Introducing the Power Trio



Two days ago I was responding to a Facebook message from another participant in Lisa Gawlas’ Super Powers class. She was asking me would I work on putting out the fires on the west coast of the United States. She, of course, mentioned it because of the “demonstration” of my flying abilities during my meditation when my three guides braided themselves and became my very own Princess Warrior. During that meditation I watched myself fly along a fire at the edge of a cornfield and blow it out. I felt into the fires in the West before I responded and got a definite Work In Progress vibe. So I told her, sorry but I am not called there. They (the fires) have work that they are doing. I told her I was sending love to all the beings in the path of the fires. As I typed out the last line on my phone, my consciousness was pulled to the west coast. And when I say pulled, I mean it felt like someone took my brain and started stretching it out of my head like taffy. PULLED. Never happened before like that! I couldn’t help but see myself standing on the surface of the Earth as one would stand on a globe. I was BIG or the Earth was small, if you get the image.

I saw myself reach down into the Pacific Ocean and pick up a handful of water and turn around and drop it on a fire burning at my feet. I tried to say…no no no. I just got the Don’t Go message. But Gaia wasn’t listening. I then saw myself crouch down on another part of the map and blow along these specific contours of the land. I was like, “So you do want me to help?” (Confused frown) She then told me, “No. Let them burn. When they have done their job, I will call you.” Allrighty Then! I told her to page me.

So not half an hour later, I have Brain Pull again! I finish up what I was doing and go sit down. AS SOON as I close my eyes I am flying over the Pacific Ocean. I am over the waves but maybe a couple hundred feet from shore. I remember the dropping water image from before and so ask if that is what I am there for. Instead the crests of the waves begin to break with splashes and I get covered with these tiny drops of water from the spray. Suddenly I know, HUMIDITY. I wrap my hand around a bunch of drops flying through the air. I look toward the shore and see that map/globe scenario again. There is one spot on it that has that fake burning fire logo that you see on weather maps. So I fly over and I see that Gaia has put a green area around the fire with a line clearly dotted around it. OK! So humidity goes there. Got it! How do I do that?

I ask and see that I imagine the tiny drops of water as a blanket of connected drops. Easy enough. Imagination green light GO! I manifest my blanket and stretch it up to the dotted line but not across. I look behind me and see that the blanket is attached to the ocean on the other end, drawing moisture up into it. Beautiful! Gaia tells me that the humidity will not put out the fire but subdue it.

As you can imagine, this was a WOW experience for me. I told Gaia that I never imagined helping her in that way. Her response was so amazing! She said, “Just because you don’t see me as broken doesn’t mean you don’t have compassion. It is because you don’t see me as broken that I call on you to assist. It is like taking the hand of a friend as you cross the street. You both march across the road together and both of your attentions are on the path and the journey. On the other hand, when you help an old lady cross the street, you walk slowly and carefully with your attention only on the safety of the old lady, not on where you are going or even on her destination. When you see me as strong our partnership is strong. When you see me as battered and weak our connection is battered and weak.” Well HOLY SHIT!

As I process this adventure, my brain starts thinking of a woman in my class, named Jennifer. Here is what she is working on, in her own words. “I am learning to be a weaver of the elements, frequency, and time and am learning the power of bringing in the Blessed Rain for the highest Good Of All!!! Yippee!!!!” When I start thinking of her, I get an image of a hollow body guitar. There is special attention given to the resonance of the body and the strings running along the fret board and the frets themselves running perpendicular to the strings. I see that I am illustrated as a specific spot, like a note on the neck of the guitar. I see Jennifer too, she is in a different location on the neck but her spot is not two-dimensional like mine, it looks like a tube, very 3D, as if she goes down through the fret board. I also am getting the info of three…there needs to be three of us. So I message Jennifer on Facebook and set up a real life phone call for the next day.

