Out of Africa and to the Stars

Out of Africa and to the Stars

I have more to report, oh readers.

This Saturday was our Super Powers class’ second group meditation. It is a bit of a two-part saga so stay with me. The first destination was to an alternate version of Earth where one of our soul incarnations would be using, in their day-to-day life, the skill that each of us are trying to learn. I first was able to see a large single mountain (as in not a range of peaks) with a snowcap on the top. I looked down to see that I was landing on a large grassy plain. I walked forward and came to see that I was now standing on a ridge. The grasslands swept down to a wide flat valley floor. I could see the brown foothills of the mountain on the far side and a river winding across the wide expanse.

I turned and saw a man standing to my right facing me. He was about fifteen feet away and was wearing an African ceremonial wooden mask. The mask was very tall and skinny and was curved a bit, very much like the shape of your eye…only turned up and down. It had minimal markings. In white paint the outside shape had a solid line around it and the eyes and mouth had simple lines drawn around them. The man was standing quite still, just waiting for me I suppose. I approached more carefully than usual. It is a bit freaky to approach a person with a mask on. I couldn’t see his eyes at all.

He seemed to sense my discomfort or maybe I said something to him, I don’t remember, but he slid the mask off. I could see then that he was tall, skinny but fit. His black hair was just beginning to turn grey. I learned his name was Dru-Ru.

I asked him to show me how he used Flight in his daily life. He took my hand and we flew down into the valley below. I suddenly saw that there was a village and just as suddenly we were in a dark hut. He was sitting on the ground and a woman or maybe two were painting his out stretched hands with a brown earth colored paint. It was very hard for me to see in the hut. I mostly got bits and flashes, here and there. Quite suddenly he was done and taking me with him he stepped outside and we began to ascend in the air until we stood on the snow at the top of the mountain. He told me that he flies up here to “speak to the snow. I honor it and thank it for falling so close to my people. And I ask it to melt into the river below so that we may enjoy it.”

I asked him, “Well won’t it melt into the river anyway?”

“No.” he said. “It can melt into the Earth. It can be pulled up into the sky. It can freeze into a glacier.”

He then took me over to a steep ravine that carved down on the east side of the mountain. This ravine was well below the snow line and the foot of it ended right at the river. There was scrub brush but a lot of the soil was bare. There were deep lines cut into the soil from water runoff. He sat down upon a promontory above the ravine and focused his attention on a small cloud in the sky. I looked at it too and it was dark on the bottom and I could feel the water in it. He told me that he comes up here to call to the clouds to have them release their water here so that it will flow into the river. It was so very interesting to see him using flight to address water issues for his people who clearly live in a dry savanna locale.

It is fascinating to me that water keeps coming up with my Flight meditations. I am not the only one in our class having experiences with water. It connects most of us in a very strong manner. So there I was checking my email this afternoon when I read the newest post from Lisa Rising Berry. Her whole post was on water and it was such an avalanche of fascinating information that I can only tell you to go read it if you feel interested.

The second leg on our meditation journey was to travel to a different Earth where inter-dimensional travel is the norm. We are to link up with another incarnation and explore the technology that we encounter.

I became aware that I was standing inside a building this time. The room was very large and utilitarian. It had a high ceiling and there were people scurrying about. My incarnation was female this time and I kinda settled into her body. I never saw her face.   It was like I slipped into her from the back and above.   She had shoulder length curly gray hair. She walks over to a long cigar-shaped object that is in the middle of the room and slides underneath it like a mechanic. As she walks over to it I see that there is a large rectangular opening in the wall that was at my back. It is open from floor to ceiling like a hangar door. I can’t see beyond it but I know at that moment that we are in space and that I am in a hanger-like room. I know because I am inside her that my grey haired lady is working on the engines but I am not communicating with her like other guides. I don’t know if that is because of the way that I entered her or because I don’t have specific questions at that point. I am still orienting myself.

A man walks up to the object above me and crouches down to look at me/us. He starts talking to me though and not my incarnation. Ah, so here is my guide. He takes my hand and pulls me up from under the object. He tells me his name is Aktu and that we are in the Antilles star system. He explains that the technology that they are working on is a prototype of a vessel to physically travel through wormholes. He points out the large bay door and I can suddenly see a large black circle in space off to one side. There is white light surrounding the lip of it and the whole thing is pulsing with slight movement, kinda like an anemone swaying in the currents of the sea.

I ask him about the engines of the machine, and he tells me that they have something to do with gravity (gravity fed or gravity driven maybe). I reach out and touch the outside of the machine and to my surprise it gives underneath my finger and feels soft like a metallic skin. He takes me around the machine to a woman who is working at a desk of some sort. She is not paying any attention to the people in the room including a small cluster who are standing behind her watching her. I can’t really see what she is doing. Aktu tells me that she is training to go through the wormhole. I ask him how she can do that if they have never been inside. He informs me that they have had probes inside which they base her simulation off of. That is all the info that I get before I am called back to the class.

As I relate my experiences to Lisa and the other class members she asks me about Dru-Ru’s mask and the painting of his hands. She tells me that both are important and to ask him about them. Like a good little student, and because I am too curious, I did that earlier this evening and will try to get that all typed up for you tomorrow. Until tomorrow then, happy travels of your own.

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