Illustrating some possibilities of Flight

Illustrating some possibilities of Flight

Lisa asked me to bring all three of my guides, that I have met in the Super Powers class, together for my next meditation. This was an intriguing idea to me. How do I bring three individuals from three different times and places together? Perhaps, by not over thinking it, hmmm. One of the ladies in my class provided me with my inspiration. I sent out party invitations! Lets get together and discuss where Esther is going with this gift of flight thing! Then I waited for them to arrive.

The first thing I see is a pink platform (pink = love) surrounded by a white space. Dragha arrives first and comes and takes my left hand. Dru-Ru arrives next, wearing his mask, and stands directly across from me. Clara arrives last and takes my right hand, completing the circle.

Dragha reaches up and to her left and grabs a handful of “something” out of the air. She makes a line in the air with it as she pulls it down and to her right. It looks like a brush stroke of white paint. Then she throws it quickly to Clara who throws it back up to the starting point in the center. It makes a triangle shape which starts out looking like brush strokes and then begins to glow golden/white. Dragha says, “This is the point of no return.” as the triangle is being drawn in the air. It is hovering upright in the middle of our circle.

Esther: “What does that mean?”

Clara: “You can never go back to who you once were.”

E: “That is something I already know.”

Clara: “It still needs to be said before you take the step.”

E: “What step am I taking?”

Clara: “The beginning of a journey.”

Dru-Ru: “The end of another.”

Dragha: “Come join us, for you will never walk alone.”

E: “Into the triangle?” (The center, which was clear, has gotten blindingly white.)

Dragha: “This is the Doorway to your Soul. It is your star, EsStar.” (I see an image of two triangles overlapping to create a six-pointed star.) All that you ever were and ever will be is within.”

Dru-Ru: “You are the light that is blinding you. You are that bright and more.”

Clara: “Do you want to see what you are capable of? Put down the pen and we will show you.”

I put aside my journal and close my eyes. The rest of this meditation is my memory of the visuals that unfolded from that point.

I saw my vision of our circle pull back and begin to circle around our group from behind all of us. When I got around to behind the last of the four, Dragha, we quite suddenly became little small dots of energy, one per person, and quickly flew together. We became one and just as quickly disappeared into the light of the triangle. Then I saw us standing as human shapes again but within a raindrop or teardrop. We were falling, which we did for some time. We were falling through nothingness as far as I could tell. Then SPLAT, we landed with a release of water. What happened next confused me and I had to have them show me again until I could see what the hell the three were doing. All three of their bodies braided together to become one. I was still standing in front, facing them, watching it happen. The power of the three becomes one. The trinity, the triad, the hat trick becomes the slam-dunk. Very Interesting! The result of the braiding was a single woman who was now standing before me. She was very buff and strong and I immediately thought, Zena Princess Warrior!  She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt instead of leather though! The next day after thinking about this meditation a while, I realized that she was a Princess Warrior because it was the masculine and feminine blended together.

She tells me to follow her. We are standing on a wooden platform of some sort. We start walking and come to farm fields. She points to a black speck in the sky. It is too far away for me to see what it is. She tells me that it is myself. I am like, “Really! Lets go see!” We fly up and toward the speck until I can see myself as a grey curly-haired woman soaring around. She shows me that from below, the me up in the sky looks like an Eagle in flight. Is that so no one freaks out when they see me from the ground, or just a symbol?

My Princess Warrior points and I watch the older me swoop down toward the ground. The edge of a field is on fire. I see myself fly over it and blow it out. Next I see myself gathering a chain of something out of the air. It looks like giant pop beads…those plastic beads for little kids that have a prong on one side to connect together with. I watch as she/me takes the chain and inserts it into a green algae covered pond. The chain of beads sticks straight up out of the pond like a straw in a milkshake. My vision is taken down to the surface of the pond and I see bubbles start to slowly break on the surface of the water. I ask Princess Warrior what is going on. She tells me that I am changing the oxygen levels of the pond. With the levels changed, the ecosystem can balance itself and clear the algae to healthy levels. Then I watch my older self fly up to the edge of the atmosphere of the planet and bounce along it in a swooping manner, until I/she is about halfway around the Earth. Then I see her roll over on her back, like the day when Dragha asked me if I ever look up. I see that she looks like me now and no longer older than me. I see her reach out with her hands and pull the atmosphere apart where she has bounced along. Solar wind or some kind of wind comes pouring in through the opening! I am reaching Holy Shit mode at this point.

For my next demonstration, I see her/me reach up and grab one tiny little star out of the blackness of space. I see her wing it like a fastball down toward the Earth. It zips around the Earth a few times very fast and then shatters and rains bits of light down on the ground below. Then I see myself reach back into the blackness of space and start gathering the fabric of space together to make the shape of a rose. (Rose = love) I immediately think WORMHOLE! I am creating a wormhole right beside the planet! Now the HOLY SHIT meter hits its limits and I am feeling very overwhelmed. Warrior Princess is quick to assure me that I would not be alone in my Flight powers/gift and that we would all learn from each other. I would always have help figuring out how to do everything. She also showed me that it took someone (maybe more…four?) at each fold of space to create such an interdimentional thing as a wormhole. All of us would have to work together, organized and purposeful to make it happen.

I really had to sit with this meditation for a few days. It felt so huge I had to ponder it awhile before I could type up my notes. Now here is the funny thing, the class ain’t over folks! Where I am going from here is hard to imagine.

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