The next morning comes, and before Jennifer and I hook up; I get a phone call from my friend Melissa. She is helping start-up a new company and her life has changed drastically of late. She decided to call me for a little HER time.  (Famous last words!) I tell her about my experience with Gaia the day before and my image of the guitar that I received. She tells me that she sometimes receives requests from Gaia to sing a certain Note out into the world. Not out loud, but to hum it within and vibrate it out. I say, “Maybe you are our third?” She is getting the big old YES vibe on her end, full on disco balls and all. So I say, “Ok, I need to talk to Jennifer.” And then I tell her Jennifer’s whole name and the bottom falls out! They know each other…very well! Well Fucking A!

Jennifer is apprised of the whole experience next and we all happily decide to do a conference call the next day. We are in three different time zones, which cannot be an accident either. We are three time zones coming together to talk about frequency, time and Gaia. Hilarious!

Right before the next meeting I slip into meditation to see if I can see some more about how we will work together. This is what I get.

“Jennifer is the center point, the pivot. You are the lead in reaching out. Melissa is the web connected to All.”

This news about Melissa is not surprising, she “sees” vibrationally and has been seeing lots of weaving images in connection with herself for a long time; plus this year I had a visual of her as creating a web, with her day-to-day actions, all throughout the town where she lives.  Here is something that she wrote for me to explain how she sees, it was originally posted on the So Your a Beginner Page.  “I “see” in those sine waves. The electrical energy of it – of all. I hear in vibration. Every vibration has a tone to it like a note from an instrument. Emotion has a tone – every single emotion has a different tonal quality. You will be playing more than one note at a time. I experience each person as a song. People together are an orchestral movement. I “see” us as those sine waves. Each tone has an accompanying sine wave. Those sine waves weave together to form the image of you. Each of you is a tapestry. Together a huge mural playing out. I feel those sine wave connections from one BEing to the next – like the spider web. I can ride that sine wave forward or backward.”—She had to figure out what she was getting at the beginning. It was like learning a new language for her.   Anyway, when I connect with the two other ladies I notice that I have written the words, Power Trio at the top of my notebook. Oh good, we have our own rock band! Through discussion we become clearer as to Jennifer and my depiction on the symbolic guitar. Gaia is the resonate body, Melissa is the strings and the frets, Jennifer is deliberate connection between the body of the guitar and a very specific string that crosses a very specific fret, and I am the pluck…a specific action on a specific time line.

I was also given very brief instructions on how to get started.

“Begin by adjusting to the frequencies of each other. This means placing your energies within the field of the others and letting them feel you. Describe what you each get. When you can discern individual energy, begin braiding the three. How does this feel to each of you? Your responses will be different, as it should be. Learn from this.” I asked “Then what do we do?”

“Then the magic happens. Let it unfold. We don’t know either. This is all new territory with unlimited potential.”


The three-way call goes off without a hitch. We chat a bit and then start visualizing our energy braiding. Melissa sees orbs of light, other beings, joining the braid, which then plumped up according to Jennifer. I saw it as that tweedy type yarn that has the little flecks of color sprinkled along it. I later learned, while washing dishes, that those flecks were other people from our Super Powers Classes plus the usual assortment of Assistants.

Now to back up a smidge, Lisa’s blog post from this morning had this little snippet at the end.

On a completely different note, I do want to share a dream I just woke up with.  It was one of this dreams that was a experience, witnessing the event as opposed to the metaphoric dream state itself.

Altho a lot of the information was immediately taken away from my memory the moment I opened my eyes, like the where and when of it, I could still see this gaping long hole in the earth created by an earthquake, revealing the top point of a pyramid.  I also understood too, that the rash of so many earthquakes right now is serving to bring up to the surface times on earth long-buried within her and within our memory banks.

The last session in the super hero’s course takes us to a pyramid as spirit eventually called it, from the “galactic kinship era.”  I actually started seeing this pyramid before the course started, thru someones ET session and I knew this was a real-time on earth.  Once the transmission of the hypnosis came thru, I realized this pyramid was an energy activator to many stargates within the things we call constellations of alignment of stars in our actual sky.

