Father Sky

Father Sky

I went to visit Dragha again. This time instead of the steep wooded terrain, when I go to her she is running across a prairie. I am running with her already as well which makes me laugh and ask what the hell we are doing. The wind catches us then and lifts us both up like kites again. The sensations of being lifted like that are so cool and hard to put into words. I can feel the wind as it rushes against me and the exact moment that it hits me in the exact right location…kinda low on the hips…and propels me into the air. It is very much like that lift that Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey do in Dirty Dancing, only I keep on going up, up, up. When we are high in the sky over the prairie, Dragha rolls over on her back and floats along as if she was hanging out in a swimming pool. She asks me, “Do you ever look up when you fly?” Well, no I tell her as I flip over too.

She tells me that the clouds seed the earth. She reaches into one as we float by and removes some seeds, which she places on my chest. Then she takes one specific one and dives straight down to the ground. She pushes the seed into the soil and a plant rapidly grows upward.

Dragha: “All plants reach up toward the clouds.”

Esther: “Toward the sun too.”

D: “Yes, but the clouds can give that plant, every plant, something that the sun cannot.”

E “Water.”

D: “Yes, water. Water to the sky is like breathing to the human. Water is life. You have heard that before but have not applied it to the sky.”

E: “Explain it to me.”

D: “The sky covers the Earth. Surrounds it, protects it. The sky is the barrier between space and created reality. To bring your physical self into created reality you need water.”

E: “What of love?” (See previous My Experiences page (not posts) for more info on this.  It is older stuff from last year and links to another blog…you will have to read quite a bit but it won’t be boring!)

D: “Water is love made manifest. There is a shift between energetics to become manifest reality on Earth. Water is always involved. It is the KEY to existing on this planet.”

E: “Explain water’s connection to flight.”

D: “Anything and Everything in the air/sky is always coming down to land on the Earth at some point. You see the fertility of the land and the oceans but you see a sterility to the sky. The sky seeds the Earth. All the fertility would not happen without the sky.”

E: “Ah, so Father Sky…”

D: “Yes, the sky is the creator energy. So to spend time in it you MUST realize the enormity of what is available to you.”

It is always so interesting to me when my view of the universe gets tilted a little…another very cool sensation. I kinda felt bonked on the head after this conversion!

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