No More Theory…(in theory)


Hello Everyone,

I have been wondering what my next baby step is with bringing my Flight power into my physical day-to-day life. That is where all this is going. Right? I mean I’m not gonna open a wormhole next week so where do I start. So I asked about that again and this time instead of a demonstration like last time, a male energy came forward with a few things for me to start working with. I will just call him Assistant…that is what he is requesting. (I promise to try really hard not to abbreviate that to Ass…because he is very nice and funny.) Once again I had a lot of info about Reach come in again.

Esther: “How can I use flight in my daily life?”

Assistant: “Begin to reach out. (I see myself reach out energetically into my creative energy field that is around my body.) When you encounter a problem, have a question or reach a choice point, reach out energetically for the solution. Do NOT determine what it is. Just see if you can “feel” the response (from the desire) as it comes back to you.”

E: “Feel, as in sense it’s presence?”

A: “Yes. You can feel the creations as you bring them close, not what they are but their presence.”

E: “And if I don’t feel it?”

A: “Then it is still on its way, just not close enough for you to sense its energy in your immediate creative energy field.”

E: “Anything else?”

A: “There is a moment when something energetic shifts to become part of your time and space. Practicing reaching will get you to the point of recognizing that energetic shift before you even reach out to see if it is there.”

E: “So what is so compatible/or similar between reach and flight?”

A: “If you do not have a destination you have no where to fly. Like filing a flight plan, you give purpose and direction to your flight with Reach.”

E: “Does Reach equal intent and action?”

A: “Reach is not only the desire but the willingness to physically encounter and use what you seek. No more theory but feet on the ground active use.”

E: “Anything else?”

A: “Begin small but end big. Each little step opens up more than you can imagine.”

E: “Can we talk about wormholes?”
A: “Yes. They are the beginnings of interstellar travel for many beings.”

E: “How can I use them in my daily life?”

A: “Wormholes represent the ability to travel from one dimension to the next. You have that ability, as do all. To use the wormhole you must simply accustom yourself to using them by—you guessed it—using them. The more your body is used to observing that shift in dimensions the more you can recognize the sifts that you yourself make within the physical existence that you are now in.”

E: “Is there anything specific that I can practice?”

A: “Begin by asking your body to tell you when a shift happens. The body does so now anyway but you can pay attention in a more detailed way. These do not have to be “symptoms” of discomfort. There are many other ways that your body shifts as well. Devise a code with your body that will make communication easier. Find a way to communicate easily and you will recognize many dimensional shifts as they happen, and even before.”

E: “What about dreams?”

A: “Ah, dreams are a continual shift in dimensions. You can flow freely and easily through many and even all within one night. Knowing when you are in another dimension when you’re dreaming, even if it is not a lucid dream, is a good sign that you are becoming very aware of the shifting of timelines and dimensional frequencies. Practice and someday you will be able to walk between them at will.”

E: “Or fly.” (Big smile)

A: Yes, definitely fly. You must practice that too and then watch out below!” (He laughs)

E: “That is too easy! I’m not even going to comment!”

A: “I find that hard to believe.”

E: “Ok, well not out loud anyway!”

After the above meditation I immediately talked to my body and told it to come up with a code and then teach it to me…no doubt one symbol at a time (hopefully?). I am looking forward to that communication exchange. My communication with my body has increased significantly in the last six months, just because I started talking to it. Now I will see if I can kick it up a notch.

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