This pyramid is making its way to the surface of earth again, in tact and fully functional by those who know how to use it.  In the dream state, I knew where and when… like I said tho, that was wiped from my awakening body.

This is the first that any of us had read about the pyramid. As a matter of fact the hypnosis that she talks about is a guided meditation that Jennifer and I have not experienced YET. That class is set for this weekend.

So, surprise surprise, as we braided our energy, Melissa saw the pyramid that Lisa talked about. Melissa being the connection to all, it is no surprise that she will get the info of what our mission is. I am, of course, laughing my ass off. Don’t we get to practice first? Our first time out and we get Lisa’s Stargate Pyramid! What the hell? It then becomes apparent that we are not to set up a time and do a proper group meditation. Oh no! It is happening NOW with Melissa sitting in the storeroom at her work! HA HA HA! No more theory indeed!

Melissa feels the web that is herself, connect to every inch/every point on the pyramid itself. I saw it as a pyramid rising up under a blanket of Melissa energy. The pyramid starts entering Melissa’s chest, point first. Jennifer is standing directly behind Melissa and I am floating across from Melissa, on the other side of the pyramid. (At this point I would like to say that the following description is from my point of view with what I remember the others experienced. I am sure that it is not completely accurate from their point of view and that I no doubt have left things out.) I could see the strings enter Melissa’s heart center, come out her back and enter Jennifer, who looked like a glowing tube of light, where they split and some went upward and some went down. Ah, Jennifer is our pivot point…our connection and access to all other time lines. All those strings are connecting with specific time lines along Earth’s frequency range. I know all this in a flash and get soooo excited. Jennifer said that she could feel the strings come up through her hands and arms and then start swirling around counter-clockwise. “It felt all swirly, electric, flow-y, and then emanated out…”

I asked Jennifer to imagine our time line as one glowing point. When she did I headed right to it. It was a white round portal when I got close and I followed the string right through it. The string came through the portal and now appeared to me like a giant strand of spaghetti. I was straddling it and it flew above the ground as it went across the surface of the Earth. It entered the ground in the Sinai Peninsula, I think. It tunneled underground for a bit and came up out of the ground somewhere near Turkey, right up through the mouth of an active volcano. Ah, so this is how it is physically entering our time line…volcano power. I still don’t know what I am supposed to do.  And then I see myself, grabbing handfuls of lava and throwing them around the planet. I see that I throw one at Melissa’s house, so I throw one at Jennifer’s and mine as well…and then one at Lisa for shits and grins. I see myself tossing more for a bit and then I see myself walking around on the Earth with what looks like a salt shakers, sprinkling everywhere. I see myself kneel at the edge of the ocean and dip my hand down into the water and then drink. Immediately I see that water flow through all the strings back down to and through Jennifer and through her to all the other timelines. (And if you will all remember, water is the key to physical creation on this planet.) I visually watched the water flow down through all the strings and then there was this whoosh of wind and air and I saw the area where the pyramid had been close up and become sealed with a purple light. I could feel the small dot of energy that it had now become. Energy transfer finished!  (What that means exactly is a mystery!) I saw the three of us holding hands in a circle and then we all stepped back from each other. Mission Complete.

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  1. Hey Esther

    As usual, I really enjoyed following your journey. The part about the pyramid reminds me of something I read about the great pyramids that stuck with me – the fact that the inner chambers are acoustically tuned (F sharp I think) – so silent you can probably hear a mouse fart in there – and the theory that they are built to resonate with the earth / Gaia herself. Very vivid stuff – thanks for sharing & making me smile. In tune with the earth chorus.

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    • Hi Wayne! It is no surprise that you thought of resonance when you were reading that. A lot of people in my class are getting lots of info on sounds and tones. Exciting stuff! I love that you put the mouse fart part in! Not so serious of a comment mister! You are finding your inner imp!
      Xoxo much love!

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