Reach for what you want

Reach for what you want

I returned to Africa to visit with Dru-Ru again. I hope to visit my wormhole travelling contacts later today. I am intrigued by the fact that they are working on physical travel/flight when I have been getting all this info about Flight being a state of mind. So I am excited to see where that all leads! But on to my conversation with Dru-Ru about his mask and the significance of the women painting his hands.

Esther: “Can you tell me about the mask that you wear?”

Dru-Ru: “The mask is a representation of my people’s belief in the elements of this land. A belief that the elements are living things that live with us on this planet.”

E: “What elements?”

D: “The Fire. The Water. The Air. The Earth. These all create and destroy. They create the new and break down the old so it can be new again.”

E: “How does you mask represent a specific element?”

(We crouch down on the bare earth and he uses a stick to draw the outline of his mask in the soil.)

D: “The oval is the land below and the sky above. The earth and the air as brother and sister. (He draws two circles for the eyes.) The water is the eyes, reflecting the images of the other three back to them. We can look into the water and behold everything else around us. (He draws a small round mouth.) The mouth is the fire. The volcano or the campfire. Both are concentrated so that they can create.”

E: “Are there any other markings that I missed?”

D: “No. Simple is better.”

E: “What about the painting of your hands? I couldn’t see much detail there. Can you tell me about it?”

D: “The women used ochre to paint my hands. It is the earth mixed with the water. Two elements for me to take into the sky.”

E: “What of fire?”

D: “Ah, is not fire already in the sky. The sun’s heat during the day and the stars at night.”

E: “So you have all four elements when you fly?”

D: “Yes. There is balance. You say to the sky, “Look I walk down below. I am your brother too just as the earth and water and fire.””

E: “When you are down on the ground, how do you bring the sky down with you?”

D: “Ah, the sky is a place of freedom and joy. It comes down with me in my heart. Do not my lungs fill with air with every breath? This is the love from the sky in all of us. It surrounds our heart – literally.”

E: “Ok! Thanks. Now what do you want to teach me?”

D: “Let us go for a walk. (We walk down to the riverbank and out onto a large flat rock the size of a house. It juts out into the river and is very flat and has been worn very smooth.) This rock is the navel of the Earth.” (My view is pulled way up above the rock, so that I am looking down on us from a great height. I can feel the stone the whole way, no matter how high I rise. I then slowly lower until my view is back inside of myself standing next to him on the rock.)

E: “Is it her ballast stone?” (I have had Gaia recently place a ballast stone inside me to help me maintain balance as I fly. I hope to write about that soon but it is still developing.)

D: “She has many stones that help her stay in balance and maintain her precise rotations. She shifts them when it is time to change her spin. This stone is very ancient and is made of rock that cooled long long ago. It is part of her birth into this reality. And now she has birthed a new reality upon her breast. Look around you and you will see the signs of birth. Releasing of the waters is easy to see. The contraction of the muscles can be felt. To bring change into your environment you must sweat and work too. You have begun your own transformation. (He is speaking of my new workout journey.) Now you know that it is all about something bigger. What do you choose to birth? Now the hands come back into play again. Reach for what you want. Accept it as your due when it arrives. Others might think that it is magic, but you and I know that you are sweating for it right now.”

When I spoke to my own hands about Reach as well.  Here are a few things that they told me.

Hands: “The Reach is most important in acquiring knowledge.  First you reach toward it to bring it to you and second you TAKE it when it comes.” and “There are many things that the hands do in the physical life.  They feed you and cloth you and explore and protect.  They are the parts of your body that are more in contact with the external world than any other body part.  They deserve special care and special thanks.” and “We are working for you in multiple realities at once.  We are first contact, so to speak, with bringing something into your created environment.  Use your hands with responsibility and love.”

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