer and myself. Jennifer starts climbing it immediately while I hover along the strand as I follow it up through the rock. I ask Jennifer if she has reached the ground yet and she tells me that she is in a Jungle canopy. I laugh because I had forgotten that when I asked Myself earlier where we were going this time, I heard “Jungle”. I wasn’t up in the tree canopy but I was standing on a ridge looking out of the jungle down into a valley below. The valley held a village with a Central American style step pyramid. (AGAIN with the pyramids!) I get distracted by the pyramid and pop down to have a closer look. But that was a no go. I couldn’t focus on it. I was getting very overlapping images. Jennifer tells me that she had followed Melissa’s white strand down into the earth. So I call to Melissa’s energy to get me back on track. “Take me to what you need me to see.” Immediately I am pulled down into the earth as well. We go shooting along a tunnel until I can feel that we are now traveling up. We emerge from a cave on the ridge on the opposite side of the valley. We come out of the mouth of the cave and stand and watch as the white strand shoots across the valley and connects with where we surfaced in the jungle. We weren’t sure what to do next and I knew that Melissa would know. So I asked her to show us. A white net of energy appeared and wrapped itself around the whole valley, village and pyramid included. The original white strand that Jennifer and I had followed now looked like the bow on a wrapped gift. Jennifer’s hands had been tingling for a bit so I told her to pick it up. She told me that when she did that she decided to place it in her heart and that now she was getting the message that we needed to return. So I travelled with her back to the jungle/cave area. The whole time I felt like I was escorting a heavily pregnant woman. She felt so FULL. When we got back to the other side of the valley I asked Jennifer what she was doing. To me it looked like she was digging in the mud. She said. “I’m giving birth. I’m birthing potential.”

I knelt down in the mud and then, all of a sudden, there was this glowing beach ball-sized orb of light lying in between Jennifer and myself.  I reach down and pick it up and it totally had baby energy about it…even an energetic baby blanket around it. Its colors were mostly white and pink and other pastels. (New energy!) I handed the light baby to “Mama Jen” who felt that she was “a water baby”. So she carefully laid her in the water and as soon as she did the baby grew quickly to become a beautiful luminescent young woman. She stood up against the wall of the cave; her lower body still submerged in the water, and pressed both her hands back against the rock wall of the cave. A golden web came out of her fingers and spread into and along the rock walls. Then she started growing up toward the ceiling of the cave and for the first time I noticed that there was a hole in the ceiling and I knew than that we were in a cenote, so definitely Central America! She reaches the opening with her now giant head and stops and looks down at Jennifer. I can see that she is talking to Jen but I can’t hear the conversation. I ask and Jennifer tells me that she is asking for Jen to release her. I didn’t ask Jennifer what she did to do that but I saw her still kneeling on the mud of the bank and she reached forward with her left hand (the hand that held the timelines that she had pulled in earlier) and opened her hand and swished it gracefully through the water. The young woman immediately turned into a bird (Jen saw white and I saw black) and flew through the opening and away up into the sky. Jennifer now felt the energy of the three of us (Melissa, Jennifer and Esther) begin to spin again. I saw it as a long white cord that twisted together and went way up into the air, through the hole in the cenote, over the valley and turned and flew out over the landscape until it had circled the Earth and connected back to where we originated from again. Jennifer said we were complete at that point, so I kissed the cord where it connected together and went back to my bedroom in Kansas.

I later heard from Melissa.  She had felt the energetic connection to us fire up early.  She went outside and sat a while and “dialed” into us.  At the designated time she felt that she was called to a meeting with coworkers.  She said that she had that feeling where she needed to be in three places at once, which she achieved in my book.  I believe that she opened up all the flowing energy that washed over Jennifer and I.  What we are birthing still remains a mystery but for once birthing is fun.